Top 25 Courses for Teenagers: Boost Your Skills Today

Let us reveal a few facts about Courses for Teenagers

Courses for Teenagers……Are you parenting a teenager? Are you giving a thought to this idea?  A teenager, or an adolescent, or a teen, is an individual with an age group between 13 and 19 years. The teenager is the addition of two words -TEEN + AGE. It means the age number is ending with the “teen” word.

 A teenager’s life appears to change every day. As they present with novel thoughts, social circumstances, and different individuals. During this age, Teenagers face, body changes and hormonal issues leading to stress. They face a lot of peer pressure. Before this, they, only focus on school, play, and their folks. Thus, to combat stress, their thoughts need channelization. So, better to foster their unique characters and interests.

Logical reasoning

Neurologists observed the development of the brain from teenage to 20s of life. Indeed chronology says a person starts teenage life at 13 years of age. It ends by the age of 20. But at some places, teenager of 18-19 years considered as adults and teenagers at the same time. So, it is the best time to use the development of the brain.

Top 25 Courses for Teenagers

“There is a way to do it better-find it”

                                                           Thomas A. Edison

1. Content Writing Course for Teenagers

The training offering certification covering all standard writing skills. It is an expression through writing, communication skill. Students studying or after studying can pursue the course. These courses for teenagers are in huge demand as a career option. The passion of writing, knowledge of tools and techniques gives you opportunities. Depending upon experience one can earn good.

The prerequisite of the course is SEO (Search engine optimization). So, it is necessary for a student to excel in digital writing through appropriate course.

The Course contains many disciplines. It includes

  • Articles.
  • Product description
  • Blogging.
  • Brand stories
  • Ghostwriting.
  • Interviews.
  • Technical writing.
  • Social media writing.
  • Press releases.
  • Script writing.
  • Copywriting.
  • Infographics.
  • E- books

Course Duration

Many of the institute covers the course in 3 months in flexible batch schedule

Course Fee

Many of the institute covers the course in 3 months in flexible batch schedule

  • ₹ 6500-15000


  • Excels, you in grammar, content strategies, and internet skills.
  • Makes a teenager aware of writing styles and demands of the market.
  • Acknowledge advanced research.
  • Improves the documentation of a content.

Institutes offering content writing

Henry Harvin, Skills upgrader, Digital Academy, Indian institute of        digital education, ECT,etc.. All these institutes offer this course at a reasonable amount.

2. Technical writing course

Another demanding course for teenagers is Technical writing. Teenagers of this era are born with social media, internet and technical skills.  They know how to present them on the web. Basic need is polishing of their technical skills. So, this course for teenagers is a good career option.

It includes technical reporting. 

  • Research Reports
  • Laboratory reports
  • Planning report
  • Counseling reports
  •  Progress Forms
  • Manuals
  • Feasibility reporting and many more.

Course Duration

  •  Many of the institute covers the course in 3-5months depending upon one’s choice.
  •  In flexible batch and timings according to schedule. One may cover it in regular weekday, weekend or fast track batch.

Course Fee

Every institute has a different fee structure.

  • Varies from ₹ 5000-50000.

Learning takeaways

  • Covers  various tools in Google docs, MS word and Notepad
  • Educates you about Spell check software and paint or picture alteration instruments.
  • Specialize a student in composition style and technical documentation measure
  • Keeps you with the demands of the organization.

The Institutes offering Technical writing

Henry Harvin, Tech Total system, Knowledge buffer, Author Tech,    Learners Spot.

3. Medical writing Course

Medical writing is always a demanding field. Reason Is ever growing  and advance Health care industry.  With every new day, It has  technical advancement for human welfare.

It comprises writing scientific and medical documentation. It covers pharmaceutical and healthcare both. Also, it gives you knowledge about medical regulations and terminology. Hence,this field is always a favorite course for teenagers.

Course Duration

  • Course duration depends upon institute, design of course and one’s   schedule.
  • 3-12 months depend upon your choice of schedule.
  • Few courses lengthens till 24 months

Course Fee

  • Range from ₹ 11000-27,500
  • Cost of Course varies according to Duration and institute content offer.


