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Top 12 English speaking course online

Do you like English? Do you want to learn English? What if I suggest to you some of the English language course online! The English language is gaining recognition in day-to-day life. People have fascinationated to speak English. Some are good enough to speak but some need the confidence to speak. This article is for those people who want to learn English language course online. 

English language course online is helpful for all kind of people ranging from students to professionals and also for house-wives. Those who want a push towards learning English speaking are welcome to this article. I hope this can be helpful to make your English language course online and learn at your feasible time and schedule accordingly.

Let me list out some of the institutions providing English language courses online 

1. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is a well-recognized and top-ranked institute providing online English speaking course. It is the best online platform to learn and become an expert in English speaking. This institute helps you to enhance your speaking skills and help you read complex statements with ease and speed. By completing the English language course online, you will be efficient to write long sentences and paragraphs fast and quickly. Dedicating multiple sessions especially for the speaking so that native speakers can help you with the accents and comprehension of the local words. 


Key features 

  • 9-in-1 course – Includes training, projects, internship, certification, placement, E-learning, Bootcamps, Hackathons, and Gold membership program.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum – A well-design English language course online to help each candidate to gain confidence in English speaking and get fluent in Spoken English.
  • 100% practical training – Focus is on the English language course online to learn while doing concepts. Core fundamentals of English speaking like spelling, words, pronunciation, and vocabulary.
  • 1-year of Gold Membership of Language Academy – This Gold membership includes live projects, recorded videos of the subject material, regular Bootcamps, interview skill development, weekly job assistance along with career guidance and support.
  • 100% Money-back Guarantee – If you feel dissatisfied by the completion of the first session of the English language course here, you can ask for a refund of your entire amount.

Nine-in-One course 

  • Training – Henry Harvin has an English language course online training divided into various levels like levels 1,2,3,4 with the duration of 40 hours and levels 5 and 6 with the duration of 50 hours.
  • Projects – Well-organization of the projects with the facility to learn English Speaking, Rhetoric Speaking, and many others.
  • Internship – The experimental learning of the English language online , to commence during the internships to help gain fluency in English speaking.
  • Certification – Endeavor your expertise in the English language with the Hallmark Certification of the English Language Training course from Henry Harvin(Recognized by Govt of India and one of the Award-winning institutes) 
  • Placement – 100% placement assistance support for at least 1-year of the post completion of the course.
  • E-learning – E-learning with access to abundant tools and techniques related to the study materials like video content, assessments, and many more.
  • Bootcamps – Regular Bootcamp sessions for 12 months of post-completion of the course.
  • Hackathons – Access to Hackathons and competitions is a complementary offer with the course.
  • Membership – Get 1-Year Gold Membership for the English Speaking course from Henry Harvin® Language Academy


Faculties at Henry Harvin

  • Industry experts with 12+ years of experience as an expertise
  • Selection of the Trainers are thoroughly done by the training teams and are recognized by the various organizations for their work over the years.
  • Trainers from Henry Harvin are been for almost 120+ keynote classes for English Speaking Course
  • Almost 250+ lectures and few are currently in a list of domain experts 

Benefits of Gold Membership

  • 1-year of Gold membership with Henry Harvin Language Academy including E-learning accessibility using recorded videos, projects, games, and Free Bootcamp Sessions for one 1-Year
  • Become the Alumni of the prestigious Henry Harvin and be one of the reputed 3,00,000+ Alumni across the globe
  • Internship program with the partners of Henry Harvin and from Henry Harvin too.
  • Weekly 10+ job offers is available
  • Industry-level projects are also a part of the training


Learning from the course

  • Up-skill your fluency and gain confidence by speaking flawless English in a short span
  • Ability to attain the international level English Language exams
  • Become comfortable in communicating ideas, concepts, and topics and understand them with ease
  • You can gel easily with the local and non-local communities as one of them
  • Become proficient in English speaking with Advanced English grammar and express yourself among your peers and native speakers
  • Confidence in speaking can help you debut on the trending topics on public platforms.


