Top 10 Korean Language Courses in India 

Korean language courses in India aim to create a value pool in the language domain thereby enhancing the efficacy of the professionals working in this domain. But, the million-dollar question is why the Korean language? The Korean language gained popularity over the last two decades owing to many aspects like K-drama, k-pop, and a booming economy. This also propagated the career and upskilling in this arena and eventually opened the gate to multiple opportunities. Here, in this post, I will make you familiar with the top 10 Korean language courses in India and what they offer.

Before we jump into the list, let us know why Korean language courses are important.

Significance of Korean language courses in India

The Korean language is a category 5 language according to the FSI ( Foreign Service Institute). In layman’s terms, it is categorized as a super-hard language. Since learning this language increase your career mileage, many Korean language courses in India can help you master the language effortlessly. Learning a foreign language in itself has many benefits, so why not one of the most rewarding languages i.e the Korean language.

Off to the list: 

Top 10 Korean language courses in India

Henry Harvin

It is a commonplace knowledge that Henry Harvin is an exceptional Institute providing courses to enhance career deftness and upskilling. With numerous courses in multifarious domains, Henry Harvin is a reputed ed-tech company in India and the USA. The online courses offered at Henry Harvin are regarded as groovy and empirical. Henry Harvin’s Korean language course, like other courses, is one of the best online Korean language courses in India.

Basic elements of this course:

  • Live Online Interactive training sessions
  • Henry Harvin’s Korean language course has three levels namely The beginners level 1& 2, The Intermediate Levels 3 & 4, and The Advanced Levels 5 & 6.
  • The duration of the course for these levels is different which is 56 hours each for Levels 1 & 2, and 66 hours for the other levels. 
  • The curriculum is designed by experts from the domain and is in sync with the TOPIK EXam.Also, it incorporates listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills relevant to that level.
  • The 9-in-1 program consists of 9 elements cramped into a single course. The nine elements are training, Bootcamps, Hackathons, 1 year Gold Membership, e-learning, certification, Internship, Projects, and Placement.
  • There is a wide grid of learning and career benefits associated with Henry Harvin’s Korean language course.

 Learn Korean in India

Learn Korean in India is another prominent platform exclusively for Korean language courses in India. It offers courses for all the six levels of the TOPIK Exam. In addition to these, there are two courses in the Korean language i.e 1-year online program on Korean translation and Interpretation, and a self-study course on TOPIK Exam preparation.

Native Korean teachers help in polishing the learner’s speaking skills.

Scientific methods of teaching and Homework make these courses extra efficient in imparting all the necessary skills.

Christ University

Another reputed name among the providers of Korean language courses in India is Christ University in Bangalore. They offer courses in many streams and at Graduation, postgraduation, and Doctoral levels. The 

The Korean language course is divided into three parts with four lessons each in Parts 1 & 2, and six lessons in part 3. This course is mainly intended to equip the learners to understand and converse effectively in Korean.

Nalanda University-top 10 Korean language courses in India

This name needs no introduction as it carries the heritage of one of the old International Universities in India. Nalanda University was incepted in 2010 under the Nalanda University Act 2010 of the Indian Parliament. 

The language courses at Nalanda include Sanskrit at two levels and the Korean language. “Introductory Korean” is the name of the Korean language course in Nalanda and aims to aid postgraduate students in researching the Korean language and culture. Also, it helps the learners to develop writing, listening, and reading skills in the language.

The Language Network

The name of the institute in itself says it all. It offers courses in many languages, one being the Korean language course in India. Based in Mumbai, this institute offers online classes in the Korean language. They give training for both adults and children. Also, they guide clearing the TOPIK Exam.

Personal learning, group learning, and duo learning are the main pluses of this course wherein you can opt to have 1 to 1 session or in a group or 1 to 2 in a session respectively. 

The duration of the course depends on the level and ranges from two months to two years.

Coursera- top 10 Korean language courses in India

Another brand name in the world of online courses is Coursera. They offer variegated courses in many disciplines. As such, there are 10 Korean language courses at Coursera which is one of the largest providers of Korean language courses in India. 

The course duration ranges from 1 month to three months. Grammar, speaking skills, listening skills, etc are the main focus of these courses and they exhibit some awesome reviews for these courses.

