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Copywriting Courses in India: Are you a wizard of words and a passionate writer? Are you at the crossroads thinking to fan this passion into a profession? Doesn’t the thing sound something like copywriting and copywriting courses? Yes, your keen and sharp waves of wit can add a perfect dimension to your personality to become a copywriter.

In this article I’m presenting the top 10 Copywriting Courses in India and a complete guide you need to know about copywriting, and copywriters.

But firstly…

What is Copywriting?

Many aspirers think that a professional degree or fluency in English will make good copywriters. Perhaps, inborn writing skills play a vibrant role in fashioning a copywriter.

If you are a talented wordsmith, you can be a goldsmith in the domain of copywriting.

Copywriting is branding a business or a product in a luring way that convinces a customer to purchase and own the product.

Thankfully, there’s a whole hog of online copywriting courses in India to help you learn the savvy tools of the trade, the ABCs of a copywriting business, and subsequently, design an eloquent copywriter portfolio.


Get started and make these institutes your launchpad to spread your horizons and fly high. 


Why Henry Harvin?

Henry Harvin is the leading international EDTECH institute. Firstly, the institute ranks Top 500 among the Global Edtech organizations and Top 100 in India, with 3,00,000+ Alumni.

Secondly, it comprises 500+ expert trainers and offers 200+ Courses. Students from 97+ nations get trained here. Henry Harvin is an ISO 29990:2010 certified company affiliated with the American Association of EFL, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, MSME, UKAF, UKCert, and Project Management Institute (PMI).

The Copywriting course at Henry Harvin offers 16 hours of instructor-led live online classes to help you discover your potential writing skills and hone them. However, this course module, designed by copywriting experts, helps you master the tools of marketing and other areas. Live projects & case studies provide an improved understanding of the subject.

Course Focal points

Reiterated, the Copywriting Course encompasses Seven Modules with updated study material.

  • Module 1: The candidate learns how to conduct research and the knowledge regarding Competition analysis and Industry Trends.
  • Module 2: Makes the candidate learn all about Copywriting, the attributes, and secrets of a good Copywriter, differentiate between good writing and good copywriting, and about master copywriters.
  • Module 3: Equips the learner with tips to write well, which includes knowing the audience, clarity and simplicity in writing, and creating boredom-free copies.
  • Module 4: Enlightens the learner about the Objectives of Social Media are inform, teach, inspire, entertain, persuade, start a conversation, arouse a controversy, express an opinion, and share knowledge.
  • Module 5: Charms the learner to pursue writing into a profession by starting with writing, finding the content that sells, understanding your niche, and finally, writing for the internet.
  • Module 6: Teaches all about writing efficient copies by understanding best practices of copywriting.
  • Module 7: Finally, the candidate learns about Performance copy, which includes analyzing the inscribes and improving them as per the analysis.

Along with these seven modules, the candidate also gets two additional complementary modules of Soft skills development and Resume writing.

Duration & Cost:

The course provided is 16 hours of Two-way Live Online Interactive Classroom Training. The total program fee is Rs 9,550. You also can avail of the No cost EMI option for payment starting at Rs 1056/month.


  • Trainers with 15+ years of experience in the industry with global certification
  • Facility to attend multiple sessions with multiple mentors.
  • I Year Gold Membership Program
  • Entail complete access to recorded videos, games, projects, and case studies
  • 12 Free Brush-up Sessions conducted once a month
  • 100% Internship Opportunities at Henry Harvin or affiliate firms
  • Job Assistance via regular email notifications and job opening alerts
  • Get Alumni Status by joining the 18,000+ distinguished Alumni Network Worldwide and becoming a part of the Elite Writing Academy of Henry Harvin.

Henry Harvin Copywriting Course is provided:

Bangalore, Chennai, Ernakulam, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai,  

Other Henry Harvin Courses include:


The Institute of Marketing Communications India (IMCI) is a registered Government of India (Reference No. 3282153) institute. The idea behind establishing this institute is to escalate the brand value by making the aspirers identify and appreciate the ways to escalate the worth of the brand they enhance.

 IMCI courses vary in their attributes and approaches. Training courses at IMCI involve Advertising, Digital Marketing & Advertising, and Journalism. 

The mentors are experts in their respective fields. IMCI satisfies all the criteria of the IT and the Media Industry. Its programs are pioneered based on the current market scenario.

