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Top 10 French Language Courses Online: 2023

Are you curious about learning the fascinating French language? Perhaps you already know some French and want to enhance your abilities. Or, probably you’re expecting to travel to a French-speaking country one day.

Therefore, whether you wish to learn French for personal or skilled purposes, or even just for pleasure, there are various offerings out there that can enable you to get moved on your French learning exploration. 

Hence, some people who admire self-sufficient study opt to use a formal language textbook for comprehending French, while others go for the more contemporary technique of using an app to comprehend the French language. 

Yet, others choose to use French tutoring assistance. Hence, an additional strategy is to take online classes.

Though online classes can be live, one-on-one or group tasks, they can also be self-paced sessions that you finish on your own. 

Here, you’ll find adequate online French classes to discover the one that best suits your necessities. Let’s get started!

1. Henry Harvin Language Academy (French Language Course Online)

One of the well-known institutes, Henry Harvin, delivers the best outlet for French courses. Multiple international firms use French as their specialized language. Hence, they support you to develop proficiency in this language that will assist you to touch forts in your profession.

However, the syllabus of the French Course is well-fed by well-trained trainers by the provisions of the European Framework of a citation for languages. Therefore, you can achieve mastery in the French language and accelerate your skill with Henry Harvin. 

Therefore, you’ll get a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the course.

Hence, beneath are the levels of fresh language courses from beginners to advanced.

A1: The Beginners Level- This level contracts with the basic French wording, salutations in French, basic grammar such as nouns, pronouns, verbs, and more.

A2: The Upper Beginners Level- This Level contracts with the French Language communicate a judgment, make a comparison, demonstrate a chronology, express actuality, grammar like Future tenses, relative pronouns, Comparative/ Superlative Sentences, and more.

B1: The intermediate Level -This level contracts with the abilities like writing, reading, and listening. Nominees will increase their abilities to be eligible to structure sentences in the French Language.

B2: The Upper Intermediate Level -This level contracts with additional understanding about the French Dialects and Complex Texts. The nominee will increase proficiency to build lengthy speeches in French and smoothly explain complicated thinkings

C1: The Advanced Level- This level will prepare the nominee with an awareness of lengthier texts and their implied meaning. Thus, nominees will discover to communicate fluently and spontaneously without much apparent searching for manifestations.

C2: The Proficiency Level- This level will encourage the nominees to know everything that is practically heard or read. Though the nominees will be able to translate data from distinct spoken and written sources, reconstructing statements and accounts in a readable demonstration.

9 in 1 Course;

  • Training 
  • Projects 
  • Internship 
  • Certification 
  • Placement 
  • E-Learning 
  • Bootcamps  
  • Hackathons 
  • Gold Membership

Career Benefits

  • Disclosure to millions of employees globally in the field of French Language course
  • Get leased by International Brands like Google, Amazon, 
  • Be highly reimbursed as a Freelancer or as a full-time expert after the Thriving culmination of the French Language Training Course
  • Enhance your CV & LinkedIn profile with specialized & experienced advancement
  • Differentiate your profile from companions and get endorsed in the existing profile with the most in-demand abilities
  • Adequate career safety with outstanding expansion alternatives
  • Sharpen your prowess to get a handsome earnings hike

Media Coverage

Henry Harvin® French Language Course Ranks #1 in India by Education World, Higher Education Digest

2. Berlitz

Among the oldest and extensively prominent language schools, Berlitz is known for its immersive, communicative method, expanding and understanding a language in a realistic way for communication.

Hence, the Berlitz corporation has been hosting courses at language centres for years, but presently you can also take its courses online.

However, the French classes are prepared live by Berlitz-certified educators, and you can enrol in either personal or faction classes.

Therefore, there’s also a procedure for online self-paced classes, called Berlitz Connect, that gives the equipment and tasks to study on your own, but you can also coordinate 30-minute exercise sessions with educators via video call.

However, It extends a 12-week online group course that confronts twice a week for 90-minute classes. The self-paced Berlitz Connect program costs about $699 for six months with 10 speaking training trials or around $849 for 12 months with 25 speaking training trials.

Yet, if you’re seeking conventional classes from a well-established language academy, Berlitz is a tremendous preference.

3. FrenchPod101 (French Language COurse Online)

FrenchPod101 is a French learning network with audio and video lectures that are based on actual French discussions.

