Top Hospital Administration Interview Questions and Answers

Preparation for Top hospital administration interview questions and answers for beginners can be easy if you are aware of the tasks and activities involved in hospital management. A hospital consists of various departments that need to function in a coordinated manner. They should also be efficient to provide the best all-around care to patients. A hospital administrator is a crucial role that needs hospital management knowledge and good interpersonal skills. It is also an influential position as it deals with setting up hospital policies, managing shifts of hospital personnel, organizing training, and managing hospital budgets.

If you are keen to pursue a career in Hospital Administration, you need to undergo a good course in Hospital Administration and also prepare for the challenging interviews. Henry Harvin’s Hospital Administration Course provides a sound conceptual and technical knowledge base to apply for hospital administration jobs. It is helpful to prepare for a Hospital Administration interview by understanding the top hospital administration questions and answers.

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Hospital Administration Interview Questions

Top Hospital Administration Interview Questions and Answers for Beginners

Below is the list of top 30 Hospital Administration Interview questions and answers that you can use in your preparation. For simplicity, the questions are grouped into 3 categories – General, Background Experience, and Advanced administrative concepts. 

General Questions

1. Can you tell me about yourself?

You should be able to provide an overview of your education-related to Hospital Administration. You will explain how you started your career in Hospital Administration and your major accomplishments till your current stage. Always highlight how you gained new skills and experiences along with your career up to this point. Highlight your accomplishments and awards that you may have received. Share only your work-related details in a story format to keep it interesting.

2. Why did you choose to become a Hospital Administrator?

You should give an honest answer here about your motivation to become a Hospital Administrator. You can mention the management skills and challenges that you can learn in the job. In order to perform well in the Hospital Administrator interview, you should prepare your answer in advance. You can highlight your satisfaction in participating in a noble cause of attending to patients and seeing them get better.

3. How would you define a successful Hospital Administrator?

This question helps the interviewer to know your perspective on the definition of “success” in a Hospital Administrator role. The answer to this question should be about the professional qualities that make a Hospital Administrator ensure that patients get the best and most appropriate healthcare in an affordable way. You may also provide examples of prior experience in handling difficult situations in the hospital.

4. What are the key qualities o\a Hospital Administrator?

You can explain the important qualities that make a successful Hospital Administrator. Some of the important qualities are:

  • Ability to strategize and plan policies that result in the well-being of patients
  • Demonstrate leadership and knowledge of the working of various hospital departments 
  • Manage workload scheduling and distribution
  • Handle difficult and stressful situations with a calm demeanor
  • Manage budgets and financial reporting to be compliant with laws of the land

5. Why are you leaving your current organization?

Any hospital administration interview is incomplete without this question. The interviewer tries to understand the reasons you are leaving your current job. Your answer should focus on what you will bring to the new role and how it is important for your growth in terms of skills, responsibilities, or compensation.

What are your career goals?

The interviewer needs to understand the career goals that you have set for yourself. This will show that your move to the new job is a part of a well-thought-out plan. You should be able to convince the interviewer that you have well-defined career goals and you are working to achieve them. Typical examples of career goals for Hospital Administrators are:

  • Create new healthcare services that result in improved patient satisfaction
  • Ensure the optimal and efficient use of hospital resources
  • Increase the use of technology in hospital administration 
  • Reduce costs of patient care

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

You may encounter this hospital administrative interview question many times. The interviewer is keen to know how well you know yourself. It is also a means to understand your honesty and sincerity. You must not use the standard answers provided in many online hospital administration interview questions and answers sets. You can specify your strengths that seem relevant to the job. For e.g. communication skills, experience in similar settings, smart working techniques, etc. In terms of weaknesses, you may mention your weaknesses but also highlight how you are trying to overcome the same.

Why did you apply for a job in this hospital?

This question enables the interviewer to understand the reasons why the candidate wants to join and how serious he/she is about this job. You can align your career aspirations with the job roles and responsibilities. Also, you can highlight how your personality and attitude is a fit for the values and culture of the hospital.

Why should we hire you instead of other candidates?

This is a very common hospital administration interview question to assess your confidence and your suitability for the position. You should answer this question with facts and should not seem boastful or meek. You should present how your skills and experience make you a perfect fit for the job role. Instead of comparing with other candidates, you must focus on the unique qualities that you bring to the hospital organization.

