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Top 10 Creative Writing Courses in India: 2023 (Leaked)

Who would have ever thought that expression of inner voices and thoughts could be someday moulded into one of the best sought after careers? But as we say, keep some space for the unexpected to happen. So did it happen. 

Creative Writing has emerged as one of the most celebrated careers of the time. It is not just limited to a particular set of writing but has instead spread itself to vivid aspects of expression. 

A large number of learners are turning to Creative Writing as the field has opened numerous opportunities not just local but global opportunities. We are no more in the era where Doctors & Engineers are supposed to be the only celebrated and serious professionals in the room. 

The field of creative writing has overshadowed the idea way back. And that is because of new professionals entering the world of art and exploring the untalked possibilities. Wouldn’t you want to be a part of it? Wouldn’t you want to explore a career that fuels the inner creative person in you? 

Of course, you want and that is the reason you are here and scrolling your next move. Creative Writing Courses have incredible career opportunities that you surely should be grabbing. But how do you start a career in Creative Writing? How will a beginner know his/her next move? 

Well, the simple answer to the question is by enrolling on the best creative writing course in India. Courses simply act as the best means of guidance whenever beginning something new. The panel of well experienced and knowledgeable help you find and understand your goal better and train you accordingly. 

But isn’t it necessary to make a wise pick when looking for a Creative Writing Course? Of course, it is. Choosing any random institution will always lead to confused and unattended paths. And we surely don’t want to fall for it. So what do we do? 

We explore our list of Best Creative Writing Courses in India that you can closely monitor, rely and begin your career with. Interesting, isn’t it? So without any further ado let us just get started. 

What is Creative Writing? 

Before we actually get into the details of understanding what and how several institutions are contributing to the creative writing field, let us first try to understand what is Creative Writing. This will help us to understand further conversations in a better way. 

Creative Writing is a form of expressional writing wherein one portrays the inner emotions or the conceptual emotions in the form of poetry, fiction writing, essays, scripts, screenplays and more. 

These writings do follow certain limitations but are a true form of exploration. You begin conversations about the way you perceive or you think. So basically when your inner form of expression wants to open conversations that morally can impact the world that form of word mending is said to be Creative Writing. 

It provides words to your thoughts and allows you to create concepts that impact or transform society in different ways. Thus creative writing is managing to create impactful space in the writing world. 

Creative Writers are the idea generators of today and ideas have always been the strongest currency that drives the world for the better. 

Top 10 Creative Writing Courses in India

1. Henry Harvin Writing Academy – Creative Writing Courses in India

Proudly presenting the number one spot to your very own all-time celebrated EDtech platform Henry Harvin Education. The platform has truly reformed the old standards of teaching and has transformed it for the better. Learning at one’s own comfort and pace, being guided by the best professionals in the industry, multiple opportunities to learn and explore from, Henry Harvin has simply made a more remarkable space for professionals to learn and earn. 

As a learner, when crawling the Henry Harvin Education website you will be finding numerous courses related to numerous fields. This inclusion of any and every program has made the platform the most sought after program and compellingly exclusive to all. 

The platform has managed to keep up with the expectations of the learners by constantly providing the best out of the box. Henry Harvin Education has successfully trained and placed multiple learners at prestigious positions with their favourite firms and aims to continue it for the long run. 

Talking about the Creative Writing Course offered is one of the best creative writing courses in India for so many reasons. The course has also been ranked as the most promising course by numerous organizations when compared to the other similar platforms offering the same course. 

As a learner, you seem to have more opportunities to learn and explore here as the platform of Henry Harvin Education promises to offer impressive internships and job opportunities. Isn’t it exciting? Of course, it is, right? 

Let us move ahead and find out the benefits associated with the Creative Writing Courses offered here. 

Key Features of Creative Writing Courses at Henry Harvin:- 

The Certified Creative Writing Specialist (CCWS) Certification provided at Henry Harvin after the completion of the course is ranked as the number 1 certification in the industry by reputed platforms like Your overall learning process at Henry Harvin Education will be in 100% practical format in order to give you a detailed understanding of the working world of Creative Writing. 

As a learner, you will also be able to avail of 1 year of Gold Membership of Writing Academy that will provide you with all the necessary assistance required to understand and strengthen your views on various aspects of Creative Writing. The teaching methodologies introduced here will allow you to take your thought process to different levels and explore in ways like never before. 

