Top 12 PMP certification courses in Kolkata

Are you from Kolkata? If yes, these Top 12 PMP certification courses in Kolkata will offer the online and offline training required for this course. They train you with all the practical knowledge to crack the exam and become a PMP Certified professional. It is suitable for project engineers and assistant managers who are in positions in the project management field.

 It is also advantageous for individuals who want to pursue a career in project management. There is a majority of institutes offering online as well as traditional classroom training in Kolkata for PMP.

The PMP Project Management Professional certification course is a complete program that will guide you to prepare for and pass the PMP certification exam on the first attempt. Online classes permit you the freedom to esteem all of your professional alternatives.

 The PMP certification course is a step-by-step program designed by industry experts for people who desire to learn project management from the ground up. Working professionals often find it challenging to organize study resources and commit time to self-study for the PMP test. Professionals can take up training at a reputed institute in Kolkata. Several training institutes offer Project Management courses with certification and placement assistance.

Top PMP Certification Courses in Kolkata

1. Henry Harvin

PMP certification awarded by Henry Harvin Management academy showcases project managers’ complete knowledge and skills. Moreover, this certification supports its students reach higher positions in various sectors such as manufacturing, IT, finance, Healthcare, etc.

The academy has internationally acclaimed and certified PMP trainers with ten years of industry experience and has trained 900+ students worldwide. The course aims to enhance strategic and business knowledge. The institute also helps acquire advanced expertise in Project, resource, value, schedule, and risk management. It makes the individual eligible for jobs across the globe.

Contemporary tools used in project management, such as Gantt charts, task fragmenting, and mathematical project organizing models, are illustrated to the students. 

Key Highlights of the Course 

  • Training: online and offline interactive sessions for 90 hours 
  •  Practical projects on PMP are delivered to the candidates
  • Internship assistance to acquire experiential understanding in PMP Course
  • Henry Harvin provides government-approved certification in PMP certification
  • 100 percent placement assistance fortified for one year of post-completion of the course
  • E-Learning: Access is given to varied tools and methods along with the subject-related videos and assessments
  • Bootcamp sessions are offered for the next twelve consecutive months of the course completion
  • Hackathons: Free Access to the subject-related Competitions 
  • Membership: A year of Gold Membership from Henry Harvin Academy for the PMP Course 

2. Invensis Learning

This training institute, established in the capital city of West Bengal, provides both online and offline training. With various PMI-authorized certification programs in project management, it keeps up one of the best institutes to get PMP certification courses in Kolkata. Special training, such as flashcards and quizzes of terms and concepts, makes learning easy. 

Internal assessment and final exam training prepare you with all the required skills and techniques expected in a PMP professional. 

The course curriculum covers PM concepts, Project integration management, Project scope and schedule management, Project cost and quality management, etc. There will be five class days, including the internal evaluation and extended learning. 

3. SkilLogic

If you are searching for convenient and adjustable training in PMPcertification courses in Kolkata, then Skillogic academy is the perfect place. It has a fused learning model with three training modes: classroom, live online, and self-paced learning. Another unique characteristic that makes Skillogic apart is its case-study-based training. Therefore students get real-life experiences in problem-solving. All the skills and methods learned will be exercised for the best learning outcome.   

Pick the best-suited mode for you to get certified as a PMP professional. After completing the course, students get a 35 contact hours (PDU) Certificate. Further, with excellent and skilled trainers, Skillogic also promises 24×7 customer support to their students.

4. Edureka

Edureka has 100+ live online courses for professionals and students. It is one of Kolkata’s best platforms to get PMP certification courses. Further, three types of training offered, corporate, online classroom, and self-paced learning, offers you the best learning outcomes in PMP courses. The training has many merits regarding career options, credibility, and rising income.

The course curriculum cover modules such as Introduction to PMP, Creating a high-performing team, Starting the project, Keep the team on track, etc. 

5. StarAgile

This reputed institute delivers PMP certification courses in Kolkata carries of having the best domain experts to design the course. Staragile provides 35 hours of live virtual training arranged with the latest PMBOK guide-6th edition. Moreover, all the candidates get access to case studies, 35 PDUs, simulations, PMP application assistance, etc. The course will start from the beginner’s level covering the essential topics of this field and gradually move to advanced topics.  

The course content covers modules like Creating a high-performance team, Starting the project, Doing the work, Keeping the team on track, etc. Upon completing the course, students will have more significant job opportunities, substantial pay hikes, organizational adaptability, boosted network opportunities, and invaluable experience. 

6. SprintZeal

Next on our list of best PMP certification courses in Kolkata is this institution. It delivers a complete, PMI-authorized training syllabus. All the faculties will strive to offer high-quality exam preparation tips with updated training methodologies on pertinent topics. Since all the mentors are working professionals, they are convenient for virtual weekend classes. So, the training takes place on two consecutive weekends. These are ideal for the end of each month.