Are you open to working in different shifts?

This is a typical hospital administration interview question. A hospital works 24/7 and hence there may be situations where the Hospital Administrator needs to be available at different times. Hence, he/she may need to work in shifts. You can express your willingness for such duty or be able to explain any constraints honestly as to why you will not be in a position to work in shifts. 

Experience-based Hospital Administration Interview Questions

What is your understanding of the Hospital Administrator role?

Here you should be able to explain to the interviewer your understanding of the Hospital Administrator role and its responsibilities. The Hospital Administrator is responsible for the day-to-day functioning of a hospital or a healthcare institution in an efficient manner. In addition, the role also is responsible for the financial management of the hospital as well as human resource administration.

How do you manage stress in difficult situations?

Here you should highlight the practices that you adopt to manage stress in your daily life. You can also highlight experiences from your career where you have managed job stress effectively. You can explain the activities that help you remain calm in a general way.  Some examples of these activities could be exercising, walking, or taking a short break. You can also mention the hobbies that enable you to de-stress yourself like listening to music or reading books or playing a sport.

What are the different types of healthcare that you are aware of?

There are 4 types of healthcare depending on the complexity of assistance required for a patient. These are

  1. Primary care
  2. Secondary care
  3. Tertiary care
  4. Quaternary care

Primary care refers to the clinics and hospital OPDs (Out Patient Department) where you would go first when you think you are sick or show symptoms that are abnormal.

Secondary care is normally the visit to a specialist for further diagnosis and investigation after identifying a specific issue by the primary care physician. Secondary care focuses on the specific organ of the body that needs investigation or treatment. 

Tertiary care refers to hospitalization when you need more specialist care in controlled environments. For e.g. in case of kidney problems requiring dialysis, cardiac blockages, etc. It requires hospitalization and monitoring by specialists. 

Quaternary care is the next level of tertiary care for more specialized treatment that is not available normally at all hospitals. For e.g. specialized surgeries or new treatments are provided only in specific quaternary care centers.

Describe a critical situation that you handled?

The question helps the interviewer to understand your real-life experiences and how you handled them. You can provide anecdotal experience on how you managed a situation independently. Explain your analysis of the situation and the steps that you took to resolve it. You can also highlight if you received any accolades or awards for handling different critical situations.

What are the key medical infrastructure elements in a hospital?

This question helps the interviewer to assess your knowledge of the medical infrastructure used in hospitals. You must be able to explain the basic medical infrastructure required by hospitals as an answer to this hospital administration interview question. Typical infrastructure elements include the types of equipment like MRI, CT machines, Air Conditioning, OT’s, labs, and other physical infrastructure. Software applications for hospital management, billing, or training are infrastructure elements. You must be able to provide the general view as well as your specific experiences with hospital infrastructure management.

How do you manage a hospital during a pandemic, e.g. Covid-19?

This question tests your knowledge of the latest practices that are employed by hospitals to provide healthcare in the Covid-19 pandemic times. You must be aware of the guidance provided by the Health Ministry officials. Every patient must undergo a test for Covid-19 before admission. They must follow sanitization and hygiene protocols. The use of PPE kits, masks, and sanitizers while dealing with patients suspected of Covid or actual Covid-19 patients is very important. Hospital staff should check patients for fever or other symptoms before entry. 

What will you do to ensure that your patients are getting proper care?

This is an important hospital administration interview question. It allows the interviewer to understand your thought process and vision in providing the best healthcare to patients. It is very useful to provide real-life examples of your actions in past roles. For e.g. you can mention how you have shown leadership qualities in taking care of general as well as serious patients. You must also describe how you have tried to gain more knowledge in these areas. As a Hospital Administrator, you must also ensure that the staff is participating in training sessions regularly.

How will you handle irate patients?

This question is one of the important hospital administration interview questions. Many times you will need to handle patients who become angry and do not cooperate with the hospital staff. You must be able to explain that the skilled Hospital Administrator handles the situation very professionally with patience and empathy. You can explain to the interviewer your perspectives of why a patient or relative becomes angry. Knowing these reasons will provide a better platform for handling such patients and defusing the situation.