The program also refines your total thought process and guides you with a better and effective one. Creative Fiction & Non-fiction, Poetry, Drama and many more are a few writing aspects that you as a learner will get to master here. 

When you enrol for the program you will be able to avail of 9 major benefits for just 1 single course. These benefits will include 24 hours of online interactive sessions, projects to keep your progress under constant check, Internship opportunities to learn and explore, certifications that will help you build a better career, job assistance after the successful completion of the program, e-learning access, Bootcamps, Hackathons, Membership and many many more. 

These benefits will shape your overall learning experience at Henry Harvin and will compel you to ignite the creative learner in you. 

Now let us move ahead and find out what are learning benefits one can avail of during the tenure of the program. 

Learning Benefits:- 

Your learning experience at Henry Harvin is going to be simply super exciting and extremely productive. Talking about what fundamentals you can learn through the program then it wouldn’t be wrong to say you will simply be exposed to any and everything related to Creative Writing. 

So what does that mean? That means from understanding your thought process to analysing it and portraying it on papers with utmost conviction is what you will be opening conversations with. Later on, as you move ahead you will be made one to one with factors like the tone of writing, the pitch of writing, how to approach clients, how to create characters, how to emote effectively and many many more. 

This Creative Writing Course is going to be your best guide and mentor that will responsibly shape you into the most admirable creative writer of the time. 

So what are you waiting for? Head onto their website for more details and have your name enrolled to begin an enthralling journey with the best to be the best. Enrol Now! 

2. Masterclass – Creative Writing Courses in India

Masterclass is a perfect pick for anyone out there who is wanting to explore the world of Creative Writing in detail. And that is the reason we have Masterclass mentioned at a reputable position on our list of Top Creative Writing Courses in India. The platform is leaving no head unturned. It has managed to get the best trainers of the field under one roof for aspiring learners who are wanting to create a prolific impact in the world of writing. 

We are often nervous about taking our next step. But guess what? These trainers not only teach you, they mould you, create you and transform you for the better. Talking about the Creative Writing Course at Masterclass, you can get numerous courses on different aspects of creative writing segregated into separate branches for the learners to make easy choices. 

Margaret Atwood is one of the most talked trainers at Masterclass wherein she puts her best advice, guidance and supervision through her experiences in order to create and nurture future writers like you and me. 

The course structure is extremely well prepared and begins in a well-synchronised manner in order to serve the learners with accurate and relevant information. Before actually enrolling on the program you can watch the trailer to understand what exactly is going to be served in your presence. 

Having learnt Creative Writing under such a celebrated platform is surely to shape your future for the better. For more detailed information on the program, you can visit their website and get assisted better. 

3. Xavier Institute of Communication – Creative Writing Courses in India

Xavier Institute of Communication is another reliable addition to the best Creative Writing Courses in India. The institution has quite a strong mention among the learners passed out from here. There are numerous courses available on the platform that one can choose from. 

The Creative Writing Course here consists of a total of 8 sessions each session being of 2 hours. The mode of teaching will remain online. The program is usually scheduled between 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. 

The course includes every necessary element associated with Creative Writing and has all its important branches well introduced by the trainers assisting the individual during the course tenure. 

You will be given multiple writing exercises that will allow the trainer to keep a constant watch on your progress scale. Whenever you submit assignments given to you by the institution they will review with utmost care. Once it is reviewed you will be receiving points of improvement suggestions from your trainers and your fellow writers. 

This will help you understand the overall writing process in detail and will eventually help you acquire strong creative writing skills. 

For more information, you can check their website and get a detailed note of the program and then can accordingly decide if it’s worth your time and effort or not. 

4. British Council – Creative Writing Courses in India

The British Council has been offering numerous courses for a while and has interestingly managed to get all the acclamations for the quality delivered to their dear learners. You can explore multiple courses on the platform and choose the one that fits you the most. 

When wondering about the best Creative Writing Courses in India, British Council is surely a sound mention that you must definitely consider. The platform has several Creative Writing Courses segregated into their own branches for the new learners to avail themselves of according to their needs. 

