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Henry Harvin TEFL Course Reviews: 2023 (Don’t Ignore)

Who wouldn’t fancy a well-paying job that allows you to visit some of the exotic places abroad? TEFL certification at Henry Harvin gives you that chance. They are among the best institutes that offer the best TEFL certifications in India.

Many of you as a reader will think that why am I preferring Henry Harvin for the best TEFL course? Well before starting anything here, I have done my complete research and went through several Henry Harvin TEFL reviews to claim that Henry Harvin offers TEFL certification that is value for your hard-earned money.

TEFL certification entitles you to the special teaching methods and strategies that are required to ace up in TEFL jobs. You must keep in mind that you as a TEFL tutor will teach English as a foreign language to students from non-English speaking countries. So, the conventional teaching methods are not applied during TEFL jobs. Before going further, we will give you detailed information about the TEFL certification course.

Information on TEFL Certification

First of all, you as an aspirant to the TEFL course need to understand that the TEFL course is slightly different from TESOL or ESL courses. Generally, TEFL stands for Teaching English as Foreign Language. Whereas TESOL stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and ESL stands for English as Second Language. 

What is TEFL?

As mentioned above TEFL is a short form for Teaching English as Foreign Language. The certification gives you the liability of teaching English in those places where English is not native. 

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As you may know, teaching any new language is a hard task. TEFL certification lets you get deep knowledge about the exact strategies that can be followed to conduct English lessons.

Each module of the TEFL course teaches you to plan and deliver lessons with effective and easy teaching methods. Teaching in classrooms is different from teaching virtually. With TEFL certification, you can plan the content of any lesson along with activities and experiments that ease the learning process for students.

Through TEFL certification you will be able to teach the practical application of spoken English to individuals of non-English speaking countries. Its learning will help you in understanding the students’ underlying problems in speaking English. You both can work together on these difficulties in a more fun and easy way.

As the people from non-speaking countries are determined to ace themselves globally, they are keen to learn the world’s most spoken language. You as the TEFL teacher can help them to achieve their dreams.

Like TEFL, there are TESOL and ESL certification courses like we mentioned at the starting of this article. The ESL course trains you to use English as a second language. Having ESL certification will entitle you to teach English as a second language in schools and colleges in countries like India.

On other hand, TESOL is new in comparison to TEFL certification. There is a minute difference between TEFL and TESOL. Let us give some basic ideas about it.

Difference Between TEFL and TESOL

There is no such big difference between TEFL and TESOL. Both certifications deal primarily with teaching English languages. With TEFL certification you can teach English as a subject to those countries where English is not the spoken language.

Similarly, TESOL certification makes you able to teach English to the people of English and non-English speaking countries. In comparison, TEFL certification is more popular than TESOL. The reason being, TESOL is newly introduced and less widely recognized in job portals.

How will TEFL certification help you?

TEFL certification is specially designed for teachers who are willing to teach the English language to non-English speaking individuals. As an aspirant, you are going to deal with individuals that don’t speak English in daily life. TEFL certification will enhance your teaching skills and management skills that can handle classes with different kinds of individuals. 

In many non-English speaking countries like China, Japan, African countries, some parts of America, etc. TEFL-certified English tutors are highly in demand. Though the people from these countries speak less in English in communication, English is the official language in the corporate world. Rather than learning the languages by themselves, they prefer a higher English tutor.

With TEFL certification, you are eligible to teach English within these countries. As the students whom you are going to deal with range age-wise, TEFL certification sharpens your teaching skills to teach the English language regardless of age.

Benefits of Doing TEFL Certification

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  • Apart from teaching abroad, TEFL certification has a lot more benefits that are still less known. Let us put some light on this information.
  • The main and biggest benefit of TEFL certification is being able to teach the English language with the opportunity to live abroad.
  • The TEFL certification is globally recognized and widely accepted. So, you can choose from some of the most beautiful non-English speaking countries.
  • After completion of TEFL certification, a variety of job profiles awaits you. You can choose from a school teacher, private tutoring, or corporate jobs.
  • The pay scale for TEFL certified tutors is quite high in comparison to other normal teaching jobs.
  • The last and the best part of the TEFL job is traveling. You will get to travel to some of the most remote territories of the world with a well-paying job profile. 

