Cyber Security Salary in India

Anything and everything that is personal, private, and precious needs to be protected from every kind of negative element. Also, crime is something that is antisocial. For that, we safeguard our society at different levels as well as in different ways. But as we go cyber, crime and safeguard systems also go cyber. Not only that, cyber security systems have created a new era of job opportunities. So, just have a detailed account of the cyber security salary in India and be a part of the smart occupation.


Just like digitalization is the new facet of human intelligence, digital or cyber crime is also the new facet of negative intelligence. In the same tone, as we have physical security systems, it’s the increasing demand of the cyber world to have cyber security systems. So obviously, jobs in this field must be offering handsome salaries! 

Oh! Now, here came your point of interest!! Handsome salaries, as well as modern-era jobs, will last for a long! Definitely!! In fact, it’s the need of the hour.

Therefore, instead of giving you just the cyber security salary, if I give you all-embracing information; it will be a perk for you! Isn’t it? Especially for the freshers… So, without a delay, let’s start. The first thing first is,

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber security refers to protecting the systems, networks, programs devices, and data from cyber-attacks by using technology, processes, and controls.

Furthermore, the term cyber security can be categorized into five categories depending on which context it is applied. Let’s quickly go through it.

Types of Cyber Security:

1. Network Security:

It secures the operating systems and network designs. This in turn involves servers and hosts, firewalls and wireless access as well as network protocols.

2. Critical infrastructure Cyber Security:

This involves protecting SCADA; that is, Supervisory Control and Data acquisition systems because they are continued with the older software and are generally not replaced or upgraded with better, more secured ones.

3. Cloud Security:

It includes protecting data, applications, and infrastructures in the cloud.

4. Application Security:

This involves susceptibility occurring due to insecure development processes in the design, coding and publishing of software and website.

5. Io T (Internet of Things) Security:

This addresses the protection of smart devices and networks connected to Io T. For example; smart fire alarms, lights, thermostats, and other smart appliances.

Types of Cyber Menaces:

Unless and until one doesn’t know about the dangers, he can’t protect. So, let’s have a quick glance over the cyber threats.

1) First is Malware; which refers to malicious software. This includes viruses, 

    Trojans, Spyware, Ransomware, Adware, and Botnets.

2) Next one is Backdoors which allow accessing remotely.

3) Cryptojacking is the next one. This inserts banned cryptocurrency mining        


4) Another is Formjacking. This installs malicious code into online forms.

5) DNS (Domain Name System) poisoning Attacks are nothing but affecting 

    DNS so as to redirect the traffic to the malicious site. 

6) DDo S ( Distributed Denial-of-Service) Attacks reverse of the above. They 

     flux the servers, networks, and systems to hamper them offline.

Cyber Knowledge and Skill Difference:

Despite the extensively talented home flux, the cyber industry in India is experiencing a huge gap between the constructive and protective aspects. And therefore, there are extensive requirements for cyber security professionals. Automatically, when there is less supply and high demand; it raises the market value. So do the cyber security salaries. 

So, without holding your enthusiasm anymore, let’s understand the category-wise cyber security salaries.

Experience-wise Cyber Security Salaries:

A fresh cyber security engineer can receive an average of around Rs. 253,702 per annum inclusive of all the tips, bonuses, and incentives, as well as overtime pay.

Next to the fresher is a cyber security engineer with 1-4 years of experience. In the early stages of the carer-building years. The pay is an average of around Rs. 307,034 annually.

As the experience grows up, so do the cyber security salaries; higher to moderately experienced and highest to well experienced cyber security engineers.

Location-wise Cyber Security Salaries:

Cyber security varies salary varies with the location. Internationally it makes a lot of differences because of the demand and policies of the foreign countries. In India, it does not make sense to differ much more. These are coming up the next in the position-wise category.

Position-wise Cyber Security salaries:

Similarly, depending on which position you are working in an organization, the job description and hence the cyber security salaries also vary. Let’s learn about the position-wise salaries with job responsibilities in detail.

