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Medical Coding Course Details – after 12th, Eligibility, Syllabus, Duration & Fee Structure

Medical Coding courses

What is Medical Coding:

Medical Coding is one of the most demandable courses in the region. As Healthcare is taking shape from the recent pandemics, Medical Coding is the backbone of the industry.

Medical coders prepare the test report using the help of a computer. They compile the data of every patient, and the doctor interprets and conveys the report. Medical Coding comprises code that helps in collecting and diagnosing patients’ data.

Nowadays, people are more concerned about their health. So this course is giving a boost to the people more interested in the medical field. Read the blogs to get detailed information about medical coding courses.

About Medical Coding Course in more detail:

After a doctor treats a patient, the report must be generated so that the patient and the insurance company understand what was done to process the bill.

Medical coding is the process of translating those diagnoses, procedures, medical services, and healthcare devices from universal medical alphanumeric codes to uniform numeric codes.

These codes are then used to collect patient information, process insurance claims with third parties, and collect statistics to track information about diseases, treatments, etc. in a way that is useful and efficient.

Medical programmers need to know how to use 3 basic code sets: CPT (Current Procedural Terminology), ICD (International Classification of Diseases), and HCPCS (Health Care Procedure Coding System).

Responsibilities of Medical Coder

Medical Coder needs various responsibilities to follow:

  • Collecting and updating patient data as per the requirements of the doctor. This helps in further consultation for the patients.
  • Looking at the medical charts and assigning the medical codes accordingly.
  • Updating the list after completing the service provided by the doctor, nurse, or any health service provider.
  • As per the data, the job of a medical coder includes storing data in an electronic mode. This helps in taking the future decision. For Example, if you visit an optometrist then they have the previous prescriptions where they see your last eye power. Even if you have lost the previous prescriptions with the help of your mobile number medical coder generate the prescriptions, This helps in routine check-up as well as dealing with future health conditions.

 Medical Coding Eligibility Criteria:

Anyone who wants to carry out the Medical Coding Course must check this eligibility criterion.

  • They must have completed schooling.
  • It is required to have a bachelor’s degree or an associate degree in Healthcare related fields or life sciences.
  • They must have attended a medical training program.
  • They are required to pursue the certification course. They will get the certifications as a medical coder from an accredited institution.
  • They should know basic medical skills. Various disease processes, treatment, and body systems skills are required.

Medical Coding Course Syllabus:

A student may have information about what is Medical Coding. But they should have proper knowledge of the course.

The detailed syllabus of Medical Coding:

There are various modules of Medical Coding. Some of the course details are:

  1. The World of Healthcare
  2. Medical Terminology
  3. Human Anatomy and Physiology
  4. Medical Ethics
  5. Diagnostic Coding
  6. ICD-10 CM Diagnosis Coding
  7. Mental Disorders and more details about respiratory system
  8. Coding from the Digestive System to Pregnancy
  9. Coding from the Skin to Conditions of the Perinatal Period
  10. Coding from Symptoms to Complications
  11. Coding from Symptoms to Complications
  12. CPT Coding
  13. CPT Coding from the integumentary system
  14. Reproductive Systems and the Opearting Microscope
  15. Radiology, Pathology, Medicine, and Anesthesia with coding
  16. CPT Coding Evaluation and Management Services
  17. Comprehensive CPT Evaluation and Management
  18. Musculoskeletal Coding.
  19. Digestive System Coding.

      20. Urology and Reproductive system coding.

  1. Pulmonology and Cardiovascular coding.
  2. CPT Coding for Radiology, Pathology
  3. Anesthesia Coding
  4.  HCPCS Coding

Medical Coding Course Duration :

The duration of the Medical Coding Course varies from one institute to another. Some of them provide ninety hours of online live interactive sessions. Generally, the course consists of one to three years.

Medical Coding Course Scope:

The scale of medical coders is growing rapidly, with medical coder employment projected to increase by 15 percent through 2024. Medical coders make the task more convenient by the best use of computer applications.

After learning the skills, they can work in all healthcare facilities such as hospitals, clinics, medical facilities, rehabilitation facilities, nursing homes, and medical centers. Offices, medical laboratories, etc. Medical coders are given the chance to work as

  •  Medical Records Coordinator. 
  •  Coder 
  •  Medical Coder Specialist. 
  •  Medical Billing Specialist 
  •  Medical Records Technician 
  •  Health Information Specialist 
  •  Medical Records Clerk 
  •  Health Information Clerk

Medical Coding Exams

Once you pass the CPC exam, you are not officially certified by the AAPC until you meet some other criteria. To complete a CPC certification it is necessary to become a member of the AAPC.

Certification is also limited to programmers with two years of professional experience or those who wish to pursue an apprenticeship.There are many institutes who provide the certification course for Medical Coding.

Therefore, the CPC exam is recommended for people who have already started their programming career. That won’t stop us from reviewing the basics of this important exam.

The best way to prepare for these exams is to take a course administered by the AAPC itself. Here you can find out about these preparatory courses and buy study books and other materials.

They also guide the course with the two way interactive sessions.You can take the help of internship programs to get the detailed knowledge of the course.

CPC will be the benchmark but the complete information of the course can be taken by the help of institutes or any college.

Recommended Institutes for Learning Medical Coding Course

Some institutes provide online as well as offline courses. Candidates are advised to check the institutes before enrolling.

  • Henry Harvin Institute
  • Medical coding Training 
  • NIMC Medical Coding Training
  • Academy of Medical Coders
  • Apex Medcom & Training Institute
  • Transcode Solutions
  • Resolve Medicode -Medical Coding Training Process
  • Cardea Medical Coding Training Centre
  • Joshi Medicode Technologies-
  • Sigma Healthcare Academy

Suggestions before enrolling in any Medical Coding Course:

  • You have to undergo and examine the Medical coding direction syllabus and curriculum. -take a look at whether or not it is following the rules of the medical field or not.
  • Duration of the Medical coding course- how a lot of time the institute is spending on every coursesand the general duration. It should not take a lot of time below the requirements with less syllabus covered.
  • Know your Trainer- Go through your trainer’s profile, wherein he/ she has labored earlier? What certifications are there in his or her education? You need to check your experience such that you can get to explore the practical field more easily.
  • Accomplishments of the Institute: How many humans acquired education; what number of humans landed their process positions successfully?
  • Internship Program- Some institutes best provide internship programs. As a beginner, you have to benefit from the sensible experience. Hence, you have to enquire approximately about the internship program. The internship program will build the foundation stone of your career.
  • Placement aid- What type of placement aid the institute provides? How much time are they taking to hire the candidate? Are the students getting hired into the best healthcare industry or the top companies?
  • Testimonials of preceding students- If possible, communicate to the individual that has surpassed out from the respective institute and concentrate on their experience.


The Medical Coding Course enhances the skills of students in the medical field. Firstly the duties include learning the medical codes. Secondly, it also teaches the students about every medical disease.

From the above blog, we came across all the required information about the Medical coding course. The demand for Medical Coding courses opens new opportunities for the students.

If you want to pursue the course, check the guidelines and start preparing for the course.You can take the help of youtube videos to get the overview of medical coding sessions.Demo sessions are easily available on the internet.

So hope this blog will help you in solving the problem of Medical Coding course.


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