Now, when we have a fair knowledge about the TEFL certification, we will further throw some light on the institute that offers the best TEFL course. Any guesses?

Yes, you guessed it correctly. Henry Harvin Education offers 120 hours of the best TEFL courses in both the USA and India. Let us give some more information regarding the same.

About Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin Education institute is one of the training institutes that help in learning skills and courses that are not taught in conventional teaching. They are pioneers in promoting training-based certification courses in both universities and corporate institutes. For this vision, they even got an award for the best corporate training center.

Henry Harvin offers several courses that merge the gap between traditional education and the requirements of the industries. Some of the popular courses are mentioned below;

All the courses are offered at affordable prices and include some great perks. For each course, they have hired the best of the industry experts with more than 10 years of experience. Today’s we will focus on the TEFL course and Henry Harvin TEFL reviews.

How Henry Harvin TEFL Certification Will Help You?

Henry Harvin Education institute is one of the institutes that offer the best TEFL course academy. Ranked as the number one TEFL course in the USA with a 100% job guarantee. 

Following are some special features of Henry Harvin TEFL course;

  • Online instructor-led TEFL training.
  • Accreditation from prestigious AAEFL certification.
  • The trainers are highly experienced and industry experts.
  • On enrolling, access to the exclusive learning management system (LMS)
  • After completion of the certification, a status of alumni and 100% assistance with job placement.

Henry Harvin has four different programs in the TEFL certification course. They are;

  • 120 hours of TEFL certification
  • Post-graduation Program in TEFL certification
  • TEFL Course in India
  • TEFL Course in the USA

TEFL course at Henry Harvin offers 120 hrs of instructor-led online training sessions. After finishing 120 hours, you will be offered 24 hours online brush-up sessions as learning support.

The trainers at Henry Harvin are highly experienced and industry experts. They are well-versed with all aspects of TEFL modules and their application in a real-time world. The trainers at Henry Harvin Education have more than 10 years of work experience. Their teaching methods are supremely skilled and easily understandable.

On enrolling, you will get one year of gold membership at TEFL academy. The perks of gold membership are;

  • Access to an exclusive LMS with pre-recorded videos, projects, case studies, and many more.
  • Proper guidance after the course 100%job placement assistance.
  • Chance to learn pedagogical practices and the application of Bloom’s taxonomy. 
  • Exposure to internships, projects, and lots of job opportunities. 

Benefits of doing TEFL course from Henry Harvin 

According to Henry Harvin TFEL reviews, they offer the best TEFL course in the USA. They assist you in getting job placements after completion of the course. They help their candidates in such a way that after the course they will land a job that can pay up to $3000. 

Henry Harvin exclusively offers online TEFL courses that can be attended within your comfortable time. Furthermore, you will be eligible for more than 12000 jobs abroad.

Based on Henry Harvin TEFL reviews, numerous other benefits make Henry Harvin TEFL courses a standout from others.

Henry Harvin TEFL course is carefully designed according to the requirements of the industry. The well-planned course structure will allow its participants to succeed and ace up in the 

TEFL certification examination.

The modules of the TEFL course offered by Henry Harvin let you understand the strategies and complexities involved in classroom management and boost confidence in you.

Their teaching methods allow you to learn and implement the TEFL learnings practically. Also, you can learn about various psychological and behavioral thinking of the learner. Thus, you can deliver an effective session and connect at the right levels with your learners.

At last, by doing a TEFL course from Henry Harvin you can stand a chance of getting a high-paid residential job internationally. Also, you can achieve some personality changes that will further boost your confidence in the right manner.

