Best 10 Medical Laboratory Technician Courses in India

There is an increasing trend in the number of lab tests taken by people over the last few years. This is primarily because treatment for an illness is done only after getting variables for the many major test results. More labs are sprouting up in our country. So, this culminates in the growing demand for Medical Lab Technicians. Medical Laboratory technicians Courses are categorized under Paramedical courses and so, many institutes offer MLT courses. Here, this blog is the dossier of the best 10 Medical laboratory Technicians Courses in India and related particulars.

Who are Medical Laboratory Technicians?

Medical Laboratory Technicians (MLT) are professionals who are trained in the domain. They also have a good knowledge of Medical Lab technology. And many Medical Laboratory Technician courses in India help MLT aspirants to get trained in the domain.

A Medical Laboratory Technician possesses a discerning eye for the latest technology and instruments used in a medical laboratory. Therefore, a background in the science stream and a course in medical laboratory technology are apt to pursue a career in this domain. CT Scan Technicians, X-ray Technicians, MRI Technicians, Radiology Technicians all come under the Lab Technician category.

Now that we have an idea of who a medical laboratory technician is, let us explore the list.

Best 10 Medical Laboratory Technician Courses in India

If you are an enthusiast of a career in the healthcare industry and don’t want to pursue MBBS, then Medical Laboratory Technician Course is one of the best options. So from here, the list of the courses will help you choose the right institute.


1. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is a leading institution in terms of the quality of training provided. But, this high quality is attributed to the idyllic and conducive course curriculum set on industry standards and trailed by expert trainers from the respective domains. So, the Medical Laboratory Technician course in India from Henry Harvin is regarded as the top-notch Paramedical Course in India. The curriculum is designed to cover hematology, Immunology, serology, Clinical Pathology, etc among others.

Thus the Medical laboratory technician course from Henry Harvin is one of the courses that comprehensively cover all the essential topics. In addition to this, the Internship after this course contributes to the experience in this domain.

Features of this course that distinguishes it from the other Best 10 Medical Laboratory Technician Courses in India

  • 12 months online live training
  • Latest learning techniques and study material
  • Recorded videos of the training sessions that can be accessed anytime.
  • Monthly bootcamps to firm your grip in the domain.
  • 100% placement support
  • 1 year Gold membership that comes with all the mod cons.
  • Industry projects during training


  • Learn about Patient Care, Diagnostic Techniques, Pathology, Medical tests, Waste Management, Medical Law and Ethics, etc 
  • On top of that, Join the array of Henry Harvin alumni and Elite Healthcare Academy.

Industries that hire certified MLT from Henry Harvin

  • Hospitals
  • Diagnostic centers
  • Nursing Homes
  • Medical writing
  • Molocular Biotech Comapnies and so on.

Course Fee

INR 66,000 ( online Live Training)

And, INR 59,400( self-paced)

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2. GD Goenka Healthcare Academy– Best 10 Medical laboratory Technician Courses in India

GD Goenka Healthcare academy is furnished with multiple courses in the paramedical and Healthcare zones. most important thing is that these vocational courses are set as per the Occupational industry standards. There are specific courses in this domain for undergraduates and graduates as well. 

But, they offer a Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technician course with an extensive curriculum and training.


  • 2 years course with 800 hours for theory and 800 hours for Practical and 1200 hours clinical Internship
  • Diploma in Medical laboratory technician
  • Eligibility Criteria is 12th pass or level3 Phlebotomy Technician with 1 or 2-year experience

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3. Delhi Paramedical and Management Institute DPMI

DPMI is a well-established Institute offering courses in multiple fields of healthcare and allied science. But, this Institute provides one of the adept Medical Laboratory Technician courses in India. DPMI offers both certificate and Diploma courses in the Medical Laboratory Technician field.


  • 1-year course for Certificate in Medical lab technology (CMLT) and the eligibility for this is class 10 pass.
  • Also, 2-year courses for Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology (DMLT) and the eligibility for this is 12th science.
  • On top of this 6-months of industrial training is also included in the curriculum of the courses.

