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Top Summer Schools in India for Undergraduates: 2023 [Updated]

Intro about the Summer Schools

Summer schools were not known when I was young. Summer was meant to be a freebie and fun-filled. Summer always reminds me of playing outside the house with friends and visits to my relatives. Even though summer is quite hot and full of humidity.

Still, the summer is always beautiful. But nowadays summer has become a parcel of increasing the inner productivity. Summer schools offer many intensive courses for only few weeks, through which students are bound to learn new things.

So, the concept of Summer Schools has transferred the holiday period into fun-filled learning. Summer Schools are raising their bars every year by providing many crash courses starting from cooking, swimming, dancing, skating, etc.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year has shown a drastic increase in the Summer schools.

Let me walk you through some of the top 10 Summer Schools in India in 2022.

1. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is ranked as one of the best top 10 Summer Schools in India in the year 2022. This institute is rewarded with prestigious certification courses amid internship programs. The institute is ranked amongst the top 500 Global Edtech firms companies with 500+ award-winning trainers and 200+ courses.

The institute focuses to master the student with the upcoming tools and trending techniques to analyze the data. 

The institute has 9 in the 1-course program – 

  • Various training courses with 100% practical knowledge
  • Find your name tagged with Globally Certified Hallmark 
  • Implementation of your learning via live projects
  • Internship programs
  • Placement assistance support
  • Ask Henry Hackathons are also available

Salient features of the Henry Harvin as Summer School

  • To date, almost 3,000,000 students are trained
  • 9 + years of service in the educational domain
  • Almost 5000+ classes are conducted monthly
  • ‘Henry Harvin is tied up with 180+ Corporate partners
  • The institute is connected with around 110+ colleges 
  • Nearly 2237 google reviews are available for this site

Some of the Summer School courses at Henry Harvin

  • Content Writing Course – The course ranges for about 40 hours of class. The curriculum emphasizes on language skills, internet skills, blogs, email writing, content strategy, copywriting, and many more…
  • Creative Writing Course – This course is structured to give you a better understanding of how to articulate your interest in the areas like fiction, non-fiction, poetry and drama. A snoop of creativity and imagination is focused inside you to conceptualize a thought, form plots and subplots, and frame a sequence of the story.
  • Teen MBA Course – The course is for around 28hours. The course is custom tailored for your learnings and understanding the business world in two phases: Building business skills and the other is Specialization (CMO, CFO, CTO).
  • Digital Marketing Course – The duration of the course  is approximately 40 hours. The course is well-planned to help you reach your career goals in the technology-driven digital world. The purpose of the program is to offer the Certificated Advanced Digital Marketer(CADM).
  • Python Development Course – The course program is around 42 hours from the best-experienced trainers across the world. The curriculum includes learning the lexical syntax in Python and advanced topics like custom functions, sorting algorithms, etc.

2. Oxford Summer Courses

The time has when you don’t need to visit the UK to experience the Oxford teaching. Oxford Summer Schools offer you learning in small, world-class groups, taught by experienced Oxford tutors. This makes the learning exciting and fun.

You meet like-minded friends of all ages which enables to deal with the any kind of academic world and improve your critical thinking skills through seminars or activities that are conducted here. The course also includes certification and a letter of recommendation.

Here summer school courses are designed as per the age limits like 12- 14 and 15-18. The subjects for the age group of 12-14 years are Business, Medicine and Technology. The subjects for the age group of 15-18 years are Business and Enterprise, Computer Science and coding, Creative writing, Law, Engineering, Medicines, and many more.

3. Amity University for Summer School Programme

The institute is also ranked as one of the top 10 Summer Schools in India. Multiple careers and courses are available here, to pursue the one in which you have the interest to suit your aptitude. Usually, the courses are planned for two weeks in the online program.

A wide range of the programs from conventional to future-focused enriches this institute. You can enroll and get registered through the online application available on the website. A team leads or a mentor is allotted to each student for one-to-one interaction and counseling. Every day/week projects and assignments are given which are needed to be submitted in time.

The course curriculum includes –

  • Science and Technology
  • Specialized Programmes
  • Communication
  • Management
  • Film and Drama
  • Creative Programmes

4. Flame University

The Summer Immersion program at Flame University is introduced as a part of the Summer schools in India. The program can be an ideal choice for students interested in curriculum disciplines and academic credits. Flame University’s MBA is dedicated to designing management professionals who are capable in their selected domain, sensitive to the environment and culture, responsible to the communities, and ethical in all senses.

So, I can say that the institute has designed the course curriculum to provide students with the necessary skills and academic knowledge to enable them to play a vital role in the field of their choice.

5. Plaksha University

The Plaksha University has introduced a program called “Young Technology Scholars(YTS)” for Summer schools in India and has designed the summer school program for two weeks. The program focuses on exposing the students to real-world engineering and problem-solving techniques. In addition to hands-on acquisition and interdisciplinary course material, students can discover techniques for solving complex problems on their own.

