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How to learn French efficiently: Top 20 tips


French is a beautiful language called by many a language of love. It is also the world’s one of the most spoken languages, around 270 million people speak french all over the world. French is the second most learned language other than English. The French language is the international language of cuisine, fashion, theatre, arts, literature, dance, architecture. Cannes is famous for hosting an international film festival. France is the world’s top tourist destination, the ability to speak a little french would help you to roam as a traveller and enjoy yourself more in Paris and other regions in France. Learning the French language would also open opportunities to study at renowned French universities opening top destinations to study. The French language is the base to learn other European languages like Spanish, Italian, Romanian, Catalan, and Portuguese. According to various studies, bilingualism makes you smarter and helps keep your memory sharp.

For some, learning french could be easier for others learning a new language could be challenging, but nothing is impossible with little zeal for learning a new language. So here are the top 20 tips to learn the french language efficiently.

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1. Practice every single day.

Finding time to practice is the most difficult thing in our busy lifestyle in the neverending list of things to do, to learn a new language.

You have to push yourself to make it happen. Ideally, you should practice every day the reason behind it, is to retain information in the brain, make an imprint in your brain whatever is learned. your brain will get used to the language faster. Taking out 10-15 minutes every day would work wonders in learning french. Suppose If you do it every Sunday for 5-6 hours at the end your brain will get tired and would be unable to learn and retain information for the whole week.

Practice it for 10-15 minutes, be it listening, grammar, vocabulary, watch a commercial in french language or a show with subtitles in French, play a  language game this would certainly aid to learn faster.

 2. Make mistakes 

Human beings have a fear for failure, it’s the human tendency to think that way, what if I make a mistake? what if I embarrass myself? 

  Researchers have found that if we make mistakes we learn from them. They found that if we make a mistake brain connects to awareness and pays attention to that mistake and reduces our chances of making more.

You can’t get better at speaking a language unless you try. so the more mistakes you make while learning the french language more you learn. making mistakes while learning a new language is the fastest way to speak, as those mistakes are key to your fluency

3. Practice out loud and talk to yourself.

Learning a foreign language is a complex task because you come across new words, new grammar rules, you learn a new way to enunciate new sounds in the speaking chain. All this starts a new activity for your tongue and mouth muscles as the frequency of the new language and its vibrations are different. to feel more comfortable in learning a new language you must read out loud.

To learn it faster, at the beginning we must pay attention to its pronunciation rules. Listening to the audio recordings of your teacher and imitating them out loud will bring confidence in a newer you and enjoy the tune of the language. Have a conversation with yourself. It works to learn the language faster if you read it out loud 

4. Learn words in context.

When you learn  French words ‘ in context’ you will remember the situation and words longer.

Instead of remembering a word imagine a situation, feeling, and images and associate french words with it.

Adieu in french is for farewell, imagine a farewell at your college or workplace and link this word.

 A noun in french could be feminine or masculine for example chair is “chaise” in french, don’t adapt to English rules as the chair but a chair being feminine in French it’s “la chaise.”

French don’t use I am but they use I have so do not apply English rules,

Imagine a situation as 


I am cold 

Cold =froid but they don’t use am the use have so its” j’ai froid “simple link the sensation of cold to as brrr=j’ai froid 

  5. Rely on French language courses.

Self-study is not for everybody, some people need a guide to learn language.

It is the expertise of the teacher to guide you, motivate you, correct your mistakes, find creative ways, projects, quizzes to make you understand through the new language learning course. HenryHarvin institute carries out the French language courses.It has a structured path to carry out in learning through is a reliable way to learn through this institute.

6. Watch your favourite TV show with French subtitles.

Watching Netflix with french subtitles is a better way to learn this language faster.

Watching a movie or a TV show with french subtitles is the better option as you are engaging yourself to watch and listen to what you love, you will come to grow your french vocabulary and the french grammar rules. As the visuals keep you engaged and learning with visuals make us retain more in our mind. So seeing common words flash repeatedly but in a different context will help to remember those words .watch for 20-40 minutes take a note replay and learn.

7. Learn words by the group.

Memorize the words that share the same root.

For example, when you learn the word “e`crire”(to write ), you can also learn “e`crivain”(writer)and “l’e`crire (the act of writing ).this means you will increase your vocabulary and words and their meanings will stick more clearly and the whole family of words at the same time. In the same pretext french suffixes and prefixes you can get clues about certain words like if you see ‘anti’ written before a word  that means its a noun or adjective it means opposite or against of another example is if you see a word ending with “ ail’ you can assume it as a verb referring to an instrument or object 

8. Read a bit every day.

A book can improve your language learning, when you are reading a text in another language it is not only content but giving imagination to that text. the words and expressions chosen by the author can be a source of instruction both in language learning and view to the world. Children’s literature would be a good read for French-language beginners it would be simple and profound.

9. Join a French-speaking group or language exchange club.

Try to find a french speaking group and go there at least once a month. when you talk to yourself you choose the words in which way the conversation goes, here while speaking in the group you won’t be able to choose how the other person speaks, the speed and accent he or she has.

