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Top 10 German Language Courses Online with Fees, Jobs and Class Details: 2023

The German language is one of the popular languages taught in the world. It provides the golden opportunity for world-class higher education. You may know Germany as the “Lands of Poets and Thinkers”. But the interesting fact is that you can also learn the German language.

You will be surprised to know that German contributes 60% of its vocabulary to English. Germany being the world’s second-largest exporter, it turns out to be the best for business deals. 

Are you thinking of learning German?

You may be afraid to take the baby steps. This blog will help you reach the milestone. It will also provide a clear picture.

Just say yes to learning. 

glücklich Lernen (Happy Learning)


Suggested Top 10 German Language Courses Online:

Below are the lists of Top10 German language courses online acting as the best platforms for learning:

1. Henry Harvin Education (German language course online)

Henry Harvin Education is the first Institute to provide the best German language courses online. It focuses on “Value Creation” and assists you with grammatical concepts. It has trained expertise. Check the course before learning.

Perks of choosing Henry Harvin Education

You will also get the opportunity to take the benefit of 9 in 1 course. Perks of choosing the course:

  1. Training – You can attend Live Online classroom sessions. 

  2. Projects- Candidates are provided the facility to undergo projects. Practical experiences play an important role.

 3. Internship – You can apply for the internships after completing the live classroom sessions. The internship will help to gain experiential knowledge of the German language.

   4. Certification – Henry Harvin will award you the certificate of the German Language course online. You will also get Certificates for live training sessions.

   5.  Placement Assistance – Once you complete the course, Job support will play an essential role. You will get 100% Placement support after 1-year post successful completion.

   6. E-learning access – You will get access to operating tools. You can check recordings. A  variety of learning materials is present in the LMS portal.

   7. Bootcamps- It happens over the next 12months.

   8. Competitions – Free entry to hackathons and competitions.

  9. Membership gift- You will acquire the 1-Year Gold membership by the institute. 

Course layout

Institutes have designed German language courses online into different levels:

  • Beginners Level- A1, A2
  • Intermediate Level- B1, B2
  • Advanced Level- C1
  • Proficiency Level- C2

Every level consists of two modules:

  • 1st Module consists of the main topics with grammar skills
  • 2nd Module also contains the main subjects and grammar skills .It is more advanced level.

Course Period

The German language course duration is:-

A1:30 hours

A2:30 hours

B1:40 hours

B2:40 hours

C1:40 hours

C2:40 hours

Course fee

Fee charges depend upon the level:

  • A1-INR 8999/-
  • A2-INR 8999/-
  • B1-INR 11999/-
  • B2-INR 11999/-
  • C1-INR 14999/-
  • C2-INR 14999/-

Other courses offered

Henry Harvin consists of various other courses apart from the German language Courses online. Have a look at other courses:

  • Content Writing
  • SAP 
  • Lean Six Sigma
  • Digital Marketing
  • Accounting and taxation

Widespread centers:

  •  Kolkata,
  • Surat
  • Chandigarh
  • Bhubaneshwar
  • Ahmedabad
  • Delhi
  • Chennai
  • Mumbai
  • Bangalore, etc

Website link-

2. Lingoda

Lingoda Logo

Lingoda is the best  German Language courses online school. The way is revolutionizing language learning through live online classes. It is led by professional teachers. It masters a language and unlocks the potential of the students.

Perks of choosing Lingoda

Benefits help to avail select the best institutes:

  • Fluency- Professional teacher will guide you on the customized language. You can speak confidently, and no one can mark you out as foreign people.
  • Experience trainers-Every teacher will have at least two years of experience. They can teach the language and improve your skills in the German language.
  • Maximum flexibility – These little online group categories are available 24/7, provides maximum flexibility for the scholars. It saves a significant amount of time.
  • Trust – Google reviews show how the students are happy with Lingoda. CEFR-based structured curriculum and extracurricular activities make the school meet its goals.

Course layout

Lingoda has different CEFR levels.CEFR refers to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. By seeing the framework, candidate can select their levels. Levels are :

  • A1
  • A2
  • B1
  • B2
  • C1

Generally, A1 and A2 are at the beginner’s level.B1 and B2 are intermediate levels.C1 is the advanced level.

Course Period

There are various course period options available. You can either choose Monthly subscription or Marathon courses. Marathon consists of 3,6 ,and 12-month options.

Course Fee

You can also start a free 7-day trial. Fees are charged depending upon the plan you select:

  • Monthly plan- starts from INR 813 per class. Monthly payments are acceptable.
  • Marathon- Starts from INR 647 per class. 

*Fee charges as per dollar conversion.