Henry Harvin TEFL Reviews

According to Henry Harvin reviews by their alumni, the TEFL course at Henry Harvin is specially designed for those individuals who are intended to pursue teaching jobs internationally.

As the saying goes, teaching comes naturally. But, teaching the English language internationally and to those individuals who do not speak English daily is not an easy task.

TEFL certification course at Henry Harvin teaches you the required skills and tactics to conduct online tutoring effortlessly. They also train you to understand, instruct and manage students from other countries. Henry Harvin TEFL course teaches you the ability to connect with those students and make learning a cakewalk for them.

Teaching English as a foreign language needs different methods and strategies than normal teaching sessions. Henry Harvin TEFL course teaches you the correct approach with which you can teach English to non-English speaking folks easily and understandably.

Usually, TEFL jobs will get you a teaching job internationally. This demands relocation to a place that is completely unknown to you. The TEFL course at Henry Harvin gives that confidence and sets goals to live your dream career.

According to Henry Harvin reviews, the course structure covers every detail aspect of TEFL teaching modules. The trainers are well-experienced industry experts. They have worked for more than 10 years in the TEFL industry and are well-versed in all the trends and updates of the TEFL industry. Thus, their teaching methods reflect the same and help in the enhancement of your teaching and management skills with personal attention.

We also have noticed that all the Henry Harvin TEFL reviews highly mention the affordability of the TEFL course. The course fees are around $299 in the USA and Rs 26500 in India. With such a reasonable price most of the alumni find the TEFL course is value for money.

Henry Harvin TEFL reviews also mentioned that after completion of the course, there are brush-up sessions, doubt solving sessions, interview preparations, resume building sessions, and total assistance and guaranteed placements held by the support team of Henry Harvin.

Some of the reviews also suggest the non-validation of their TEFL certification. But on researching more, it has been noticed that some fraud institutes posing as them are coming people. Thus they have recruited the support team and relationship managers to avoid such situations.


To conclude, the Henry Harvin TEFL course is the best in the USA and India. The Henry Harvin TEFL reviews also highlight their positive and beneficial aspects as mentioned in this article. Thus, if you have a dream of having a well-paying teaching job internationally then you should enroll in Henry Harvin Education.

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  • I have just completed the 240 hour Professional course and also the 30 hour Teaching English online course and what an amazing experience overall! The courses were packed with information and guidance and I definitely feel more confident to begin my teaching career. I’m so happy I chose Henry Harvin TEFL to do my course with.

  • This is a good course, with broad coverage of the relevant areas of expertise in TEFL. While the course is detailed enough to fully furnish new teachers with the skills they need to teach English, it does not waste time by getting stuck on expansive topics. Students get what they need to know, and opportunities for further information are provided. The assignments are challenging enough, but manageable. I think it gives a good, realistic feeling of what will be required for normal class preparation.

  • There are lots of TEFL Certificate provider but after some research, I decided to go with Henry Harvin. What a journey it has been so far. Awesome customer service, the course is very helpful and I could apply jobs all over the world .

  • Henry Harvin TEFL course was excellent. The course content is well aligned. I thoroughly enjoyed it and can highly recommend this course to those students who want to pursue as a TEFL trainer to all prospective TEFL students.

  • TEFL is one of the best professional courses offered at HENRY HARVIN EDUCATION, the best Academy in the nation. They have the best trainers to train the students and also provide assured lifetime support to the customers. They have the assured placement offers right after the course to give a strong foundation to the students where they can start their TEFL career. In one word, it is worthwhile to study here.

  • Thank you for this nice blog. Henry Harvin is best for TEFL, I have gone through the courses and took the certificate

  • I found the Henry Harvin brilliant to work with. I completed the 180-hour course and the specialized course for teaching business English. These were challenging courses but very comprehensive. They have prepared me very well for teaching online but were also fun to work through. Everybody was very friendly and helpful with any problems I had and there was always somebody to contact if I needed advice. I would highly recommend the course and The Henry Harvin TEFL Insitute to any aspiring teachers!

