Top 10 GST Course in Noida ( Don’t Ignore)

Urban fun calling the fun-freak in you? Do amusement parks, street food, street shopping, gaming arenas, hoteling pump up the adrenalin rush in you? Also, if you are an avid learner, then Noida is the best place for you to pursue a career and enjoy life. New Okhla Industrial Development Authority or NOIDA has many more accolades to its account. Famous for its green tree lining alongside the roads, it is known greenest city in India. A trip to New Delhi- the national capital, is incomplete without exploring this planned, integrated modern city of India.

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What can be more than a ‘Cherry on the Cake’ when this fun-packed city serves as a powerhouse of top 10 GST Courses

Officially GST came into force on 1st July 2017, though its planning and inception date way back to 2000. 

Let us know about the top 10 GST courses in Noida

1. Henry Harvin Education

Wondering how to cover the most trending topics of the GST Course in Noida all under one roof? Take a deep breath because your search is over. The GST Course from Henry Harvin Education is ranked as India’s No.1 GST Course by India Today and India Tribune. A power-packed course that is way ahead of its league with features such as training, projects, internship, placement assistance, boot camp sessions, etc.

About Henry Harvin Education

Henry Harvin Education houses more than 100 courses that are delivered online & offline classes across the world.

Why Henry Harvin Education 

Henry Harvin Education ensures value creation out of the courses rather than just delivering lectures. 

About the GST Course

Henry Harvin Education brings the no.1 rated GST Course covering the topics like GSTR3B, GSTR1, and GSTR2A, etc. Not only this, but the GST training also includes e-invoicing and input tax credit.

Benefits of the GST Course

  • Membership-The learners enrolled for the GST Course are eligible for a 1-year gold membership to the Henry Harvin Accounts Academy
  • Hands-on practical exposure This GST Training is inclusive of 100% hands-on practical exposure covering the vital elements of GST Training like TDS Compliance, procuring input tax credit, GST Regulations, filing returns, and refunds, etc
  • Certification– The certification of GST Practitioner is provided to the participants from Henry Harvin Education
  • The Trainers– The trainers at Henry Harvin Education are domain experts and are consultants dealing with the trending topics of GST to some of the leading companies 
  • Course Modules-Live online classroom learning that is evenly distributed across 32 hours of interactive sessions
  • Course fee-INR 12500 for the live online classroom learning which is the preferred mode of sessions

Other similar courses from Henry Harvin Education 

  • Stock Market Course
  • IFRS Course
  • Advanced Course in Excel
  • FRM Course
  • CPA Course

2. GVT Academy  : Best GST Course in Noida

About GVT Academy-One of the best GST Training institutes in Noida and Ghaziabad, GVT Academy has more than a decade’s experience in delivering the most contemporary GST Training and other allied courses.

Why GVT Academy- GVT Academy has the best-in-class infrastructure and lab facility that enables the learners to keep abreast of the recent developments in this field.

About the GST Course- The course material of GVT Academy is a perfect blend of resources that fits right from the beginner to the advanced level.

Benefits of the GST Course

Placement Assistance-100% placement assistance is given to the learners.

Hands-on practical exposure & Analytics Tools-They believe in application with a solution-based approach, rather than mugging up the concepts theoretically 

The Trainers-The trainers are industry experts with very rich subject knowledge and industry exposure.

Course Modules-The course is spread across 10 sub-modules, with practical assignments and interview preparation tips from the experts.

3. BPA Educators : Top GST Course in Noida

About BPA Educators

One of the best accounting and tally coaching institutes in Noida.

Why BPA Educators

Apart from the mainstream coaching, BPA Educators is famous for its counseling sessions to aspirants from various educational streams.

About the GST Course

A comprehensive course covering the major aspects of its modules.

Benefits of the GST Course

Hands-on practical exposure– A real-life project is a mandatory part of the course program.

Certification– Certificate of completion of the GST Training will be provided to the candidates upon successful completion of the program as well on the job certificate from Chartered Accountants and Company Secretaries.

The Trainers-Industry experts with more than a decade’s experience and subject matter expertise.

Course Modules-The entire course program is spread across 3 months’ duration wherein the concepts, practice assignments, projects, etc. are taken care of.

4. SLA Consultants : GST Certification Course in Noida

About SLA Consultants-SLA Consultants is one of the top training IT& Non-IT Training institute in the NCR Region having their head office in New Delhi and branch offices at Gurgaon, Noida, etc.

Why SLA Consultants-SLA Consultants believe in 100% practical learning to acquaint the learners with the real-life challenges of the corporate world

Benefits of the GST Training 

Analytical Tools-LAB facility is provided to upgrade the proficiency levels with aid of a practical test series.

Hands-on practical exposure– Workshops across Noida are conducted to train the participants with real-world learning insights.

Certification- The GST Certification provided at the end of the course is as per industry standard and is helpful for fresher as well the experienced learners to hone their skills and get better opportunities in the corporate world.

The Trainers– The trainers at SLA Consultants are all professional CA/CFA Trainers and are experts with more than a decade of experience.

Placement assistance-Unlike other training academies, SLA Consultants are ahead of its competitors because they start the process of placement once the learners have completed 70% of the course.

Course Modules-The entire course is divide into modules. Module 1 covers Indirect taxes that comprise GST (Goods and Service Tax) whereas Module 2 covers Direct Taxes like Income Tax and TDS. Both the module sessions are taken by Chartered Accountants.

