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HENRY HARVIN vs EY vs KPMG IFRS Course Review (Leaked)

If your search was for the IFRS course review of the most popular training platforms, you have landed on the right page.

Henry Harvin’s IFRS Course is amongst the top IFRS certification courses. It has managed to beat its competitors like EY and KPMG by its sheer advantage of better course structure, more qualified mentors and more competitive course fees. But do not take my word for it. Let me take you through a detailed account of all the three institutes and you can decide for yourself.

Do you know?

No one has known about what the post-coronavirus world would be like, but this is certain – Life will not be the same again, and constant learning is the only way to hit success. It works as an excellent weapon in the journey from the old stone age to the present day.

Always keep in mind that continuous learning upgrades your existing skill and ramp up critical thinking. If you don’t learn now, it would be harder for you to survive in the post-pandemic world.

Therefore, we will shed light on the most trending topic, i.e., KPMG vs EY vs Henry Harvin Education IFRS Course Review. This detailed comparison helps you to understand which IFRS training program is best suited for you. Thus, without wasting any minute. Let’s get started!

KPMG VS EY VS Henry Harvin IFRS Course Review

IFRS is an acronym used for the International Financing Reporting Standards. It is an eminent training program that is available as an IFRS certification and Diploma in IFRS. The IFRS training program is specially devised for those individuals who are working or wish to work in the discipline of accounting, financial statement analysis, auditioning, budgeting, and so on and want to explore the global opportunities.

During the COVID-19 global pandemic, an array of IFRS training programs became popular. Amongst all, the three learning platform IFRS courses become a huge name among the learners – Henry Harvin Education, KPMG, and EY. The subsequent section gives all the information about the IFRS course provided by the platforms mentioned above. Let’s get started with the popular Henry Harvin Education IFRS training program review.

Henry Harvin IFRS Course Review

Henry Harvin Education always wins the race when it comes to Online IFRS Training Program. Excellent educators, globally acclaimed certifications, placement assistance, excellent course structures, and internship opportunities make Henry Harvin a reliable, credible, and cost-effective online learning platform that comprises an extensive portfolio with every course that today’s world of education needs. The program offered by Henry Harvin can be accessible to anyone regardless of the location determined to learn, explore, and grow.

Henry Harvin has a colossal experience in the training program domain due to which they understand the needs & demands of the business world. As a result, they always introduce new knowledge in their broad portfolio to facilitate learners, ultimately opening doors for infinite opportunities in the global jungle.

The Henry Harvin Education IFRS Course is an impeccable & adept online training program worth every single penny of yours. The best industry leaders with vast experience provide the training. Furthermore, the IFRS course curriculum is informative, well-structured, and descriptive, making it facile for the learners to understand. Once you sign up for this course, you will also get access to amazing benefits like recorded lectures, internships, placement assistance, and many more.

What’s more – According to the Henry Harvin IFRS Course review, if any students don’t find the program relevant, then that individual can get its money back. However, from the establishment, Henry Harvin never encounters such a refund case because everyone can easily relate to the courses and never find any issue. 

Highlights of  Henry Harvin IFRS Training Program

Today, the global market allows those professionals who secure a certification course in International Financial Reporting Standards(IFRS) to showcase their talent in the finance team, and the Henry Harvin IFRS course would be the best choice for the certification. 

According to Henry Harvin IFRS review, the course can enrol by the following individuals-

  1. Chartered Accountant (CA) , Company Secretary (CS) , ICMA.
  2. Semi-qualified finance professionals.
  3. Professionals doing the job as accountants, finance managers, private entity and M&A.
  4. MBA (Finance) professionals.

Why Henry Harvin for IFRS Training Program?

  1. Always top the list of best IFRS Providers in India, which is true.
  2. The learner can leverage the nine constructive benefits in just one training program, which is worth your money.
  3. The entire curriculum is set up according to the market need. And it is accepted globally without any fail.
  4. The learner can get the one-year impeccable gold membership of the finance academy, which is mind-blowing.
  5. Round-the-clock support and assistance by the relationship customer managers & educators.
  6. The trainers will train you for the examination organized by AACA and help you to explore career opportunities globally.

After understanding why Henry Harvin Education, let’s break down its training methodology in a detailed manner.

Henry Harvin IFRS Course Teaching Methodology

Training on Real-Time Projects

Working on the live projects is one of the most incredible ways introduced by Henry Harvin Education for their participants to get a thorough knowledge of the concepts discussed during the course tenure. In addition, it adds another layer of confidence in the students as it transforms the theoretical knowledge into practical knowledge.

Advantage of Special Pedagogy

According to Henry Harvin IFRS review, the platform utilizes G.C.A.O pedagogy. Due to which the students can concentrate well and absorb the knowledge efficiently.

Comprehensive engagement

Henry Harvin never compromises with the quality of the IFRS Training program. Therefore, there is the end-to-end engagement of learners and trainers during the tenure of the course. Thus, the students get the most of it. Learners can engage with boot camps, brainstorming sessions, live Q&A, and much more.

Apart from the above, you can get all these benefits from this Henry Harvin IFRS Program.

  1. 60 hours of live online training session.
  2. Free Bootcamp sessions.
  3. Practice on real-time projects for better learning.
  4. Hackathons & Competitions
  5. Access to LMS during the course tenure
  6. Advantage of Recorded session
  7. 100% placement & internship assurance
  8. Get certification of IFRS training.

Time to describe the IFRS training program provided by KPMG in detail.