Forefront Academy

Forefront Academy is based in Bangalore and provides training and translation services to various corporates as well as individuals. The Korean language course from the forefront is curated to meet all the requirements of all the levels from 1 to 6, thereby helping the learners master the language as well as culture.

Both online and offline modes are available and accordingly, you can choose weekdays or weekend batches as well. The duration of the courses is different for the levels and ranges from 50 hours to 200 hours.

InKo center

 InKo Center was opened to promote the INdo-Korean relationship, in the presence of great dignitaries and representatives from Korea and India in the year 2006. This center is majorly supported by the TVS group and the Hyundai group. The Korean language course in India from InKo center is designed specifically for business purposes and so named as well.

The course is phased into three, the first phase for training employees to handle Korean projects and clients through telecommuting, and so. The second phase focuses on basic grammar and writing. The third phase is for the overall skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. The duration of the course is 3 months for each of the six levels.

British School of Languages-top 10 Korean language courses in India

BSL promotes foreign languages and cultures through its courses. They offer courses in French, Spanish, Japanese, and many more in addition to the online Korean language course in India. Internationally certified trainers teach the language and post completion of the course, the learner gets a free certificate. This course also helps and guides you to prepare for the TOPIK Exam. The learner can request the details of the Korean language course through an e-mail.

Big Ben The language school

Big Ben language school started off to promote the English language skills and expanded to other foreign languages. The Korean language course at BIg Ben Is one of the most comprehensive Korean language courses in India. All the six levels of the Korean language, with options for the classroom as well as online training, are available here. Their focus is mainly on promoting the Korean language and helping each learner acquire the desired level of proficiency.

Let us look into tidbits of various other features of these top 10 Korean language courses in India

  • Course fees: The fees for the above courses range from INR 2000 to INR 45000
  • Course duration:  The duration of the course depends on the level of proficiency and the institute offering these courses. Generally, it ranges from  3 months to 3 years. Also, some institutes count on an hourly basis.
  • Salary after doing a Korean Language course in India: There are many job roles after doing a Korean language course in India. Moreover, these statistics depend on the level of proficiency gathered by a learner. The salary for the various roles in the Korean language domain ranges from INR 2 lakh to 12 lakh.
  • Eligibility to do a Korean language course in India: Again, this depends on the type, of course, the person wants to pursue like a Certificate, Diplom, Graduate level, Postgraduate level, or even Doctoral level. Most of the Certificate courses in the Korean language can be done by anyone and there are no eligibility criteria. Even children aged 14 and above can do a Certificate course in the Korean language.
  • Job Roles after doing a Korean language course in India: The major job profiles in the Korean language domain are Translators, Instructors, Interpreters, Tutors, Korean Advisors, etc.
  • Companies hiring Korean language experts: Hyundai, LG, POSCO, Samsung, KIA, Travel and Tourism companies, etc.


The Korean language is gaining popularity and its significance is escalating at a faster pace. This gives birth to the many opportunities in this domain. So, mastering the language and making a career out of it is beneficial in many fields of work. The list of top 10 Korean language courses in India, as compiled above would give an abstract idea of what are the various options and what each institute offers. Hope this post helps you gain stimulation in choosing the best-suited Korean language course in India.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I learn Korean all by myself?

Ans: Yes, learning Korean all by yourself is possible, but mastering the language is difficult. Also, self-paced learning would not provide the quality of training that the above list of top 10 Korean language courses in India can offer.

  1. Is there a good scope for a good career in the Korean language?

Ans; There is immense scope for a career in the Korean language. The above courses not only train the learners in the language but also equip them with career-relevant skills as well.

  1. Will these courses help me study in Korea?

Ans: Yes, these courses would help you study in Korea. They guide the learner in mastering the language and guide them to attain the desired career or study in Korea opportunity.

  1. Do the above courses help gain Korean speaking skills?

Ans: Yes, most of these courses from the list of the top 10 Korean language courses in India help the learners develop and improve their speaking skills.

  1. Is the Korean language fun to learn?

Ans: The Korean language is very distinct from the Indo-European languages like English, French, Spanish, etc. So, it is fun to learn the Korean language and understand the Korean culture as well.

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