  • Documentation of scientific facts
  • Medical terminologies
  • Reviews
  • Medical articles
  • Medical surveys
  • Questionnaire
  • Writing Introduction and results
  • Principle of medical writing and regulations
  • Determiners of Authorship

The Institutes offering Medical writing

Henry Harvin, James Lind institute, Clini India, Udemy, Coursera  and many more.

4. Digital Marketing Course for Teenagers

Today is the modern digital world. As everything surrounds are going digital. It has broader scope of growth and development. This course includes various tools and techniques of digital market.

It makes students aware about

  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • SEO-Search Engine Optimization,
  • Web Analytics 
  • Email Marketing
  • SEM- Search Engine Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing

Course Duration

  • Range from 3-6 months
  • Duration differs for advance courses.

Course Fee

  • Varies from ₹3499-15000
  • Upgraded programs cost ₹100000


  • Digital Understanding of market
  • Experience satisfying customer service
  • Good Return of amount
  • Know how of Targeting clients
  • Awareness about Worldwide market
  • Knowing brand value

The Institutes offering Digital marketing course

Henry Harvin, NIIT digital marketing, Upgrad, Learning catalyst, Digital marketing India etc.

5.Teen MBA Course/ Mini MBA Course for Teenagers

The Course for teenagers offers you view the world of business. It gives immense knowledge of business details. Teenagers experience various scenarios of business. Students experience, leadership values and teamwork. This course is for the beginners to masters. It helps the students to become a financial specialist.

Mini MBA is a fast track training. It touches basic concepts of business.

Course duration

Teen MBA

Total training module covered in 24-72 hours. The duration of each class is 1.5-2 hours. Batches are flexible from weekdays to weekends.

 Mini MBA

Duration – 1.5-3 months

Total hours – 36-130 hours

Course fee

  • ₹ 6500-13500 (Teen MBA)
  • ₹ 1280-7199 (Mini MBA)

 The Institutes offering Teen MBA/Mini MBA course for Teenagers

Henry Harvin, myBskool, Udemy, Coursera, MCE, The Chicago school of Business etc.

6. 3D Animation and VFX Courses for Teenagers

Students love to watch animation videos from the age of 3. Likewise, they show a keen interest in these courses. They are watching many movies and even course videos from a small age. Thus, it is obvious to show their interest in this discipline.

It is an art of movement. This course covers

  • Traditional Animation
  • 2D Animation
  • 3D Animation
  • Motion Graphics
  • Stop Motion

Course Duration

  • Offline 1 month to 1 year
  • Online Few days to 6 months 

Course fee

  • INR 2,000-50,000

Course Providers

Futurelearn, Linda, Edx, Coursera, Udemy, etc.

7. Finance Course

Wealth is always an essential part of an economy. This course for teenagers includes basic aspects of value of finance and its applications. It covers banking concepts, Insurance sectors, and risk management.

Course Duration

  • 4 hours 21 minutes- 6 months 
  • 6 months – 1 year

Course fee

  • INR 9600-44,186

The Institutes offering This Course for Teenagers

Udemy, Alison, Coursera, edX, FutureLearn etc.

8. Communication skill courses for Teenagers

Communication Skills courses are courses by department of Arts. It includes various specializations and levels of education. There are certificate course and diploma courses. 

Course Duration

  • 1 hour 13 minutes- 5months 
  • 6 months – 1 year(upgraded courses)

Course fee

  • INR 8000-50,000 ( Certification of few months)
  • 1500-10,000( short course certification)

The Institutes offering Course

Udemy, Alison, University of Leeds, Institute of Coding, FutureLearn, Georgia Tech, Coursera ETC.

9.   App Development Courses

App development course for teenagers is a software course. We all know and cannot ignore the smart world of Apps. This course for teenagers offer teaching of the process of software application. It helps in development of mobile, tablet and smart phone application etc. The course includes the topics

  • software development,
  • mobile application development,
  • web app development,
  • mobile computing,
  • android multimedia,
  • app safety and security
  • app functionality, etc.

