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Knowing what career to choose and which specialization to pursue in your crucial years of development is very important. Your decisions here shape your overall career. Thus, one needs to be as attentive as possible when trying to make a choice. This does sound stressful, but relax! We’ve got your back with the French Language courses. 

Not knowing what field to choose, or which specialization to pursue can overwhelm you a big time. But this is not something that cannot be attended to and resolved. Not having a clear idea of which way to go is the result of a lack of guidance and knowledge. And all you need to do is space up some time to fill your brain with enough knowledge and constructive guidance. 

We all make mistakes and that should nowhere stop us from doing what we do. But having said that one needs to be very attentive and responsible while making his/her choices. And thus, you can avoid falling for the wrong options. 

Keeping yourself updated with the latest and relevant aspects of your field can help you enhance your decision. As long as you’re open to new advancements and acceptance of those advancements; you secure yourself a long journey. 

One such latest advancement in the world of learning and development is the French language courses. This is one of those crucial programs that have an unexplored list of global opportunities and is currently every dinner table conversation. 

The world has evolved enormously and has allowed every individual to have access to an indefinite number of global opportunities and thus, more and more individuals are qualifying themselves with programs like the French Language Courses. 

Wondering what benefit would learning a French language courses bring to your career? Well, the simple answer to the question is it can completely transform your career and get you placed with top global firms. And why is it so? What’s so special about the program? 

Well, the French language courses have evolved gigantically. It is one of the most preferred languages of communication in a business arena. The world is slowly and gradually accepting the language and the professionals holding a strong command over it. With the increasing number of French speakers, the opportunities are expanding and thus, having learnt the language makes you eligible for a number of impressive job roles. 

And anyways learning a new language always works in the favor of the learner. The more you explore the more opportunities you attract. Below given are some of the major reasons that state, why taking up a French language course is the need of the hour:- 

  • One of the most evolving languages of the time
  • Second, most widely spoken language in a business environment
  • Access to a number of global opportunities
  • Easy to learn 
  • Exposure to new culture, tradition, literature, music and more 

Is the French Language Courses worth pursuing after the completion of the 12th? 

Well, talking about the opportunities that one can avail and explore after 12th majorly depends on his/her interest in a particular subject. Every field has numerous opportunities to offer but the best has to be chosen by the learner after carefully observing what he or she desires. 

If you are wanting or aiming to secure a global career for yourself, you need to then prepare yourself accordingly. And learning a French language course definitely has a lot to add when considering a globally acclaimed career. 

The above-shared list of opportunities associated with French language learning is quite a proof of the excellent value it adds to your overall career. Also, learning French isn’t of a hectic activity. But once you acquire mastery over it you immediately stand out from the crowd in the majority of the category. 

So, go ahead and explore the areas of French not just to secure a global career but to learn new & vibrant cultures and traditions too. 

The French Language Learning Courses:- 

The French language learning course is a well-organized program that covers basic to advanced details of the French language. These details are presented to the learners in the form of different levels. Each level slowly introduces you to the new depths of the language and thus, helps you hold mastery over it. The basic levels designed for the program are as follows:- 

  • A1:- The Beginners Level
  • A2:- The Upper Beginners Level
  • B1:- The Intermediate Level
  • B2:- The Upper Intermediate Level
  • C1:- The Advanced Level
  • C2:- The Proficiency Level

Using these levels one can rectify their understanding of the French language. The estimated time period for each of the levels ranges somewhere between 30 hours to 50 hours. Within these particular points of hours, you as a learner acquire the finest knowledge of the language and are able to serve your best. 

Some of the significant learnings that you will be doing here with the French language course are as follows:- 

  1. Starting from the basics – Greetings, Days of Week, Months of the Year, Grammar, and more 
  1. Understanding a menu and/or ordering at a restaurant
  1. Talking about past experiences and encounters 
  1. Expressing aims and causes 
  1. Expressing obligation, possibilities, restrictions and more 
  1. Speaking, Listening, Debating Practice 

These are some basic points of discussions and activities that you will begin your learning with and then as you progress ahead you simply will begin to win every terminology and start mastering the art of understanding and expressing your thoughts and views in French.  

Once you get your French language course completed you receive internship and job placement assistance from your institution. You are also awarded with globally acclaimed certifications that confirms your participation and effort in learning the program. Using these certifications you can conquer new heights with the firms of your choice. 

Thus, if you are still struggling with the idea of whether you should be learning the French language course or not, the simple way to resolve it is just to go ahead and enrol for it. Doing so will surely help you confirm the above-shared list of opportunities. 

As already mentioned, learning the French language course comes with a number of opportunities that gives you constructive exposure. Some of the most crucial ones are listed below:- 

  1. Translator
  2. Interpreter 
  3. Proofreader
  4. Editor
  5. Teacher 
  6. Trainer and more

There are ample job opportunities in almost every particular field for French-language professionals. Learning a language never goes to waste, it instead opens new and exciting doors of opportunities. 

So as a French language expert you are free to go ahead and explore the area of your interest.

Now that we know enough about the French language courses and the benefits associated with them, it’s time that we take out a moment and stress our attention to institutions offering these incredible learning opportunities. As already discussed, the expansion of the global market has allowed users to have innumerable options for almost any and everything. 

