Top 10 EMT Courses in India: Get Certified in Emergency Medical Services

There is an increasing need for emergency medical technicians in India today. Find out what are the top 10 EMT courses in India today.


Worldwide, the need for medical services and trained personnel has grown since the pandemic began. Of course, India was no exception either. Emergency medical technicians or ambulance technicians have a high demand in India. Consequently, many institutes offer EMT courses in India.

Owing to the hands-on role of the EMTs, most of the EMT courses in India are classroom-based. Since the pandemic began, some institutes now offer online courses. Some institutes also offer hybrid EMT courses in India. That means the practical lessons are taught in the classroom, while the theory is covered online. Candidates are free to choose the learning method. Let’s take a closer look at the top 9 EMT courses in India. But before,

Who is an emergency medical technician and what do the EMT courses offer?

An emergency medical technician is the first point of contact in an emergency. They respond quickly to emergencies such as accidents, house emergencies, etc. Not only do they respond but they also make decisions about the patient on the way to a health centre.

Various institutes in India now offer EMT courses. These courses not only train an aspirant in emergency care but also in pre-hospitalization care of patients. Emergency medical technician courses include the development of skills such as quick decision-making and dealing with stressful and emergent situations. In addition, it teaches how to administer medication and care, on the way or upon arrival at a medical facility.

Check the top 10 EMT courses in India and decide on the next step in your career:

1. Henry Harvin

About Henry Harvin EMT Course

The best out of the 5 fastest growing Edtech startups, Henry Harvin offers the most competent EMT course in India. Register for a course and secure a competent and sought-after job in the healthcare market. In addition, applicants from any stream can enrol in this course. 

Henry Harvin’s Emergency Medical Technician course covers subjects that develop the essential skills needed in basic life-saving emergencies. To demonstrate some:

  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Medical Terminology & Medical Ethics
  • Infection control and Biomedical Waste Management
  • Patient Communication and Patient Assessment
  • Trauma Care Emergency
  • Deliver Emergency Medical Support to Patients
  • Transfer of critical patients to a medical facility
  • Manage and Dispense Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
  • Assessing and treating Medical Emergencies

Advantages of the Henry Harvin EMT course

Henry Harvin is associated with institutions such as the American EFL Association, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, MSMEs, UKAF, UKCert, and the Project Management Institute (PMI). Likewise, its emergency Medical Technician course is well known by industry experts.

The advantages of the course are also manifold.

  • Firstly, live interactive classroom training for 6 months.
  • Secondly, get updated study material.
  • Thirdly, get access to recorded videos of the classroom sessions.
  • Fourthly, receive a 1-Year Gold Membership to Henry Harvin Paramedical Academy.
  • Fifth, boot camps refresher sessions every month.
  • Sixth, access to the Learning Management System (LMS) and more than 10 complementary courses.
  • Seventh, guaranteed job support and internship opportunities.
  • Not to mention the certification of Certified Emergency Medical Technician at the end of the course.


The courses are in 2 formats. While a self-paced course costs INR 59400/-, the live classroom training costs INR 66000/-. Needless to say, the live training course has more benefits than the self-paced one.


The Emergency Medical Technician Course is available in various cities such as Delhi, Patna, Agra, Mumbai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Nagpur, Kochi, Chennai, Bangalore, Vishakhapatnam, etc.

Other Courses

Besides, the Emergency Medical Technician course, Henry Harvin offers the following courses:

  • Course in Medical Writing
  • A technical writing course 
  • The creative writing course 
  • Copywriting course 
  • Instructional Design Course, etc.

2. Tech Mahindra Foundation – Smart Academy

About SMART Academy EMT course

Tech Mahindra SMART Academy, a state-of-the-art paramedic training institute in Delhi and Mohali,  was established as the Tech Mahindra Foundation’s CSR initiative.

However, the SMART Academy offers classroom training. Nonetheless, applicants receive practical guidance on how to deal with life-threatening situations. Class 12 students and graduates who are comfortable dealing with urgent and fast-paced work scenarios can enroll in the course. In addition, the course equips applicants to: 

  • Respond quickly to emergency calls, assess the site, and/or patient on-site follow prescribed policies and protocols.
  • Plus, learn more about patient triage. 
  • Also, treating patients with varying degrees of illness or injury (from accidents) and/or treating overdoses. 
  • In addition, collect, analyze and communicate health information.

Benefits of SMART Academy

Many institutes offer EMT courses in India. Of course, everyone has distinct benefits. Whatever the case, enrolling in an Emergency Medical Technician course atTMF SMART Academy has the following advantages:

  • State-of-the-art infrastructure with simulated labs.
  • Plus, qualified and experienced trainers.
  • Learn employable skills that meet industry needs such as character development, communication skills, and technical skills.
  • Finally, internship opportunities and placement assistance.


