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How to Find Creative Writing Topics Ideas in 2023

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It might be difficult to come up with new creative writing topics, and full thought blocks are common. Here are some techniques/ suggestions for coming up with creative writing topics for your novel or any other type of writing. 

Keep a notebook – write down your observations, what happens to you and how you feel about it, tales you hear from friends, strange incidents on the news, gossip, and recollections. Any of these might be the starting point for a tale, novel, or poetry. You may also refer back to your diary while you write to uncover the details and descriptions that will help your scenes come to life. 

Listen in on conversations – I know it’s impolite… but only if you’re caught. Pay attention to what’s being said on the bus, at the coffee shop, or in the grocery. You’ll pick up bits and pieces of people’s lives to utilize in your creative writing. Consider what each individual saying anything is really thinking. Consider what sparked the dialogue and what may happen next. 

People-watching – Writers are naturally curious about other people’s lives. (This is a lovely way of expressing how nosy writers are.) So picture the narrative of the couple at the table next to you in the restaurant. Is this the first time you’ve met? Is one of them becoming tired of the other? Are you able to hear what they’re saying? What do their looks, body language, and voices reveal about them, and what do these aspects say about them? This is a veritable treasure mine of creative writing fodder. So put on your dark glasses and choose a busy spot to sit. 

Choose a name from the phone book and imagine a woman named Gertrude. Consider Jen and Shoshana, two women with similar names. Each of these titles is likely to conjure up a distinct mental image. Names elicit a rich set of connotations, and they may be used to create a fictitious persona. Then create an issue for the character to solve, and you’ve got the start of a story. What if Shoshana was confined within Gertrude’s body and life, or vice versa? 

Finding awesome creative topics

More character creation ideas may be found here. 

Keep an eye on the news – Aside from your own life and the lives of others you know, the news is a never-ending source of creative writing inspiration. Consider a local news story and envision it from the perspective of one of the persons involved. What would he or she have felt if he or she had been in that situation? Consider the incident as a scene: what would the sights, sounds, scents, and sensations have been? What would have occurred if that had happened? 

Linda Leopold Strauss, a children’s book author, received the inspiration for her work Really, Truly, Everything’s Fine from a newspaper story about a guy in her area accused of a white-collar crime. The article made her wonder whether the man had a family, what conversation they would be having at their breakfast table when the newspaper report broke, how the man’s child would respond to the news of her father’s crime, and how this would affect her life. As a result, a book was born. 

Re-enact a genuine incident – Start with something that occurred to you, a friend, or someone in the news,”What if…” you might think. What if your untalented pal had attempted it?make a living as a jazz musician? What if you poisoned your husband’s coffee instead of obtaining a divorce? Create an intriguing situation, then visualize how it would play out as realistically as possible before beginning to write. 

Use story starters – Creative Writing Now includes a ton of tale starters and fiction writing ideas that lets you develop creative writing skill. Also worth checking out is Bryan Cohen’s new e-book, 1,000 Creative Writing Prompts, which has 1,000 narrative beginnings on a variety of themes. 

Try the CWN story idea machine – it’s a fun and simple way to come up with new ideas. Obtain the narrative generator (Excel file) 

I  often think about what I want to write about by looking at my own life. I’d like to write a book on… 

The House’s Most Creative Room 

I lock myself in the bathroom when I need new ideas. I was being told by a close friend that the bathroom is the most creative area in the house… 

Famous Moments or Modern Myths 

This is a mystery guide that I primarily utilize. Let’s face it, most crime/mysteries you read in books have a “theme” to them. But there’s a problem… 

“What If?” is a fun game to play. Game 

Consider unbelievable possibilities that match any ordinary object you see or any ordinary person you meet, rather than concentrating on the obvious.

More Sources of Inspiration for Writers 

There are moments in life when we desire for more than life has to provide. As a teenager, I’ve always wished there was more to life than growing up,… 


Although I find inspiration in practically everything in life, from books to movies to real-world events. One of my favourite methods to generate new creative ideas is to… 

considering my history and current activities. I enjoy reflecting on my past and relating it to my current activities. For example, when my brother and I were little, we used to go to our grandfather’s house… 


Have you ever been stumped for a title? Have you ever struggled to come up with a tale idea? Keeping a book with titles you like is a great approach to come up with story ideas and titles. 