The same is the case with learning a French language course. There are many institutions and platforms that you can use to enhance your learning and understanding about the language. But are all these institutions worth receiving your enrollment click? Well, we might have to think about it. Choosing a perfect institution to initiate your french language learning is very important. It is responsible for shaping your overall understanding and paving your path towards success. 

Thus, the institution needs to be chosen very wisely. But how do we do that? Well, you don’t have to stress yourself with that. Our experts have perfectly taken care of your needs. After a collective discussion and research on which platforms to consider when looking for a French Language Course, our experts finally came up with a list of institutions that serve learners’ needs beyond expectations. 

Excited to find them, aren’t you? We’re equally excited to feed with the information. Here is the list of top 10 French Language Courses providing institutions that you can trust and rely on to get your learnings done with responsibility and care. 

  • Henry Harvin Education
  • Uniquas 
  • Let’s Talk India 
  • Udemy 
  • Urban Pro
  • ILSC
  • Fluent Fast Academy
  • Symbiosis
  • Preply 
  • SkillShare 

Choosing a French language course that can best complement and enhance your capabilities comes after numerous struggles and lots of research. One cannot be picking up on any institution. There are certain important aspects that one needs to look for in order to make an effective choice. So what are those effective aspects?? Keep scrolling, you just have the list. 

  1. The platform you choose to enrol for should satisfy your basic needs and requirements. It should briefly understand your what and whys of enrolling in the program and serve accordingly. 
  1. Look at the teaching methods and activities involved in helping you understand the terminologies. 
  1. Trainers at any institution play a crucial role in shaping your learning experience. Thus, enquire for the efficiency of the trainers in order to understand the quality of the institution. 
  1. Look for an in-depth list of modules that you will be learning throughout the program. 
  1. Read a number of reviews and articles online to understand your institution before making the final call. 
  1. Last but not least, compare the program costs with various institutions and check which of them are offering constructive packages that well suit your requirements. 

Henry Harvin Education – A perfect pick to learn French fluently

Henry Harvin Education is an online EDtech platform that works religiously to offer new and advanced programs for potential learners. Having graduated from Henry Harvin Education allows you to understand the overall market and learn techniques to best implement your services in order to secure a safe and sound career. 

You not only practice learning here. You are also involved in a number of internship and job opportunities on your successful completion of the program. If you are starting afresh, Henry Harvin Education is surely a spot you should halt your eyes on. 

The platform truly has an incredible list of courses for learners to learn and explore. The French language course offered here is made available to the learners at different levels. Each level is uniquely characterized to serve its benefit and drives learners towards mastery, step by step. 

Major key features of the program are as follows:- 

  1. 9 in 1 Course 
  2. Comprehensive Curriculum
  3. 100% Practical Training
  4. 24 x 7 Lifetime Support and Access
  5. 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  6. Mobile App Access to Moodle E-learning Portal

These features help learners to learn and acquire skills at their own comfort and pace. The 9 in 1 course feature acts as the most influential aspect of pursuing the program. The benefits listed under the segment adds great value to the overall learning made. They are as follows:- 

  1. Training 
  2. Projects
  3. Internship
  4. Certification
  5. Placement
  6. E-learning
  7. Bootcamps
  8. Hackathons
  9. Membership

The trainers serving you throughout the program hold 15+ years of working experience. These trainers have managed to receive sound recognition from numerous organizations. They have by now delivered over 350+ lectures and are currently serving as domain experts with Henry Harvin Language Academy. 

The certification that you receive on successful completion of the program is well accredited. It is affiliated with the American Association of EFL, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, MSME, UKAF, UKCert, Project Management Institute (PMI) and ISO 29990:2010 certified. These certifications allow learners to confirm impressive job roles and opportunities with top celebrated industry firms. 

Thus, if you are planning to kickstart French language learning and secure a worthy career then do consider visiting Henry Harvin Education. It best fosters learners’ needs. 

Course Cost Structure based on Levels:- 

A1 – 30 Hours – USD 300

A2 – 30 Hours – USD 300

B1 – 40 Hours – USD 500

B2 – 40 Hours – USD 500

C1 – 40 Hours – USD 800

C2 – 40 Hours – USD 800

For more details on the French language course offered here, check the website for Henry Harvin Education. 

Final Words:- 

The world is getting closer and opportunities are fortunately increasing. Thus, at such times one should always opt for smart and reliable moves. And getting yourself a program done that is internationally acclaimed is definitely not a bad idea or a  bad deal. The French language program not only nurtures your interest and provides you with a platform but also ensures to provide you with a productive global exposure, which in a long run helps you acquire unmatchable feats. So be wise and factually practical while making your call. 

We hope to have provided you with relevant updates on your question but in case you feel like being assisted against a query or a question, please feel free to use the comment section below. We will get back to you at the earliest possible with the most reliable information on the same. 

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What is a French Language Course? 

A French language course is a language learning program wherein you are made aware of essential aspects of the French language and trained to achieve mastery over the same. 

What is the average duration of the program? 

The average duration of the program eventually depends on the level of the program you choose. Just to give you an idea, pursuing a French language course can require a minimum of 30 to 40 hours of your time to complete it successfully. 

Is it necessary to have French language knowledge before enrolling for the program? 

No! There is no such requirement for enrolling on the program. You can start afresh.

Will I receive a certification on successful competition of the program? 

Yes! You will be receiving a well accredited certification on your successful completion of the program. 

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