Henry Harvins’ recognitions 

  • Top Corporate Training Award winner and the Game-Based Learning Company of the Under 40 Business World Award
  •  Member of the Project Management Institute (PMI) and ISO 29990:2010 accredited Affiliated with the American Association of EFL 
  • Reviews: 200+ YouTube Testimonials with 4.5+ Ratings and 1400+ Google Reviews Rated on GoOverseas, Trustpilot, GoAbroad, and other sites

2. Udemy

Udemy provides an English language course online, ideally designed for the students at a pre-intermediate to intermediate level of English (A2-B1). Here the focus is to improve your  English speaking, listening, Vocabulary, Grammar as well as Pronunciation skills. The curriculum includes Assignments and Online Activities on a Free Companion Website.

The course curriculum also includes – step-by-step Teaching methods, online activities, PDF worksheets to download and practice, assignments, course lesson videos along with the subtitles, and access to the Course Facebook group to upload any videos of your needs.


Takeaways from Udemy 

  • Confidently and effortlessly converse in English on a variety of common themes.
  • Improve your English language abilities by learning to speak the language like a native.
  • Learn countless new words and phrases to expand your vocabulary in English.
  • Improve your comprehension of English by listening to a native speaker
  • With the help of online exercises and your vocabulary booklet, improve your English vocabulary.

3. British Council

The English speaking course at British Council includes an English language course online to meet the goals and personal learning needs of the students. The institute majorly concentrates on 

  • Online classes from expertise in English – Learn English in real-time online lessons with people from all over the world. An experienced British Council teacher will lead each class and provide you with personalized comments and direction. You can pick the classes as per your schedule.
  • Interactive activities – Interactive lessons for improving your abilities are provided where you can take part in thousands of goal-specific guided online lessons and activities. Improve your speaking, listening, reading, and writing abilities by exploring a variety of topics. Instantly, receive feedback on your outcomes.
  • British Council Certification – When you successfully finish each course, you will receive a British Council certificate. There are various levels of courses available. You can demonstrate your accomplishments to your peers and native speakers.

4. Fastinfoclass

You can reinvent and recreate your English-speaking personality , by using the FastInfo Class learning platform and spoken English abilities. The English Language course online has highly qualified instructors to not only assist the students in enhancing their reading, writing, listening, and English speaking abilities, but also in boosting their self-esteem.


The course benefits from Fastinfoclass 

  • Excel in your career by speaking fluent English
  • Know about the simple and practical techniques to speak English
  • Practice the assignments assigned to practice English well
  • Learn to speak and write decisive English to fix common English errors
  • Learn to speak English fluently to fix any pronunciation mistakes
  • Impress your colleagues and peers with your communication skills
  • Exchange your ideas and plans with your boss, clients, interviewers, or colleagues to improve your articulation skills
  • Enhance Your Listening Skills to Understand Others

5. Empower English Academy

The trainers at Empower English Academy have highly skilled professionals with at least four years of business experience in English language course online; they are not just the alumni of any school or college. Empower considers communication to be an art. Not only is how we talk essential but so is what we say. Empower places more value on the difference it makes in people’s lives than on how much money it produces. According to Empower, serving the Indian nation is a matter of pride.


The course contains 

  • Personal Development courses – To acquire the ability for efficient communication, enhance your personality, communication skills, and public speaking
  • Basic English Speaking – Basics of English like reading, writing, understanding, and speaking 
  • Advance English Speaking – Develop your presentation and English language skills. Become Commanding and Powerful in Your English Communication
  • Train the trainers’ program – Training to the trainers are also the part of the institutes, to keep the frequent track of their teaching and their ability to engage the students
  • Voice and accent training – During interviews, the interviewer emphasizes the voice and accent of the candidate. So, test of the voice and accent of each candidate is usual routine before attending any job interviews.
  • Corporate English training – Offers Corporate English training for professionals.

6. Coursera – Advanced Academic Speaking and Listening Specialization

This specialization in Coursera includes the listening and speaking abilities that non-native English speakers require to succeed in English-language colleges and universities. Anyone interested in honing their listening comprehension abilities as well as native English-speaking students who want to improve their chances of succeeding in university courses will both gain from this course. You can develop better note-taking and listening skills while you attend class lectures. Additionally, you can refine your public speaking abilities for usual activities like class discussions and presentations. You will capable to produce a video presentation for the capstone on an academic subject through the English language online course provided here.

