Top 10 GST Course in Delhi with Facts: 2023 (Don’t Ignore)

GST Goods and Service Tax is an indirect tax due in India for the supply of goods and services. As per the growing changes now, GST is very important and is taken after every production process. GST is divided into five different slabs for the mode of collection of tax they are 0%, 5%, 12%, 18%, and 28%.

Things such as petroleum, alcohol, and electricity are not part of GST taxation, whereas they are separately taken by the state government.  The GST tax was imposed on 1st July 2017, and it has replaced all the multiple taxes lifted by the government of Central and state. 

There are various forms of GST  which we can learn. It provides detailed information about taxes subsumed HSN codes rates e – way bill is reverse charge mechanism reverse distribution how are GST, council GST, statistics GST, return and revenue collection.

Everything is going online, so even there are various GST courses available on the internet. You can choose any of the courses of choice and make your career in GST, which will help you better understand and also about taxation. The courses you do in GST come with the GST certification course, and various GST practitioner courses provide GST training. Even if you get theoretical knowledge of GST, it is very important to get GST training through practical sessions by calculations to get a clear idea of how GST works and regulates daily.

GST understanding has also provided blue with great career opportunities even for graduates walking into finance department tax professionals like chartered accountants, company secretaries, government officers and various other candidates. 

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There are various benefits of getting a GST course done, they are –

  • It helps to enhance your growth opportunity in terms of salary which can be raised easily
  • You can start off with your own consultancy services of GST 
  • The complete GST training comes with the duration of a minimum of 35 to 40 hours
  • Various online GST courses provide both online and classroom training
  • At the end of the course, you are even provided with a certification in collaboration of  NACIN (National Academy of customs indirect taxes and narcotics)

So let’s know about top 10 GST course in Delhi

1. Henry Harvin Accounts Academy :

GST course at Henry Harvin and education is one of the best GST certification courses and taxation courses. One of the best benefits of pursuing a GST course from Henry Harvin and education is that it is a reputed educational institute and helps to accelerate your growth in the course you are pursuing.

The course as highlighted as:-

  • The course is of complete duration of 32 hours
  • It has a rating of 4.6 by 5 from students
  • Live classes and classroom sessions provided
  • Provides you with practical GST training
  • Various formats of Excel which you can prepare for GST return which includes be lookup pivot table and various other
  • How you can export your data of tally accounting software for GST course in Delhi
  • Also provides you with practical training for Delhi students
  • The fee for the course is 12500 which provides you with the study material and hand holding after completion of GST course 

Learning your GST course from Henry Harvin’s education will be your plus point because this is one of the most trending topics which is going on for the past few years. We have our award-winning trainers who provide you with 100% practical training. You even get a one-year membership of a finance academy which is of four thousand rupees only. Henry and Henry Harvin’s education is already tied up with 160 corporate clients, so you can easily analyse your growth opportunities in GST.

Also Check This Video –

2. GST certification course at Taxguru Edu : Best Training Centre For GST Course in Delhi

Tax Guru Edu

Taxguru is an online education platform that provides you with online training in various domains. The GST course is one of them.  Their primary courses are taxation, accounting, auditing, finance, and also about corporate law. The trainers of every course are highly qualified and professional in their areas. There are various CA and CS who depend completely on Tax Guru education for their education. The GST certification course is one of the most highlighted courses of TaxGuru.

Key Highlights of GST course:-

  • Offer with self learning GST course
  • Eligible for all finance professionals. Owners, business heads, GST practitioners, and someone who is keen to make their career in GST.
  • The GST Certification course includes 14 sessions along with QandA sessions.
  • Duration is of 40 hours
  • Assignments and various interactive sessions to solve query and open discussion forum.

3. GST certification course at Oxford school of Accounting 

Oxford school of Accounting 

Since 1997, the Oxford School of Accounting in Delhi has been training people in accounting. They make learning an unforgettable experience with over two decades of experience, over 5000 batches, and over 80,000 students trained. Students benefit from technology-driven innovative classes, well-researched teaching approaches, great industry tie-ups for placement, and job-oriented courses. It gives career counselling in addition to placement aid. The institute provides excellent GST certification training.

