What Is ACCA? Everything You Nedd to Know


Are you a student looking for a course with a better job opportunity or just an employee who wants to enhance their skills? Whatever you want to do ACCA can be a great choice if you are ready to do a little hard work and ready for a career change. ACCA is the short form of Association of Certified Chartered Accountants. This association supports and validates Certified Chartered Accountants where they support accountants in their careers. This article helps you to gain knowledge on what ACCA is and everything that you need to know about the course in detail.

What is ACCA?

As said earlier, the Association of Chartered Accountants (ACCA), offers a supportive community for accountants. It also helps in guiding the chartered accountants to get placed. Besides, there are a lot of scope and job opportunities for Chartered Accountants. There are more than 2 lakhs member in this community. ACCA is the global body that validated professional accountants. This course has a lot of options and job opportunities and comes with a lot of support. Accounting for a better world and career is their motto. Founded in 1904 and apart from certifying accountants, they also provide other services such as finding an accountant for a business as well as finding a job for an individual.

Course details:

The course duration varies from 1 year to 7 years depending on the individual’s level and eligibility. For a 12th graduate, the course duration will be 3 years, for commerce graduates, it takes 2 to 2.5 years, and 1 year for IPCC and CA graduates. The course starts from a foundational level to help anyone to learn this course. The course consists of a total of 15 papers, 13 pacers of which are compulsory. And this course should be completed within a period of 7 years.


The average annual fees range from Rs.28,000/ to Rs. 2,60,000/ depending on the college. There are many colleges Since ACCA is an awarding body, they have partnered with third-party institutions to rely on providing tuition to its students. If you choose to take up a course, then taking up the course with these Approved Learning Partners of ACCA is recommended. You can check out these approved learning partners on the official website of ACCA. You can also check by entering the institute name, postal code, region, or country. By choosing an Approved Learning Partner to choose this course, you will get the best coaching and excellent support.


The ACCA’s syllabus framework varies according to the nation. So it is better to check with the institution for a complete syllabus. It consists of a total of 15 papers depending on the institute that are assessed on three levels Knowledge, skill, and profession. The papers in relation to knowledge, skill, and profession are



What the syllabus covers


Paper F1 to Paper F3

  • Accountant in Business
  • Management Accounting
  • Financial Accounting


Paper F4 to Paper F8

  • Corporate and Business law
  • Performance management
  • Taxation
  • Financial Reporting
  • Audit and assurance


Paper P1 to Paper P7


  • Governance, Risk, and ethics
  • Corporate reporting
  • Business analysis

Options: (choose any 2)

  • Advanced Financial Management
  • Advanced performance management
  • Advanced Taxation
  • Advanced Audit and assurance


You can get admission to the course either through merit or entrance exams. The minimum requirement of this course is 10 or +2 with a minimum of 60% in Mathematics or Accounts and in English along with 50% in other subjects. 

Why you should choose ACCA?

  • This degree is considered the most reputed qualification in the field of accountancy. 
  • Pursuing the degree increases your job opportunity as this course trains you to become experts in all fields of accountancy.
  • You can do it parallel to your graduation. Some institutes offer this course embedded in the degree course itself. 
  • Completing this course is like having an all-in-one qualification. This is because this course everything related to a business from financial statements to auditing including business ethics as well.
  • One can get a job with a high salary package anywhere across the world as this course is relevant globally. 
  • You can get into any field of business of your choice. Even if you wish to go into a field that is not related to business, this course will surely help you. 

Admission Process:

As mentioned earlier there are two steps to the process of admission.

  • Merit-based and 
  • Entrance-based

The steps of this admission process for ACCA are as follows:



  1. Filling and submitting the application at the respective university either online or offline depending on the university.
  2. Uploading or submitting the required documents.
  3. Paying the application fee that varies from one college to another.
  4. After reviewing of application and shortlisting candidates, you will be called for group discussions and interviews.
  1. Filling and submitting the application at the respective university either online or offline depending on the university.
  2. Uploading or submitting the required documents.
  3. Paying the application fee that varies from one college to another.
  4. Check the registration for the entrance exam or register for the exam by yourself.
  5. After the entrance exam results and shortlisting of candidates, you will be called for a personal interview and document verification.

List of Entrance exams for ACCA course:

  1. CUET – The Christ University Entrance Test conducted by National Testing Agency. It is conducted at Christ University. 
  1. SET – Symbiosis Entrance Test conducted by Symbiosis University. It offers B.Com with ACCA. 
  1. SUAT – Shardha University Online Admission Test conducted by Shradha University. The exam details can be checked on their official website.
  1. AIMA UGAT – Conducted by All India Management Association. The full form is the Under Graduate Aptitude Test. For 2023, it will be conducted based on paper test mode.

All the details of the exam can be found on their official website.

How to get started with ACCA?

You can choose to go with any universities that are approved learning partners of ACCA or you can choose to directly create your account in the ACCA’s official website. Apart from that ACCA offers different study options for you and has also partnered with universities for you to choose the course. The ACCA gives you welcome material as a PDF where it provides a complete syllabus and guides you to complete the course. You can also find important exam dates and study resources, and you can book the dates for exams there as well. The exams can be attended and books on the website on demand.

Study options at ACCA:

At ACCA, there are three options offered for you to choose the best method of learning for you. They are

  • Face to face learning – If you want to really commit yourself to the course, then this method can be the best for you. In this method, you will learn everything online on one of the premises of ACCA. This method also has various options such as
    • Full-time courses
    • Part-time courses
    • Revision courses
  • Online learning – The classes and time schedule may not be suitable for everyone. And that’s why ACCA also offers an online course for you to suit your timings. This also facilitates learning from anywhere at your own pace. It also has types such as
    • Full courses
    • REvision courses
    • ACCA – X online courses
  • Blended learning- If you want to have a combination of both online and offline classes, then this method can be the most suitable for you.

The Scope of doing the ACCA course:

There are a lot of job opportunities available after completing the ACCA course, with an average salary ranging from 9 to 18 lakhs. The various job opportunities that are available after completion of this course are

  • Accountant
  • Management Consultant
  • Financial Planner
  • Auditor or tax consultant
  • Corporate finance expert


ACCA has members across the globe in more than 178 countries. With the learning of this course, you can get a job in your dream country whatever it may be. Moreover, ACCA itself has an official job portal where it helps accounting candidates to find a job and also helps business to find the right accounting candidates for them. Along with that, this course also offers the flexibility to learn this course without disturbing your current work or education. To conclude you are doing your future self a great favor by choosing to learn this course today from ACCA.


1. I am from a life science background. Can I do this course?

Yes, anyone with the minimum requirements can do this course.

2. Will I have a good future in India after doing this course?

This career will only continue to grow in the future and you will have opportunities not only in India but also across the globe.

3. Is ACCA a better option than CA, CPA, and CS?

Compared to other courses, ACCA has a lot of job opportunities.

4. Is ACCA an easy course to pursue when compared to CA?

While ACCA is not that difficult and relatively a little easier when compared to CA. Yet it requires some hard work and dedication.

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