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Top 10 Korean Language Courses in Bangalore

Korea is known for its Morning Calm. Korea is famous for its automobiles, cinema, technology, and military might. North Korea is a major coal exporter, whereas South Korea is the world’s 15th largest market economy. South Korea is a high-income country with a purchasing power parity ranking of 12th and there is a great demand for Korean language course in Bangalore. In writing and speech, the Korean language differs between the two countries.

Korean is the official language of both North and South Korea, with around 75 million people speaking it as their first language. Many words are taken from English in the Korean language. However, they must be used with caution because English words may have an entirely different meaning in Korean. For example, instead of using words like ‘you’ or my,’ one should use the person’s ‘name/title’ or ‘our.’

There are several extraordinarily intriguing and noble quotations in the language. When referring to seniors or leaders, the Korean language is quite vehement about its honorific system, and one must be very careful. Saturi and Bang’eon are two minor dialects of Korean.

On the other hand, the Seoul dialect is the mainstream dialect spoken in both North and South Korea. Many people want to learn Korean for various reasons, including acquiring the best-paying language employment and improving their language career chances. It can be anything from a career or higher education in South Korea to immigration, business, travel, cultural aspects, or the desire to rekindle a long-forgotten interest.

Thanks to South Korea’s flourishing economy and growing Indo-Korea links in the twenty-first century, the professional opportunities in Korea have increased significantly. Finding the top Korean language institute or learning centre in India, on the other hand, is difficult. Therefore, I recommend that you join the one with a strong reputation for delivering outcomes.

Why Korean language course in Bangalore? 

Bangalore is one of the greatest cities in India for career possibilities and education. This city is regarded as a wellspring of knowledge and a prime location for professional advancement. Bangalore, according to educational gurus, is the college powerhouse.

The following are the top four reasons why students prefer to study in Bangalore:

An academic environment that astonishes: Do you want to enrol in a reputable university for further education? If that’s the case, make your way to Bangalore. Here are some of the universities that will propel you to new heights. These colleges can help you advance your career by providing high-quality options.

Extracurriculars: On a college campus, students can find a variety of volunteer programmes, tennis clubs, dance, and music classes. Aside from academic culture, you have a fantastic opportunity to discover new things from people at Bangalore’s colleges that you won’t find in other states’ colleges.

Climate: Bangalore has a beautiful environment with a lot of rain. The temperature is slightly more relaxed in the summer than in other cities. This makes life easier for migrants.

Placement: Bangalore is India’s IT hub. Therefore you’ll have the highest chance of getting a job here. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about finding work after graduation because there is something for everyone.

1. Henry Harvin Institute- Korean language course in Bangalore

The Korean language course is meant to help students understand subjects and vocabulary. You will also discover grammatical ideas to help you improve and update your skills. Henry Harvin will aid you with your Korean language skills.

Korean language tests are divided into several levels:

  • The TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean) is a written test that assesses non-native speakers’ competence. The test assesses Korean language skills in reading, writing, and listening comprehension. There are three stages of testing.
  • Beginners Level 1 & 2 consists of two sections: reading and listening to fundamental Korean vocabulary grammar and learning more about the Korean language. ​​​​​ \sIntermediate Levels 3 and 4 deal with the Korean language and are divided into three sections: reading, hearing, and writing.
  • Advanced Levels 5 and 6 are concerned with the skills of reading, writing, and listening to sentence structure and formation, as well as vocabulary in general.

There are nine in one course

Training: Live online interactive session with two-way communication

  • Level 1: 56 hours and above; 
  • Level 2: 56 hours and up
  • Level 3 – 56 hours and up 
  • Level 4 – 56 hours and up
  • Level 5 – 66 hours and up
  • Level 6 – 66 hours and up

Get Korean language training course certification from Henry Harvin ®, a Govt. of India certified and award-winning institute. The benefits are:

  • Projects: Ability to complete tasks in the Korean language and implement them and other services.
  • Internship: To gain hands-on experience with the Korean language.
  • Placement: After successful completion, you will be assured of a job for one year.
  • E-learning: Take advantage of two sets of tools and methodologies, as well as video content, assessments, and more.
  • Bootcamps: Over the following 12 months, there will be regular boot camp sessions.
  • Hackathons: Participate in #AskHenry hackathons and contests for free.
  • Get a one-year gold Henry Harvin language academy membership for the Korean language training course.