Choose one, anyone! 

If you genuinely don’t know what to write, this strategy can assist. It can help you get started, and you’ll have greater ideas for writing later on. 

Look for Inspiring Photographs 

I enjoy going to photography websites and bookmarking my favourite images. Make an account on a respectable website with a lot of images. Make a note of any images you like… 

Taking Aspects of Your Dreams and Applying Them 

Parts of nightmares that I’ve experienced are sometimes used in my writing. For example, I once dreamt about being pursued by a man with a knife. I awoke just as he was ready to murder me… 

On Paper Dreams 

People like myself are sometimes more creative when sleeping, therefore I jot down portions of my dreams that I enjoy and recall on top of a sheet of paper… 

Reading and Listening to Song Lyrics by Female Artists I Admire 

I adore the words that my favourite female artists have penned. The lyrics to India. arie’s songs are really inspirational. Her remarks inspire me and make me want to do more. 

On the Bus/Tube Conversations 

Surveillance on public transportation. Be ready with a pen and paper or your dictaphone.

What Assists Me — In a way

Joining a fun writer’s club in my neighbourhood helps me. I have learnt lots of intuitive ideas and they’ve become friends of mine. I also have a lot of books borrowed from them.

Play some music 

I listen to tunes that remind me of what I’m writing about whenever I need a creative boost. I’m now listening to Bruno Mars’ “Grenade”… 

Journaling is much more than just ideas… 

Most people would encourage you to keep a record of all your thoughts, which is a fantastic idea, but don’t forget about anything else! 1) Issues with the journal… 

Select an Image 

When I’m in a dilemma of getting new ideas, I have an approach that works really well for me. First, I choose a magazine (National Geographic,… 

At night, I enjoy going for a walk. 

When everything is peaceful save for bugs, owls, and other nocturnal animals, it just clears my mind. 

Dabble in Scrabble 

Make a list of all the terms that appear in the finished game, if you play Scrabble, and then put each word in a statement that must link to every other sentence so… 

Stories Are Suggestions in the Titles 

I occasionally know what my tale’s title will be before I know what the narrative is about. If you believe you’ve come up with a great title, it can really be used to fantastically build the story. 

Mistakes may be turned into narratives

Many of us would like things to operate smoothly most of the time,  we also recognize that “business as usual”… 

Thrift stores and junk shops 

Take a moment to recall when an unusual item or a piece of apparel was first purchased. Who designed it? Why was it purchased? What was going on… 

An Unframed Story 

When I’m stuck for ideas for a tale, I go to a large art gallery. There are great tales all around you, magnificently framed and waiting for you to… 

The Scream 

It all starts with a sound. I’ve never had an accent, and I’m more comfortable with my own speech.than they do to most people—though I think if you’re a native of a nation or region… 

Make a Tweet about yourself 

I receive creative ideas from everything I read, including novels, newspapers, and magazines. I’m a stay-at-home mom with a tough day job, so I don’t get to travel often… 

True-crime mysteries 

They’re all around us: on TV, in newspapers, on the Internet… unsolved crimes. Listening to the news broadcast give great ideas

Friends and Family Members

Listening to my children’s, husband’s, and friends’ everyday anecdotes and reminiscences typically give me wonderful beginning ideas for fiction, essays…

Listen to your subconscious 

Pay attention to your subconscious. Your subconscious mind is continuously churning forth new ideas. You don’t need to bring up Automatically, whatever you do, experience, see, or feel…


Dictionaries make excellent travelling companions. A world of amusement and inspiration awaits you as you browse the pages. I grab one and carry it to a location where I’ll be travelling, especially for fun.

Become Another Author 

It is easy to derive a lot of my inspiration from my favourite authors, such as Thomas Gavin or Thomas Harris. 

Live Life King Size 

I’m continually reflecting on my history. I’ve discovered that writing is where my future lies!


