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The healthcare industry is changing constantly. Especially after the outbreak of covid. Furthermore, new methods of treatment and handling patients are coming up. This has led to a spike in demand for medical coders. Today healthcare goes beyond treating patients. In addition to treatment, there are other important sectors. Medical billing and coding form two main parts of the Healthcare Units. This has given rise to openings in the field of medical coding. Not only hospitals but also nursing homes are employing Medical coders. The demand for medical coding courses has risen. Medical coding is the process of converting health information into standard codes. Furthermore, they handle the entire process involved in medical claims. Nagpur, being an educational hub has many medical coding courses.

Here is a list of the Top 10 Medical Coding courses in Nagpur. This list is compiled after careful research and review.

1. Henry Harvin

This institute is ranked No.1 among the Top 5 Courses in India. Henry Harvin started in 2013. It has offices not only in India but also abroad. The main aim of it is to not only innovate but also provide the best services. So far, it has trained 3 lakhs students. It follows the AAPC curriculum divided into 15 learning modules. They also provide a 1 year Gold Membership affiliated with the Medical Academy. 

 Why Henry Harvin Among Other Top 10 Medical Courses In Nagpur?

  • Training: 60 hours of theory and 30 hours of projects.Both live and online classes.
  • Trainers: Experts with 15 years of work experience.
  • Content: The study content has a total of 15 modules.
  • Learnings: Expert knowledge of the main aspects of Medical coding.Thorough learning of V codes, E codes, and coding systems.
  • Projects: Access to projects on medical coding-related fields.
  • E-Learning: Video and audio content.
  • Membership: Access to Annual Gold Membership.
  • Certification: Get ICD- 10 CM certificates after course completion. The certificate is recognized by Govt of India.
  • Internship: Helps to get practical knowledge.
  • Placement: Assured job support for up to 1 year
  • Hackathon: Free access for up to 1 year
  • Reviews: Feedback from ex-students with a 4.7 rating.
  • Course completion: After attending all classes and completing projects.
  • 100% money-back guarantee if not happy with the course.
  • Help Desk: To assist in registration and handle queries.

Add on Courses

  1. Medical Writing
  2. Emergency Medical Technician
  3. Operation Theatre Technician
Medical Coding Courses

2. Infometiz

It offers courses for better career growth. Its main mission is to provide not only quality courses but also placement services. Infometiz started in 2016. They have trained 1000 students not only in Medical coding but also in other courses. Though they are new they have the expertise to deliver the best. Their mission is to provide the best at a minimum cost. They aspire to prepare students for the future. Furthermore, Infometiz has tried to make the most of the online classes trend.

Why Infometiz Among Other Top 10 Medical Coding Courses In Nagpur?

  • Duration: 3 months. Flexible weekday and weekend classes.
  • Content: In-depth knowledge based on market trends. Anatomy, Physiology, ICD-10, and billing are covered in detail.
  • Training: Both online as well as offline classes.
  • Exam: 150 MCQs. It is an open-book exam.
  • Trainers: Experts in Medical Coding. 
  • Placement: 100% support after the course. Tie up with MNCs
  • Certification: It issues CPC certification on course completion.
  • Record: A record number of students who have passed the exam.
  • Discount: 25% off on a first come first serve basis.
  • Special session: Hints to handle the exam. Mock tests. Sessions to prepare students for interviews.
  • Success rate: High, both in terms of their course and placements.

3. Spruce Institute

It provides training in the field of Clinical Research and medical coding courses. It consists of a dedicated staff having both expertise and years of experience. They help students get placements after course completion. Spruce conducts workshops on a regular basis. It is also ISO Certified.

Why Spruce Institute Among Other Top 10 Medical Coding Courses in Nagpur?

  • Trainers: Training given by doctors or experts in the industry. They are also CPC-certified.
  • Dual Course: Along with coding Clinical Research is also covered.
  • Certification: Post Graduate Diploma
  • Placement: It provides a 100% job guarantee
  • Eligibility: Degree, Post graduation in Science, Nursing, or Pharmacy. They consider students appearing for final year exams.
  • Timings: Flexible to suit trainee schedule. They also conduct classes on Sundays.
  • Sessions: Based on Aptitude, Group talks, Handling interviews, and writing resumes. 
  • Topics: Medical coding and Medical Writing. Clinical Research related topics covered.
  • Special Session: On Handwriting.
  • Internship: It trains students in such a way that guarantees 100% results.
  • Google reviews with 4.8 ratings.
Medical Coding Courses

4. Odyssey Informatics

This institute aims to provide higher career growth. It helps grow networks not only in India but also in the US Healthcare system. The Institue provides Medical Coding courses with CPC Certification. It is a pioneer in the field of Medical Coding Training.