10. Give a break to the tired brain.

When you are hard at work to learn a language it is not uncommon to feel blocked so this is the time to just step back for a day or so listen to music jog and re-energise your brain to store language later on.

11. Be careful of the Cognates.

Cognates are the words with same linguistic origin. they look similar and have similar meanings. French and English have tons of cognates. 

Like tomato-tomate ,Analytic-Analitique,bank-banque

But, not all familiar words are cognates like Douche- shower not the obnoxious person.

French can leave English speakers dumbstruck with such cognates so you have to be careful with the cognates like for example blessed in English is having blessings but blesse’ in French is wound, physically or emotionally.

Bouton/button in English is a button but in french it’s complexion or their pimples. Similarly, envie/envy the verb envier is to envy but noun envie is wish.

12. Avoid translating in your head.

Translating the words in your language is good to understand a feeling or concept. That is useful but that’s not of use in the French language learning experience. When you are speaking spellings does not matter as many of the letters are silent like chocolat the pronunciation is shocola not tschocolat. Spelling matters only while writing  not used in phonetics in french. Such as froid D is silent,trois S is silent

13. Keep a foreign language journal.

Commit yourself to write daily in the journal.

While learning a new language you learn faster if you keep a journal or a record of the day, like a diary to express your feelings, expressions, insight about what you are learning. This act would help as a memory enhancer. jotting down short daily entries in the journal gives you a record of your progress.

Take a project like write a short story or a poem that naturally uses the words you have learned, compare grammar rules, study and write the, write your thoughts and feelings. Write about French culture, customs, so go ahead and start writing a  journal to get a profound benefit.

14. Review, Repeat and Practise

Repetition is one of the most important learning techniques such as vocabulary

Listen to the piece at least ten times, so that it creates a shortcut to access in your brain. repetition is highly valued in  learning a new language.this repetition should be mindful otherwise repeating it several times would be useless.

Memorization can be way more fun. Developing mnemonic devices is a form of active learning.It promotes deep learning of words. for example ‘bosquet’ in french means grove so mnemonics made and to learn as a basket in a grove.

15. Listen to audio clips.

Written and spoken French language are almost two different languages. This is because many letters are silent while speaking. So one of the most important steps in learning the French language is to listen to podcasts, audio clips or interviews in the french language also you can listen to the news in slow french or audio shows or watch a youtube video, It can be done even when you are commuting to your office, college or working out. Learn with songs. Yes this helps a lot as remembering songs is easier for our brain and understanding the meaning from it can be practised. 

16. Change the language settings on your Gadgets.

Next time you open your laptop or your phone, imagine  Siri talking in french and while texting through your phone you could text in french with little change in keyboard setting, as we use these gadgets continuously this trick and tip would certainly help in learning words and their correct usage.

17. Follow a social media page in French  

How about learning  French with social media in this digital age. Learning a foreign language has never been easy with various learning resources accessible online. Follow food blogs, gaming apps, makeup tutorial feeds in french on instagram, practice your french with e penser! This channel’s all about the world of science and technology it covers a wide range of topics. By taking part in french social media you can take part in French conversations with Facebook comments, make connections with French people all over the world on Twitter and have your French immersion too and learning experience.

18. Go to the dictionary app 

One of the most important tools you will need when you learn french is a French -English /English French dictionary.

Whether it is a print dictionary or an app you download and save.It is quite handy when you need to get words. The app should be accessible offline too. Many apps have audio and verb conjugators too.

19. Keep your language learning motivation up

Always set goals try and strive to reach there. After a certain point when the language gets too hard, don’t give up, stay consistent in your efforts when you reach a plateau of learning the french language. Once you are over this phase learning French would be a cakewalk.

20. Always tame your mind to think French is easier than all think.

French is not that difficult, but you quickly tend to forget it. It is an easy language because it has no cases. It is not a tonal language, unlike Asian languages. It shares a lot of vocabulary with English . It also uses Latin alphabets. It has only two noun genders feminine and masculine, unlike English and other languages which have three.

Everyone who has learned to speak french was once a beginner. They all managed to speak well and so can you.

So get yourself immersed in the french language, believe in yourself and follow the above tips. You can very well do it!

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 The reach, breadth, and popularity of the french language are undeniable. It is the language that is embraced by scholars, Teachers, and students world over.  This language is spoken between world leaders in politics and business. 

Determining the goal of french language learning is not a difficult task to complete if you follow the above tips and you are consistent in your efforts.

French language would help you while you are on holiday to European countries, even some Mediterranean countries.

In the age of globalization, we should acquire the french language it enriches our personality. Career choices after learning french for youngsters are also beneficial.

French language knowledge makes you eligible for well-paid jobs.

So step up to download the french language in your brain!

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Q1.Can anyone learn the French language?

If you know English well you can learn the French language, as they share similar words.

Q2. how long does it take to earn from A1 to C2level in French?

It would take around 220 hours of classroom learning.

Q3.Can I get a well-paid job?

French is a global language, you would certainly get a well-paid job

Q4. Can we learn French at any age?

As an adult our memory would not be strong as it used to be but,with consistent efforts put in you can definitely learn well.

Q5.How does the certification in french language help us?

Certified in French language from a esteemed  institute differentiate you from others and that is acredited globally.

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