Course Duration

  • 5 Days-1Year

Course fee

  • Online courses INR 500- 8,500
  • Offline courses INR 5,000- 15,000

The Institutes offering Course

Udemy, Coursera

10. Web development course

It is a website development course for teenagers. The course covers both internet and intranet tools. This includes

  • Web Design
  • Database Management,
  • Web Publishing,
  • Web Programming  

Basic knowledge of the following helps to better understand the course.

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Libraries like Bootstrap and jQuery.
  •  Design software
  • sketch
  • Photoshop

Course Duration

  • 15Days-1Year

Course fee

  • Online courses INR 700- 2,500
  • Offline courses INR 25,00- 25,000

The Institutes offering This Course for Teenagers

Udemy, Coursera.

11. Language courses for Teenagers

Learning is another term for growing. Language learning makes you aware of culture and history. The Second language is a  way to understand other native person’s idea and perspective. Students have better capability to learn new things. Also, they have good job prospective as future teachers and translators.

Major languages

  • French
  • Chinese
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Spanish. 

Course Duration

Depends upon institute and batch schedule

  • Few Days-few months( Certification course)
  • 8 months- 1 year(Diploma course)

Course fee

  • Online courses are free as well as paid
  • INR 455- 10000
  • Offline courses INR 500- 15,000

 Course Providers

ONLINE COURSES – Coursera ( Chinese & Spanish ), Udemy (Arabic, French & Russian), edX (Italian& Noongar)

OFFLINE COURSES – Hindu college, Miranda house, MCC,WCC( Chennai)

12. Business Accounting and taxation Course

Also, termed as Certified Business Accounting and Taxation Course. The course for teenagers offer essential concepts of Accounting. The concepts like Income Tax, GST, and TDS needs clarity. These are important aspects of Financial operations.

Course fee

  • ₹ 4000-12500

Course duration

  • Online interactive session – 172 hours
  • 6 months-1 year


  • Gives in depth knowledge of taxation like GST and indirect taxes
  • Difference between TDS and TCS
  • Litigation management concept
  • Practical exposure by projects

Course provider

Henry Harvin, collegedunia, edupristine, SLA, University of Virgenia etc.

13. Photography Course for Teenagers

This is an online course. The course design covers basic understanding with video lessons. Also provides knowledge of functions and settings of the device.

  • Controlling autofocus modes,
  • Exposure and metering modes
  • The depth of field
  • Concept-Rule of thirds
  • Photoshop editing
  • Posing
  • Lighting
  • Portrait

Course fee

  • Many courses are free
  • Actual cost depends upon institute and levels of course
  • Few tutorials are very reasonable INR 455-676
  • Few costs INR 36000-7 lakhs

Course duration

  • Online interactive session – 3.5 hours-4 weeks
  • 6 months- 11 months

Course provider

Creativelive, Udemy, iPhotography, Skillshare, Craftsy, Coursera etc

14. Yoga courses for Teenagers

Everyone is well aware of this course. It is a course good for mental and physical health. Various ASANAS/ yoga poses help in keeping the body in the form. Meditation practice offers an increase in focus, and peace of mind. It relaxes the body. This course for teenagers include

  • Diet and nutrition
  • Yoga relating to different ages
  • Yoga for pregnant females
  • Lessons on spiritual  energy

Course fee

  • INR 5,00 to INR 1,00,000
  • Few short term courses are free of cost.
  • Diploma courses range from INR15000-35000 

Course duration

  • Online interactive session – 3 -200 hours
  • 6 months- 3 Years in diploma or undergraduate course.

Course provider

Alison, Shaw Academy, Swayam, Udemy, KaivalyaDhama, Himalaya Yoga Valley etc.

15. Environment conservation course for Teenagers

The Course focuses on the Biodiversity. It has main coverage on Flora and fauna

Course duration

  • Six Months(Certification)
  • One year ( Diploma)

Course fee

  • INR 500 – 20,000 (Certification)
  •  INR 7,000 – 80,000 ( Diploma)

Course provider

IGNOU, Alison, Coursera, Udemy, etc.

16. Artificial Intelligence course

AI-Artificial intelligence one discipline of computer science. This discipline uses algorithms which stimulate machines. AI simulates human mind. It duplicates mind’s ability to solve problems. It needs good hold on knowledge of coding and natural processing of language.