Why Opt for Odyssey Informatics Among Other Top 10 Medical Coding Courses in Nagpur?

  • Classes: Both Online as well as Offline. Flexible timings and batches.
  • Trainers: One-on-one training by expert coders. Includes live webcam sessions. No recorded classes.
  • Australian Coding: They provide online training. Well-scheduled live classes on Australian Coding.
  • Content: In-depth knowledge of medical procedures.
  • Certification: After completion of the course. This opens the doors to enter the US Healthcare industry. Government approved.
  • Mock tests: Regular practice sessions. This helps to prepare for exams.
  • Sponsorship: Choose a sponsorship at the time of admission. The aspirants can save a lot on the total package.
  • Other Courses: CPC and Medical Transcription.
  • Testimonials: Good reviews from ex-students.

5. Resolve Medicode

Among the top 10 Medical Coding courses in Nagpur, Resolve is popular. Resolve not only provides training but also helps students find jobs. They have a tie-up with the top MNCs in the country. They also have Medical Billing, CPC, and Clinical Research courses. Their certifications are valid all across the country. Hence adding more value to the course. And also,it is making rapid growth in the field of Healthcare.

Why Opt for Resolve Among Other Top 10 Medical Coding Courses in Nagpur?

  • Course Content: Based on the latest in Healthcare. Study materials provided. In-depth study in the field of Biotech and Pharmacy included.
  • Batches: Flexible timings. Classes are on weekdays as well as on Saturdays. 40-hour classes.
  • Certification: After course completion.
  • Faculty: Industry experts with years of experience.
  • Placement: Guarantees placement after the course.
  • Counselling: In addition to training, they take career counselling.
  • Case studies: Along with theory they focus on practical knowledge.
  • Mock tests: Help to score high in the final exam.
Medical Coding Courses

6. Medesun Healthcare Solutions

Medesun is one of the leading training institutes for not only for Medical Billing but also for Medical Coding courses. Its mission is not only to provide the best education but also to provide it at the best cost. They focus on job-oriented courses. Not only do they offer Advanced Medical Coding courses but they also aim to create quality human resources. So, it caters to changes in the Healthcare system.

Why Opt for Medesun Among Other Top 10 Medical Coding courses at Nagpur?

  • Training: Online classes. It prepares trainees for the final exam.
  • Content: In-depth training based on the latest trends. They provide study modules.
  • Fees: Affordable. However, they also have flexible payment options.
  • Duration: 3 to 4 months. However, it is self-paced. Flexible timings.
  • Special attention: One-on-one focus on students.
  • Exam: 2 attempts to clear the exam. 95% of students have cleared the exam so far.
  • Trainer: Experts with many years of experience. Dr. Santosh Kumar supervises the training. He has 45 certifications to his credit.
  • Support: They assist in business startups.

7. Pinnacle Academy

Among the top 10 Medical Coding courses in Nagpur, Pinnacle is growing at a fast rate. It was started by IndusInd Global. In addition to training, they also prepare students to be a part of the healthcare system. They have many branches in Nagpur. They cater to students not only in India but also in the US and the Philippines.

Why Opt for Pinnacle Academy Among Other Top 10 Medical Coding courses in Nagpur?

  • Training: They train on all days of the week. So, this also caters to working people.
  • Class duration: 1-2 hours. 3 hours on weekends. They focus on self-paced learning
  • Support: They offer both job support and placement help.
  • Trainers: Industry experts train the students.b They have 10 years of experience.
  • Hackathons.
  • Fees: Affordable.
  • Focus: Their main aim is to provide the best medical coding professionals.
  • Certification: After course completion.
  • Sessions: They have separate sessions to prepare students for interviews.
Medical Coding Courses

8. Indian Institute of Clinical Research and Management

Based in Nagpur IICRM is a private institute. It offers both diploma courses as well as postgraduate courses. It has tie-ups with companies like Wipro, Cognizant, Accenture, and Sun Pharmaceuticals. Their main aim is to develop skills in the healthcare system. They help students to develop confidence in medical coding skills. 

Why Opt For IICRM Among Other Top 10 Medical Coding Courses in Nagpur?

  • Duration: 3 months. 2-hour course per week.
  • Trainers: Industry experts with CPC certification. Professionals with experience in medical coding.
  • Special training: Separate sessions for Corporates using quality instruments. In addition to this, they use the best practices in teaching.
  • Case Studies: Learning through live projects. So, this helps develop a practical approach.
  • Placement: 100% job support after the course.
  • Certification: Provision of certificates after the course.
  • Counseling sessions: To help students with careers as well as handling interviews.
  • Self Paced teaching and learning
  • Hackathons.
  • Reviews: Ex-students have given good ratings.