The course modules cover topics like Starting the project, Doing the work, Creating a high-performance team, Keeping the team on track, etc. At the end of each session, mock tests will prepare the candidates for the PMP certification exam. 

7. Knowledgehut Upgrade

Based in many countries like India, USA, UK, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, etc., this training academy delivers one of the best PMP certification courses in Kolkata. It presents an excellent platform to boost your tech career. Knowledge hub Upgrade offers comprehensive PMP training. They focus on well-equipped students to crack the exam effectively.

The training contains 35+24 PDUs with live training and on-demand learning, five simulation mock tests, more than 2000 questions, and study modules designed by top experts. 

A unique technique of Knowledgehut training is that it provides experimental workshops and six months of post-training guides to aid you in overcoming any challenges you face. 

8. GlobalSkillup 

Next on our list of top PMP certification courses in Kolkata is GlobalSkillup. This institute has multiple training options, including live virtual classes, classroom training, private coaching, and online self-paced learning. The coaching is devoted to project management excellence to aid project managers. 

The course syllabus involves PM fundamentals, project case studies, driving processes, developing people perspectives, etc. Besides, through this extensive training, students will master resource management, general management, cost and risk management, leadership and strategy, stakeholder, project communications, etc.

9. iCert Global

Another excellent academy offering the best PMP certification courses in Kolkata is iCert Global. Multiple platforms include classroom training, live virtual classes, E-learning, and corporate training. They have partnered with companies like AWS, cisco, Accenture, IBM, Microsoft, etc.

It offers students four days of intensive PMP training and in-depth knowledge about the best project management methods. However, this course prepares the students for the exam through various prep classes, mock questions, and boot camps. Post course completion, candidates will have skills such as real-life project management, in-depth knowledge about different advanced tools and strategies, establishing credibility, and acquiring international recognition.

10. PROThoughts

Prothoughts is an excellent institute that provides PMP certification courses in Kolkata. Flexible learning options cover classroom training, online learning, and corporate training. An inclusive four days of training includes 35 PDUs training. Various game-based learning activities like quizzes, crosswords, rapid-fire rounds, flash card memorizers, etc., make the training fun and engaging.

The course holds various modules on topics such as developing a high-performing team, Starting the project, Doing the work, Maintaining the team on track, and Reviewing the business in mind. After completing the course, aspirants will demonstrate a solid knowledge of PM tools and techniques per the latest PMBOK guide. Therefore, students will also be able to apply all the ideas learned in class to real-life projects and acknowledge good management practices.

11. ProPM Academy

Finally, to end our list of the top best organizations offering PMP certification courses in Kolkata, the list includes  ProPM Academy, which presents PMP courses online and offline. The course duration is four full days of weekends. Well-experienced and skilled trainers offer the best learning outcomes. Therefore, you will acknowledge solving dynamic project situations such as stakeholders of varied interests and power, management risks, project constraints, etc.

12. Sybex

It is best for working professionals as it offers a learning consult that meets real-world time. The company also provides unique ” bite-sized ” training to support students in understanding the lesson in about 30 minutes.

The course provides 14 hours of lessons divided into 30-minute videos. Each class arrange with the PMP exam format, scoring needs, and exam limits and has over 1000 practice questions, mock exams,25 to 35 PDUs, and a visual feedback report for each module which would help candidates to self-assess themselves.

The institute courses are cloud-based and fully PC adaptable. Students can start practicing on their computer, pause, and resume at their own pace. Moreover, the pages can be bookmarks and notes stored online. There is cater for a mobile app that is assessable with the PMP Exam platinum review course.


Recently, Project Management Skills have been in great demand because they noticed that professionals have project leadership ability, problem-solving and handling, etc. In short, all the capabilities an employer pursues in a potential candidate.

Project Management Professional PMP education illustrates that one has the theoretical knowledge required to manage projects. In contrast, the experience indicates that you have the requisite soft skills to pass the PMP exam. These Top 12 PMP certification courses in Kolkata are either online or live training sessions. They are power-packed with all the essential study materials. This training makes you ready to take up project management tasks. Take the PMP certification exam and upgrade your CV to get the best salary package.


Q1.  What is the future scope of Project Management Certification in India?

 Ans: Yes, it does have a great scope in the future. PMP Certification has a promising future and can benefit all working professionals. It is suitable for project engineers and assistant managers who work in the project management field. It is also beneficial for candidates who want to pursue a career in project management.

Q2. Is a degree needed to take up the PMP Certification in India?

 Ans: No, A degree is not necessary to take the PMP Certification. But there are specific eligibility criteria.
One can take the PMP test if the candidate has a secondary degree, such as a high school diploma, associate’s degree, or global equivalent. Moreover, one needs 7,500 hours of project management experience and 35 hours of project management instruction.

Q3. Is the PMP Certification Exam tough or easy in India?

Ans: PMP certification exam is challenging. It is not an exam that students can clear by studying for a month. If you are intense in this field and are interested, it might be a simple task for you.

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