Benefits of Gold Membership

  • Take advantage of Henry Harvin® Language Academy’s 1 year Gold Membership, which includes E-Learning access via recorded videos, games, and projects. CPDSPe research
  • 1 year of free Bootcamp sessions
  • Earn the prestigious Henry Harvin® Alumni status and join the prestigious 3,00,000+ alumni worldwide. Internships with Henry Harvin or associated firms are guaranteed.
  • Weekly, tens of thousands of job openings are advertised.
  • During the programme, students will work on real-world projects.

Advantages of Learning

  • Learn Korean as a second language to expand your horizons intellectually.
  • In the Korean crowd, you should be able to express yourself clearly.
  • Understand the fundamentals of sentence form.
  • Learn the fundamentals of word construction.
  • Obtaining a degree in the  Korean language course in Bangalore will help you expand your business opportunities.
  • Improve the way you communicate routine actions.

Career Benefits

  • Improve your career and employment prospects by taking advantage of a rare opportunity for advancement.
  • Better job prospects and job security
  • Henry Harvin Education can provide you with a recognised certification for a Korean language course.
  • After completing the Korean language training programme, you can work as an instructor or a translator.
  • After completing the  Korean language course in Bangalore, you can work as a highly compensated freelancer or a full-time professional.
  • Become a content writer or editor for a multinational corporation.
  • Professional and technological growth can help you improve your resume and LinkedIn profile.
  • In the field of the Korean language, connect with millions of individuals all over the world.

Website: https://www.henryharvin.com/korean-language-course-bangalore 

2. Language Lab Academy- Korean language courses in Bangalore

At Language Lab Academy, they think that learning a new language broadens one’s horizons and enriches one’s mind. They are experts in language learning for students of all ages! In Spanish, Chinese Mandarin, French, Hindi, Arabic, American Sign Language, and more, they offer a variety of language, art, and music programmes. They’re here to assist their students in embarking on a new adventure that will enrich their lives and open up all of life’s possibilities!.

Their team comprises highly qualified language professionals whose goal is to assist students in learning a new language. Unlike many dual-language programmes, they are an utterly immersive language school that focuses on language acquisition.

Website: https://languagelab.world/ 

3. Langma School of Languages- Korean language courses in Bangalore

Langma School of Languages is a major foreign language institution that provides students with online language instruction in Mandarin, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Korean, and other languages in a friendly setting. All of their employees have received extensive training and hold a university diplomas. Their students have raved about their innovative teaching methods.

They are proud of their high success rate and long history of providing high-quality education to groups, individuals, and corporations of all backgrounds, abilities, and strata.

Website: https://langmainternational.com/ 

4. Prizma Academy- Korean language courses in Bangalore

Prizma Academy is a Korean language school that focuses on improving speaking, listening, reading, and writing communication skills. Prizma Academy’s experienced Korean language faculty members hold a master’s degree or higher and a Korean teacher’s certificate. They constantly research and develop texts and teaching methods to ensure that students receive the best possible education.

Live sessions in a real-time environment and student-focused communicative teaching approaches are included in Korean language courses in Bangalore. The study materials and class activities are tailored to the specific needs of each batch of students, and they are regularly monitored and adjusted to keep up with their progress.

Website: https://prizmaacademy.com/online-korean-language-course/ 

5. Christ University (Department of Languages)- Korean language courses in Bangalore

The Department of Languages, which has existed since the institution’s foundation in 1969 and is part of the Deanery of Humanities and Social Sciences, now provides a variety of foreign language courses  includes Korean language course in Bangalore. Currently, the centre offers Basic Korean Level I and Level 2 for six months each year, from July to December and January to June.

Website: https://christuniversity.in/humanities-and-social-sciences/languages/korean 

6. Bengaluru Central University (Centre for Global Studies)- Korean language courses in Bangalore

The newly created Bengaluru Central University (BCU) has launched the Centre for Global Languages (CGL), which houses 11 different foreign languages. The CGL offers a wide selection of Korean programmes in Bangalore, ranging from beginning to advanced. The merit list/cut-off determines admittance to short-term Korean courses.