Talking about the Creative Writing Course offered here is a fantastic amalgamation of all the necessary elements required to transform any individual into a refined creative writer. 

Each and every aspect associated with writing is well studied and guided by the most prolific trainers of the industry in the best possible way. The certification ensures you an extra point in helping you choose firms of your own choice and work dedicatedly and in prestigious positions. 

This is a must-have course for anyone who is wanting to explore every single detail of Creative Writing and aspiring to be an impactful one in the field. 

For more detailed information please head onto their website and get assisted with the required information. 

5. Udemy – Creative Writing Courses in India

Udemy has always been a go-to course platform for anything that is to be learnt and explored in the best way and under the best guidance. Udemy is a mutually exclusive global platform where you can have the best industry professionals right at your click. 

There are no limitations that you need to adhere to. You can learn anything of your choice from multiple trainers who you feel are a good fit. Udemy has some noteworthy Creative Writing Courses to offer too. When you crawl down the platform you can find numerous creative writing courses that you can choose and start learning from. 

It is completely your own platform. You learn at your own pace and in your own way. It simply gets the best out of you. The Creative Writing Courses offered here are inclusive of everything that forms a successful creative writer. 

From learning minor aspects of learning to explore how to bring major impactful shifts in the audience you simply get trained step by step for better. The transformation as a writer here is promising and exciting. 

Your course tenure allows you to have access to numerous study materials, assignments and other major stuff. It’s just like a classroom away from the classroom. On successful completion of the program, you will be awarded a certification that will help you stand out from the rest of the crowd and will also act as the greatest asset in acquiring positions in firms of your own choice. 

So what are you waiting for? Open the door to opportunities and explore today. For more detailed information head onto their website and get your queries attended to in the best possible way. 

6. Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts & Communication – Creative Writing Courses in India

Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts & Communication has some really promising courses to offer to the young and vibrant creative learners who are wanting to have highly appreciable careers in Creative Writing. 

Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts & Communication offers some of the best Creative Writing Courses in India. Well, a structured & comprehensive syllabus, highly celebrated industry trainers and similar other features makes it one of the best institutions to enrol and begin your creative writing career. 

The Certificate Course in Creative Writing introduced at the academy is conducted using online mode having the duration of 3 months. The sessions will be taken during the weekends to ensure that the learners get enough time to grab and understand the elements introduced during the course tenure. 

During your program tenure with one of the best Creative Writing Courses in India, you will be learning multiple aspects like Developing imagination, Building interesting characters, improving the way of communicating and expressing, understanding your audience, writing tone and many more. 

By the end of the program tenure, you will be holding every minute of information associated with creative writing and will shine as an impactful writer. The syllabus is put forth in the most comforting language so that the learners are not only introduced to terms and processes but also are closely made to understand and implement. 

For more detailed information, please head onto their website and get every required information in the best way to get your queries satisfactorily satisfied. 

7. Coursera – Creative Writing Courses in India

Coursera has some top-notch Creative Writing Courses to offer the learners wanting to learn and explore the world of creative writing. Coursera has evolved its platform so widely that almost every celebrated trainer has their guidance and advice mentioned in the form of courses. 

What even makes Coursera a better platform is the Financial Aid that almost every course offers to aspiring learners. This makes learning easy and accessible to all. 

When looking for creative writing courses you will encounter a bunch of courses that will have their own speciality. As a learner, you need to acknowledge and understand your needs and choose the program accordingly. 

After the successful completion of the program, you receive a shareable certificate that adds extra points to your CV. The mode of learning at Coursera is 100% online and can be easily accessed at your own comfort and pace. 

Before actually enrolling for the particular program do check what graduated learners have to say about it. It will ease your decision-making process. For more detailed information head onto the website of the institution and begin exploring your creative side right away. 

8. – Creative Writing Courses in India has been equally contributing towards encouraging writers wanting to have careers in Creative Writing. The platform has enabled various creative writing courses that learners can avail and prepare themselves for being better writers. 

The writing courses introduced here are branched separately into different sections for the writers to choose effectively. The syllabus introduced here is extremely well crafted with the latest updations and easy to understand language. 

During your course tenure, you will be having multiple practical sessions which will make you one to one with the basic required elements of effective creative writing. From understanding your genre to creating concepts that would encourage and compel your audience to bet on you are some basic areas where you will be best guided and supervised by the best industry professionals. 