7. FluentU

FluentU is a website and app that teaches English using brief online videos including news segments, movie trailers, and music videos.

Each video in the series has interactive subtitles that allow you to click on any unknown word to enter a video dictionary where you may view the term’s explanation, example sentences, a pronunciation guide, and a list of other movies that feature the word.

Since you’re listening to native speakers speak English in everyday contexts, this learning strategy can be extremely beneficial for improving your speaking abilities. Additionally, it should help you become habituate to the speed at which native English speakers speak as well as how to implement the phrases in different contexts.

Each video includes a customized review quiz that changes based on what you’ve already studied to suit your needs. Moreover, the speech recognition feature of the FluentU app for iOS and Android

8. London School Online

Effective online training just for you. Personalized instruction to intend just for the students with the Zoom sessions to allow students to learn from any location at a time that works for students with our staff of knowledgeable teachers. This English language online course is based on the specific needs and goals of the individuals. Lessons are put on every day and as per your suitable timings you can enroll (including weekend and evening classes). 

The course includes – General English, Business English, Professional English, Legal English, Exam preparations(like IELTS), and University preparations. You can reach out to the English trainers to talk about your needs and goals to check your level of confidence in English speaking.

9. Oxford Online English

It is a premium-quality English class method to suit your needs. The English language online course includes – 

  • Spoken English – To improve enhance your confidence and fluency 
  • Business English – Learn to speak professional English 
  • IELTS preparation – Helps to secure the best score in the IELTS
  • English writing – Clear and accurate writing sessions
  • English Grammar – Learn to make English sentences correctly using English grammar
  • English Pronunciation – Learn to speak English naturally and clearly

10. Alison: Speaking And Writing English Effectively

Alison is a free online conversational English language online course to teach people the basics of vocabulary required to speak. The course designed to learn the best conversational techniques of the process to be a major part of the English language online course. 

Students will learn how to use language effectively, how to prepare for exams, and how to approach a text well. You will learn crucial communication skills, including tips on how to use the right tone and voice during presentations or when addressing a large audience. 

It is a brief introductory course of 2-3 hours and free and even provides certification that can add value to your CV.

11. Stanford English Academy

Stanford English Academy has an English-speaking course for adults and young learners. They provide offline and online classes. Whether you are a working professional, a homemaker, a college or university student, an intern, etc. To fulfill your needs, they offer a variety of courses. They cover 3 main areas like pronunciation and speech correction, communication, and speaking skills. Including basic grammar and vocabulary needed for everyday conversation.

12. Future Learn

A team briefing will take place at the start of the session of the English language course online so that you can learn more about how they can support your success in the IELTS speaking test. Here, they will consider the best ways to respond to several sample questions from section 1 of the exam. Best tactics for increasing the fluency and coherence of your responses and helping you become more confident.

In the second section of the exam, you will have the opportunity to excel and provide a compelling talk. The faculty will speak about the qualities of strong speaking skills. So, the evaluation is based on the band descriptors to see the needs you did to impress regardless of English grammar and pronunciation.

Finally, the third session of the speaking test is to get better practice for the interview.


Hence concluding, We can say that speaking in English can help us connect with others, have an impact on decisions, and inspire change thanks to it. Without the capacity to communicate effectively, advancement in the workplace and life would be difficult. An important and despised kind of communication is public speaking. English has always had a wide range of speakers. The language is now the most widely spoke as the second language on the planet. As a tool for several daily activities, people are using English.


Q.1 Shall I take an English language course online?

Ans. Of course! You can find many institutions across the internet providing English language course online.

Q.2 Is learning an English language course online effective?

Ans. Nowadays, everyone is opting for online courses. So, you can learn an English language course online.

Q.3 Is English speaking important in the IT profession?

Ans. Yes, it is important in IT to know English speaking. As you need to deal with clients across the world.

Q.4 Are there any eligibility criteria for enrolling in an English language course online?

Ans. There are no criteria as such. English language course online is open to everyone including business professionals, homemakers, school/college students, etc.

Q.5 Is learning the English language difficult?

Ans. No, it might appear difficult at first but once you get fundamental knowledge about the basics, you will get into it easily.

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