1. Network Security Engineer.

The primary role of the network security engineer is to detect malware, malicious bugs, and hack whacks. He is the main person responsible for safeguarding the company’s network security. He also continuously keeps checks on suspicious acts. Additionally, he also configures strongly to avoid future possible It threats.

Overall Job Description of Network Security Engineer.

  • Design and build firewalls and hack detecting tacks to promise security and data privacy.
  • Maintenance of security hardware as well as software.
  • Planning and supervising the network system as a whole.
  • Decide and interpret the privacy policies.
  • Furthermore, ensuring security by installing security infrastructure devices and protecting VPC, web protocols, and e-mails.
  • Similarly, to carry out security and forensic procedures to detect malicious acts.

Salary of Network Security Engineer.

The cyber security salary for a network security engineer is around Rs. 513,169 PA

But, it varies with the cities. You will find different cyber security salary for this position in different cities.

Location-wise Salaries for Cyber Security Engineer.

The cyber security salary for a cyber security engineer in different cities of India are as follows: 

            City           Annual Salary
Chennai₹595,862 p.a
Mumbai₹682,989 p.a
Pune₹864,704 p.a
Bengaluru₹878,338 p.a
Hyderabad₹960,887 p.a

2. Cyber Security Analyst.

A cyber security analyst analyses vulnerable hot spots for cyber threats. They actually penetrate into the organizational network to detect these hot spots. These hot spots are nothing but the loci where one can hack the system or the network.

Job Profile and responsibilities of a Cyber Security Analyst.

  • Firstly, to assess and estimate intimidating patterns and security breaches. 
  • Secondly, to detect loopholes in existing firewalls and codings.
  • Thirdly, supervise all unauthentic, unusual, or illegal acts.
  • Next is, to remain constantly updated with the day-to-day changing latest threats and find out the ways to manage them.
  • Lastly, to assure the troubleshoots as well as to plan them in the process of security breaching.

Salary of Cyber Security Analyst in India: 

A cyber security analyst receives handsome pay depending upon his experience. An average salary is about Rs. 539,675 PA.

Location-wise Salaries of a Cyber Security Analyst:

For this position also the cyber security salary varies from city to city in India.

            City           Annual Salary
Chennai₹575,849 p.a
Mumbai₹460,000 p.a
Pune₹732,425 p.a
Bengaluru₹632,265 p.a
Hyderabad₹450,000 p.a

3. Cyber Security Architect.

As the name suggests, a cyber security architect designs the organizational network system. He has to architect it in such a way to resist and deny the invasion. So, he has to also keep supervising and maintaining organizational software and hardware accordingly. Moreover, he must know or has to be in the shoes of the hackers to think out the tricks to invade.

Job Responsibilities and role of Cyber Security Architect.

  • Firstly, to research, plan and design the organizational security system blueprints.
  • Secondly, to define and describe security policies and secured SOPs (standard operating procedures).
  • To nail down the quality and intactness of the new software at installation, up-gradation as well as uninstallation.
  • Also, to review and manage the costs within budgets.
  • Similarly, instruct, and advise the employees about the security issues.
  • In addition to that, to carry out awareness of cyber security and integrity campaigns in the organization.

Salary of Cyber Security Architect in India: 

The average pay for a cyber security architect in India is about Rs. 2,182,678 PA.

Location-wise Salaries of a Cyber Security Architect:

In different cities of India, the cyber security salary for a security analyst is different.

            City           Annual Salary
Chennai₹1,900,000 p.a
Pune₹2,137,764 p.a
Bengaluru₹2,182,678 p.a
Hyderabad₹1,600,000 p.a

4. Cyber Security Manager.

Here also as the name suggests, a cyber security manager undergoes disaster management for probable cyber attacks. He provides effective solutions and reports to the management as well as to the concerned employees.

