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Top 12 Korean language courses in Pune

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The use of Korean is becoming more common in India, and K-pop has helped a lot of young people in major cities like Bangalore, and Delhi becomes fascinated with the language and culture. They are taking the Korean language courses in Bangalore because they want to better understand the songs and videos of popular bands like BTS and Exo.

The fastest-growing language in India is now Korean, which has firmly established itself as the fifth most widely spoken language there, according to the report. The release of the well-liked TV series “Squid Games” in 2021 seems to have significant effects on this increase. (By the way, 한국어 stands for Korean)

Come, let me take you a round around the top 12 Korean language courses in Pune

1. Henry Harvin

Let us start with Henry Harvin the most famous and top-ranked institute for a Korean language course in Pune. The course is to envision all the lexis and topics related to the Korean language. However, inclusion of the basic grammar concepts to upgrade and enhance your Korean language skills to help to learn Korean speaking also.

Tests of Korean at various levels include

A written test called the TOPIK Test of Proficiency in Korean is to gauge the proficiency of non-native speakers. The test gauges a student’s competency in Korean reading, writing, and listening. There are three test levels:

  • Beginners level 1 and 2: This level is the division of the two sections that include reading and listening to fundamental Korean vocabulary and grammar as well as additional Korean language instruction.
  • Intermediate levels 3 and 4: This level, combines the three skills of listening, reading, and writing, dealing with the Korean language.
  • Advanced levels 5 and 6: This level focuses on vocabulary in a modern context as well as the skills of reading, writing, listening, and sentence structure and formation.

Key features of Henry Harvin

  • Two-way live online interactive training sessions. Including – Levels 1 to 4 for 56 hours and Levels 5 and 6 for 66 hours
  • Facility for undertaking and implementing the projects in Korean
  • Internship program to acquire practical Korean language skills
  • Henry Harvin®, a respected and award-winning Institute, offers certification for its Korean Language Training Course.
  • Completely 100% Placement Assistance for One Year Following Successful Completion
  • E-learning provides a wide range of materials, including video content, tests, and other tools.
  • Throughout the following year, there will be frequent Bootcamp sessions.
  • Free access to #AskHenry competitions and hackathons
  • Join the Henry Harvin Language Academy for a year as a gold member to take the Korean language courses in Pune.

Benefits of Career

  • Improve career and employment chances with a unique potential for growth
  • enhanced job opportunities and stability
  • Henry Harvin Education offers approved certification for Korean language instruction.
  • Once you’ve finished the Korean language training program, you can work as a teacher or a translator.
  • Upon completion of the Korean language training program, become a highly compensated independent contractor or a full-time professional.
  • Work as a content writer or editor for MNCs.
  • Develop professionally and technically to enhance your resume and LinkedIn profile.
  • In the field of the Korean language, communicate with millions of people globally.

Henry Harvin provides multiple language courses including 

  • French Language Course
  • Spanish Language Course
  • German Language Course
  • French Language Course for Kids

2. Prizma Academy

Beginner and professional learners can take classes at the famed Prizma Academy for Korean language courses in Pune. Through integrated speaking, listening, reading, and writing instruction, they strive to build Korean communication abilities. Institute has highly skilled Korean instructors who are working professionals with at least ten years of experience in the Korean domain and who deliver training using real-world projects.

The study materials and in-class practices in Korean language courses in Pune are deliberately designed for the interests of a batch of students and are standards specified and adjusted following students’ performance. To give you a practical comprehension of the language and exposure to real-world situations, they make sure you comprehend the terms and concepts of Korean.

Key features of Prizma Academy

  • To help you talk and listen more effectively, Prizma Academy offers weekly communication sessions conducted by native Korean instructors.
  • The certified Korean instructors at Prizma Academy have more than ten years of expertise in instructing the Korean language. 
  • After every Korean lesson in Pune you will receive homework and tasks. Students receive individual feedback from the tutor after the evaluation of the assignment work.
  • Each batch at Prizma Academy consists of 8 to 10 students, giving each one plenty of opportunity to interact with their classmates and ask questions of the tutors.


The most popular choice for people who wish to learn Korean quickly and easily is General Korean from Langma School of Languages. Basic guide from beginner to advanced level, by qualified and highly experienced teachers in a supportive atmosphere with many other students from across the world. Instructors here, have high skills, professional experts with a focus on teaching Korean language course. Acknowledgement by the instructors about the language abilities of each student is a major part of the course. Every week, they monitor students’ development and customize the program based on the results.