KPMG IFRS Course Review

KPMG is an excellent learning platform that helps in building people’s careers. It comprises an impressive, extensive, and mind-blowing portfolio of training programs for their enthusiast learners. Recently they make their training program list a little bit longer by introducing the IFRS Program.

The KPMG Learning platform has one vision: to provide high-quality education and practical exposure to their learners. Furthermore, they always make sure that their learners must learn. So, they become a better version of themselves. To make this happen, the highly talented team of experts world 24*7*365.

Above all, after the launch of the KPMG IFRS course, it becomes popular among the people as this training program helps people build a better future by opening several global opportunities. According to the KPMG IFRS Course review, the program can be enrolled by Chief Financial Officer, Finance Directors & strategic planners, Accountants, Finance & Accounting professionals, Analysts, Chartered accountants practitioners, Cost & management accountants, Consultants, graduates or postgraduates in finance.

A learner will get the following advantage from the KPMG IFRS Course, which induces electric confidence in you.

  1. The complete program is 75 hours.
  2. The unique feature of the program is that it comprehensively cements on the Diploma in IFRS program from the ACCA syllabus.
  3. This training prepares you for the Diploma in IFRS examination, which the ACCA holds.
  4. All the online sessions are well interactive and intense, which helps students learn to grab every concept quickly and effectively.
  5. A panel of experts monitors learners’ progress by conducting the different types of tests and mock examinations.

The above-listed benefits are impressive. But there are other factors too that make the KPMG IFRS Course even better than others. Let’s explore all of it.

What makes KPMG IFRS Course Different from Others?

  1. Like Henry Harvin Education, the KPMG also provides access to the informative Learning Management System to complete one year once you are enrolled in the program. The LMS includes the following modules such as-.
  • Presentation of Session
  • Recorded videos
  • Modules on the difference between Indian Gap / IFRS / Ind AS
  1. Highly experienced professionals give training on KPMG and have trained more than 10,000 corporate participants.
  2. The curriculum of the course helps you to understand & analyze the International Accounting paradigm without any fail.
  3. Learn financial reporting standards
  4. You will learn how to identify & apply disclosure requirements to multiple companies in financial reports.
  5. You will know how to create financial statements that comprise Subsidiaries, Associates, and Joint Ventures.

Now you will have a clear picture of the KPMG IFRS Course. So let’s move ahead and explore the review of the EY IFRS training program.

EY IFRS Training Program Review

EY or Ernst & Young Global Limited or Ernst & Young is not a new company. In fact, it is an eminent and famous yet old multinational professionals services network whose headquarters is in London. However, it is true that EY is one of the famous, prominent, and largest professional service networks in the world and comes under one of the Big Four accounting firms. Moreover, for the past 21 years, EY has continuously been ranked on the reputed Fortune magazine list.

They introduced the EY IFRS training program for the learners of today. The IFRS course is design by keeping all the aspects in mind required by today’s world. The EY platform brings all the food on one plate so that the participants can get most of it. The highlight of the course is highly qualified trainers, Quality curriculum modules, global opportunities that the learners can avail themselves of.

Time to accelerate and take a glance and explore what motto the program facilitates and how it can define learners’ professional outlook.

A Glance on EY IFRS Course Framework –

  1. The curriculum of the course helps you to understand & analyze the International Accounting paradigm without any fail.
  2. Learn financial reporting standards
  3. You will learn how to identify & apply disclosure requirements to multiple companies in financial reports.
  4. You will know how to create financial statements that comprise Subsidiaries, Associates, and Joint Ventures.

It is evident from above that the EY course has a similar course offering to KPMG. So let’s get into the details of how exactly the training program runs.

  • Complete program timing is 75 hours, and 10 live interactive sessions, and each session comprises 6 hours.
  • During the course tenure, you will get 15 hours of recorded videos.
  • Access to study material with EY presentations
  • In the end, get the “Certificate of attendance” if you maintain attendance at least 80 % throughout the course.

What’s more – The total cost of the course charges around INR 30,000 + tax/participant. This program exclusively caters to Accountants and finance professionals, and not very everyone can sign up for the EY IFRS course just like others. The following professionals can join the program.

  • Professionals serving as Management Accountants.
  •  CA, Company Secretaries, and several other similar finance professionals. 
  • Semi Qualified CA, CS, Management Accountants
  • Accountants, Finance Managers, Chief Accountants. 
  • Private Equity and M&A Professionals. ‘

Closing Thoughts On KPMG VS EY VS Henry Harvin IFRS Course Review

Finally….The winner is Henry Harvin IFRS Review.

While it is a close call, many learners opt for the Henry Harvin Education IFRS Training Program, which says a lot about the credibility, flexibility, quality study, relevant modules, globally acclaimed IFRS certification, and internship & placement exposure of this course. It is the one and the only platform that is worth every single penny you invest in the program. In addition, the trainers are excellent and hold great knowledge and remarkable experience to share and train their students to ramp up their careers. Above all, the extraordinary benefits the learners gained from Henry Harvin Education IFRS Course are life-changing, opening different levels of global opportunities. Furthermore, the cherry on the cake, the 100% internship and placement assistance make Henry Harvin Education the most recommended online learning platform

See, if you need a cost-effective yet powerful IFRS course, then Henry Harvin can be a good choice. Of course, KPMG & EY also offers a good training program, but it is evident from above that Henry Harvin has all the things a learner is looking for.

Rest, the decision is yours. Choose wisely!

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