Overall Job Description of Cyber Security Manager:

  • First of all is, to make plans and follow them during high-level security issues.
  • Secondly, to oversee the employees involved in administering and implementing the security actions.
  • Ternarily, to recruit new employees in the cyber security team.
  • The next order is to figure out the security budget for the organization.
  • In addition to that, he has to assess and structure upcoming software tools and techniques.
  • Overall. He must be an expert in cyber attacks, defense, response, and restoration.

Salary of Cyber Security Manager in India: 

The mediocre salary for security managers in India is about Rs. 870,667 PA.

Location-wise Salaries of a Cyber Security Manager:

Cyber security salary of a security manager differs according to the city.

            City           Annual Salary
Chennai₹771,504 p.a
Mumbai₹910,173 p.a
Pune₹902,500 p.a
Bengaluru₹1,662,424 p.a
Hyderabad₹893,000 p.a

5. Chief Information Security Officer.

CISO or also known as CSO; that is, Chief Security Officer. He is a C-level management executive. He is responsible for up-to-date technical jobs done and maintains the record of the entire information of concerned cyber security staff. His detailed job responsibilities are as follows.

Overall Job Description of CISO:

  • First and foremost is to detect, design, implement and maintain security operations all over the organization.
  • Next is to prevent hacking, data loss, and illegal exploitation of the system.
  • Has an important role in security architecture.
  • Designing, maintaining, and managing security programs.
  • Additionally, to investigate and carry out the forensic procedures if an invasion occurs.

Salary of CISO: 

The cyber security salary of a CISO is approximately around Rs. 23 LPA.

6. Ethical Hacker.

Surprised? But to find the thief we have to think and act like a thief!! Yes, these are the officially authorized hackers appointed by any organization. They officially try to hack the system to find the vulnerabilities. They are actually IT professionals certified as Ethical Hackers by the International Council of E-Commerce Consultants. 

Roles and Responsibilities of an Ethical Hacker:

  • Firstly, to hack the system authentically to detect the loopholes and weak points in the security system.
  • Thereby, helping organizations safeguard their systems and businesses from malicious hackers.
  • For the same, to invade the computer systems and networks; to pinpoint the issue and solve it as early as possible to avoid losses.
  • Interestingly, to execute reverse engineering, procedural analysis, malware analysis, application analysis, and rectify the things.

Pay of an Ethical Hacker:

The cyber security salary of an ethical hacker in India ranges from 5 to 6 lacs.

7. Cyber Security Administrator.

There‘s all in the name! A Security Administrator administers overall the whole organization-wide security system. In small organizations, he also has to perform the role of security analyst. Let’s have the look over the job profile.

Overall Job Description of Security Administrator:

  • Firstly, to safeguard the systems against malicious attacks.
  • Then, to supervise regular activities.
  • Also, to design, set up, and support safety tools.
  • Similarly, to apply safety policies and thereby protection of organizational data.
  • In addition to that, defining, describing as well as upgrading emergency protocols.

Salary of Security Administrator:

The approximate cyber security salary of a security administrator ranges between 5 to 6 lacs.

8. Cryptographer.

A cryptographer is basically a researcher who defines and describes the strong programs to protect data and to design strong, secured software.

Job Description of a Cryptographer:

  • Firstly, to locate breaching points in the cryptography systems.
  • Next is to carry out and analyze cryptographic theories practically.
  •  Also, to provide strong cryptographic solutions to the organization.
  • Additionally, to track and update modern advancements in encryption technology and its training.
  • To upgrade and enhance IT security time-to-time.

Salary of a Cryptographer:

The cyber security salary of a cryptographer hovers between 5 to 6 lacs.

9. Cyber Security Consultant.

A Cyber Security Consults about the protection of computers, systems, networks, software, and data against every kind of virus, bug, malware, spyware, exploitation, denial-to-service attacks, etc. He is responsible for all these, too. Let’s discuss his responsibilities.