For around 20 minutes, I sit in a peaceful spot and think about the last 24 hours. I write about the event that had the most emotional impact on me at the time…

Take a look at the colour names of cosmetics… 

I like make-up and all things related to it! My newest guilty pleasure is lip gloss, and nail paint colours intrigue me. The names of the colours are also intriguing.

Allow nature to guide you

I’m sitting outside with my journal in the early morning, listening to the birds sing their lovely sounds. After that, I shut my eyes and experience the warmth of the sun. 

Combine and Contrast 

I have three boxes filled with snatches of paper. The first has male first names, the second has female first names, and the third has surnames. If I ever come upon a new name,…it becomes creative.

From the Perspective of Children 

Because they are curious, my children have supplied a multitude of ideas over the years. They have a never-ending list of questions to answer concerning various topics. These queries help a lot in building creative ideas.

The Yellow Pages (Yellow Pages) 

I would start leafing through the phone directory when I needed magazine/newspaper feature ideas to get the kettle boiling. There are companies out there that you may join… 

The Internet is a gift from God to authors! 

I enjoy going online and searching through newspaper archives for obituaries. They weren’t modern ones, but ones from the 17th or 18th centuries.

Antiques Stores to Visit 

Antique stores and thrift stores are valuable destinations to get a sense for a character. What type of person owns this thing, I wonder? Why did she throw it away? 

Small Towns and Back Roads

I like going on road vacations with my family. I stare at houses, businesses, and valleys as we go along rural roads and past little villages. A number of things pop up in my mind like, Who lives in the house? How exactly do they manage things without much amenities?

Makeup five sentences. 

I write children’s stories, yet there are times when I arrive at my writing time empty-handed, certain that I would never create another… 

Take a look at your library! 

You can peek at the titles of books without having to open them in the library (or bookstore). Then concoct a tale that corresponds to one of the titles. 

Music might inspire you to write creatively 

Is listening to music inspiring anybody else to write? Classical music just facilitates the flow of thoughts. And when I’m working, I always listen to Beethoven. 

Poem ideas from the unconscious 

I got an email one day, and the name of the corporation that gave it to me kept flashing through my head. I sat down and wrote a couple hours later… 

Newspaper stories may be a gold mine 

Newspaper stories, true news pieces, have provided me with inspiration. I simply attempt to visualize myself in the specified circumstances — how would I feel if I were in that situation. 

If you’re looking for short tale ideas, team up with a friend

On the phone, my sister and I discuss short story ideas from time to time. After one of us has an idea, we discuss how the plot may go. …

Here is a perfect online learning platform for Creative Writing: 

Henry Harvin Creative Writing Course:

This course gives authors the tools they need to put their creativity into words while learning a fascinating language. Students will be able to break free from their real-life constraints and extend their vocabulary, invent new ideas, envision beyond their pre-conceived beliefs, and break the monotony in their minds as a result of the course. 

This practical creative writing course is meant to get you enthused about developing your own projects in the four categories of professional creative writing: fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, and drama. The course teaches students how to use creativity and imagination to create a backdrop for a tale, formulate a notion, establish plots and subplots, and design a story sequence that leads to a climax. 

This creative writing course aims to develop your writing skills via the use of idioms, similes, metaphors, dialogues, and other strategies. The goal of creative writing classes is not simply to acquaint students with the curriculum, but also to stir up emotions in order to elicit a reaction from the writer. The students gradually improve their creative writing talents and display professional creative writing habits. 

Advantages of Learning 

• Achieve practical learning through a series of genuine writing exercises designed to help you gain the skills you need • Discover and publish your unique writer’s voice 

• Master a variety of writing approaches, styles, and specialized abilities 

• Discover and share your unique voice 

• Learn the fundamentals of creative writing

 • Become a creative writing enthusiast who follows the basic guidelines in his or her writings Demonstrate a thorough awareness of English literary masterpieces and the role they played in the development of fiction and novel/book writing 

• Write poetry, tales, blogs, or essays using creative writing concepts Master the abilities that aid in the creation of excellent literature. 

• In your writing, create fascinating characters who become charming real-life personalities. 

