Top 9 Project Management Courses in Hyderabad

Project management is the organization, planning, and execution of projects accommodating the company’s budget and timings. The success of the specific project depends on the manager’s skills, from defining the objectives to completing the project. According to a recent report, almost 2.3 million new management employees will be added to the workforce every year along with the current workforce to satisfy the industry requirements. There is a 135.08 percent increase projected in project management jobs in 2022. The management markets are highly diversified with careers such as operations managers, marketing project managers, and performance & product quality managers. The industry is ever-growing and, with the growing population, highly competitive.

With the best technical knowledge, planning ability, qualities of leadership, and communication skills, an individual can successfully opt for a carrier in management. But these skills are to be acquired through best courses in management that are available. With varied types of management courses being available, it isn’t evident to choose a particular course. It’s highly advisable to remember that choosing the right course can make or break one’s career.

Recently the Telangana government collaborated with the online education provider Coursera. The platform is internationally acclaimed, and the step would lead to a growth in skill levels of Individuals with the courses from renowned universities and instructors. Alongside, various organizations have expanded the courses offered, including some of the best management courses. Thus, to make it slightly easier to select the course best suits your needs, we present the top 9 management courses in Hyderabad across different management fields.

1. Project Management course – Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is the leading Edu-tech company in India and a global online certification platform. It offers courses across varied specializations, but management is one of its most acclaimed courses with core project management wisdom. Under the PMI direction, knowledge about the five process groups and ten knowledge regions are provided. Henry Harvin is a PMI Inc and is among the topmost organization in PMP training.
Henry Harvin also provides PMP certification in Gurgaon.

Benefits of Henry Harvin Project Management course at Henry Harvin
• It helps you understand Gantt charts, schedule management, resource management, risk management, value management, integration, change, and other transversal knowledge and skills.
• Take a PMP® certification course to advance your career; this credential is the gold standard in project management across many industries.
• It makes you qualified for more than 3,000 job openings worldwide, looking for PMP® certification training specialists.
• You will recognize today’s modern project management tools, including work fragmentation, structure, resource allocation, mathematical project organizing models, Gantt charts, project cost estimation, and cost management.

The particulars of the course
• Six hours of core instructors timing, 50 hours of E-learning, 24 hours of innovation pedagogue guide, and limitless access to the online learning system.
• Globally reputed instructors with more than ten years of working experience
• Ten job opportunities a week offered alongside the course
• The training course fee:
• Numerous benefits with the PMI membership at reasonable costs.

Henry Harvin also provides these specialization Courses
• Digital Marketing Course
• Accounting and Taxation Course
• HR Analytics Course
• Business Analysis Course

2. Applied Project Management Course – Coursera

Coursera is a virtual education platform that offers courses from top universities and educators across the globe. The platform is highly credited and acclaimed by industry experts. Most of the courses at Coursera have flexible timings that attest to the availability of the learner. There is no prerequisite to taking the project management course, and you must pay the certification fee; access to the platform is free.
Key features of the course
• Detailed learning of selecting and designing projects, implementing work models, and planning practical communication projects.
• You can learn at your pace and even extend the deadlines of a part of the course.
• There is a transcript for a better understanding of the foreign speakers.

3. Micro Master Program in Project Management – edX

The online course by the education company helps the learner master the methods of project management, the process of a project, the art of balancing time, cost management, and satisfying the customer’s requirements. At the same time, it focuses on the development of leadership credentials in the learner and the skills of managing the company resources in a successful project.
Key features of the course
• Four courses specialized in projecting management are covered.
• The duration of the course is eight months with 8-12 hours a week distribution
• A certification after course under the title RITx.

4. Management Essentials Course – Harvard Business School Online
The learning model of the course is central to the Harvard Business School and involves interviews with business leaders and executives of the world to provide a sense of the real-world business environment. Group sessions with fellow learners to help develop necessary cooperation skills and learn from each other. Successful learners will have an undergraduate degree and the best knowledge of the organizational process in management.
Key features of the course:
• 30 to 35 hours of learning across eight weeks of a flexible program.
• The trainers are highly qualified with working experience in some leading US firms.
• Global peer collaboration and case-based learning

6. Course in Frontline Management – International Career Institute

The diploma-providing course is designed with the aid of industry representatives and helps you master the skills with detail and precision. It covers the superior management skills required by supervisors, team leaders, and operational managers. The course has ‘facilitate and capitalize on change and innovation’ and ‘implement a workplace information system.’
Key features of the Course
• Eleven units with highly detailed management workplace essentials like implementing operational plans.
• The course is flexible; the learner can complete the course in several months or the maximum limit of 3 years.
• The website provides detailed course details, curriculum, and career opportunities.

5. Accelerated Management Program- Yale School of Management

The Yale School of Management course experts, in collaboration with online education provider GetSmarter, deliver the course. Case studies from Yale’s management school leave you with the necessary tools and skills to be an effective manager. The successful completion of the program leads you to be a part of the exclusive Yale School of Management Education on LinkedIn, opening the door to new opportunities.
Key features of the Course
• Eight modules cover all the professional essentials of management, such as ‘Interpreting financial statements: Cash versus Wealth.’
• The duration of the course is a total of eight weeks with an online part-time study model.
• A certification of participation from Yale School of Management Executive Education is provided upon completion of the course.

6. Level 6 Professional Sales Management- Online Business School
The course aims to develop the skillset and knowledge of individuals in sales and provide a qualification platform to connect with their career aspirations. There is an eligibility criterion for the course; the learner should be more than 18 years of age and have at least one year of experience in sales. The learner in the course has access to all the HUBS and online social learning forums.
Key features of the course
• Personal tutor support with one-to-one zoom sessions along with assignment marking and feedback
• The course has three modules and three assignments which will be accessible after the completion of each module.
• The tutor option of the social learning program provides support on modules and assignments.

7. Product Management Certification Program – upGrad

The management course by upGrad offers a flexible learning schedule with a focus on various phases of product lifestyle and the specified role of project managers in these phases. Subject expert in adapting to new insights from the market and the customers, growth hacker by supporting an enhanced number of users while optimizing growth improvement, retention strategist in project delivery, and solution seeker for every stone in the project. These are some areas that aim to enhance the learner during the course.
Key features of the course
• Five months-long course training and learning.
• Over 160 hours of the paced learning experience
• Certification from Duke Corporate Education, one of the reputed global educators.

8. Strategic Management Course – Udemy

The course covers strategic management, identifying and adapting strategies managers can adopt to enhance performance. It gives a comprehensive perspective of things like what is a business policy? Strategic, administrative, and operational decisions and much more.
Key features of the course
• The course is a short term with a 31-minute on-demand video and 1 article.
• A certificate of completion is provided after the completion of the course.
• The course can be accessed on any device with the Udemy login.


To ensure the success of launches and maintain balanced growth, project managers are highly sought out amongst the startups as well as the established companies seeking to continue their foothold over the industry. These short term and specified course help tap into those openings and bring out highly paid job options. Management is open to students from all streams in the Indian education system- Arts, Commerce and Science. So, take the cue and choose the course to your dream job.

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