What is a Content Writer, Salary, Skills and How to Become One?

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Content writing is a word that we frequently come across nowadays particularly, post-pandemic. Have you ever searched for Content Writers online recently? You will come across a surprisingly mixed range of professionals. Who is a content writer?/ What is content writing? What are the skills that a content writer should possess? How to become a content writer? What is the salary of the content writer? Do you want to know the answers to these questions? Then you are at the right place. In this blog, I will try to answer all these questions to get an idea about content writing. Here we will explore the world of content writing tips to take your writing to the digital world and structure your writing to become a content writer. Content writing has evolved a lot recently and is one of the fields that will keep on growing for the next few years.

Let us start from the basics -What is content writing?

What is content writing?

Content writing is drafting online content for the targeted audience. Content writing is a process of planning, writing, editing, proofreading and publishing content in the digital format. The term content here is vague as it does not simply mean information in its context. The content can include blog posts and articles, video and podcast videos, press releases, E-books, product category descriptions, social media copy and more.No matter what your business is, you need to be in touch with your online customers. The content writers are the persons who help you with this by creating content for online marketing.

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Different types of contents

The mediums of content writings are

  • Audio
  • Video
  • Text

A photo, a video, an article and even audio is content. In the present digital world, anything which conveys a message is content. Be it in any medium we are surrounded by content. Although content writing is just a part of the content industry, it occupies an enormous space in the industry as everything. Be it out of the digital world or within the digital world requires written content. Unknowingly we depend on the contents most of the time. Businesses rely a lot on content writing for their marketing and promotions. The content writing industry has grown at an exponential rate during the pandemic. There are millions of content uploaded every day on the internet is proof of that.

Types of contents

Video scripts

  • Audio
  • Articles
  • Product description
  • Product review
  • Newsletters
  • Press releases
  • Whitepaper
  • Proposals
  • Blogs
  • Research
  • Ebooks
  • Email
  • Web pages
  • Social media posts

 Content writing has become more of a necessity in the digital world now. Likewise, content writing and content writers are needed in the digital industry. The above mentioned are the different examples where content writing is the key. Be it a short video or audio clip it needs a description with it to get noticed. Content writing plays a vital role in communication and connecting with the target audience.

What does a content writer do?

Content writers write content online. There are different specialisations for content writing. Some provide articles for the marketing and promotion of bands, Some writes blogs, some write on the web pages about products, some write news and some others write press releases.

 Below stated are the fields where the content writers craft their work.

Blog writers

Blog writers write engaging content. A blog writer writes content that can fetch the highest click. The blog writers write trending stories and have more readability and searchable topics. Blog writers use content writing to increase their website traffic. A blog writer handles, articles, blog posts, interviews and research.

Brand Journalist

A brand journalist is a content writer who writes for specific brands. They are in a way brand ambassadors. These journalists describe the product by stating the goodness of the products. and give good promotion to the product with their writings. They are storytellers. They write the content to create the need for the product and persuade the customers to buy the product. The brand journalists write brand stories, customer stories, press releases related to the brand.

Copy Writers

The copywriters write complex information in simpler words. The readers find it easy to understand them in the complex digital world. Copywriters write about the brand and from the customer’s point of view at the same time. The copywriters write attractive tag lines and commercial scripts. The copywriters write about the experiences with every product and will give us the facts about the products. They write infographics, product descriptions, website copy etc.

Technical writer

A technical writer is always confused with a tech writer, but they are different. The technical writer writes to make people understand technical things more easily. They provide a better knowledge of the technology like how to use, what is the process, the mechanics. So that the targeted audience gets a better understanding of the product. The technical writers demonstrate the product details to a non-technical user. A technical writer writes instructions, manuals and faqs.

Social Media Writer

The social media writers are the loudest voice of a brand online. Every day they bring contents that bring interaction and conversation among the targeted audiences. They speak the language of each platform in the most suitable way for the platform audiences. About 93%of the marketers reported that their social media handles created more exposure for their organisations. A social media writer goes for the social media posts, quizzes and interactive content.


A scriptwriter is the most vital player in multimedia projects. He writes about the features and benefits of the product. A scriptwriter visualises the words on a page and translates them into video formats or audio formats. They write scripts for videos, podcasts, audio advertisements, motion graphic scripts.


Ghostwriters are the unsung heroes of the writing industry. A person has a story to tell but lacks the writing skills to put it into words then it’s the ghostwriters who do the writing for them. The ghostwriters write the content without disclosing their identity. The ghostwriters won’t get any official credit for writing the book. They will be benefitted as they will gain monetary benefits out of it. A ghostwriter writes ebooks, whitepaper, articles, website copy etc.