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4. Tech Mahindra Smart academy

Launched in the year 2016, Tech Mahindra Smart Academy offers 13 courses in multiple domains. And, the courses in the health care industry are certified by the Indian Medical Association. The Medical Laboratory Technician course in India by Tech Mahindra comes with special scholarships during this Pandemic time. Also, Supply Chain Management, Blood Bank Management, Lab information system Management are a few add-ons of this course.


  • The 2-year course at Delhi, Pune, Mohali, Mumbai.
  • Eligibility is calss12 science.
  • The minimum age is 17 years.

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5. Brainware University– Best 10 Medical laboratory Technician Courses in India

Brainware University is a private university located in Kolkata. They have the best-in-class facilities. Also, there are expert trainers to teach the students and help them get placed in industries. Diploma in Medical lab technology by Brainware University is an elaborate Medical laboratory Technician Course in India.


  • 2-year course with hands-on training at hospitals 
  • Placement assistance and pre-placement training
  • Eligibility is 55% aggregate in Science ( Physics, Chemistry, and Biology combined) in class 12.

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  6. Padmasree Institute of Medical Lab Technology

Situated in Bengaluru, PIMT is one of the outstanding providers of degrees in Medical Laboratory Technician course and allied sciences. They specialize in the holistic development of a student as a Medical Lab Technician. For this reason, the infrastructure and the pedagogy are above par with the standards. So, many workshops, and related activities help the students understand better and help them gain hands-on experience in the domain.


  • For BSc, MLT duration is 4 years and for MSc MLT it is 2 years (for MSc MLT Biochemistry, MSc MLT Microbiology, MSc MLT Hematology, and Blood Transfusion).
  • Pre University/ Pre Degree/ 12 th pass is the eligibility criteria for BSc Medical Laboratory Technician Course.
  • Should possess BSc in Medical Laboratory Technician Course for MSc in MLT in the respective field.

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7. St.John’s Medical College

St.John’s Medical College is an age-old Medical College established by the catholic Bishops’ Conference of India. Owing to this fact, this institute reassures academic excellence through a holistic approach to community health. The Medical Technician Course in India by this Institute is regarded as one of the best-in-class among all the other MLT courses. They offer both BSc and MSc in the Medical Laboratory Technician domain.


  • The number of Seats is 20
  • The duration of the course is 3 years
  • Eligibility is different for different categories

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8. Max Institute of Health Science and Technology

Maxlife Diagnostic and Research center is a common name for getting tests done in most parts of North-east India. Max Institute of Health Science and Technology works in collaboration with Maxlife center. They offer many diploma courses in Health Science. But, the diploma in Medical Laboratory Technician course in India offers the best course with the latest technology and equipment.


  • Eligibility for Indian students is class 12 science with biology pass
  • For the International students, 50% 
  • The duration of the course is 2 years

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9. Indian Institute– Best 10 Medical Laboratory Technician courses in India

Indian institute is affiliated with the Directorate of Training and Employment Department, Gujarat. Evidently, it is a pioneer in providing the best Medical laboratory Technician course in India. The certificate for the course is issued by ITI Board. Additionally, 100% placement assistance is an extra benefit with these courses.


  • For MLT eligibility is Class 12 science pass
  • For Medical Lab Technologist; BSc or higher degree are eligible
  • Online forms are available for taking admission.

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10. All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS)

Last but not least on my list is the prestigious AIIMS Paramedical Institute. They offer Medical Laboratory Technician courses in India at graduation level. And so, The selection process depends on the qualifying marks obtained in the entrance exam conducted by AIIMS, the details of which are updated on the website.

