Top Content Writing Training Courses for Beginners

Content Writing Training Courses for Beginners: Content Writing Training Courses is one of the booming courses in the writing industry. Do you enjoy reading the information available on Google? Does it seem attractive to go through all the concepts? The answer will be yes. How easily Google solves all the problems by showing the information and answering all the queries.

Have you ever realized who writes all the texts? Content Writer is the one who writes content in the form of blogs, articles, scripts, e-mail, and many more. They use different writing styles to impress the readers.

Content Writing Training Courses guide the students on presenting quality content. They prepare them how to pen their thoughts with proper grammar and minimize errors. Countless content writing courses available bring a professional approach to the writers.

Listing the top 7 Content Writing Training Courses for Beginner Writers:

1. Henry Harvin: Content Writing Training Courses for Beginners

Henry Harvin ranks at the top when we talk about the Content Writing course. The course offers certifications with “Certified Digital Content Writer”.

Selecting Henry Harvin for learning the Content Writing Course has various perks

Check out the advantages of selecting the course:

  • Gold Membership will provide you access to the course for one year. You will get job alerts, interview sessions, live projects, and many more facilities.
  • Certificate-Certificate plays a crucial role in reflecting skills and upgrading resume. Institute will provide the certificate after completion of the course.
  • Internship- Knowing the natural world and gaining practical skills are necessary. Internship opportunities help students learn new things like wordpress, blogging, etc.
  • Expert Trainer– They hire trainers with expertise in the Content Writing field. Even you have the chance to attend multiple sessions and learn from different trainers.
  • 9-in-1 course-Here, you will get the package of guaranteed Training, Projects, certification, Placement, Hackathons, Gold membership, E-learning, Internship, and Bootcamp sessions.Candidate can go through the LMS Portal to keep update their knowledge bucket.

Course duration

There are two levels, of course. Content writing and Post-Graduation are among them.

Content Writing- 40 hours of instructor-led online classes

Post-graduation in content writing is 12 months(6 months course and six months internship)

More Courses offered

You can check the following other courses offered by the institute.

  • Medical Writing
  • Six Sigma Course
  • Accounting and Taxation
  • Creative Writing
  • Stock Market

2. VSkills: Content Writing Training Courses for Beginners

Vskills comes among India’s best Content Writing courses due to Government recognition. The system is drafted for all candidates irrespective of th level they fall. Even before delivering the certificate to the candidates, it conducts curriculum tests that enhance employability.

Selecting Vskills for learning the Content Writing Course has various perks

Check out the advantages of selecting the course:

  • The course includes the Government Certification, which increases the value. The certificate is universally valid.
  • Candidates get the opportunity to showcase their name as “Vskills Certified” on top job portals like Monsterindia,Onshine.com.
  • They get the option to practice the test before applying for the final examination.
  • The course includes online learning with the online learning material and delivering books at the doorsteps.
  • The duration of the course as per Vskills is thirteen fruitful hours.
  • Candidates can take the class and give exams at their convenience.

3. Udemy: Content Writing Training Courses for Beginners

Udemy is one of the best platforms which believes in sharing knowledge with the world. There are many instructors present who frame the excellent course and guide the students. This course is not specifically designed. It is available for all people who want to enhance their skills and start learning.

Selecting Udemy for learning the Content Writing Course has various perks.

Candidates enjoy taking courses from Udemy.

  • The cost is very nominal.
  • You can browse the videos anytime.
  • You don’t need to follow any schedules or attend live classes.
  • You can choose the course depending on the level you fall.
  • Udemy gives the option of raising queries from the mentors. You can put your doubt in the query box.
  • Top Industrial Experts are available who guide the students and make sure that students can learn from the video easily.

Udemy Course Structure:

Suppose you took the course”Next Level to Content Writing.”

  • You will be allowed to browse fifteen hours of video lectures.
  • The course fee is just INR 525.
  • Gives a deep understanding of SEO Articles, different types of writings, and many more.