Hence, the courses emphasise hearing, understanding and pronunciation, and the educators and lecturers differ so that you can be exposed to various vocalists and speaking techniques.

Moreover, an optimistic characteristic of this course is that FrenchPod101 publishes new content every week, so its equipment is constantly new and applicable. Hence, you can begin with a seven-day free tryout, and after that, you can enrol on a fundamental plan for about $8 a month. 

Therefore, the main agenda contains endless access to all the audio and video assignments and notes, as well as a chart of 100 French core terms and idioms.

Hence, for about $25 a month, you can get a membership, which also entails step by step audio discussion for each lecture, interactive quizzes, voice recording equipment, a grammar bank and much more.

Eventually, If you are on a budget and wish to get commenced with fundamental lectures, the basic membership is just more inexpensive at roughly $8 a month.

4. French Institute Alliance Francaise (FIAF)

The French Institute Alliance Française (FIAF) is an institution founded in New York City that facilitates the French language and civilizations. 

Hence, it delivers French courses that emphasize an immersive, culturally wealthy atmosphere, both in-person and online. Therefore, online classes are taught via Zoom by the FIAF’s trained educators.

Therefore, the FIAF offers one and two-week refresher programs, which would be ideal for individuals who wish a course to brush up on their French before touring or commencing a new career. 

However, a one-week program that confronts every day for two hours costs roughly $300, and for a similar price, you can take a two-week course that confronts for two and a half hours twice a week.

Though a tremendous benefit of the FIAF is that it also offers classes that are precisely constructed for kids 1 to 4 years old and pre-teens and teens 5 to 17 years old at the beginner, intermediary, and developed levels.

Besides, the FIAF offers confidential French classes for adults, kids, and teens, which can be customized to suit your desires.

Therefore, the hourly fees for confidential classes start at about $75. Although these courses are pricey, they are an outstanding alternative if you’re seeking courses for teens or pre-teens. 

5. Rocket French (French Language Course ONline)

Rocket French is a language learning course based on interactive audio classes. Every lecture is 20 to 30 minutes lengthy and is looked after by reinforcement exercises like tournaments, flashcards, as well as language and civilization classes. 

Moreover, the sessions also adopt vocalist commendation, so you can rehearse your diction. Thus, the firm offers a free session, and after that, you have the choice to buy the course and receive a lifetime permit for its equipment. 

However, there are three categories in the Rocket French program, one costs about $150 and the persisting two cost about $300. Nonetheless, Rocket French usually gives vouchers that lessen the fee extensively.

Although you can obtain each level individually or buy two or three levels jointly as a package. Hence, analysts who appreciate this program claim the courses are leisure and confessed it’s good to work at their own pace. 

Therefore, if you like learning by hearing and reciting, and probably you like the flexibility to do the classes while strolling or performing other activities, Rocket French might be good for you.

6. Babbel

Babbel is a language-learning procedure that delivers 13 distinct language alternatives. The Babbel technique implicates learning through discussion and real-life script.

Hence, with classes that are between 10 and 15 minutes lengthy, the firm utilizes practical strategies and interactive discussions to assist you to learn.

Therefore, Babbel uses the spaced recurrence method to assist with long-term memorization, also. Though the firm’s policy is indicated to dispute to both visual and acoustic students.

However, additional standout aspects are the use of your initial language to enable you to learn the new language and the proficiency to customize the course as you improve to make it more fascinating and based on your concerns.

Moreover, Babbel also has an app, which is a tremendous choice if you wish to learn on the go with brief lessons based on actual discussions.

Hence, you can select from four subscriptions: Of one month ($13. 95 a month), of three months ($9.95), of six months ($8.45), or 12 months ($6.95). Moreover, there’s even a 20-day money-back guarantee with your subscription asset.

7. Rosetta Stone (french Language Course online)

Rosetta Stone is one of the outstanding language learning networks, offering 25 languages. This, the firm asserts its syllabus is completely immersive, which says that you understand by being uncovered to intuitive communicative contexts, imitating the way we understand our initial language normally.

Moreover, you can approach the Rosetta Stone equipment on your desktop, or mobile phone, and the firm contains a phrasebook, audio partner classes, articles, and instant acknowledgement using voice commendation software. In expansion, some programs presently have the choice of live tutoring to exercise with a native lecturer online.