Email Writer

Email writing is most frequently used in businesses to increase their sales. The main job of the email writer is to study the market well and convert a customer to a buyer. Emails can do it beautifully.  A customer’s email id appears in the companies email list customer will constantly be receiving updates and promotional emails from that company. These emails will encourage the customer to buy the product.  The customers will be aware of the promotions and be informed about the latest updates about the products. An email writer writes newsletters, sales nurture, customer nurture etc.

Long-form content writer

Long-form content writers are subject matter experts. They are specialists in niche topics who can write whitepapers with technical expertise and e-books. Long-form content writers can write lengthier content which can bring insights to the organised format. Long-form content writers write a whitepaper, ebooks, data studies, case studies etc.

Ad Promo Writers

Ad Promo Writers write eye-catching powerful content. The call to action is making the customer click is the prime goal of these writers. The writing gives the information and makes the customers call to action. This helps in the boost of the sales of the product. They write advertising copies, landing pages, product descriptions etc.

What are the skills needed for a content writer?

The job of a content writer comes with great perks that give you the leverage of working from home. They have to decide the topic on which they want to work. See that it is published and generate value online.

Job isn’t always an easy one. You need to have expertise in a few aspects to be a successful content writer.  What are the skills that content writers should have? 

Below mentioned are essential skills content writers should possess.


The style and tone will differ for each assignment. A content writer should be able to adapt his writings according to the need of the article.

Research Skills

Research is the key to content writing. Topic research is first and foremost before writing about it. The pieces of information should be gathered from reliable resources or experts in each field.

Understanding of SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation which in simpler terms means the process of improving the appearance and position to increase the visibility of your site.

Organisational Skills

The organisation should not be confined to your writing table is should be maintained in your Writings too. The calendar should be followed, to finish the works before the deadline.

Ability to get Focused

The ability to be focused is vital for a writer. While writing, keep away from distractions and focus on one task at a time. Firstly, write for smaller projects before taking up bigger projects.

Ability to Meet Deadlines

Completing the projects on time is very important in content writing. Delivering high-quality content on time shows the professionalism of the writer.


When writing content one should be aware that it is a communicating medium. If there is any query about the product on which to write, it should be clarified. Always give the facts to the targeted audience. The article is an official communication.


Editing of the written articles means rewriting, rephrasing or reconstructing the content. This will help to improve the quality of the content. Editing will help to correct the content – grammar, punctuations, spelling etc.

Deliver Quality 

Delivering good quality articles is crucial in Content writing. The writings should be grammatically correct. It should be engaging for the audience. For getting more work the quality of work should be maintained.

Staying in Demand

Stay up to date with the latest trend is crucial in the content writing industry. The active presence of the writer by frequent publishings from the writer on social media is an advantage.  Social media publishing plays a vital role in showcasing the work and staying in demand.

Importance of Content Writing

Content writing holds immense importance in most industries nowadays. With the onset of the pandemic, people rely on digital media for most of their activities and needs. The content writing industry is closely associated with content marketing and online businesses. The purpose of content writing is not only to increase the traffic to the blog but also persuing the customers to buy the products. In addition to it, writings help readers get information about the product. The content writers play a crucial role in all of these.

 In the past few years, internet rates have come down. Moreover, internet use by both consumers and businesses have increased. As a result, the number of businesses that started online during the pandemic is immense. In this digital era, good content will take your websites to the top of the list. Content writing has a boom in the digital industry now and in the upcoming years. The job opportunities in this field are increasing. 

Content Writing Basics


The content should include factual and information based on the research. The topics that have to be in the research are listed below.

Business Goals

 The writing should be planned on the goals to be accomplished. The goals should be measurable and well designed to reach the targeted audience.

Buyers persona 

 Buyers persona is the profile of the ideal customer of the company. This is depending on the market research and existing customers. There are specific online analytic tools to find them. 

Search intent –  search internet can be of 4 types.

  1. Informational
  2. Navigational
  3. Commercial
  4. Transactional

To understand the search intent of the reader, you should know the keywords that are targeted in the article.

Keyword Search and SEO

In today’s digital era content writing goes hand in hand with SEO.SEO is not only vital for ranking in search, but also for proper communications with the clients. 

Content Strategy

Content strategy refers to the way you intend to manage your marketing plans. The planning has to be on the content format, construction, performance and the channels in which it will be published.