Other courses offered:

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Business English
  • Cambridge test

3. Language Pantheon (german language course Online)


Language Pantheon brings a journey of providing certification to the students. They will have the German language on their tongue.” Incredible German” is the system followed by the company. The educational institutes come out with international reputations and excellence.

Perks of choosing Language Pantheon

  • Flexible- The candidate who belongs to a foreign region can grab this opportunity. Time is available in multiple slots. Studies going to Germany for higher studies can take the class at their convenience.
  • Whatsapp Group- Institute has dedicated faculty with students who give real-time updates on Whatsapp.
  • Admission team- Special Examination Team; helps to get knowledge of the ecosystem.
  • Access- Students can read from anywhere in the world. They need proper internet connections.

Course Layout

Language Pantheon consists of various level courses:

  • A1
  • A2
  • B1
  • B2
  • C1.1
  • C1.2

Course Period

You can select :

  • regular
  • intensive
  • fast track or
  • Super-fast track batch
  • Weekend batch

Levels hours

  • A1 140 
  • A2 120 
  • B1 160 
  • B2.1 110 
  • B2.2 160 
  • C1.1 110 
  • C1.2 160

Course Fee

Flexible fee structures are available. You can use any mode for payment.

Level Actual Fee(INR)

A1 15,000/-

A2 15,000/-

B1 16,000/-

B2.1 16,000/-

B2.2 16,000/-

C1.1 16,000/-

C1.2 16,000/-

Other courses offered:

Language pantheon conducts exams apart from a German language course online.

  • Aufnahme- Entrance exam for entering into Studeinkolleg
  • Testdaf- Advanced level German language exam
  • TestAS- Standardised test for proof of qualifications of university exams.

4. GermanPod101

G.P logo

GermanPod101 is one of the best study tools for German language courses online. You can access the podcasts created by the native German Speaker. The presence of learners in the podcast makes it more interactive.

Perks of choosing GermanPod101

You can enjoy hundreds of free videos available on the YouTube channel. Check the other benefits:

  • Easy way of learning German
  • Short Audio & Video lessons
  • Personalized Guidance
  • Best study tools 

Course Layout

German Language courses online are designed with different German levels.

Each category consists of

  • Conversation
  • reading & writing
  • vocabulary
  • grammar
  • culture

Course Period

There are plenty of videos and podcasts available on the channel. Supplementary written materials are also available with each podcast. Duration of each Level:

  • Absolute beginner -17 hours
  • Beginner – 20 hours
  • Intermediate – 14hours
  • Upper-Intermediate – 19 hours
  • Advanced – 4 hours

Course Fee

Each course costs a reasonable amount. The fee starts from INR 296 to 1705 per month.

Other courses offered

GermanPod101 designs German courses. It adds more German things to their bucket:

  • Flashcards
  • word bank
  • Words of the day
  • German Dictionary

5. Indian Institute of Foreign Languages (German language course Online)


Indian Institute of Foreign Languages provides excellent training in the German language courses online. The mission of the company is to provide quality training. Future leaders can grab the knowledge and compete in the global market.

Course materials are up to date to meet the market standard.

Perks of choosing Indian Institue of Foreign Language:

  • Experienced faculty- Institute has more than 10,000+students taking the training. They have experienced faculty.
  • Corporate clients-They have professional experience trained employees.
  • Small Batch- Every student gets an equal chance to speak. The German batch has a maximum of 5 students.
  • Learning material- Course fees include books. Online students’ books are delivered to their location by courier.
  • Webinars- Free webinars are available on the portal. After registration, students can keep in touch with the language.

Course Layout

German Language courses are categorized into six levels:

  • A1-Starter
  • A2-Elementary
  • B1-Intermediate
  • B2- Upper-intermediate
  • C1-Expert
  • C2-Mastery

 Courses are according to CEFR.

Course Period

The course periods are decided to depend upon the levels:

Levels Hours

A1 60

A2 60

B1 70

Course Fee

Institute provides many offers for the students. Fee is:

    1. Early bird offer

  • A1 Weekend batch- INR 12,800/-
  • A1 Weekdays-INR 13,800/-

    2. Combo offer – INR 25,000/-

    3. Silver Package- INR 28,599/-

(German A1 & German Admission services,6 Applications)

    4. Gold- INR 34,600/-

(German A1 & German Admission services,12 Applications)

    5. Diamond- INR 49,599/-

(German A1 & German Admission services, Unlimited Applications)

*Offer prices keep changing.

Other courses offered:

  • French 
  • Japanese
  • Spanish
  • Accent Neutralisation

6. Duolingo

Duolingo logo

Duolingo is one of the biggest platforms providing an effective educational system. It is famous for its free content. The richest personality and Hollywood stars are availing the benefits.

