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Medical Coding, otherwise known as Clinical Coding is a method used by the health professionals, primarily used to analyze and change the procedures, diagnosis, medical services and equipment into coded versions as per the standardized rules.

Medical Coding

Medical Coding, otherwise known as Clinical Coding is a method used by the health professionals, primarily used to analyze and change the procedures, diagnosis, medical services and equipment into coded versions as per the standardized rules. The codings can be anything like the information of the patients’ health, laboratory results, diagnosis results and so on. In short, Medical Coding consists of all the information records, related to the health of a particular person.

This is a very useful method, helping the medical professionals to track the medical records of a particular patient. This saves a lot of time for both patients and the health professionals. As the coding system is universal, it makes the process easier across the globe as the same system is used. The medical coder has to assign the specific codes to the requirements needed.  


A Medical Coder must have a training certificate in order to work in this field. A medical coder must have the basic knowledge of medical terminology, anatomy and its related topics. It is an added advantage if the person has an educational background in science. There are several medical codes to be learnt by the learners to assign accordingly. The codes included are CPT (Current Procedural Terminology), ICD-10 (International Classification of Diseases) and HCPCS (Healthcare Common Procedural Coding System) Level II classification systems. One must have a vast knowledge in these in order to become a professional medical coder.

This method is used in a variety of fields in Medical Coding Courses in India including hospitals, pharmaceuticals, insurance companies and in government offices. This method is now being used in most of these places.

Top 10 Medical Coding Courses in India

There are several institutions providing medical coding courses in India, in several modes including online, in classroom sessions and self-paced learning methods. Each institution provides its own curriculum with organized modules of its own, with their own schedule to follow. Listed here are the top 10 medical coding courses in India,

1. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin offers courses on medical coding courses in India in online sessions and self-paced sessions. The classes are conducted in batches. They provide the training with 100% practical training methods. This is a nine in one course which includes training, projects, internship, certification, placement, e-learning, bootcamps, hackathons and gold membership. The learners are given the curriculum that is designed to prepare the learners by covering the medical codings like CPT, IDC and HCPCS. The course consists of 26 modules with additional 2 modules and are taught by the certified and experienced expert trainers in the field with more than 15 years in the field. The online live class sessions include 90 hours of live online interactive sessions, with the learners gaining the access to the tools and techniques, video content, assessment and more. The learners are also equipped to undergo projects in the fields of HCPCS, ICD-10 CM, CPT and many more which would give the learners the required experience. The learners would get the course completion certificate as well. 

2. IGMPI (AMCI-Academy of Medical Coders in India)     

At IGMPI, they offer medical coding courses in India for post graduate diploma. This is a course that is for learners who have a background in Science including B.Tech, B.Sc in Microbiology, Life Sciences, Botany, Zoology, Food Science, Food Technology, BE, B.Pharma and such courses. Besides, a graduate with any degree can also apply.

The duration of this course is for one year and the course contains 13 modules. The course is designed under the guidance of the industry experts in the field, thus having the course updated and having relevant, real world examples to the course. The courses are conducted online as well as on interactive live sessions for specific learning areas, giving the learners the flexibility to choose the mode of learning.

Moreover, the online classes for all these modules are conducted at the weekends, with a separate session to clarify the doubts before the examination. Assignments are given to each module to track down the progress of the learner’s performance and evaluation.

3. South Indian Medical Coding Academy (SIMCA)

SIMCA provides the best training in medical coding courses in India. The training here is approved by the coaching standards of AAPC certified trainers. The medical coding  course in India offered at SIMCA include basic medical coding, Certified Procedural Coding Course (CPC), ICD-10 internship and much more.

The training materials for these courses are updated and are related to the current trends in medical coding. These materials and faculties are approved by AAPC. For the basic medical coding course, the classes are available both online and in classroom sessions. For doing this course, there is no need for any prior experiences.

This is a short-term course with the duration of 30 days. The materials available for the learners includes books, mock exam materials, coding assignments and much more.