Owing to the classroom-based training format, students in and around Delhi and Mohali can enroll in the EMT course by SMART Academy.

Other courses

Besides the Emergency Medical Technician course, TMF-SMART Academy offers many other courses, namely: 

  • Medical Laboratory Technology
  • Operation Theatre Technician
  • ICU Technician
  • Hospital Store Assistant
  • Dialysis Technician
  • Vision & Optometry Technician etc.

3. Become an EMT Specialization – Coursera 

About the Coursera EMT Specialization

Of all the EMT courses in India, this course offered by the University of Colorado is a unique specialization with 6 sub-courses. A candidate can either apply for any one course or specialize by enrolling in all 6 courses.

To begin with, the course(s) train the candidates to care for patients on the way to a medical facility and also to identify time-sensitive diseases. Furthermore, it teaches how to deal with infants and adults who are ill, injured, or traumatized.

  • Course 1 establishes you as a competent technician, who can assess a scene and the patient. Furthermore, you understand the fundamentals of patient evaluation. Also, it molds you into an EMT who is well-versed in the history of emergency medical services and the requisites to be an EMT.
  • Course 2 deals with the ABC of being an EMT. These are airway, breathing, and circulation. In addition, it deals with drug and drug administration approved for EMTs. Ultimately, this course will help identify a patient experiencing a stroke or diabetic emergency.
  • Course 3 teaches the skills needed to perform CPR. In addition, it addresses toxicology and wilderness emergency medicine.
  • Course 4  is related to traumatic emergencies. It helps to develop skills for trauma emergencies.
  • Course 5 covers emergencies in pediatrics, pregnancy, and infants.

Benefits of the EMT course

  • Coursera offers not only comprehensive Emergency Medical Technician course(s), but also easy placements. 
  • Owing to collaborations with more than 200 leading universities and companies as collaborators, it offers flexible, easy-on-the-pocket, career-oriented online learning. 
  • Ultimatimately, hands-on projects, on-the-go learning, and job-ready certifications make this platform stand out among the various EMT courses in India.

Other courses

Similarly, Coursera offers the following courses along with the Emergency Medical Technician course. To name a few:

  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Psychological First-aid
  • Design and Interpretation of Clinical Trials
  • Drug Development Product Management
  • The Business of Health Care etc.

4. Staredu – Emergency Medical Technician program

About the EMT program

The Emergency Medical Technician course specifically focuses on training students to respond quickly to emergencies. In addition, they are trained to treat and care for critically ill and injured patients. This program includes:

  • Quick response to emergency calls.
  • Plus, efficient management of allergic patients.
  • Also, precise management of patients with bleeding, trauma, and burns.
  • In addition, acquire skills for dealing with infants and children.
  • Finally, performing CPR on patients with respiratory problems.

Duration and Benefits of StarEdu

The duration of the EMT courses in India varies by institute’s program. StarEdu’s EMT course lasts 3 months. Candidates from science backgrounds can register for this course at Staredu. The benefits of this course are:

  • Highly rated course.
  • Plus, qualified professional trainers.
  • Moreover, updated technology.
  • State-of-art infrastructure.
  • Moreover, on-the-job training with experienced physicians. 
  • The last is the placement support at the end of the course.

Other courses

In the same way, Staredu offers other medical courses besides the Emergency Medical Technician Course:

  • Radiology Technician course
  • CT Scan Technician course
  • Medical-lab Technician course
  • X-Ray Technician course etc.

5. DPMI Online Skill Academy

About the DPMI EMT course 

One of the numerous EMT courses in India is the course offered by the DPMI Institute in conjunction with ULektz skills. This course provides not only the knowledge but also the skills, and attitude needed to effectively manage the urgent demands of emergency medical services. A candidate is:

  • Introduced to the healthcare industry, 
  • Hospital Departments and Medical equipment, 
  • Basic concepts of the human body
  • Patient Assessment
  • Patient care in Covid time
  • Essential protocols for emergency services

Benefits of the course

As a result of 24 years of experience in the field of training and education, the course offers a wide range of benefits. Specifically:

  • Government-approved programs with a wide range of placements
  • Moreover, on-the-job learning
  • Notably, the lowest fee among all the EMT courses in India
  • Plus, placement support for successful candidates
  • Partnerships with industry pioneers for internship/placements

Duration and Fees

The 60 hours of the online learning content of this EMT course in India is available to aspiring medical students at an affordable fee of INR 2590/-

Other courses

Equally important are the other courses that the DPMI Online Skill Academy provides in addition to the emergency medical technician course. To enumerate a few: 

  • Covid-19 protocols 
  • Phlebotomy Technician 
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) 
  • Patient Positioning 
  • Vital Signs

6. IPSM – Institute of Paramedical Science and Management

About the IPSM EMT course

The next institute offering EMT courses in India is the Institute of Paramedical Science and Management,  Delhi, also known as IPSM. It is active in the field of paramedical science and hotel management. Also, it is equipped with all advanced courses. 