At IMCI, there is just one aim: to create a legion of creative and innovative minds who can deliver the responsibility of carrying the society from a state of oblivion to a state of information and acknowledgements.

Course Focal Points

  • The institute offers Postgraduate Diploma Courses and Executive Diploma courses in the arena of Advertising and public relations, Digital Media, Digital journalism, Applied journalism, Media management, etc.
  • Copywriting course falls under the vicinage of creative communication.
  • This discipline has two sections- the primary and the secondary ones.
  • The primary jobs are mainly related to copywriting and creative writing.
  • The program includes theory as well as practical pieces. The course contains Fourteen modules and covers all the topics that helps the participant understand the basics. 
  • Minimum Eligibility Criterion is not less than graduation and welcomes candidates with higher than graduation.
  • The course involves internal assessments, examinations, Interactive sessions, and case studies.

Duration & Cost:

The course duration is one year. It includes all sessions along with the internal assessments and practical sessions. For fee particulars, visit the website. The fee payments can be made by Direct Bank Transfer (NEFT/IMPS) or by cheques and credit cards.


IMCI prides itself on providing quality education.

  • All modules are Live interactive lectures 
  • Experienced and expertise trainers
  • Scholarly curriculum formed after hours of strategic sessions
  • Prioritized observatory sessions, interactive sessions, and practical experience
  • Conducts final examinations, and whoever passes will be awarded a Post Graduate Diploma in Creative Communication.
  • 100% job placements in industrial and corporate sectors.


Universal Computer Art, established in Noida in 1992, is a Renowned Digital Marketing Training Institute providing digital training to students. The institute is a recognized brand at the state and national level with a bag of advanced training facilities and qualified, experienced, and expert industry trainers.

Course Focal Points    

  • The institute offers a curriculum developed by an expert committee based on the skills sought by the employers.
  • Uses unique teaching methodologies to impart learning like video, code challenges, and interactive quizzes.
  • In general, training under the guidance of a specialized copywriter trainer offers insightful feedback and provides answers to all quires.
  • Aids to develop efficient writing skills as well as distinctive writing styles. 
  • Provides vibrant classrooms and interactive sessions to begin the journey as a writer. 
  • In short, training covers all aspects of Copywriting for an all round performance.

Duration and Cost:

The course duration is four months (three months of training and one month of project). Conducts 2 hours classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Weekend classes will be on Saturday and Sunday for 3 hours. Lastly, Course fee details are available on the institute’s website.


  • Quality training and Certification
  • Best, qualified, and experienced faculty 
  • Learn from a Google-affiliated certification program designed.
  • Entertaining a Fun-Engaged Learning Experience
  • Hands-on exercises and assessments. 
  • Project-oriented curriculum to gain a quality portfolio at the end of the course.
  • Flexible batch timings. 
  • Placement assistance. 


IIDE is the trusted digital marketing training & certification provider in Asia. It helps learners renovate, reconstruct and remodel their careers and be confident to face the future. Particularly, offers customized programs to suit the requirements of learners in a fun learning culture.

Since its inception in 2016, the institute has a 5,00,000+ Learners Community, 100+College Partnerships, 250+Expert Trainers working, and an 87% Placement Rate to its credit.

Course Focal Points

  • Offers Online Copywriting Course with Certification and is a Short-time Certification program.
  • Self-paced Video Lectures + Live Online Session
  • Overall, the course syllabus consists of Basics of Copywriting, Communication in the Digital World, Copywriting and Content Writing, etc.

Duration & Cost:

In brief, the total duration of the course is 06 Hours (3+ Hours of Live Class and 3+ Hours of Video Lectures). IIDE facilitates 1-on-1 teaching sessions, and free access to lectures for 30 days. Cost is ₹3813 + Taxes.


  • Attend lectures via any Device
  • Access to Video Lectures for 30 days
  • Practice Tests
  • Dedicated Q&A Support & Help
  • Introduction to tools like Grammarly, Hemmingway, Google Keyword planner, Ubersuggest, etc
  • Industry Recognized Certification from IIDE
  • Finally, Provides placement at Top agencies and brands like Amazon, Forbes, and Zomato.


With its headquarters in the USA, the Miami Ad School of Ideas got established in 1993. The institute dedicates itself to advancing innovative education and prepares students to exist and thrive in this competitive world. Besides, the institute provides realistic training with hands-on experiences in leading industries, brands, and state-of-the-art organizations worldwide. 