The usage of Korean computer software and digital listening materials, as well as the introduction to the internet to the students at the basic education level is the part of the course curriculum. This level also includes Internet reading assignments from Korean sources. Students at this level can more easily fit in with students from higher levels because of which they can develop extensive compositions and deliver oral presentations in class.

The course module is in following levels  

  • Level 1&2 for beginners – It is a 14-week program for students with no prior understanding of Korean that should start at the beginning level. The course deliberately means for a novice and allows students to begin using simple phrases, words, and sentences. Teaching about the basic English grammar, appropriate vocabulary, and communication skills appropriate to the level of the students.
  • Level 3&4 for Intermediate levels – It is also a 14-week program with the grammar teaching concepts to clear the students within the context of everyday speech. Students will practice all four language skills (Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking).
  • Level 5&6 for Advanced levels – Students learn the art of dialogue during this 14-week program. Before enrolling in the course, you need to take a placement test. Including an emphasis on practical, everyday communication, you learn a well-balanced mixture of concepts (grammar, vocabulary, functions, and pronunciation) and skills (reading, listening, writing, and speaking).

4. Coursera

Coursera has a goal of giving students all over the world educational opportunities that would change their lives. Today, Coursera is an international online learning network that provides anybody with access to online courses and degrees from top institutions and businesses. Coursera obtained B Corp accreditation in February 2021, which means that they have a legal obligation to eliminate obstacles to top-notch education for everyone while also influencing wider society. 

More than 6,000 universities, organizations, and governments, along with more than 100 Fortune 500 firms and 82 million students utilize Coursera to access top-notch education whenever and wherever they want.

5. Cambridge Academy Of English

Cambridge Academy of English (CAE) has a good reputation in an educational institution ranked as one of the best Korean language courses in Pune. Demonstration of the professional educational services to meet the requirements of students and the community. Through active integration, CAE is the key to uphold the creation of an innovative learning environment to promote the learning, teaching, research, and scholarship programs to master the basic creativity, disciplines, and social responsibilities.

Faculty has well-driven teaching to deliver an excellent level of professional education to augment their intellectual capacity to develop and enhance the student with better opportunities.

6. Korean Language Classes

, Mibang is a self-employed(freelancer) Korean language instructor. With almost ten years of living and working experience in South Korea, Mibang has received Korean language training there. 

Students, staff members, and language enthusiasts can enroll in the classes here for Korean language courses .They adhere to the course curriculum offered by Sogang National University, South Korea, a suggested framework for a standard curriculum for foreign nationals to improve students’ speaking, listening, reading, and writing abilities. Additionally, they apply web-based interactive technologies for both offline and online classes to facilitate simple and efficient learning.


Udemy is a well-known online platform to learn multiple courses related to the Korean language. They aid firms of all shapes and sizes in preparing you for the future, wherever it may take them. By putting learning at the core of their initiatives, organizations, governments, and nonprofits may carefully choose the assortment of Udemy business and technical courses.

Key learnings from the course in

  • Learn to use more than 600+ vocabulary words
  • Top phrases that are most beneficial in real situations
  • Korean pronunciation done right
  • Korean reading and writing
  • Easily place food and drink orders
  • Effectively and efficiently pronounce the words even before knowing them
  • Greet people and make formal and informal introductions.
  • Korean grammar’s foundational features

8. Duolingo

Duolingo is the most popular method in the world for learning Korean online. Includes game-like lessons to help you learn Korean in just five minutes each day. Duolingo is statistically effective, whether you’re an absolute novice seeking to brush up on the fundamentals or you want to practice your speaking, writing, and reading. Duolingo has the largest collection of language-learning courses at its fingertips. 

Key features of Duolingo

  • Duolingo’s language learning service is free, but you can remove ads and speed up progress with Plus.
  • Using these courses, students learn to read, listen, and speak effectively and efficiently. 
  • Learning to customize the utilization of the artificial intelligence and language science can help you learn in just the right place.
  • The games-like features, fun challenges, and friendly reminders from Duo, the friendly mascot, make learning languages easy.
  • Learning shouldn’t be boring! Playful characters and engaging exercises will keep you interested each day.
  • The Duolingo app offers free teachers’ tools to help students learn languages both in and out of the classroom.
  • Utilize our iPhone and Android apps during your breaks and commutes. We’re endorsing Apple and Google.

9. Institute Of Universal Languages and Education(IELU)

The IELU is the leading Foreign language institute in Banglore offering more than 20 foreign languages. IELU provides a variety of courses for both beginning and advanced learners to learn Korean, assisting you in speaking to people in public during presentations or official meetings or in your daily chat.