Course fee

  • INR 490- INR 3200
  • INR 13500-15000

Course duration

  • 32 hours (Certification)

Course provider

Henry Harvin, IBM Udacity, IBM (Available in Coursera), Udemy, Edex.

17. Computer Courses For Teenagers

There is a huge list of certification courses for a teenager

  • Computer fundamentals
  • C Programming
  • Python
  • Cyber security
  • Graphic design
  • Computer hardware
  • Tally and many more.

Course fee

  • INR 2000- INR 30000 (Certification)
  • INR 35000-1,50,000(Diploma)
  • Cost increases or decreases depending upon choice of certification/ diploma and institutes.

Course duration

  • 150 hours-18 months (Certification)

Course provider

Udemy, FutureLearn, Edex, Henry Harvin, Coursera, Udacity

18. IT Courses

For the last few years, Information technology is demanding field. These are software courses. This course utilizes PC, Data and network. This makes use of programming to adapt and control information.

Course duration

  • 6months-1 Year (Certification)
  • 1-3 Year(Diploma)

Course fee

  • free- INR 8640(Certification)
  • INR 8000-1,50,000(Diploma)

Course provider

Udemy, Google, Alison, Amity university, NIMS, OPJS University

19. Design study Courses

Designing is one of the creative work. Students interested in creative fields can opt these courses. Choosing one of such discipline makes a good career. There are many online design courses.

  • Fashion Designing.
  • Interior and Furniture Design.
  • Animation.
  • Industrial Design.
  • Jewellery / Accessory Design.
  • Textile Design.
  • Ceramic and Glass Design.

Course duration

  • 1hour 42min-6 months (Online Certification)
  • 3 Months-1 Year(Offline Certification)

Course fee

  • Free- INR 5000( Online Certification)
  • INR 45000-3,00,000(Offline Certification)

Course provider

Online – Udemy, Coursera, Alison, NID, Skillshare.

20. Banking Courses

Banking is a growing field from many years. Its importance and need is nonignorable. This sector is always full of opportunities. Students interested in financial and banking operations can choose this career. Following are the banking courses for teenagers.

  • Banking, Credit Analysis
  • CFA
  • CFP
  • FRM
  • CPA
  • CMA

Course duration

  • 32-33 hours (Online)
  • 6 months – 4 years (Offline)

Course fee

  • INR 10,000–50,000

Course provider

Udemy,  Coursera, edX, etc.

21. Human Resource management

Following are the subjects of HRM

  • Business related HR
  • Workplace relations
  • Performance process
  • HR Functions

Course duration

  • 6months-1 Year (Certification)

Course fee

  • INR 12000-40000

Few subjects related courses for Teenagers

22. Courses in Psychology

Psychology is a subject related to human behavior. It guides, brain development, thought process and personality.

This course for teenagers available are

  • Mental health
  • Psychology Behavior
  • Criminal psychology
  • Depression
  • Social psychology, etc.

Course duration

  • 4-5 hours-8 weeks (online Certification)
  • 6 months ( offline certification)

Course fee

  • Free-INR 1000
  • INR 10000-20000

Course provider

Udemy,  Coursera(University of Geneve), Alison, edX( University of Queensland), etc.

23. Economic certified courses for Teenagers

Using and knowing our resources is the basic concept of economics. Economics is a subject unfolding the truth of demand and supply. The   Certified economic course guides on  Consumption, production and flow of money. The courses in demand are

  • Trading policies in Emerging Markets
  • Financial aspects in Markets
  • Economics of Money and Banking

Course duration

  • 3 days
  • 15 days
  • 2months (Certification)

Course fee

  • INR 500-15000

Course provider

  • Udemy, Coursera, Alison, edX, etc.

24. Law courses

These courses are available online as well as offline. It covers different disciplines of law

Course duration

  • 1.5 hours-15 hour ( Fast track)
  • 3months- 2 years

Course fee

  • Free-INR 700
  • INR 700-3296
  • INR 1000-41300

Course provider

Udemy, Coursera, Alison,  etc

25. Energy Study Courses for Teenagers

Energy study courses are in demand these days. Students with keen interest to work in Energy fields can join this course. There are many Energy study courses like

  • Energy Management
  • Energy law
  • Renewable resources of energy
  • Energy audit and management

Course duration

  • 3months- 2 years

Course fee

  • INR 10000-50000
  • Self- paced

Course provider

Udemy, Coursera, Alison, Training Express etc

Henry Harvin offering Courses for Teenagers

Blow your mind and glow in the way of a career with Henry Harvin” 

Henry Harvin guarantees a learning atmosphere and a hundred percent achievement in life. They, being the best in feeding the clients with various courses. They believe in choosing the right option at the right place.