Job Responsibilities of a Security Consultant:

  • Firstly, to analyze and identify the probable security threats.
  • Developing, implementing, and maintaining security protocols in such a way as to case all the probable security threats.
  • Another one is to synchronize with the security team and expertise with proper task assignments.
  • Additionally, meetings, and discussions with the clients about security measures.
  • Also, to perform risk assessment analyses.
  • Furthermore, interpretation of the test reports and improvement suggestions and solutions.

Salary of a Security Consultant:

The average cyber security salary of a security consultant is near around Rs. 7 lacs.

10. Security Software Developer.

He is basically a software developer. But, in contrast with other software developers, he has to design and develop security software. In other words, this means, he must have knowledge about software development as well as about all kinds of security threats. This further means, that he has to develop security software for the whole organizational system keeping the threats in mind so as to protect, defend and avoid the attacks. Let’s see the job responsibilities.

Job Profile of a Security Software Developer:

  • To apply, check, and operate the latest security software and related techniques.
  • To carry out periodic security testing to ensure the flawless running of the security software.
  • Reviewing the code at regular intervals to ensure and enhance security.
  • Troubleshoot the problems related to security issues.

Salary of a Security Software Developer:

The cyber security salary for a security software developer is approximately around  Rs. 5,573,120.

Cyber Security Salaries in Other Countries.

The cyber security salaries are different worldwide in different countries. This totally depends upon the policies of that particular country. The most famous countries which have their silicon valleys are the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and UAE. So obviously, these are the hotspots for the demand for cyber security professionals. 

On an experience basis, the cyber security salaries for network security engineer ranges from 6000-7000$ to 10000-15000$ monthly.

Companies Who appoint Cyber Security Professionals.

Here, as we are talking about India; I am giving you the top companies in India that hire cyber security officers.

  • Tata Communication
  • Microsoft
  • Capgemini Engineering
  • ACT Fibrenet
  • Salesforce
  • Accenture
  • Thomson Routers
  • Deloitte

Need and Scope of Cyber Security Training:

In the limelight of Digital India and Demonetization, everything is going coded. This is to achieve ease, safety, transparency and to go global. But the other way round is that it can also become a dog’s breakfast in the form of cyber threats if not protected well.

Furthermore, many companies are also preparing for GDPR(General Data Pratecying Rules).

So, it’s not a secret anymore now, that these attacks can cause million-dollar damage nationally as well as internationally. And, the hanging sword of cyber war is always there, globally. 

These needs are self-provoking the scope of cyber security. The job market is going to be tremendous in every sector and the sky will be the limit for the achievements.

Henry Harvin

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As we are transforming into the digital era, it’s compelling as well as crucial to have not only strong, unbreachable, defensive but also self-recoverable cyber security systems. To develop and maintain those, cyber security professionals are in high demand. I have covered up the positions, job roles, and most importantly the cyber security salary; position-wise, experiencewise, and location-wise. 

Moreover, beyond the salary, skill, and success, cyber security jobs will be a modern age noble profession with all these privileges! The reason is, that whatever the cyber security professional does, will be always for the benefit of society; directly or indirectly. 

So, set your foot in the coding world; enjoy high salaries still be noble and get the chance to serve society this way…!

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1. I am not a computer degree holder. Can I enter this field?

Ans. To be in this field needs basic knowledge of coding and programming languages. So accordingly, related degree holders with such knowledge can enter with some limitations. Bus as such only computer degree in academics is not that much essential always. 

2. Are Cyber Security Jobs highly paying?

Ans. Yes! They are!! But it also depends on the company, country as well as experience level. But sometimes, a newcomer can get high pay if he is able to solve a really critical issue.

3. Are cyber security jobs paying high in India?

Ans. Yes! It depends on locations in India, experience, and also, the issue faced.

4. Is the cyber security profession a better option in India?

Ans. Yes, Of Course! In a growing country like India, where everything started to go digital, with a large population, diversity in all sectors of life, maintaining peace and democratic ethics; it, in fact, will flourish.

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