Topic Research

Take time to do topic research. The research should be including the pain points of the targeted audience that can be found out by running an online survey. Monitor what’s performing well for others in the same field and make content correspondingly.


Start planning once sure about topics, goals, content format and marketing channels. Firstly make the calendar. The calendar allows the team to publish quality content before time. Communicating with the other team members is important. Planning allows posting consistency that helps for communicating with the customers effectively. 

The content plan is done on an excel sheet that should include the topic, goals, type or format of content, marketing channels, deadlines and other team members involved. This plan helps to communicate with the team members, publishing, promotion and updating of the contents.

Simultaneously certain priorities should be given while preparing the content plan. They are the frequency of content publishing, types of content to be published, who all can access the calendar, the stages to be gone through before publishing the content. The platform that should be used for the editorial content calendar.


Writing is the foundation for a content writer. As a matter of fact, to be a good content writer you should create something unique and trendy. This can be achieved by following certain rules. Below listed are the tips to improve your writings.

  • Contents should have a clear goal
  • Catchy titles
  • Make your readers hooked to the article from the first line
  • Make  copy easy to scan with enough subheadings, bullets and paragraphs
  • Insert videos, images, charts and social media stories
  • Consistency in your brand will help to connect with readers
  • Choose a fresh perspective on your topics
  • Storytelling can inspire, motivate and encourage your reader
  • Use data to give credibility to readers
  • Use call to action 
  • Avoid spelling and grammar mistakes

Who can be a content writer?

The basic requirement for a content writer is to have good writing skills, good research skills and good vocabulary. A minimum level of optimisation should be done by the writer. The writer should be able to plan and create brilliant engaging content. This can be done by researching, planning, organising, writing, editing and uniquely presenting the topics. Meeting the deadlines crucial in this field.

Below listed are the provisions needed for a content writer

  • A laptop or desktop that has an internet connection
  •  Microsoft word or google docs
  • Skype or Zoom for video calls
  •  Personal Planner to keep invoice details and deadlines

How can you be a content writer?

To become a content writer start by taking a content writing course. First and foremost you should be good at the language that you are choosing to write. As you finish learning the basics of content writing, start writing to improve your content.

First, write articles for small projects before taking up bigger assignments. A professional writer should be competent and skilful. Writers should be able to give content with good quality which comes with practice and reading. Research on the current trends, find a mentor, do internships to get experience, join a professional writer forum.


Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is ranked among the top content writing courses in India today. The course is 36 hours of online interactive sessions. Henry Harvin is providing opportunities to do projects in various fields such as learning skills, research writing, technical writing, academic writing. Henry Harvin provides internships after the course. 

Thousands of students who have done Henry Harvin content writing courses are getting placements in reputed firms. The coaching in Henry Harvin has taken students to great heights in their careers as content writers. They provide boot camps for the students that will help to understand the current trend and the market studies. Students who study in Henry Harvin are assisted in their placements.

 The training is excellent and the faculties are pioneers in the field. The faculties are good mentors for the students who are new to the field. The Henry Harvin content writing course will open new horizons in your writing career.

Salary of Content Writer

A freelancing Content writer can earn 20000 to 25000 INR per month. A beginner can earn somewhere around 8000 to 10000 INR per month. This is an approximate amount. There will be differences in pay. The pay of the writer depends on the city from where the work is assigned, the topics and quality of your work and from where the client is. As this is an online job you can attain clients from any part of the world. The job opportunities are good for content writers in the future.

Get outside of your comfort zone. Take the chance to do something new. It’s never too late to learn something in your life. Join the content writing course as the first step, As you know Well begun is half done.


1. What is content writing?

Content writing is writing blogs posts, articles, scripts for videos for companies, for digital marketing.

2. Is content writing the same as creative writing?

 No, Creative writing is storytelling through more imaginative techniques. Content writing is planing, researching, writing and editing on the digital platform.

3. Is there any course to become a content writer?

Yes, there are many institutes giving content writing courses. Henry Harvin provides one of the best Content writing courses in India.

4. Yes, There are many institutes giving content writing courses. Henry Harvin provides one of the best Content writing courses in India.

NO, content writing can be done in any language.

5. Who can become a content writer?

A person who can write content in a unique way that can make the reader hooked to it from the first line and bring traffic to their webpage can become a good content writer.

6. Can I be a part-time content writer?

Yes, there are opportunities to be a part-time content writer.

7. Is there an internship after the course?

Yes, Institutes like  Henry Harvin provides content writing course followed by an internship.


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