9. Medpro America Health Care and Sofware Solutions

It is one of the most popular Medical Coding courses in Nagpur. The institute not only provides quality training but also provides job support in healthcare units. They employ USA-certified teachers. Apart from medical coding they also have courses in Billing and Clinical Research. 

Why Opt For Medpro Among Top 10 Medical Coding courses in Nagpur?

  • Classes: Flexible batches. Furthermore, they have three kinds of classes. Live classes, training at the doorstep, and online classes.
  • Dedicated staff: For support and to answer queries. This service is available anytime of the day and on all days.
  • Response: Instant feedback for any query.
  • Content: Bases on the latest in the industry. Made simple not only for easy learning but also for easy grasping.
  • Trainers: Expert trainers with 14 years of experience. Most of them hold USA certifications. In addition, to have trained 4000 medical coders.
  • Placement Support: They guarantee jobs after course completion. Not only in India but also in foreign countries.
Medical Coding Courses

10. Royal Academy of Career Excellence

One of the leading top 10 Medical Coding courses in Nagpur is the Royal Academy of Career Excellence. Their main aim is to train and provide job support in the field of medical coding. Their learning portal includes study content, mock tests, brainstorming sessions, and other training tools. They are the first AAPC-certified Institute in India. It provides free career counseling in the field of healthcare.

Why Opt for RACE among other Top 10 Medical Coding courses in Nagpur?

  • Trainers: More than 60, certified trainers. Experienced Industrial experts.Exams: Prepare students with mock tests, and exams at regular intervals.
  • Classes: Only on Sundays.
  • Study content: They provide study material that is both simple and easy to learn.
  • Separate sessions: These train students to handle interviews. 
  • Certification:  They provide a certificate of Merit after the course.
  • Placement support: They not only guarantee jobs but also provide guidance for startups.
  • Help desk: A dedicated staff to answer queries.
  • As a matter of fact, learning never stops. It is an ongoing journey. So these courses can be considered after Medical Coding Courses.

Add on Courses

  1. Medical Billing
  2. Transcription
  3. Pharmacy
  4. Training in Medical Devices.

Why Choose Medical Coding Courses?

The healthcare industry is booming especially after the pandemic. There is a great demand for medical coders. As there is a huge gap between the demand and supply of coders, jobs for coders are forecasted to grow at a rate of 15%.

India is the second largest country for the outsourcing of services. Most of the hospitals in the US outsource their services to India. Medical Coding courses play a key role in the healthcare system. It is certainly a great career option. In conclusion, it is going to be the most lucrative job in the years to come.

Medical Coding Courses

Advantages of Being a Medical Coder 

  1. The job is and will always be in demand.
  2. A certified coder receives good remuneration.
  3. A coder has multiple career options.
  4. Since the duration of the course is short, one can start earning early.
  5. One gets to keep learning on the job.
  6. Work from home option.
  7. Great pay package.
  8. Stability in the job

Skills Honed At Medical Coding courses

  1. Effective communication
  2. Careful listening
  3. Managing disputes
  4. Time management
  5. Giving attention to details
  6. Organizing work
  7. Developing team spirit
  8. A positive outlook


In conclusion, Medical Coding courses are indeed a great option. With the increased use of data and development in the field of technology medical coding has become the go-to career. Aspirants planning to do this course stand a big chance of securing a good job in a big company. Small hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics are seeking medical coders for day-to-day work. Medical coding will never become obsolete. It will keep evolving with time. And so, it is indeed a wise choice to make. So, go on and make a great start with medical coding as a career. Enroll in a medical coding course and get certified as a coder. 

Recommended Reads

Q.1 How much time does it take to be a medical coder?

Ans: The average time is 1 to 2 years to become a medical coder. But it varies from institute to institute. It also depends on the ability of the aspirants.

Q.2. Can I do a Medical Coding course after my 12th?

Ans: No, formal education is required to become a medical coder. Medical    Coding courses are generally done after graduation.

Q.3. Will the demand for Medical Coders decline over time?

Ans: There is a boom in the Healthcare system. This leads to a great demand for medical coders. So, the demand for Medical coders will never become obsolete. It will keep evolving.

Q.4. Which is the best Medical Coding course near me?

Ans. The list above contains information about the top 10 Medical Coding courses in Nagpur. It is best to analyze each as per one’s needs before selecting the best.  It is difficult to state which is the best. As it is a personal choice.

5. Can women opt for Medical Coding as a career?

Ans. Yes, women can opt for medical coding as a career. There is an option of working from home. It is secure with a good pay packet. The demand is increasing at a steady pace.

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