How do you manage friction between hospital staff?

As a Hospital Administrator, you will need to manage staff who have very different attitudes and temperaments. Sometimes, this gives rise to strained relationships, disagreements and outright resentment. However, this situation cannot be left as-is since it will affect the overall work atmosphere and will affect healthcare. As an answer to this important hospital administration interview question, you should display your people management skills. Provide examples of how you were able to handle disagreements between teams or team members in past roles. It is essential to address the concerns of the aggrieved parties and explain to them how it is affecting their common goal of providing support and healthcare to the patients.

What checks will you implement to ensure the confidentiality of information?

Confidentiality in healthcare is a very important topic. The patient’s medical records or the discussion with doctors is highly confidential information. Disclosure of such information is restricted by laws. Hence as a Hospital Administrator, it is crucial that you understand the importance of confidentiality in healthcare settings. This question is normally a common hospital administration interview question. To protect the hospital from lawsuits related to breach of confidentiality, you can mention the following actions to be taken:

  • Documents are stored electronically in secure storage. Access to documents must be tracked and audited
  • Physical assets and documents must be protected in secure locations with controlled access
  • Documents to be discarded must be shredded
  • Training must be provided to staff about the importance and policies related to handling confidential information

How do you keep yourself updated about the latest improvements in hospital administration?

This question helps the interviewer know about your knowledge of hospital administration. It is also a means to understand if you are open to learning new things and are curious about the current happenings in the healthcare industry. You should be able to speak about specific advancements that were published recently. You can also describe the healthcare magazines and journal publications that you have read. For e.g. during the Covid-19 pandemic, there were many ground-breaking articles published in Lancet which were widely discussed and acknowledged. It is also useful if you can mention your network with other healthcare administrators and staff.

What are the common healthcare concerns in our community?

Identification of health care deficiencies in the local community and addressing these are the responsibility of healthcare administrators. This question is uncommon in the hospital administration interview questions and answers set asked by interviewers. However, it gives an experienced interviewer insight into your strategic thinking and knowledge of the local community. Your answer should show your commitment to the health needs of the local community. You can explain how It will also improve the marketing and outreach for the hospital.

Why should we hire you instead of other candidates?

This is a very common hospital administration interview question to assess your confidence and your suitability for the position. You should answer this question with facts and should not seem boastful or meek. You should present how your skills and experience make you a perfect fit for the job role. Instead of comparing with other candidates, you must focus on the unique qualities that you bring to the hospital organization.

Advanced Hospital Administration Interview Questions

How will you ensure communication takes place between departments?

The interviewer is trying to understand how you address communication between different stakeholders in the hospital. The different stakeholders need information in different methods and formats depending on their function. For e.g. the patient billing details needed by the Insurance department is different from those required by the Audit department. Also, there may be cases of information not being shared quickly or deliberate misinformation being sent. As a Hospital Administrator, you will need to implement proper communication channels and systems such that there is a seamless flow of information. You must be able to demonstrate to the interviewer specific instances where you enabled proper information to be shared by organizing meetings or conference calls. Also, you can show how you introduced a system of documentation of important decisions or actions such that it is known to all.

If you have to let some employees go, how will you handle the situation?

This task is difficult for any hospital administrator and needs proper training and experience. The interviewer tries to assess how you can do this task and your prior experience of the same. In general, you should remember the following points when you have to terminate an employee:

  • There should be no surprise to the employee. The employee should be aware of the policies and steps that are taken before the final decision on termination is made
  • Remember that this is not personal issue and that the decision is based on facts and policies. Also ensure that you deal with compassion.
  • Always offer respect and see that the dignity of the employee is maintained.

Can you tell us about an innovative idea that you implemented?

This is one of the common questions in the set of hospital administration interview questions and answers. The interviewer wants to understand your ability for innovative thinking. Here you can explain how you faced a certain problem that seemed unsolvable. You must highlight how you came up with an innovative solution (a solution that was not tried before) for the same.

How will you ensure that you will attract top talent? Tell us about your experience in conducting hiring.