  • The TEFL course at HENRY HARVIN is the best certified course. The trainers here always keep supporting the learners to upskill their knowledge and train them in such a great way that they become ready for the industrial challenges in this field specially. After the course you will get plenty of job offers and internships to expedite your dexterity with various reputed organisations. It is an affordable course to take up and definitely provide you with all the ultimate benefits in return of your investment. It is worthwhile to study at the best institution HENRY HARVIN and have a great start for your future.

  • TEFL is the best course to get trained at the best educational institution which is none other than HENRY HARVIN EDUCATION. They give 100% placement right after the course and all the offers provided during the training period are really affordable. Everyone should choose this place to get trained on TEFL.

  • There are several TEFL Certificate suppliers however when some analysis, I made a decision to travel with Henry Harvin. What a visit it’s been up to now. Glorious client service, the course is incredibly useful, and that I will embrace jobs everywhere the planet. Henry Harvin is one among the simplest colleges. Approved by the yank Association of EFL.

  • The TEFL course at HENRY HARVIN is definitely one of the best professional courses. The Trainers at the Academy are very supportive and always guide you to the path of success. They also provide study materials to the students for in-depth knowledge. The Academy gives assured placement offers right after the training period and also the course fees are really affordable here.

  • Henry Harvin is very handsome and different compared to other institutions of higher learning. Henry Harvin’s TEFL course was proven to be very helpful to me and I would highly recommend it, It’s an amazing course. I recommend it to everyone who is committed to being a talented TEFL teacher.

  • Henry Harvin provides an incredible four-week TEFL direction. terribly arch and pleasant instructors helped the North American nation through this excessive course however the experience won become extremely worthwhile. Henry Harvin is that a nice institute for the TEFL route. I am therefore appreciative of the skilled assist, aid, and comments provided with the help of the old academics on this application. Henry Harvin presents the fine ESL certification direction (TEFL) at a reasonable charge. Henry Harvin is that the problem-solver. I appreciative of Henry Harvin as I buy to expertise a very new method of distinctive TEFL certification course with such a reasonable value. on the far side appreciative for providing Pine Tree State the most effective support.

  • Henry Harvin gives a wonderful four-week TEFL direction. The route is fingers-on with you coaching basically proper off the bat! Very skilled and pleasant instructors helped us through this excessive course but the expertise won turned into really worth it.

    Henry Harvin the great institute for the TEFL route. I couldn’t speak extra exceptionally of my level with henry Harvin TEFL. I’m so appreciative of the professional assist, aid, and comments furnished with the aid of the top-notch teachers on this application.

    Henry Harvin presents the fine ESL certification direction(TEFL) at an inexpensive charge. Henry Harvin is the hassle-solver & usually allows the activity applicants as well as personnel even on this modern pandemic through turning the problems into opportunities.

  • HENRY HARVIN EDUCATION provides training on various professional courses like creative writing, digital marketing, SAP, GST course and many more. Although I opted for the TEFL course. I was absolutely overwhelmed to get the opportunity of learning from such a great organisation.
    The Academy provides an online TEFL certification course. The curriculum is so well-structured that it makes you ready to get a job right after your course, even if you are a beginner in this domain. Moreover apart from the scheduled course the well-experienced trainers of the Academy give you the training on how to write a proper resume and crack the interviews of top organisations. It is definitely worthwhile to get trained at HENRY HARVIN.
    The entire course curriculum will help you to qualify for more than 12000 jobs in more than 6 countries. But if you are thinking it is costly, then I should say the Academy has various course packages at a very affordable rate.
    I was so much benefitted by their course that I will always suggest HENRY HARVIN to get the right start of your career.

  • HENRY HARVIN has the best infrastructure and well-experienced trainers to coach the students. In fact, the course curriculum also satisfies the current industrial demands. Therefore, the students get highly paid jobs by the end of the course and get the right start of their career in TEFL.