Following are the Teen courses offered by Henry Harvin

1.Teen MBA Course/Mini MBA course for Teenagers

The Course will provide you with a picture of the universe of business. It will likewise outfit you with specific abilities. These give Leadership qualities and teamwork. This course is the excursion of beginner to master being a financial specialist. They help in achieving the course to get chances to comprehend the insider facts of business. Mini MBA is a fast track training.

Course detail

The training is of three types

  • Self-paced
  • Live online classes
  • Corporate training

 Course fee

  • ₹ 8500-9500 ( Teen MBA)
  • ₹ 7199 (Mini MBA)

Course duration

Teen MBA

Total training module covered in 24 hours. The duration of each class is 1.5-2 hours. Batches are flexible from weekdays to weekends.

 Mini MBA

Duration – six weeks

Total hours – 50 hours

Extra benefits

  • Gives E-Learning access with recorded videos, projects, and case studies.
  • Provides free Bootcamp sessions for 12 months
  • Helps in preparing for interviews

2. Content writing Course

This course gives you in depth knowledge of writing. Training offers you tools and techniques of writing

Course detail

  • Self-paced
  • Live online classes
  • Corporate training
  • One on one training

This includes modules about various types of writing styles and tools. These provide students a practical way of learning like assignments

Course fee

  • ₹ 15000
  • Payment option in installments too.

Course duration

Duration of online interactive course – 36 hours

Benefits of course

  • Projects
  • Internship
  • Boot camp session for one year
  • Hackathons
  • One year Gold membership

3. Technical writing Course for Teenagers

It includes technical reporting like in research, Laboratory reporting. Also, other writings are planning reports, counseling, and progress reports.

Course detail

These are similar to other courses like self paced or corporate trainings. The curriculum covers many tools essential for technical writing. Its design is according to one’s ability to learn

Course fee

  • ₹ 15000
  • Payment option in installments too.

Course duration

  • Duration of online interactive course – 32 hours.


The Scholastics have the advantage of learning various aspects of writing like

  • Research proposals
  • Thesis writing
  • Research articles
  • Technical manuals
  • Citations
  • Review articles

4. Medical writing Course For Teenagers

The Healthcare industry is always growing field.  With every new day, It is advancing everyday for human welfare. The demand of medical writer is rising day by day. So, it is always a good option as a career.

Course detail

This training features aspects covering ‘know how’ of preclinical and clinical data. Also, students learn publication guidelines, Pharmacovigilance and concerned Regulatory policies.

This training features aspects covering ‘know how’ of preclinical and clinical data. Also, students learn publication guidelines, Pharmacovigilance and concerned Regulatory policies.

 Course fee

  • ₹ 13500-15000
  • Payment option with no cost EMI too.

Course duration

Online interactive session – 24 hours.


  • E-learning study materials like videos, supplements for projects
  • Certification
  • Internship programs
  • Boot camp sessions free
  • Hackathons
  • Gold membership for one year

5. Business Accounting and taxation Course for Teenagers

CATP Stands for Certified Business Accounting and Taxation Course. The course offers essential concepts of Accounting. The concepts like Income Tax, GST, and TDS needs clarity. These are important aspects in Financial operations.

Course detail

Training methods are similar like self-paced, online interactive classes or corporate trainings. The company even provides customized trainings or one–one training

Course fee

₹ 31050-34500

Course duration

Online interactive session – 172 hours


  • Gives in depth knowledge of taxation like GST and indirect taxes
  • Difference between TDS and TCS
  • Litigation management concept
  • Practical exposure by projects
  • Real time scenarios with Internship
  • 100% Placement support for one year

Other courses for Teenagers offered:

  • Data Science Course
  • Digital Marketing course
  • Business Analyst course

Why Teenagers should join Courses?