The interviewers ask this question if they see you were involved in staff hiring before. You can explain how you identify and shortlist candidates based on defined criteria. The interviewer should be able to see how you prepare for an interview and the nature of the questions you ask. You should explain to the interviewers about the main criteria that make you decide to hire someone. Many times it is the attitude and learning ability that is more important to attracting talent than purely technical skills.

If you had to communicate bad news to your patient, how would you manage the situation?

As a hospital administrator, you may encounter a situation to inform bad news to a patient or relatives of the patient. This is a typical hospital administration interview question. Here, you can tell about your past experiences of dealing with such a situation. If you have not done this before, you can always highlight the following points:

  • Always talk to the patient or relatives in a private space to ensure privacy
  • Ensure that you will not face any interruptions
  • Show empathy, and speak slowly. Do not use jargon. Keep the language simple.
  • Allow patients time to process the information. Do not rush. Be patient.

How will you enable the use of technology in healthcare administration to improve efficiency and reduce human errors?

This is an interesting question that allows you to show how you can improve hospital efficiency with the use of technology. If you have experience using any hospital management system earlier, you can explain the same. Otherwise, you can highlight how such systems can improve patient outcomes, data confidentiality, and hospital efficiency. 

What are typical legal issues that a Hospital Administrator must handle? 

This may not be a typical question that appears in the set of Hospital Administration questions and answers. However, you should be able to show your knowledge about the same. Common legal issues faced by Hospital Administrators are:

  • Data breaches – Hospital and patient data must be highly secure. There are laws that govern data security. Hefty fines are levied in case of a data breach. There is damage to the hospital’s reputation also.
  • Financial irregularities – All financial transactions must comply with the local laws. Hospitals must comply with tax laws.
  • Medical irregularities – Hospital management processes must be well defined and complied with. There should not be any negligence in the maintenance of the infrastructure. Medical negligence should be strictly avoided. In case such an event occurs, it should be properly investigated and actions must be taken publicly. This will provide transparency and maintain the reputation of the hospital
Hospital Administration


Hospital Administration deals with the organizational aspects of healthcare services. The healthcare sector in India is growing at an average rate of 16%. This leads to the generation of a large number of jobs in this industry. The Covid-19 pandemic highlighted the urgent need to revamp the health sector and has resulted in the setup of many hospitals. Also, the pandemic showed the lack of availability of trained and efficient hospital administrators. Thus there is a lot of scope for new health facilities and hospitals, thereby creating a huge demand for good hospital administrators.

If you are interested in following this career path, take the top Hospital Administration course from Henry Harvin and start this exciting journey now!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is Hospital Administration?

Hospital administration deals with the management of hospitals or other healthcare facilities. It involves various activities from managing daily tasks to staffing, budgeting, planning, and improving patient outcomes and satisfaction.

2. What is expected in the Hospital Administrator role?

The Hospital Administrator’s primary responsibility is the proper functioning of the hospital. They are answerable for the overall care of patients. They also need to maintain a good working atmosphere such that all departments in the hospital are working efficiently.

How do you train to become a Hospital Administrator?

There are many courses on Hospital Administration. These courses are offered as graduation or diploma courses. Once the course is completed, you need to get practical experience working in hospitals. One of the top courses for Hospital Administration is Henry Harvin’s Hospital Administration Course. Check the link for more details.

What are the typical subjects in the Hospital Administration course?

The Hospital administration course must cover the following subjects:
Medical terminology and Healthcare delivery system basics
Medical ethics and laws
Hospital organization structure
Patient Support services and communication
Administrative services
Billing and health insurance

How do I prepare for the Hospital Administration interview?

As a part of the training, you will gain knowledge of the various aspects of hospital administration. You will also get practical experience working as an intern or as an assistant once your course is complete. Typical courses like the one mentioned above, provide such a job placement facility. In addition, you can browse or search for Hospital Administration Interview questions and answers sites on the internet. This page also provides a compilation of the important hospital administration interview questions.

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  • The course directs you to build your own professional network and provides you with several online free resources to supplement your knowledge. If you are looking for a great course that provides great value on digital marketing then I’d highly recommend this course.

  • The course directs you to build your own professional network and provides you with several online free resources to supplement your knowledge. If you are looking for a great course that provides great value on digital marketing then I’d highly recommend this course From Henry Harvin

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