Finally, the students graduate with a top-notch portfolio filled with professional-grade projects, a phone full of real-world contacts, and the skills to succeed in tomorrow’s creative industry.

Course Focal Points

  • Offers The Copywriting Portfolio Program to boost your copywriting career
  • Classes are either online or in-person.
  • Allows working with an Art Director to master the art of creativity with words and phrases and inventing new concepts.
  • Besides, teaches to create websites, billboards, Ads, etc.
  • Provides Real-world copywriting classes and internships 
  • Undoubtedly, the curriculum offers ideas first, video storytelling, Wordsmithing, Script writing, social media, content creation, etc.

Duration and Cost: 

The course duration is 24 months. The Fee is Rs.16,00,000. Visit the website for more details. Besides, Miami provides financial aid and scholarships to its learners.


  • Hands-On Experience Around The World
  • Learn from Industry Insiders with updated skills and best practices
  • Additionally, learn creative problem-solving techniques.


Kraftshala was founded by Varun Satia and Eshu Sharma in 2016. The institute offers an online program in marketing to B school students. Furthermore, the institute trains students in Brand Building, Digital Brand Building, and Sales Leadership courses (The course period is 8-11 weeks each). 

In late 2020, they launched a program called The Marketing Launchpad for entry-level roles. Accordingly, they train the learners in Content & Social Media Copywriting Specialization. 

Course Focal Points

  • Kraftshala selects, trains, and invests in graduates with efficient prospects to start their marketing careers.
  • The Marketing Launchpad trains candidates to perform proficiently from Day 1.
  • Firstly, scrutinizes a student for academic and analytical potential, interpersonal skills, marketing insights, and overall ability to grasp and learn.
  • There are four steps to getting enrolled with Kraftshala.
  • Step 1: Apply to Kraftshala and book a slot for the Screening Test. 
  • Step 2: Appear for the Screening Test as it evaluates academic and analytical potentials and overall ability to grasp and learn. 
  • Step 3: If selected, need to submit additional details along with an SOP (Statement of Purpose) for joining the program. Then makes final selections.
  • Step 4: Finally, the student gets enrolled and offered to join a specialization.

Duration & Cost:

The course is a 20-week full-time (10 am-8 pm) training program, including an eight-week internship. The students pay the fees only when they get a job with min. 4.5 L CTC because it offers a pay-after-placement course.


  • Trained by top experts 
  • Personalized coaching in smaller groups
  • Performance driven 
  • 100% placement in top hiring companies
  • Get covered with tools like Google Analytics, Youtube analytics, Instagram insights, Google keyword planner
  • Enjoy Alumni status.


Skillshare is an online learning community offering thousands of classes for people who want to redefine themselves by refining their creative skill set. Above all, the institute inspires, explores the creativity in people, and helps them to express, learn, and apply their skills in relevant fields.

Coupled with, it allows members to make discoveries, share expertise, make an impact, earn money, and live a complete life.

Course Focal Points

  • Skillshare classes not only help you to learn about a wide variety of topics about copywriting, but also the techniques to develop quality content.
  • Explains with questions like how to become a copywriter and what does a copywriter do? 
  • With this intention, it enables beginners to make a career choice and experienced writers to hone new skills to take their writing to the next level. 
  • Copywriting experts provide online tutorials. 
  • At Skillshare, every online class gets divided into short, handy lessons encompassing hands-on projects.

Duration & Cost:

Skillshare offers a free trial to access numerous online classes that best suit you. You can become a Skillshare member by joining the premium membership. It provides scholarships to anyone who meets the eligibility requirements.


  • Hand-picked and successive classes to reach the learning goals
  • Curated classes help to deepen the skills
  • Choose from innumerable courses ranging from beginner to advanced levels
  • Learning from an expert in copywriting is simple split classes.


Coursera is a premium global online learning platform and one of the outstanding Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). Partnering with 200+ leading companies and universities, Coursera offers a wide range of life-changing learning opportunities. 

Founded by Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng in 2012, Coursera offers flexible and affordable courses to learners from all corners of the world, intending to reduce inequalities in world-class education. 82 million learners, 100+ Fortune 500 companies, and more than 6,000 campuses, businesses, and governments make the family of Coursera.