  • My experience during the TEFL was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. it helps me hone my skills but also made me aware of my other strong areas, especially as a future trainer. My confidence levels have significantly improved and I am excited about my impending professional journey

  • HENRY HARVIN has the best infrastructure and well-experienced trainers to coach the students. In fact, the course curriculum also satisfies the current industrial demands. Therefore, the students get highly paid jobs by the end of the course and get the right start of their career in TEFL.

  • It was a great experience at HENRY HARVIN. The entire course curriculum of TEFL has been made by the well-experienced trainers as per current industrial trends. This allows us to crack interviews of top organisations by the end of the training period and get a highly paid job. In fact the course fees are also affordable so getting trained here is definitely worthwhile.

  • If English teaching interests you and wants to be able to connect with your students in the best possible way, then TEFL certification is a cherry on the cake.

    There are many TEFL providers, it was a struggle for me to find that one unicorn which can meet all my needs. I have just completed my Henry Harvin TEFL certification course, and I am proud to say I have been able to equip myself with all the technicalities associated with mindful English teaching. I would like to recommend this course.

  • TEFL Course at HENRY HARVIN EDUCATION is the best professional course to opt for. It is undoubtedly worthwhile. The Academy maintains the best LMS to give quality education and also the trainers have designed the most updated course curriculum to make the students an expert in this domain. The Academy also gives 100% placement assurance so that the students can get a strong foundation to start their career in this field.

  • I enjoyed studying with Henry Harvin. I’ve learned new ideas and teaching techniques.

    My tutor sent me a feedback as soon as possible, which was really good.

    I think it’s better if I could decide students’ level and age when writing a teaching plan. Because I won’t teach adults in my career.

    Anyway I’m happy that I’ve chosen Henry Harvin.

  • I had a great experience with Henry Harvin. The course content was very thorough, and It was great to have a tutor when I had any questions about the material. They helped me right away with my resume, and I got the first job I applied for! I would definitely recommend Henry Harvin to anyone looking to get certified to teach ESL!

  • Completing the TEFL course through Henry Harvin is a great decision. Having completed the Level 5 course with this company has really equipped me for teaching English to non-English speakers. The content is sound and is covered in a professional and efficient way. The flexibility of the course allows you to complete it in your own time, as well as giving reasonable notice before the course expires. The ability to apply for an extension is also reassuring. With all the different facets of teaching and learning English as covered by the course, I completed it feeling very capable and excited for the doors the TEFL course opens.

  • I took my TEFL course from the Henry Harvin and I am very happy I did. Not only the content was interesting and well presented, but it was also fun to go thru and very intelligently structured. Every time I asked for information to the different services of Henry Harvin I received a fast answer and felt the people at Henry Harvin genuinely wanted me to succeed

    Finally, the course was affordable and organized to give the maximum flexibility to the student. I have no reservation in recommending Henry Harvin to anyone wanting to teach English abroad or online.

  • Henry Harvin is the best institute to get your TEFL Certification from. The Institute has experienced and top-quality instructors who ensure that your basics and advanced concepts of the course are learnt in the best way possible. I was also very satisfied with the course material they provide. The learning material and teaching style also helped me grasp concepts very well. They also have offline classes in many cities which is an added benefit for students who prefer to learn so.

  • Very good experience. I just wish there was a short session at the end covering how to start looking for a TEFL job as a new teacher. But in general I had great time during the 2 days + very efficient.

  • Very good course and helped me obtain a teaching job once I had finished the course. The content of the books could be a little better but the practice teaching was great and I enjoyed the course and the feedback I got from my observers and instructor.

  • I was Sceptical about doing a TEFL course initially, but when I joined Henry Harvin, all my anxieties were blown away. The teaching faculty make you feel comfortable all the way through the course curriculum. The course is well-structured and divided into several modules to make learning easier. This course will definitely open up job opportunities in several foreign countries. Overall, I recommend a TEFL certification for anyone interested in teaching and would like to add that Henry Harvin is the best Institute to get certified in TEFL.

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