IPSM offers the Emergency Medical Technician course at an affordable price for students who have passed standard 12. This EMT course offers a unique combination of educational excellence, opportunity, experience, and professionalism.

 The EMT course enables aspirants to:

  • Respond quickly to emergency calls
  • Additionally, learn to assess the primary situation of the site and/or the patient
  • Moreover, learn to transfer patients from the casualty site to a medical center
  • And provide first-aid assistance in emergent situations

Advantages of IPSM EMT course

EMT courses in India are on the rise. Many institutes have various benefits associated with their courses. The main benefits of partnering with IPSM are:

  • First, job-ready Government affiliated courses.
  • Second, IPSM is a leading paramedical institute with links to reputable hospitals and labs.
  • Third, personality development courses along with the EMT course
  • Finally, training and placement support

Other courses

IPSM is situated in Delhi and provides graduate and post-graduate courses for students. In addition to the EMT course, IPSM has other training courses, such as: 

  • Medical lab technology
  • Operation theatre technology 
  • Medical X-ray technician 
  • Blood bank technician 
  • Dental technician etc.

7. PIER – Paramedical Institute for Education and Research

About PIER EMT course

This institute offers an EMT course in India aimed at developing the necessary skills and attitudes to deal with the vagaries of emergencies. In contrast, many EMT courses in India lack the education-based approach that is essential to courses such as the Emergency Medical Technician course. 

However, this course allows candidates to acquire essential skills and abilities needed in accident and emergency units before hospitalization in a medical center. In addition, enrollment in this course develops students’ decision-making skills. In this course, you learn not only to provide first aid or assess the site situation but also to take quick decisions. After all, a momentary decision can mean the difference between life and death. 

Benefits of PIER EMT course

The knowledge, delivered as a traditional theory-based curriculum, lacks the physical training and skills required for such challenging and time-constrained roles. What this institute offers is:

  • Industry-oriented, career-ready curriculum.
  • Also, the best infrastructure with experienced and competent teachers 
  • Furthermore, vocational training with an industry-standard curriculum 
  • Additionally, the Work-Integrated Training Program (WITP) conforms with the new education policy.

Other Courses

While PIER’s head office is situated in Navi Mumbai, the training institute in Chembur, Mumbai, conducts the classes. Along with vocational training in the Emergency Medical Technician course, PIER offers the following training courses too:

  • Diploma in Medical Lab Technology
  • Diploma in X-Ray technology and Ultrasound 
  • Certificate in Phlebotomy Technician  
  • Certificate in Emergency Medical Services 
  • General Duty Assistant Certification 

8. Virohan Institute of Health and Management Sciences

About the VIHMS EMT course

The VIHMS offers one course for the Emergency Medical Technician role. Similar to other EMT courses in India, this course also focuses on developing employment-ready individuals in the field of emergency medical services.

For this purpose, the institute has drawn a course curriculum that familiarizes candidates with concepts such as:

  • Medical terminology and concepts
  • Human anatomy
  • Administering first-aid in an emergency
  • Patient and site assessment
  • Ethics and law governing the medical profession
  • Trauma and emergency care

Why VIHMS EMT Course?

VIHMS aims to fill the gap  India is facing in the demand for professional paramedics in the country. The institute offers:

  • EMT course certified by the NSDC, i.e. the National Skill Development Corporation.
  • Also, skill development and behavioral training.
  • Moreover, virtual game-based learning of concepts.
  • Practical learning and retention rather than the traditional method of ‘mugging-up’.
  • Furthermore, 24*7 doubt resolution faculty
  • A perfect combination of classroom and virtual training (via the myCareer app) that allows you to easily switch from one medium to another
  • Upskilling of working professionals
  • Industry-oriented training that expands career scope and growth.
  • Affiliated with GE Healthcare and the Indian Medical Association (IMA), to ensure industry-relevant curriculum
  • Guaranteed Placement

Cities and Other courses

Owing to its online courses, VIHMS has a Pan-India presence. The physical centers are located in Ahmedabad, Delhi – east of Kailash, Delhi – Kalkaji, Faridabad, Meerut, Nagpur, Pune, and Raipur. Other VIHMS courses include: 

  • Medical Laboratory Technician
  • Operation Theatre Technician
  • Hospital Administration
  • Radiology Technician

9. VIVO Healthcare – Emergency Medical Technician

About the VIVO EMT courses

Among the many EMT courses in India, VIVO Healthcare offers 4 types of Emergency Medical Technician courses. These are:

Emergency Medical Technician-Basic (2 months)

Emergency Medical Technician-Basic with current Covid protocols (6 months)

Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (9 months)

Paramedic Emergency Medical Technician (14 months)


The duration of the courses is as stated above. In the same way, eligibility varies based on the course chosen. For instance:

EMT-Basic (2 months) requires DPT, BPT, Nursing, etc. 