The institute is designed to roll the coming generation of students into the view generators and turn them into the dauntless samples of their institute. YTS invites scholars across the world to enhance the journey of each with engaging activities. This kind of exposure helps students to fill their curriculum of learning and build their educational foundation for hands-on learning activities.

6. Tribes For Good Summer Program

Tribes for Good deals with the social good challenges that will make you step out of your comfort zone whilst making a difference in you and society. The program in this organization involves students, professionals, and retirees. By encountering these challenges, you may earn the credits and get a Social Good Challenge certificate from the organization. The duration of the program is for 2-10 hours.

During the duration of the 6-week program, students should focus on –

  • Laying down the context and base to bring all students on the same pace
  • Meet the social leaders to learn about their experiences in interaction with the NGOs too.
  • Virtual fieldwork to meet the beneficiaries and understand their stories to take necessary steps
  • Start learning to broaden the social network by meeting with the leaders, professionals, and other students

7. International Institute for Higher Education Research & Capacity Building (IIHEd)

The institute has the “Aspire India Scholars Program” designed for Indian high school students to help them guide during their transition to higher education.

It is a two-week program where students can learn experimental learning on the eight interdisciplinary modules through lectures and laboratory sessions. During the AISP, students have the opportunity to meet young ambassadors of India – achievers from multiple fields like social entrepreneurship, digital media, sustainability, communication, blockchain, artificial intelligence, etc.

The course framework involves subjects like Business Management, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship (BLE), Economy, Public Policy and Development (EPD), Climate Change and Environment, Sustainability (CES), Law, Justice, and Democracy (LJD), and many more…

8. Inspirit AI 

Inspirit AI is the top 10 Summer school in India offering online classes for middle school and high school students. Students at this institute are exposed to the defining technology called AI. AI(Artificial Intelligence) is everywhere around us like voice-activated devices, smartphone face recognition, autonomous vehicles, etc.

The summer school course program here is designed and taught by a squad of alumni and graduate learners from Stanford and MIT, and supplies guidance on commencing AI projects, pursuing AI ventures, and preparing for college.

Some of the featured projects of AI 

  • Social Good Project – Here students can learn about some of the familiar projects like self-driving cars, Alexa, and Face ID recognition. One mentor is allotted to a group of three students to impact the AI project.
  • Data Science Pipeline for a Real-world problem – Here students are asked to implement the computer vision or natural language processing models using Python and its associated AI libraries to build the project. This will help students to understand real-world problems

9. SHRM Biotechnologies

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the SHRM has changed completely to the online mode of education. The online program is designed to serve students better understanding, learning, and appreciation of the technical know-how of the drugs.

The program also involves thoughtful assignments and case studies for the students. SHRM has the manpower to acquire the right combination of technical understanding as well as managerial expertise needed for commercial and business.

The choice of the Summer school program defines the wide range of studies and career options as identified by the core strengths and confidence of the individual students.

The course is designed for 2 weeks with fee payments of Rs. 7,500 + GST (total Rs. 8,850) along with the early bird discount of 15% and scholarship discount of 30%.

10. King’s College London

The King’s College London is one of the top 10 Summer Schools in India. The Summer school program in this institution is designed with a curriculum having an introduction to the basic concepts of power, democracy in IR, and many more studies.

The course involves class discussions, role-plays, and many other class activities. The online portal has significant access to a wide range of online course materials to analyze your topic of interest. The course aids multiple assignments during the study.

They emphasize that the candidates from contrasting disciplines like History, Mathematics, Commerce, Journalism, and Law to become familiar with each other.

They have a unique masterclass to provide an opportunity for academic experts, early-career investigators, health professionals, and industrial research scientists to share their ideas and develop various insights. Group discussion on the updated/recent topics is emphasized to enable participants to consider both the biological processes and the social impact of underlying local and global issues in wellness and healthspan.

Conclusion :

Usually, summer school with only a few weeks refreshes all the age groups by providing you a better platform to enforce themselves in the creativity and explore the other side of the educational learning. Regular academic education when reinforced with these summer schools enhances mental and physical growth.

Hence, the summer school curriculum is alive with the fact that the academic modules motivate learners to design a capability for attracting mental resources and abilities from a variety of disciplines. The summer school curriculum enables students to learn the global perspectives, holistic learning, and ethical engagement to drive learners over their imperative transition from lofty school to higher education.


Q.1 Are summer schools effective?

Ans. Yes, it is effective when taken as per your area of interest and studies.

Q.2 When can I join offline summer schools?

Ans. You can join offline summer schools during the summer season.

Q.3 I am planning to join my kids for summer school this year. Which is effective offline or online?

Ans. Summer schools have become a part of each family. Every individual wants to enhance their knowledge and studies in a play-way method.

Q.4 I am a retired person. I play with the grandchildren the whole year. But during summer they visit other relatives. I want to utilize my free time by learning innovatively. Are there any Summer schools for people like me?

Ans. Yes, there are plenty of summer schools for the retirees. You can volunteer to participate in such programs.

Q.5 Does Summer schools involve fun games?

Ans. Yes, the Summer schools involve fun games along with educational learning.

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