In 2017, the American Psychological Association in America Surveyed stress in teenagers. As a result, they observed high Schooler stresses are equal to grown ups. Reviewed, teens identifying their feelings of anxiety are not beneficial. However, they misjudge the pressure on their psychological and actual wellbeing.

  • Utilizes the energy of the child on a positive track.
  • No psychological issues as the curriculum, of course occupies one’s mind. So, better mental health.
  • Makes a child versatile.
  • Boost the confidence of an individual.
  • Learn the values like patience, commitment, and flexibility
  • Improves communication skills
  • Develops leadership qualities
  • Teaches teamwork
  • Makes you a good planner and much more.

Benefits of Courses for Teenagers

  • Capacity to contribute increases.
  • Improves creativity and imagination.
  • Professional dealing with clients.
  • Learns the value of hard-earned money and time management
  • Improves Resume of an individual
  • Learns the significance of abilities and behavior in different situations.
  • Determination of goal achievement
  • The Opportunity to develop a relationship
  • Self-improvement and Less stress
  • Probing new interests and Opens many doors to opportunities

Stress Triggers in Teenagers


Sources of stress

There are various types of stress to combat. Teenagers may have a Dilemma of choosing professional academics. They may have financial issues of family. Due to an unhealthy state of mind, they have Sleepless nights, anxiety, or nervousness. Female teenagers are conscious of their Physical appearance.

  1. Academic  stresses

These stresses include worries about performance in schools like scoring tests. Likewise, mind orientation is to make teachers and parents happy. On a similar track, time management along with friendship goals is a big challenge.

  • Family stresses

Teenagers may face family stresses. These are Strain relationships of parents, Issues with siblings, and comparisons. An individual of this age cannot handle financial issues in the family.

  • Effect of News/world problems

Few individuals are very sensitive. They may have effects on news or events happening in the world. To illustrate, female teenagers develop anxiety because of an increasing number of rapes. Acts of terrorism make this age group anxious.

  • Social pressure

This proves as a major factor of pressure on Teenagers. There are instances of ragging. Also, bullying, or conflicts of romantic relations are the affecting factors.

  • Trauma in the Past

Teenage is a vulnerable age. Any experience like death, accident, or molestation leads to fear and anxiety. These types of stresses are harmful to their mental well-being.

  •  Life changes

 Many teenagers face transfers of their parents, changes in a family atmosphere or shifting to some new school, or home. Few individuals accept these changes with ease, but some face stress to accept the same.

Stress can bring changes

There are major changes because of stresses in Teenagers

  • Emotional change

The teenager could seem upset, restless, as well as discouraged. Focus on behavioral changes.

  • Physical changes

Teens suffering from stress often complain of vague pains. Examples of Pains are headaches, stomachache etc

  • Conduct/Behavioral changes

Teens may have changes in eating or resting habits. They skip everyday exercises

  • Mental changes

You could see diminished focus, absent-mindedness, as well as a careless attitude


Teenage is an age group combating varied transitions. Transitions can either form or deform the personality of a growing person. Even if there is deformation, there is a solution. Observe and communicate with him to know his processing of stress. Also, notice from where the stress stems. Engaging in open and honest communication is one way to solve the problem. It’s important to normalize the concept of stress. Likewise, empower the teens to use adaptive coping strategies. These courses beat the triggers of stress. Furthermore, Use brain’s efficiency to learn better in this period of transition. These courses keep them in their form Channelizing their potentialities.

So, no mess, no fuss, Only learn and earn.


Q1. Can I pursue any professional course in a short duration?

Yes, there are many courses available online and offline. It depends upon your interest to choose the course.

Q2. Are the short term courses expensive?

No, there are courses which are free of cost. Few courses are available at reasonable cost.

Q3. How can I choose a course for my child 13 years of age when he is a high Schooler?

There are courses available online with flexible schedules. Also, courses available online in weekend batch schedule.

Q4. Are short term courses beneficial for students?

Yes, there are many advantages of these certifications. Most important is that students can learn and earn at an early stage.

Q5. How can I get access to study materials about these courses?

In many of courses, Student has e-access to study material and video lecture recordings

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