EMT-Basic (6 months) requires candidates who have cleared standard 12 from any stream

Advanced EMT (9 months) requires candidates who have cleared standard 12 from the science stream

Paramedic EMT (14 months) requires candidates who have cleared standard 12

Benefits of VIVO EMT courses

Upon completion of the selected course, a candidate may be placed into one of the 1300 institutions that VIVO Healthcare partners with for internships. Owing to its large network of placement partners, VIVO healthcare has a curriculum that corresponds to the industry standard. 

Other courses

Furthermore, VIVO Healthcare offers courses in:

  • Cardiac Care Technician 
  • Dialysis Technician 
  • Medical Laboratory Technician
  • Operation Theatre Technician
  • Radiology Technician etc.

10. Cradle Institute of Paramedical Sciences

About the CIPS EMT course

The last institute that offers EMT courses in India is the Cradle Institute of Paramedical Sciences (CIPS). CIPS trains aspirants to treat minor injuries under medical supervision. In addition, the aspirants must also know how to handle the various devices and how to maintain them by the end of the course. 

Duration and eligibility

The EMT course lasts for 6 months and students who have passed standard 12 from any stream are eligible for admission to the course. 

Benefits of the course

Needless to say, the CIPS’s Emergency medical technician course has its advantages. To illustrate a few:

  • World-class infrastructure.
  • Not only EMT course but also personality development & soft skills training.
  • Academics as well as extracurricular activities.
  • Upon completion of the course, students have better career opportunities in the health sector.
  • And of course, 100% placement support.

Other Courses

CIPS offers other courses besides the EMT course. To enumerate a few:

  • Diploma in Medical Lab Technology
  • Medical Imaging Technology Diploma
  • Operation Theatre Technician

All in all, those are the top 10 EMT courses in India. One of the EMT courses shall appeal to you and help you in your career advancement. In the meantime, let’s look at some facts that will clear your doubts about an Emergency Medical Technician career. 

Why is an EMT important?

Emergency medical services play an important role in any country. A centralized emergency medical services system can play an influential role in the country’s health care industry. The Emergency Medical Services (EMS) have blurred the lines between rural and urban India. Pan-India accessibility and reach, have made the EMS an integral part of India’s healthcare system. 

Equally important is an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). An EMT is equipped with the knowledge and skills that are essential in emergencies. In addition, they determine the course of medication that the patient will needs until he or she reaches a medical facility. Typically deployed by private ambulances, EMTs are now associated with major hospitals and government medical centers. 

Scope of Emergency Medical Technicians in India

Emergency Medical Technicians play a pivotal role in developed countries. In addition, major developed countries have adequate systematic education and training to become qualified Emergency Medical Technicians. Proper EMT training is offered to individuals who aspire to a career in the healthcare system of the country. 

In contrast, the structure of the EMT courses in India is not yet methodical. India, with a population of 1.3 billion, continues to face an urgent need for Emergency Medical Technicians. We also hear about situations where patients do not receive timely assistance. This is because the personnel involved are often not equipped with the right skills and knowledge to deal with such situations. Therefore, there is an urgent need and a wide range of well-trained EMTs in India. 


Consequently, recognizing the shortage of trained EMTs in India, several private or government-affiliated (government and/or central) institutes have introduced EMT courses in India. Hands-on training and real-world simulations form the essential part of any institute offering EMT courses in India. In summary, there are many EMT courses in India offered by different institutes. The duration, curriculum, and mode of classes may vary from institute to institute. Except for these differences, the foundation and the aim are the same – to give the healthcare industry highly skilled and certified EMT professionals.


Q.1. I am from a non-science background. Can I apply for any EMT courses in India?

Yes. You have to at least pass standard 12 to apply for an EMT course in India. Although a science background is preferable, some institutes offer Emergency Medical Technician courses for candidates from any educational background.

Q.2. EMTs and Paramedics are the same. Am I correct?

No. EMTs respond first to any emergency. They provide basic medical care till the patient reaches a hospital or medical care facility. Paramedics, on the other hand, can perform advanced medical treatment on the patients in case of emergency.

Q.3. Is the course online or do I need to attend classes?

Both options are available. Also, some institutes offer combined classes where theory is online and the practical sessions are taken in person.

Q.4. Can I get into a medical school after completing an Emergency Medical Technician course?

Yes, an EMT certification will be an additional asset if you are applying to a medical school. This will form a part of extracurricular activities for a successful application.

Q.5. Can I volunteer as an EMT?

Yes, you can volunteer your services (mostly applicable to rural areas) by associating with foundations, trusts, local universities, or colleges or online through the EMS system.

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