Website: https://www.bcu.ac.in/ 

7. Korean Language Classes- Korean language courses in Bangalore

Mibang is a Bangalore-based freelance Korean language trainer. Mibang had her Korean language training in South Korea and has lived and worked in the country for over ten years. They provide Korean language training for students, employees, and language lovers at their facility.

They adopt Sogang National University’s course curriculum, a standard curriculum format recommended for foreign nationals to develop listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills. They also use web-based tools for interactive classes in offline and online sessions for easy and practical learning.

Website: https://koreanlanguageclass.com/#summary 

8. Cambridge Academy of English- Korean language courses in Bangalore

The Cambridge Academy of English is constantly researching and producing textbooks and teaching methods for practical instruction. Live sessions in a real-time environment and student-focused communicative teaching approaches are included in  Korean language course in Bangalore. The study materials and class activities are tailored to the specific needs of each batch of students, and they are regularly monitored and adjusted to keep up with their progress.

Website: https://cambridgeacademyofenglish.com/courses/Korean-Language 

9. RIA Institute of Technology- Korean language course in Bangalore

RIA Institute of Technology is a rapidly expanding information technology firm that has expanded its services to include software development, corporate training, and staffing to meet the needs of a diverse client base. The organisation is run by a group of specialists with extensive experience in various fields.

The core management team is youthful, dynamic, and results-oriented, with a clear goal of excelling in the field of business they operate in and is dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction in all parts of their work. They are an ISO-accredited training centre. They provide courses in Korean, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, and other foreign languages.

Website: https://www.riainstitute.in/ 

10. Udemy- Korean language courses in Bangalore

We provide a variety of  Korean language course in Bangalore for beginners and expert learners, assisting you in ordinary conversations and addressing a large audience during presentations or official meetings. Korean is not easy to master, but the fundamentals may be taught fast, and the language can be mastered with practice. They devote close attention to each student and provide them with solid grammar, vocabulary, and practical language skills.

Korean has strict grammar rules, and the language varies depending on the speaker’s and listeners’ status and age. Their native Korean instructors will teach you the fundamentals of the language and how to maintain appropriate body language during a discussion.

Website: https://www.udemy.com/topic/korean-language/ 


A large migrant community bolsters the city’s global spirit. However, more impressive is that a significant portion of this group is well educated. Indeed, the city has the unique distinction of drawing the most important number of highly educated migrants, with 47.7%.

People who travel from different parts of the country can feel at peace because the population is mainly heterogeneous. Students from far-flung northern and northeastern regions, in particular, feel at ease travelling to Bangalore to pursue their academic goals.

So there you have it: Bangalore’s incredible ascension to the pinnacle of India’s higher education environment. Are you prepared to make Bangalore your permanent residence?

If you’re looking for Korean language course in Bangalore, Henry Harvin Institute is best among the top language schools in the city. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the benefits of pursuing your education in Bangalore?

Bangalore employs a large number of people. This city is forward-thinking and constantly improving. You can take advantage of any chance, and this city will assist you. It allows you to highlight your skills, capitalise on your strengths, and expand your knowledge, experience, and abilities.

2. Is it expensive for students to study in Bangalore?

It will cost you between Rs 1200 and Rs 3000. If you eat out, especially bachelors and students, you can choose for a mess, which will cost you between Rs 3000 and Rs 4000 per month.

3. Is it true that Bangalore is less expensive than Mumbai?

Compared to Mumbai, Bangalore offers 6.22 per cent lower consumer goods pricing. In Bangalore, rental and other consumer prices are 26.18 per cent lower than in Mumbai. In comparison to Bangalore, Mumbai has 57.23 per cent higher rental rates. Compared to Mumbai, restaurant prices in Bangalore are 21.74 per cent lower.

4. Is it possible to learn  Korean language course in Bangalore in a month?

While becoming proficient in Korean in ten days is unlikely, learning the fundamentals of speaking in a short period and progressing to fluency is. Enroll in Henry Harvin’s premier educational platform to improve your learning.

5. Is Korean more straightforward than Japanese?

Korean is not a tonal language like other East Asian languages. This means that regardless of your accent, the term’s meaning remains the same. As a result, learning Korean is significantly easier than studying Japanese. The Japanese alphabet comprises 46 letters. 

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