• Construct appealing frameworks that form the characters’ worlds • Master the skill of framing engaging narratives that can entice a reader to crown your piece of writing 

Creative Writers’ Must-Have Skills 

A talented creative writer needs to have the following qualities in addition to strong writing skills in order to begin professional creative writing: 

• Language abilities (listening, speaking, and reading) • Self-discipline and motivation • Strong creativity • Abundant vocabulary • Excellent research skills • Communication skills • Ability to fulfil deadlines • Perseverance and tenacity • Basic technological know-how 

What will you learn after taking this course? 

You will become a proficient writer after finishing this creative writing course and will be able to perceive: 

• Creative writing’s four genres. 

• How do you use effective creative writing techniques? 

• How do you balance a plethora of writing notions in order to apply them to your own work? 

• How do you analyze your personal skills and weaknesses when it comes to writing projects? 

Furthermore, you will be aware of a myriad of digital venues and methods via which you may confidently share your work with others. 

Were you aware of it? 

• The writing style of William Shakespeare’s, which made him one of the world’s greatest authors • JK Rowling’s recipe for success, which generated the best-selling book series in history • Quentin Tarantino’s 5 ways of writing, which propelled him to the top 100 screenwriters of all time 

The Different Types of Creative Writings which are being trained

It’s all about putting your thoughts or imagination into words in creative writing. To accomplish so, a creative writer can utilize any words, phrases, or approaches. All he has to do now is vividly articulate what he imagines. The following are some examples of different types of creative writing: 

• Memoir 

• Personal essays 

• Poetry 

• Plays 

• Lyrics 

• Speeches 

• Scripts 

• a work of fiction ( stories, novels, etc) 

Who is eligible to enroll?

• Housewives / Retired or Unemployed persons 

• Digital Marketers / Marketers / Sales / Business Development experts

 • Professors / Teachers / Trainers Anyone who wants to improve his writing abilities or develop an interest in creating their own innovative works. 

Here is a video of Creative Writing tutorials for beginners.

What are the best topics for creative writing? 

Some of the valued topics for creative writing in English 
• Let me introduce myself… 
• My sister/brother. 
• My father’s/mother’s job. 
• My best friend. 
• People I like. 
• Problems of young people. 
• What I think about fashion.
• My strangest dream. 

How do you come up with creative writing ideas?

Few tricks to come Up With Great Story Ideas 
1. Begin by studying the Six Elements of Fiction. The blank page might be intimidating. 
2. Begin with a story you’d want to read. 
3. Make a change to an existing story idea. 
 4. Start With a Creative Writing Prompt. … 
5. Find Inspiration in Wordplay. … 
 6. Let Yourself Experience Boredom. … 
7. Start From Real Life. 

How to develop a daily writing habit ?

First, set up a writing space. … 
1. Start each day by journaling. … 
2. Set a word count goal. …
3. Set aside writing time every single day, without exception. … 
4. Don’t start with a blank page if you can help it. … 
5. Include brainstorming sessions in your writing process. 

How to Improve Your Writing Skills 

1 Write Every Day. … 
 2 Create an Outline. … 
 3 Read What You Want to Write About. … 
 4. Choose Simple Words. … 
 5 Convey Your Message Easily. … 
 6 Avoid Filler Words. … 
 7 Keep Sentences and Paragraphs Short. … 
 8 Invest in an Editing Tool

What are three qualities of good writing? 

No writer can keep every single ingredient in mind all at once. Instead, it’s easier to consider three key qualities: structure, ideas, and correctness. All writing—from paragraphs to essays to reports, stories, and so on—should exhibit these qualities. 

How do I initiate writing as a hobby? 

1. read as much as you can. … 
2. invest in your vocabulary. … 
3. listen to songs. … 
4. don’t pressurise yourself. … 
5. I recently subscribed to and every day I receive an email with a new word. 
6. be critical of what you write. … 
7. use some application to store your write ups so that you don’t lose them. … 
8. send your write ups to others.


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  • I found this article on creative writing topics and ideas to be incredibly helpful. The suggestions provided are fresh and unique, sparking my imagination. I’m excited to explore these ideas and enhance my writing skills.

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