4. Skillshare: Content Writing Training Courses for Beginners

Skillshare is the best institute with the best educational packs for the students. It contains various topics like writing, designing, video editing, freelancing, etc. On Skillshare, candidates get the option to discover new skills and practice them simultaneously.

Selecting Skillshare for learning the Content Writing Course has various perks.

  • Candidates have the chance to browse lectures at different times and at convenience.
  • Scholarships option available for the candidates
  • One of the Experienced colleges present in the region

Course Details

The course name is Blogging. It contains various videos which give the basic ideas of how to do blogging. The course is free of cost. But there are other videos available that teach the students in Content Writing.

5. DigitalAcademy 360: Content Writing Training Courses for Beginners

Digital Academy 360 is one of the top institutes kick-started in 2015. It is situated in Bangalore. There are 10+ centers available that mark the award-winning Institute of India.

Selecting Digital Academy 360 for learning the Content Writing Course has various perks.

  • It is partnered with the top Digital Institute.
  • Academy contains more than 50 trainers who guide the students in pursuing the course.
  • Get free access to attend workshops and webinars.
  • The course is designed for candidates from different levels.

Course Details

Skill Diploma in Content Writing is one of the top course

  • The Specialization contains various modules, and Certificate is allocated at the end.
  • The course duration is three months Classroom, conducted in Online Mode.
  • There are nineteen plus Advance Content Writing Modules available.
  • Academic Projects are also given to the students to understand the projects better.

6. Course Era

Coursera is one of the best training structures for studying Content Writing courses. Coursera companions with over a hundred universities. It incorporates easygoing, reasonable, job-relevant online reading to human beings and businesses worldwide. They provide studying options—hands-on projects and journals to job-geared-up certification and degree schedules.

Selecting Course Era for learning the Content Writing Course has various perks.

  • It is one of the best World-class education platforms
  • A reasonable fee system helps the students to enroll in the course.
  • There are various Career development skills available for the candidate.
  • Leading industrial, professional trainers are available who help the students to gear fast for the system.

Course Structure:

Coursera includes a variety of Content Writing courses. You can easily select the course and start learning.

7. Free Content Writing Courses & Classes by LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a known platform for job portals. Simultaneously it also provides a learning facility to the students. Some of the courses available for free cost are:

  • Develop your Writing Skills
  • Writing with Flair
  • Ninja Writing
  • How to write Effectively and build Grammar Foundations


From the above blog, we came across so top 7 Content Writing training courses for beginner writers. Firstly it is essential to check the demo videos of every institute. It may be possible that you are not able to grasp the concept covered by the tutor.No matter how famous the institute is but understanding depends on the Candidate. Secondly, the Candidate must be consistent in learning. They should watch the videos daily in order to perform well and learn new things. Thirdly you can ask your friends who are present in the writing industry. There may be chances that you didn’t get any. But don’t fear that. Thousands of videos are available on the internet that guides students regarding Content Writing.

Hope this blog gave a lot of information regarding the top institute available for beginner writers.


Q1. Will I  get any job opportunities after pursuing a Content Writing Course?

Ans. If a candidate does a Content Writing course from the top institute, they get the placement facilities. Even they can apply through job portals available on the net. There is a lot of demand for Content Writers in the companies.

Q2. Is there any difference between Content Writing and Copywriting?

Ans. Content Writing focuses on providing knowledge to the users with different ways of writing like blogs, articles, etc. Copywriting focuses on generating marketing goals and generating revenue.

Q3. What is the procedure for enrolling in the Content Writing Course?

Ans. Content Writing doesn’t have any eligibility status. The candidate just needs to sign up for the institute and start taking the course. After successful completion, they can generate their certificate.

Q4. Is there any audience on whom we can focus after learning the Content Writing course?

Ans. It depends on which type of writing you do. There are various types of writing, and your target audience will depend upon that. You can choose your niche and decide the target audience.

Q5. Does the Content Writing course include how to build a resume?

Ans. Yes, the course teaches the students how to build a resume and portfolio. They also prepare them how to face the interview in their complementary modules.

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