Highlights of course:-

  • Basic understanding of computer
  • Accounting and finance
  • In detailed Information about GST
  • Return filing
  • Soft skills training
  • Certification after completion of course
  • Reputed university

4. The Institute of Chartered Accountants : Best GST Training Centre in Delhi

The major goal of this institute is to provide information on Goods and Service Taxes to every individual. Everyone should get an education when it comes to GST. Also, there are various career opportunities in GST. 

The course helps you provide detailed information about:- Concept of GST, Place of supply, Tax credit, Valuation, Registrations, Returns, Assessment, Penalties, Offers, Ethical practices, and many more. Every topic comes with in-depth information.

The course includes:-

  • Duration -10days course
  • Weekend and weekday batches
  • Trainers are Highly professionals
  • Course fees 14000 or more
  • 25 classes and 5 classes for assessment test


ICSI The Institute Of Company Secretaries

The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) is a leading national professional body that offers high-quality education to students pursuing a company secretary (CS) career. It has four regional offices and 72 chapters around the country, with its headquarters in New Delhi.

The ICSI offers certificate courses, crash courses, and post-certification qualifying courses. A full-time comprehensive Company Secretary Program is also available at the institute. For those working in the banking, financial, or insurance industries, ICSI offers a GST Accounts Assistant Course. On the other hand, GST certification classes are for learning and executing the intricacies of the tax system.

Key highlights of the course are:-

  • It is eligible for the members and professional program students of ICSI
  • The curriculum of course provides you with soft copy of all the study material
  • Brief knowledge and insights on the principles of GST
  • 5 days in a week and classes or even available on weekends
  • After the learning of GST there will be 1 MCQ test once you succeed and the test you will be provided with the certification by ICSI which is in collaboration with BSE institute limited.

6. GST course at apna course : Training Centre For GST Course in Delhi

apna course

Apna Course is a major e-learning platform. Individuals’ skillsets and careers are aimed at by the courses, which are delivered in the form of video lectures by top professors.

Apna Course offers a variety of professional courses and certifications to help you progress in your career. There are both global certification and knowledge courses available. It mainly serves the finance, project management, and business analysis industries.

Apna Course offers over 167 courses in both live and self-paced formats and a sophisticated learning management system and customisable dashboards for individuals and teams. It’s also one of the several sites that offer GST certification training.

The course includes:-

  • Eligible for finance professionals, and CA 
  • The course is free of cost
  •  Course provides with the access of 180 days with HD videos by professionals
  • The course includes 10 modules

7. Clear Tax Learning


It’s a GST software provider that also offers GST certification training.

The goal of Cleartax is to educate India about GST. Clear Tax hosts offline courses, webinars, and quizzes to help the public prepare for GST.

Udemy is the platform where you can take the online course. The course duration is of 8-hour, there is interactive video content available on demand.

The course includes:-

  • They give you 3 courses in it 
  • Fee starts from 3600\-
  • It has an overall rating of 4.1 out of 5

8. Consultease : GST Certification Course in Delhi

Consultease is a platform that connects consultants with companies looking for services. A list of consultants in various niches prepared to share their knowledge is available on the platform. Consult Ease also aids in the solving of queries. Business people submit questions to the consultants, who respond to them. The website has a blog part that functions as a knowledge base, with consultants offering interesting blogs, presentations, and videos related to their areas of expertise. 

Consultease also recognises the value of education and offers various courses and modules on various professional and in-demand topics. The option to schedule a meeting with a consultant is another useful feature of Consultease.

The key highlights of the course are:- 

  • Eligible for all commerce graduates, tax professionals, CA, CS, GST Practitioners, and People dealing with business
  • 4000\- INR without post recording session and 5000\- with recording sessions
  • From basic to advance everything is taught
  • Duration more than 25 horse
  • Comes along with the certification

9. Shine learning

Shine learning

Shine Learning, a division of, is India’s leading professional education and job skills platform. Its goal is to upskill the Indian talent pool and make more people job-ready. It aims to deliver the greatest courses from around the world and is a platform that provides people with skills and assists them in finding work. Individuals’ resumes are analysed by Shine Learning, which then recommends the best courses for them. All of their courses have a high job market acceptance rate, and the certificates include various study possibilities.

GST certification classes are available through Shine Learning. It includes Vskills, ISEL Global, and ERB courses. We’re going to discuss Shine Learning’s course. On the platform, you may also prepare for the GST exam.