Course Focal Points:

  • UC Davis University of California offers copywriting course for Coursera under The Strategy of Content Marketing Course.
  • Imbibes the core strategies used by content marketers to gain and retain customers successfully. 
  • Specifically trains to write compelling copies using a strategic framework and develops a professional brand to penetrate the vicinity of copywriting industry.
  • An expertly crafted syllabus enables beginners to learn strategic content marketing and copywriting.
  • Owing to, the course is spanned over five weeks and gives orientation on The Content Marketing Ecosystem, The Strategic Context (The 7A Framework), Crafting a Content Marketing Strategy, The Strategic Types of Content, and managing the content.

Duration & Cost:

The course expands over 5 weeks and 20 hours to complete. To get certified the learner should attend 38 videos, 19 readings, and 7 practice exercises.


  • Flexibility to reset the deadlines according to your convenience
  • On completion, earn a certificate shareable on your social media platforms.
  • The entire course is 100% online, so jumpstart instantly.
  • Intermediate level of learning
  • Videos are in English with luxurious subtitles in Arabic, French, Serbian, Italian, Portuguese (European), Vietnamese, Spanish, German, and Russian. 
  • Free enrolling with financial support.


Omnivore Academy has had the credit of sculpting copywriters for over 25 years. The institute makes you learn creativity, work with ideas, and learn to communicate more powerfully and persuasively. Simply put, the institute facilitates you to master what is needed, at the correct time, at an affordable cost from well-experienced course creative directors.

With this in mind, Omnivore course strives to fill the skill gaps by incorporating the qualities desired by the employers to change the industry.

In a nutshell, Copywriting course imbibes distinctive qualities like strategic thinking, communication styles, creative problem-solving, leadership aptitudes, analytical thinking, adaptability, global mindset, etc.

Course Focal Points:

  • The curriculum turns the learner into a copywriter in 3 months.
  • Carves all actions that take you to your goal of becoming a copywriter
  • Turns all actions into practice using real-world activities, practical exercises, assignments, and assessments
  • The syllabus covers an overview of the advertising industry, understanding and writing creative briefs, crafting persuasive and effective body copy, etc.
  • Lessons and Assignments are time-bound and need regular submission to move to further sessions.
  • Most importantly, enrolling requires the learner to complete 18 years of age and pass the AdCAT test. The candidate receives AdCAT Questions by email and should submit answers within 72 hours. 

Duration & cost:

The course duration is three months. Alongside, it offers 2-month internship assistance. The course cost is Rs. 20,000, paid after enrollment which is non-refundable.


  • Get trained with experienced and well-known industry professionals.
  • Access the course over a smartphone or tablet. 
  • Get recommendations and suggestions from faculty for placement in good agencies.
  • The convenience of recommending books, periodicals, videos, and websites for reference and study.


Udemy is one of the prime institutes to offer virtual learning in 75+ languages globally. Further, the institute works with a motto to share knowledge and connect people of the world through knowledge. Nonetheless, Udemy offers a broad arena of online courses at affordable prices. 

The institute has 52M+Learners, 68K+Instructors, 196K+Courses, 712M+Courses, and the cutting-edge technology helps its learners gain unique knowledge.

Chiefly, Udemy offers Copywriting courses in three levels of difficulty – Copywriting, Copywriting Basics, and Secrets That Bring Sale crafted for beginners.

Course Focal Points:

  • Self-paced and on-demand videos
  • Syllabus is fragmented into 9 sections and 19 short lectures 
  • Offers lifetime access to study materials on multiple devices, and so convenient during traveling also
  • Provides three downloadable resources
  • On completion of the course, you receive certification.
  • Typically, the course enables to learn and understand The Concepts of Copywriting, Marketing and Copywriting, and a Few Secrets of Copywriting.

Duration & Cost:

Udemy offers a short course of about 1.5 hours, both free and paid courses. The free course provides only online video content, while paid course costs a minimum of Rs. 490, and certification is given. The in-depth course costs Rs.3399.


  • Learn to create content and how to sell words online
  • Ultimately, Master marketing skills, marketing sales
  • Imbibe industry-proven principles and techniques to convert as a Copywriter.
  • In short, get more concepts in your gunroom for your next project!

Other institutes

11. Alpha Academy

12. ECT (Education and Career Times)

Scope of Copywriting

Copywriting is an art and a science. It is the process of using impressive terms, known as copy, to influence and drive people to act, being inspired by the words used to advertise it. These inspiring words are nothing but the products of copywriting.