Other similar courses from SLA Consultants

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5. Training Class : GST Practitioner Course in Noida

About Training Class-Training class is a professional training institute in Noida that renders coaching of job-oriented training programs.

Why Training Class-A special feature that distinguishes the Training class from the rest is one-to-one interactive sessions with the candidates to prepare them for the future challenges of workplace competition etc.

About the GST Course –The course program of the Training Class is designed in such a way that the learners get a holistic grasp of the subject and they need not refer to any external sources to understand the subject.

Benefits of the GST Course

Certification-Certification of course completion will be provided to the participants.

The Trainers-The trainers are industry-wide recognized for their teaching skills.

Course Modules-The entire course program is spread across 20 hours of sessions.

6. ICA Group : Best institute For GST Certification centre in Noida

About ICA Group

ICA Group has more than two decades of experience in providing coaching and training programs in various streams of accountancy and taxation.

Why ICA Group

ICA Group understands that above all degrees and education, a ‘skillset’ is the most important qualification to progress professionally and thus develops the curriculum accordingly.

About the GST Training program 

The GST Training program from ICA Group is a very interactive course that is developed rigorously with constant research and development.

Benefits of the GST Certification 

The Trainers-Handpicked trainers with unparalleled subject knowledge as well as practical exposure to GST Implementations.

Course Modules-There is three variants of the accountancy and Taxation program.

7. Mecci Engineers Pvt.Ltd : GST Certification Course in Noida

About Mecci Engineers Pvt.Ltd

Initially started with a vision of providing engineering services, Mecci Engineers Pvt.Ltd slowly expanded towards the training of IT and Non-IT Based courses.

Why Mecci Engineers Pvt.Ltd

Mecci Engineers Pvt.Ltd provides theoretical knowledge in a more concept-based application manner along with hands-on practical exposure, making it a complete place for any kind of educational training.

About Mecci Engineers Pvt.Ltd

The course is designed keeping given all the contemporary requirements of GST Training alongside international endorsements for the same. This course is also enriched with the training of the required software for a successful GST Practitioner.

Benefits of the GST Certification 

Analytical Tools-The entire course is equipped with analytical tools that make it ahead of the rest.

The Trainers-The trainers are highly experienced and experts in their respective domains.

Course Modules-There is 4 variants of the course that deal explicitly with the GST training requirements.

8. IPA Career Edge : Top GST Certification Course in Noida

About IPA Career Edge

IPA Career Edge knows what it is that makes differentiates between an ordinary accountant and a professional accountant.

Why IPA Career Edge

IPA Career Edge believes in preparing the learners for every aspect of their professional career and thus design their curriculum accordingly.

About the GST Training Course 

A single-stop destination for all GST Certification aspirants.

Benefits of the GST Training 

Certification-Certification of completion of GST Training which shall boost the resume of job applicants

The Trainers-World class trainers who are trained and possess the requisite skills

Course Modules-The entire course is divided into 7 modules.        

9. Edukating : Top GST course in Noida

 About Edukating

A single touchpoint for all educational needs, training programs, and consultancy services in Noida.


Edutaking is known for its specialized blend of quality services that is a result of its years of research-based curriculum design, training, and consulting practices.

About the GST Certification 

A perfect blend of real-life queries and live sessions, this course is a must for every GST Consultant aspirant.

Benefits of the GST Certification 

Certification- Upon successful completion of the entire course, the participants are provided with an e-certificate.

Course Module-The entire course program is spread across 28 hours of sessions.

10. Oxford School of accounting ; Top GST Training centre in Noida

About Oxford School of accounting

One of the most reputed training institutes in Noida.

Why Oxford School of accounting

Oxford School of accounting not only prepares the learners for real-world job profiles but also instills lifelong readiness to be updated and stay ahead.

About the GST Course 

It covers the entire requirements of a complete accounting course.

Benefits of the GST Course 

Certification-Upon successful completion of the course, the candidates are provided with an oxford certified professional certificate.


Any kind of certification course gives the extra boost required to gain specialized skills in that area. GST Course is no exception. The learners who are dreaming of either pursuing a career in the financial domain or looking forward to being an entrepreneur and run a tax consultancy must opt for any of the above GST Courses. As a finance and tax professional, one must have the skillsets like 

  • Aptitude for GST AND E-GST problem solving, 
  • Applicability skills of GST AND E-GST
  • Decision-making ability for conducting taxes, tax filing with registration, payments, returns, etc.
  • Awareness-In order to be ahead of others in any field, it is important to be aware of the recent developments. The above set of courses instills interest and conveys how one keeps himself/herself well-informed of the every day revisions and updates in the GST Laws.

With the above set of skills, their application and the guidance of the wonderful trainers from the institutes, your dream job of becoming a GST professional is not very far from achieving.


1. Which mode of classes is better- online or offline?

ANS – Owing to the pandemic majority of the courses are conducted online. Given the indefinite period that the pandemic exists, it is advisable to opt for the online classes and utilize the resources provided by them online. 

2. I have a full-time job. Can I still pursue this course?

ANS – Owing to the pandemic majority of the courses are conducted online. Given the indefinite period that the pandemic exists, it is advisable to opt for the online classes and utilize the resources provided by them online. 

3. What are the internship opportunities after pursuing the above courses?

ANS – Surely, most of the above institutions provide weekend courses keeping in view the tight schedule of the working professionals.

4. What are the career opportunities after pursuing these courses?

ANS – GST Consultants, Tax Associate, GST Practitioner, GST Associate, etc. are some of the many career opportunities that the candidates can opt for after pursuing the above courses.


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