IELU provides classroom teaching for efficient learning. The holistic structure of the course curriculum helps you to learn, write, read and speak fluent Korean language. The classroom sessions are interactive emphasizing on to make you industry ready. The trainers have the best qualifications with diverse educational backgrounds to conduct the best training programs.

Industry leaders from a variety of corporate and public sectors have confidence in us. IELU translation services are tailor-made to the needs of each customer while upholding confidentiality, accuracy, and consistency in the spoken language.

The Korean translators are linguistic professionals with an in-depth understanding of science, finance, business, IT, electronics, etc., which enables them to translate texts from or into Korean correctly. They create marketing materials that are appealing to the locals because they are aware of their way of life.

10. Learn Korean in India (LKI)

It is the online learning platform for Korean language courses in India. The institute provides certification for levels from 1 to 6. 1-year online program for Korean translation and interpretation helps to make a career in Korean. Study materials for the TOPIK preparation of the exam are also provided.

Key features of LKI

  • Classes with a focus on students – Speaking With native Korean instructors, speaking lessons. Speaking with Korean natives in India is challenging to arrange. To help you develop your speaking and listening abilities, we hold weekly communication workshops with teachers who are native Korean speakers.
  • Excellent Educational Techniques – Trainers have years of expertise teaching the Korean language and are specialists in the subject of Korean linguistics. They employ the most effective teaching techniques so that you can learn Korean quickly and efficiently.
  • Modern Learning Management System Class Recordings + Study Material Individual – After each lesson, you will receive homework or assignments. Reviewing of your completed assignments, and the instructor will provide you with personalized feedback.
  • Attention to Every Student Classes by Native Korean Faculty Certification Of course Completion – Each batch will have a private group where students can interact with other classmates and lecturers to ask questions or get answers to their doubts.
  • Free TOPIK test preparation courses – Just not to have perfect Korean, they also want you to succeed in your work and achieve your dreams. As a result, the instructors do their best to advise you on employment and scholarship opportunities based on your skills.

11. Multibhashi

Multibashi is an online platform for Korean language courses in Banglore. Their approach is to help students learn the language easily and use it in their daily use. So, by the end of the course, you are capable of providing the checklist to evaluate your ability of learning.

Course Benefits

  • Live video lectures teaching the key Korean fundamentals last only an hour each
  • In the classroom, you can ask questions and the instructor will respond right away.
  • During the lesson, the instructor will be available to provide immediate feedback and pronunciation advice.
  • Play role-playing sessions with your classmates during the course.
  • Certificate of Completion of the Course.

12. 90-day Korean

Unlike listed above, 90-day Korean is also the online platform to learn the Korean language. The practice of vocabulary, speaking, writing, pronunciation, and reading are the part of the curriculum lessons.

Firstly, teaching the primary lessons can help you comfortable with Korean. Secondly, daily 20 minutes of the study session is helps to ease the learning. Then, the Korean language reading sessions of the lessons with the pronunciation, vocabulary, numbers, and phrases is additional to get an in-deep understanding of Korean.


Korean is a beautiful and easier language to learn. Due to South Korea’s robust economy, strategic location, and expanding influence in Asian pop culture, Korean is becoming an increasingly significant language in the global arena. So, learning the Korean language course will be an advantage for your experience and can add value to your CV, raising the bar for job opportunities.


Q.1 Is Korean a popular language in India?

Ans. Of course, Korean is a popular language. Not only in India, but also it is the leading language in maximum countries across the world.

Q.2 Is learning a Korean language course in Banglore worthy?

Ans. Yes, learning Korean language course in Banglore worthy due to increasing demand and fascination towards Korean.

Q.3 Is Korean similar to Tamil?

Ans. Almost similar. If you know Tamil, Korean will be easy to learn.

Q.4 Can I take the Korean language as my career?

Ans. You can become a Korean language instructor, can become a freelancer, and can fetch the best job related to the Korean language in MNCs. So, opting for the Korean language as your career can be fruitful.

Q.5 Why do Indians want to learn Korean?

Ans. Due to Korean popularity, it is grasping every individual’s attention. And nowadays, BTS, K-pop, and Exo are attracting Indians to the Korean language.

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  • Finding a reputable Korean language course in Pune was a daunting task, but I’m glad I discovered this gem. The classes are interactive and engaging, and the teachers are patient and supportive. It’s a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in the Korean language and culture.

  • The Korean language course in Pune exceeded my expectations. The curriculum was well-structured and the interactive sessions helped me improve my speaking and writing skills. The institute provided excellent resources and support throughout the course.

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