The creative writing courses offered here are well priced so that every aspiring individual can benefit from them. For more detailed information about the program please head onto the website and get all your subject related queries assisted. 

9. The Writer’s Bureau – Creative Writing Courses in India

The Writer’s Bureau is one another promising platform for aspiring writers to learn and explore different aspects of creative writing. As an aspiring writer, you will be introduced to numerous creative concepts that are needed to be understood and implemented for a better impactful career in the field of writing. 

You will be guided and supervised by a team of the best professional writers who will try their level best to bring out the best in you. The professionals will take deep pride and responsibility in assisting you with the best methods and hacks of writing and culminating into an effective thought process. 

Not only will you get an opportunity of exercising mastery over your creative genres but will also confidently be able to market them to potential audiences. 

For more detailed information about the program head onto their website and get your queries best assisted. 

10. Writer’s Digest University – Creative Writing Courses in India

Last but not least to make it to our list of Best Creative Writing Courses in India is Writer’s Digest University. The university is one well-versed platform that trains learners with minute detailing in order to help them understand their creative aspect satisfactorily. 

During your program tenure, you will be encouraged and motivated by receiving numerous assignments and constructive feedback from the team and your co-learners. What even makes this more exciting is that one can learn at their own comfort and pace without stressing too much. 

From working on storylines to creating relevant characters you simply will be able to connect the best dots associated with creative writing. So what are you waiting for? Begin your writing career with Writer’s Digest University today. 

For more detailed information about the program please head onto its website and educate yourself with every needed element. 

Final Words:- 

Creative Writing is a field that needs utmost guidance and observation as being able to emote your emotions into words is a great struggle. Sometimes you are able to do it and sometimes you are not. These small things need to be dealt with under the guidance of professionals who have already excelled in these particular fields. 

Earlier finding out reliable creative writing courses were tough but now since you have the list of best creative writing courses in India you simply can just begin your writing career with the best right away, right now. 

Make use of the above-mentioned list of best creative writing courses in India and get yourself enrolled for the program with an institution you feel more confident in. Hoping to see you make some good choices. 

We hope this piece of information helped you find answers to your questions effectively. If in case you still have any doubts or queries on the above-discussed subject then please feel free to voice it using the comment section below. We will get back to you at the earliest possible with the best knowledge available on the same. 

Thank you. 

Happy Reading! Happy Learning!


Q1. Can I take a creative writing course if I am a teacher?

Ans. Yes. As a teacher, you always need to be creative in your work. Teachers should be ready with creative skills like storytelling, story writing, poetry, and rhymes. If you know the basics of creative writing, you can always include this in your lessons. Your students will love your lessons as they include creative writing as well. As a teacher, you can make your lessons interactive and creativity-driven with the use of creative writing exercises.

Q2. What is the curriculum that is covered in a good creative writing course?

Ans. Every good creative writing course will include all the minute details that you may require to develop as a creative writer. Listening, writing, and reading skills are important. You must work on Grammar and vocabulary. The curriculum should cover non-fiction writing, fiction writing, poetry, and drama. It should teach you all literary devices and techniques. Visit the website for Henry Harvin creative writing course for the details on the curriculum.

Q3. How is it important to get a certificate for my creative writing course?

Ans. It is always important to get a certificate for any training. A certificate is not only proof of your course but also enhances your profile. Platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram showcase your profile to your future clients or employers. Your certification as a creative writer will enhance your profile.

Q4. Can I do my creative writing course online?

Ans. Yes. All institutions nowadays offer a live online training course. You can learn at your home. Access to all the course material and the videos is provided to you. The assignments and PPT are all in the LMS. The instructor of the course helps the participants with assessments and feedback. Online certification is the best method of learning. It is seen that the live online classes are interactive and help the participants a lot.

Q5. How can I register myself for a good creative writing course?

Ans. Different organizations offer creative writing courses. You can always check for the reviews of the courses on the websites. Check for the affordability, your available time and details that matter to you. Henry Harvin Education provides the best creative writing course. The course ranks number 1 as per the Statesman. It is a 9 in 1 course with a gold membership. You can visit the Henry Harvin Writing Academy to register.

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