They provide periodical reviews for group discussions, coding seminars, presentations and much more. Academic course completion certificate is provided to the learners.

4. Elate Academy

Elate Academy offers medical coding training courses, primarily focusing on the basics of medical coding courses in India. From here, one can learn, besides from all the medical coding, the learners would be able to prepare for the examination as well.

One can also get access to the modules of this course along with more than thousands of mock tests, powerpoint presentations, and more than thousands of interactive lectures are available for the Elate learners at the AAPC learning portal. After the completion of this course, one can also get the one month free externship.

The online courses are flexible to learn at the learner’s convenience and the trainers are certified. They have the medical training course available in many cities throughout India.

5. Udemy   

Udemy is one of India’s well-known online learning platforms. At udemy, one can purchase as many courses as a person wants. One can also purchase multiple courses at the same time. They provide several courses related to medical coding courses in India. Some of these courses include, The Essential Skills of a Medical Coder, Medical Coding and Billing-Start a Promising Career, Medical Coding- Modifiers and much more.

Each of the above mentioned courses can be bought separately. Each course has its own set of syllabus and modules. The course is divided into several sections and each section has its own sets of lectures related to that topic. The courses are short and have their own time frame to complete the course.

Each of these courses has a different instructor and they have experience in the field. Each learner would get a lifetime access to the course that they purchase. Every course would also include several hours of on-demand videos (depending on the course), articles, downloadable resources, assignments (if any) and the certificate of completion.

6. Cigma Medical Coding Academy

At Cigma, one would be getting a standard learning of the medical coding courses in India. The learning is a step-by-step process here and focuses on the learners exploring the newer topics and with the learning materials that are manageable sizes for the learners.

The courses are taught by the experienced, internationally certified and trained professionals in the field. Besides, the training is focused on the career of the learners. It is incorporated in the course curriculum as well. The learners have 24/7 support available.

The courses are instructor-led online training as well as onsite, regular classroom training with an internationally recognized curriculum and the learner has access to AAPC LMS. Some of the courses they provide are on medical coding and billing, medical billing, medical transcription and much more.

The duration of each course they provide ranges from hours to years depending on the course. The certificate program in medical coding and billing is for 3 months and courses are available online, on-site regular classroom and weekend classroom.

7. Medesun Healthcare Solutions

Medesun offers several courses in the field of medical coding courses in India.  Some of the courses are Comprehensive Medical Coding and Billing, Medical Coding Specialty Training and Other Countries Coding. At Medesun, they aim to give quality and affordable education to the learners.

They provide both online training and classroom training options available for the Medical Billing and Coding training. The online mode of Medical Coding Courses in India covers several topics along with the sample files for coding and billings and 5 mock exams.

The learning at the online mode is flexible and one can schedule the class at a convenient time. This course has an advantage of having one-to-one sessions with experienced trainers and it would help in the attention. One can get the certificate needed including CPC, CCS or CCS-P after completing the course. On the other hand, the classroom training is 100% certification and job oriented goals. The training is provided by experienced trainers.

The course includes materials, CPC/CCS exam book guidance, 5 CPC mock exams, free training material, practice sessions, extended study hours and much more. They also provide daily and weekly tests. The classes are conducted in batches and the duration of the course training is for 2 months with 5 days of classes per week with 2 hours of classes per day.

8. Apex Medcom- Medical Coding Institute

Apex Medcom primarily focuses on online training and they provide one of the best medical coding courses in India. But they also provide course training both online and offline. The online classes are live training classes and not a recorded one. They provide several courses that can be completed within months. The online classes are included with videos, slides, demo projects, diagrams and much more.

The courses are taught by experienced trainers with more than 10 years of experience in the field. The classes are conducted in batches with only a limited number of students per batch. The classes are available to be conducted in weekend batches as well as evening batches. The study materials are free for the learners.