Therefore, a three-month course subscription at Rosetta Stone French goes for about $36 ($12 per month). Hence, you can also purchase a Rosetta Stone infinite Languages subscription for about $145 for 12 months ($12 per month).

Nevertheless, the adequate significance is a lifetime subscription to infinite languages for a one-time expense of almost $299. 

Though this would be a tremendous alternative if you are devoted to resuming to study and learning not only French but different languages as well.

8. Frantastique

Frantastique is a French program that furnishes self-paced classes based on fiction with new topics. Hence, they entertain, to keep you involved and amused.

Therefore, the procedure includes an everyday class that is sent to your email. The lectures should take about 15 minutes a day, which is why Frantastique names it microlearning.

However, each session comprises activities, videos, passages, dialogues, conjugation quizzes, and mini-lessons. 

Moreover, they also comprise an improvement to promote long-term memorization, and at the edge of each class, you can discover some engaging artistic content. Therefore, the organization also uses software that can modify the lectures to the student’s requirements and native language.

Nevertheless, begin with a free session, where you can specify your status. Furthermore, you can conclude with a subscription.

Yet, there are three categories of plans: The main subscription goes for about $24 a month and comprises up to five lectures a week, personalized pedagogical content, and factual artistic considerations.

Besides, the premium membership fees are around $36 a month, and in expansion to what is involved in the basic membership, you get a permit to work business events and personalization by area, relying on your curiosities, as well as a preference when bidding help from their specialized group.

Eventually, you can opt to get a Pro membership, which goes for about $48 per month and also provides you with a permit to pedagogical assistance, which says you can constantly ask for support from their team.

Therefore, if you don’t have too much time to expand on French courses and like something simple, you should give Frantastique an attempt.

9. Lingoda (French Language Course ONline)

Lingoda is a European online language organization founded in Berlin that operates the video outlet Zoom to deliver group or confidential classes in English, German, Spanish, and French.

However, its French courses are instructed by skilled educators who are all born-speakers and reside in all the varied time zones, so there are classes accessible at any time no matter where you live.  Nevertheless, Lingoda tells you to alternate instructors so that you can be exposed to several tones.

Therefore, Lingoda’s methodology for language teaching is communication-based, indicating you get plenty of reciting exercise.

Hence, It also uses what it calls situational workout, which implies that whatever you discover during the course is something you can refer to as a real-life dilemma.

Although, classes are one hour long, and you can either take confidential classes or enrol in a class of three to four pupils. Though when you register for courses, Lingoda will send you course equipment that you can download and use to exercise anytime.

Therefore, you can take a free placement trial to discover what level you should begin.

Lingoda offers a free seven-day trial, and the pricing varies based on the subscription plan that you choose. The cost for one class a week is about $45 a month ($9.5 per class), while the marathon subscription costs roughly $33 a month ($6.75 per class) If you commit to either 3,6 or 12 months of classes.

Hence, If you’re seeking online confidential or group classes and want a very uncertain course schedule, Lingoda is a substantial option.

10. Live Lingua

Live Lingua is an online language immersion academy. You will uncover 28 self-paced French courses that you can receive for free, which are a collection of courses from the FSI (Foreign Service Institute), DLI (Defense Language Institute), and the Peace Corps.

Nonetheless, Live Lingua’s fundamental objective is to deliver lectures in 7 distinct languages with trained instructors via the online forum Skype. Hence, all the instructors are well-trained, French-born lecturers who can develop a custom syllabus to fulfil your necessities.

However, If you wish to test out the assistance, take a 60-minute free prosecution class. Hence, after that, the fee of courses varies depending on the package you possess. Though If you obtain between one and nine hours of lectures, the expense per course is around $29, the fee reduces the more classes you purchase.

However, if you buy more than 40 hours of lectures, each lecture will cost you about $25. Though LiveLingua is a tremendous option if you wish to take online classes with a skilled educator, you also need to have access to classes you can finish on your own.

Final Words

The last conclusion says that your belief in learning French is another aspect to evaluate. Hence, learning a different language can be obstructing, which is why numerous people end up giving up on their studies. However, if you have the belief that you’ll hold on to it until you complete your purpose, you’ll learn French quickly.

Therefore, you want to speed up the strategy, expend as much time as you can to understand the language and civilization of France.

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