Features of this courses that differentiates it from the other best 10 Medical Laboratory Technician Courses in India

  • BSc in Medical laboratory technology at Bhubhaneshwar and Rishikesh
  • Indian citizens above the age of 17, class 12 science with biology pass with 50% marks is the eligibility criteria.
  • Registration fees and procedures are elaborated on the website

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There are many more colleges, Universities, and Institutions offering Medical laboratory Technician Courses in India. The above list is just a small dollop of the vast number of courses in the domain. Before choosing the apt MLT course, let us explore a bit of the range, job profiles, salary, of Medical laboratory Technicians in India.

Why Choose Medical laboratory Technician Course in India?

The simple and short answer to the above question is Medical laboratory Technicians are in high demand. There is a growing awareness of community health. As a result, more labs are sprouting in different areas of our country. And so, they require more Lab Technicians.

The second reason is Medical laboratory technician jobs are solid. In other words, they can attain a secure job in hospitals, diagnostic centers, labs, and even in government healthcare services.

Being in the Medical profession is highly respectable. Not all can pursue MBBS, but doing a Medical laboratory Technician Course can in itself complete your dream of being a medical professional.

Career Prospects after Medical Laboratory Technician Course in India

A medical laboratory Technician takes care of a patient without actually interacting with them. But, they have an enduring impact on the diagnosing and treatment of a patient. In addition to the Healthcare Industry, the Pharmaceutical Industry also hires Lab technicians. The major hirers are Hospitals, Labs, Clinics, Research facilities, universities, Crime Labs, the Military, etc. On top of that Many higher studies options are also available after doing a Medical laboratory technician Course in India.

Job profiles and respective salaries

  • Medical Technologist: ₹ 2L-₹ 3L
  • Drug safety associate: ₹ 3L-₹ 4L
  • Medical Lab in-charge: ₹ 3L- ₹ 4L
  • Medical Officer: ₹ 6L- ₹ 7L
  • R & D Lab Technician: ₹ 4L- ₹ 5l
  • X-Ray Technician: ₹ 6L- ₹ 7L
  • Technical Executives: ₹ 6L- ₹ 8L

Major topics covered during Medical laboratory technician Course in India

Microbiology, Pathology, Biochemistry, physiology, Human Anatomy, Sociology, Environmental Science and Health, Hematology, Immunology, Blood banking, Phlebotomy, Parasitology, Urine analysis, etc among others. Medical Laboratory technicians carry out routine tests under Postulayted conditions. On the other hand, Technologists do research in a definite area of interest.

Attributes to develop during Medical laboratory technician Course in India

Medical laboratory technicians always deal with chemicals and related technology. So, they should be highly attentive since the treatment approach depends on the result of the tests. Moreover, speed with accuracy is another quality a lab technician needs to develop. On top of that, they should not be liverish when dealing with bodily fluids. Most of the courses train the students to achieve these qualities.


The paramedical domain is a promising field with innumerable opportunities budding each year significantly. And, within this paramedical domain comes the Medical Laboratory technician specialization. There are countless Medical Laboratory technician Courses, but the above list highlights the best 10 Medical Laboratory Technician Courses in India. As a matter of fact, most of the above courses open up the door to a whole bunch of career options you can choose from. The best way to do this is to enroll yourself in a course at a convenient level- Graduate, Postgraduate, certificate, or Diploma. Each has its benefits and the list above will throw some light into this.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need NEET exam score required for MLT courses?

No, you don’t need NEET score for doing MLT courses. After the 12th you can apply for a certificate course or diploma or even a bachelor’s from any Institue. But the admission process is different for each Institute. Some have their qualifying exams

Are there online Medical Laboratory Technician courses in India?

Yes, there are online MLT courses in India.

Can I do a Medical lab Technician course after 1oth?

Yes, you can do a Certificate course in Medical laboratory technician. For details refer the above blog.

Can I get a Government job after doing any of the above best 10 Medical laboratory Technician Courses in India?

Yes, there are job openings in the government sector for Medical lab Technicians.

Can I do an MLT course abroad?

Yes, you can do MLT Courses abroad if you are up to it. To highlight, University of Liverpool, RMIT University Australia, University of Otago are some of the best universities offering MLT courses.


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