Key Highlights of the course:-

  • Comes with 2 GST courses as GST practitioner and resume builder and GST Training and certificate. 
  • COurse fee – 6200 INR and 9998 respectively
  • Provides with lifetime access to the course
  • Copy of GST book
  • Certificate by MSME

 10. GST Certification course at Clear Tax : GST Practitioner Course in Delhi


ClearTax is a fintech platform located in Bangalore that assists with income tax filing, GST, and mutual fund investing. It has a long list of mentors and investors on its side. It was created to make tax filing easier for the average person, and it is now India’s most popular consumer tax filing platform. 

To make things easier for CAs, the company has created TaxCloud and GST software. It employs around 20,000 experts. It also happens to be India’s largest cloud platform for GST. Its recently created mutual fund investing tool has gained a lot of traction among young millennials.

Course highlights:-

  • E- learning with new GST updates
  • THe course is open for GST Practitioners, legal consultant, CA, CS, and company executives
  • Duration of 8 Hours – which highlights, handling mismatched filing, resolution for GST queries, etc.
  • Fee – 3600 INR
  • Basic to advance training of GST 

Online GST Course :-

There are more questions to be answered as we move and as newer updates are released. Without question, the internet is a treasure of knowledge on any subject, including GST. It takes a long time to understand something simply by reading it. Understanding through subject matter experts, case studies, and real-life scenarios, on the other hand, is much easier and faster and has a higher success rate.

Every change brings with it both advantages and disadvantages. GST software, specific GST practitioner training, and even government-sponsored GST courses are now available from various institutes and businesses.

Role of GST Practitioner

A GST practitioner is similar to a tax advisor. They must register on the GSTN website, possess a valid certification (recognised by the Central or State Government), and supply services to other taxpayers.

Exam of GST Practitioners

Within two years of enrolment, a GST practitioner must pass the GSTP examination. Registration on the GST site is required to pass the exam and receive the certification, which boosts the trust and legitimacy of the services supplied.

GST exams are held twice a year, with a price of INR 500/-. It is a computer-based test with solely multiple-choice questions, and passing the exam requires a score of at least 50%.

To become a successful GST Practitioners

  • You need to register yourself into GST Portal with form number PCT 01 to obtain your certificate PCT 02 
  • Apply for GST Exam provided by NACIN (The National Academy of Custom, Indirect taxes and Narcotics) and you can get your certificate,
  • Results are declared in a month of examination

Advantages of GST Course:-

GST eliminates the cascading effect of taxes by ensuring uniformity of tax rates and structures. It is critical for all businesses, and skilled GST practitioners are in high demand. The following are just a few of the many advantages of attending a GST course:

  • From the professionals, complete and full understanding of the length and breadth of the GST issue
  • CAs, CSs, and tax professionals, as well as those aspiring to be GST practitioners, receive a wealth of practical information.
  • It opens you a myriad of job opportunities in terms of professional development. You can either work as a practitioner or for a company. 
  • You can even start your own consulting firm.
  • Certified GST Practitioners can also get a hike of 15% on their previous drawn salary.

Who all are eligible for the GST Practitioner course ?

All the  Entrepreneurs, tax professionals, CAs, CS professionals, IAS aspirants, MBA finance, ICWA professionals, LLB practitioners, tax consultants, and even graduates or postgraduates in the commerce and finance stream will benefit from the GST practitioner training.

Benefits of Becoming a GST Practitioner :-

After completing certification, GST practitioners can act on behalf of taxpayers on the GSTN site and conduct a variety of tasks.

Registration: Submit a GST registration application on behalf of the taxpayers and amend or cancel GST returns.

GST returns: It must be filed on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

Refunds and payments: They can file refund claims and pay taxes on behalf of their customers.

Authorised representative: They have the authority to represent the GST department before any officer.


The above-given courses are best to our knowledge and reference. The implementation of GST has resulted in a significant increase in job opportunities. From e-filing to reconciliation, all businesses require qualified people to handle the GST. The new lucrative position in the taxation field is GST practitioner. It is a one-of-a-kind job opportunity in India, fetching anywhere between 4.9 and 6.4 L on average.

So, for all those aspiring audits, taxes, or financial experts out there, GST is the new hot job opening for you all. Many business people are unaware of the subtleties of taxation, so this is a fantastic opportunity for you to expand your knowledge and land a fun and well-paying career. Choose a course that meets your needs and begin your professional career as a GST practitioner. 

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