One can also book for a free demo class online or on-sight. The classroom sessions are accessible for the online students as well. Most of these courses focus on the foundation of the topics and help the learners in strengthening the basics. They provide the course ideal for the beginners in the field.

The course also includes assessments to test the knowledge and progress of the learners. They also provide several mock tests as well as a one month CPC practice session that helps the learners with the good knowledge of medical coding and billing guidelines to use this as a practice session before taking the real examination.

9. Acusis Medical Coding Training (AMCT)

Acusis has been in the field of medical coding courses in India and providing career opportunities in the home-based medical transcription field. Their major purpose is to make creative rewarding careers. At Acusis Medical Coding Courses in India, they offer e-learning courses for the medical coding courses.

This course would help the learners in mastering the medical coding course. The available courses at AMCT for medical coding topic are Medical Coding Training course that spans for 3 months and CPC (Certified Professional Coder) / COC (Certified Outpatient Coder) certification training with one month free preparation for the learners who is aiming for certification.

The training for this course medical coding includes the topics of medical medical terminology, human anatomy and physiology, ICD-10 CM, CPT-4 and specialty Medical Coding Courses in India in radiology, surgery, evaluation and management, anesthesia, pathology and medical coding required for US healthcare BPO. The learning method is self-paced that helps the learner to become a qualified medical coding professional. The courses are mentored online by the CPC certified trainers.

The courses are designed in such a way that it helps the learners to acquire a deep knowledge about the US healthcare and revenue cycle management. They also offer opportunities at AMCT for the learners who complete the AMC within 3 months and achieve more than 90% in the final exams.

They should also need to clear the interview as well. After Completing these processes, one can join as a medical coding trainee from home and one can continue to work from home after, according to the capability of the candidate.

10. ASAP (Additional Skill Acquisition Programme)

ASAP is a government of kerala company that offers a certificate programme in medical coding and medical billing. This is one of the certificate medical coding courses in India. The learner should be a graduate to be taking this course. The course is conducted online and it spans for 254 hours. The course covers 3 modules and help the learners convert healthcare diagnosis, procedures, medical services and equipment into universal medical alphanumeric code. After the completion of this course, they assist potential candidates in connecting with the possible employers.                                


Medical Coding Courses in India is one of the vastly used coding methods worldwide. This is a method that is proven to be useful in the medical field. This method not only saves the time and makes the process easier but also leaves the error rate significantly. Hence, it is up to the medical coder to keep a good work on the records part. This is not an ordinary and easier job for a coder as one has to be aware and remember more than thousands of conditions, diseases, procedures and diagnosis and incorporate them into the work.

This is also a continuous process where the medical coders have to read thoroughly the records of a patient, take into account the relevant and required information, assign the appropriate codes and make the entry in the computer. Medical Coding Courses in India  will continue on. The medical coder has to be extremely focused in the job as it contains the record of a person’s health. 

This course has become quite popular in India as well in the recent years and many graduates are considering Medical Coding as a career choice. For becoming one, having completed the medical coding course would be helpful and would also be a required one in the field. And there are several institutions that offer the best medical coding courses in India.       

Top Medical Coding Courses in India

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is a medical coding course?

The medical coding course in India teaches the learners to transfer the medical data, including the medical procedure, diagnosis and records of a patient into the standardized alphanumeric codes.

Q2. What is the eligibility to learn the medical coding course?

The learner must have a bachelors or masters degree with the background in science, preferably from life-science or medical science. This would be easier for the learner to grasp the medical coding course in India concepts.

Q3. What are the types of medical codes?

There are three major types of medical coding- ICD (International Classification of Diseases), CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) and HCPCS (Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System).

Q4. Is the medical coding course hard?

The process is not impossible to achieve. The learner must have an understanding of the workings of the topic and should have a proper training to achieve the goal. This would make the learning of the course much easier.

Q5. Where can a medical coder get a job?

The medical coder can get a job at the medical billing and coding company, a diagnostic facility, insurance company, government offices, private sectors and much more. The opportunities are available for a medical coder.

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