The roots of Copywriting have penetrated deep into every sphere. Correspondingly, copywriting is required for success and growth of a refreshment stand to a multinational company.

In truth, everything that we watch and hear in the form of a catchy headline, words that describe a product, whether online or offline copywriting is prevailing in every nook and cranny.

Examples of Copywriting

Specifically, a magazines full-page advertising a beauty product or a health service, a website prompting its reader to purchase a product, or an educational institute’s ranks and achievements are a few examples of copywriting. In deed, copywriting uses power-packed words to influence the customer decision to buy or act. 

Who is the Real Pro of Copywriting?

At the rear of every write-up is a Copywriter. Although, some are versatile writers with natural writing talents, others are trained artisans of words. The role of a copywriter is to phrase and frame words with verifiable formulas to nail the target customers and cause them to act.

The copywriters working in-house or on a contract basis are in high demand. Hence, most businesses hire them to help communicate globally and to grow enormously. They write copies to compel, counsel, and convince customers.

What does a copywriter create?

To simplify, Copywriters initially study a specific group of customers, get notified of their needs and longings, and sketch the roads to connect with them and draw a solution for their needs.

Eventually, creates attractive home pages, lurid and lively landing webpage, merchandising letters, subscription pages, thought-provoking blogs, articles, e- letters, and emails. Ads, social media posts, posters, case studies, billboards, non-profit organizations’ services, and white papers are the crafts of a copywriter. 

Mostly, they use the medium of writing for briefing the information, gaining confidence, and transforming the audience. In a word, the ultimate aim is to raise brand awareness and to make the organization stand above the crowd.

How and who can become a Copywriter?

Ably, you may be a hotshot writer, but it will not make you a professional copywriter. Obviously, Copywriting is much more than just words written. It is envisioning cozy, casual, simple crafty touches of the copy.

Furthermore, the science of copywriting uses the philosophy of language and marketing principles to improve the sale rate of products. Your dream of becoming a copywriter urges you to infuse emotion and passion into writing. Accordingly, it helps you to connect deeply with your audience.

By and large, in this complex world of copywriting, you need to know the psychological writing techniques and blend them with your natural writing skills. 


A beautiful flower bouquet is the creativity of a florist who passionately arranges flowers. Synonymously, a copywriter engrossing an engaging article, blog, or Ad, say a caption for a business genre, requires appreciable finesse. Certainly, the tag Taste the Thunder in a flash harks us back to the sizzling taste of Thumps up. In fact, that’s the magic of the Word Architect. A Copywriter’s pen encapsulates the words to tuck in our memory for a lifetime. The need for copywriting is omnipresent. All businesses require copywriters to nail their business aptly to increase traffic. Above all, crafting words skillfully influence the audience. Every morsel of copy created should bring the brand to the limelight. 


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Q.1 What is Copywriting?

Ans. Copywriting is a science and an art. Copywriting is branding a business or a product in a luring way that convinces a customer to purchase and own the product. Further, it is the process of using impressive terms, known as copy, to influence and drive people to act, being inspired by the words used to advertise it.

Q.2 What qualification do I need to become a Copywriter?

Ans. Many aspirers think that a professional degree or fluency in English will make good copywriters. But anyone can become a Copywriter. Perhaps, inborn writing skills and language fluency play a vibrant role in fashioning a copywriter. If you are a talented wordsmith, you can be a goldsmith in the domain of copywriting.

Q.3 What is the scope of Copywriting?

Ans. The roots of Copywriting have penetrated deep into every sphere. Copywriting is required for success and growth of a refreshment stand to a multinational company. Everything that we watch and hear in the form of a catchy headline, words that describe a product, whether online or offline copywriting is prevailing in everything.

Q.4 What is the role of a Copywriter?

Ans. Copywriters initially study a specific group of customers, get notified of their needs and longings, and sketch the roads to connect with them and draw a solution for their needs. Eventually creates attractive home pages, lurid and lively landing webpage, merchandising letters, subscription pages, thought-provoking blogs, articles, e-letters, and emails.

Q.5 Are the Copywriting courses online or offline?

Ans. Thankfully, there’s a whole hog of online copywriting courses in India to help you learn the savvy tools of the trade, the ABCs of a copywriting business, and design an eloquent copywriter portfolio. Some universities offer regular offline courses.

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