Perks of choosing Duolingo

  • Free language education
  • Personalized way of teaching
  • Learning the content in a fun way
  • Universally accessible

Course name

German for English Speakers

Course layout

Learning and reading skills.

Mode – German language courses online

Course Period

Differs from course to course

Course Fee

Lingot is the term that is accepted as the virtual currency of Duolingo. You can access the items in the store by generating more lingot. The more you learn, the more lingot you will receive. 

How lingot works:

  • Leveling up – 1lingot
  • Finishing a skill- 2lingot
  • 10-day streaks- 1 lingot on maintaining 10-day.

Other courses offered

  • Spanish
  • French
  • Korean
  • Italian
  • Chinese

7. Goethe-Institut (German language course online)


This Institut is also known as the cultural institute of Germany. They convey a comprehensive image of Germany. Information about the cultural, political, and social life of the nation is taught.

Perks of choosing Goethe-Institut

  • Online solutions for Business clients
  • Learn German Online
  • Quality course
  • Learn from Professional experts
  • You can learn anywhere, anytime
  • Individual mentoring

Course name

German Online group course.Mode -German Language courses online

Course layout

You can learn any language level. Flexible opportunities are given for learning the course. Different levels are available as A1,A2,B1,B2,C1,C2. 

Course Period

The duration of the week is 5Weeks. Face-to-face sessions, as well as independent learning sessions, are held. A maximum of 16 participants are present in one group.

Course Fee

The course fee is INR33,797/-.

Other courses offered:

  • German Online training without a teacher
  • Deutsch Online Individual
  • Intensive German Online
  • German Examination Training
  • Online Solutions for Business Clients

8. Rocket Languages


Rocket languages open the doorway to the best online German language courses. Vision is to build a culture-connected world with language as a sword. The company has a belief that language is all about understanding. It designs the course for the serious learner who wants the program to be the best.

Perks of choosing Rocket Languages

  • Rocket Record – You can access the audios anytime, anywhere. If you have busy schedules, then you can take the Rocket record. Example- If you are going to the gym, then you can play the audio track and learn something every day.
  • Interactive Audio – As a beginner, you may feel shy to utter words in front of someone. So with the help of interactive audio, you can record your voice and pronounce thousands of words. It will maintain your privacy and remove your fear in the coming time.
  • Play it- This is the training session in a fun way. You can take part in the actual conversations. Also learn how to come up with answers in a spot.
  • Refund- If the Rocket German doesn’t measure your expectations, you can email for a prompt and get the refund. The period is for 60days.

Course Layout

German Language course consists of various combos. You can take as per your choice:

  • Rocket German Levels 1,2& 3- 7014 voice recognition phrases
  • Levels 1 & 2- 4315 voice recognition phrases
  • Level 1- 2051 voice recognition phrases

Course Period

The time differs from course to course:

  • Rocket German Levels 1,2& 3- 380 hours of lesson time
  • Levels 1 & 2 with 256 hours of lesson time
  • Level 1-with 128 hours of lesson time

Course Fee

You can check the sale offers. Course fee:

  • Rocket German Levels 1,2& 3- INR 13,333.64
  • Levels 1 & 2 -INR 8,889.10
  • Level 1-INR 4,444.55

Other courses offered

  • Rocket German free trial
  • Play the Part
  • German Levels

9. FluentU (German language course online)


FluentU is one of the best German language courses online. It has replaced textbooks with websites. Delivering rich experiences with learning a language is the reward for the company. It is done by passionate learners who are present all over the world.

Perks of choosing FluentU

  • You can learn German in a fun way by the web’s best videos.
  • Understand and enjoy native German videos with English subtitles.
  • Build unforgettable experiences through videos with real-world context.

Course layout

 Take a subscription to browse the content. It includes:

  • Video Dictionary
  • Word lookup on every word with real-life examples
  • Course,audio,videos,flashcard sets
  • Personalized Quiz
  • Spaced Repetition

Course Period

The course period will depend on the type of subscription you have done. You can access the videos monthly or annually. It is a kind of self-paced course.

Course Fee

You can avail 14 days of free trials. If you like the course you can pay the fee as:

  • Monthly – INR 2,222.48
  • Annual subscription – INR 1,481.41 per month

Other courses offered

You can access the other courses from the same subscription. You can learn:

  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • French
  • Russian
  • Italian
  • English
  • Korean

10. Udemy

Udemy offers top-rating German Language courses online for professionals. It doesn’t matter you are new or a project manager to german skills. Udemy shares knowledge accordingly. You will learn new things as a part of a Global Community.

Perks of choosing Udemy?

  • You can learn at a suitable time from your homeplace.
  • Lifetime access to resource materials
  • Learn the lessons taught by real-world experts
  • Learn in-demand skills with over 1,83,000 video courses
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Access to free videos available on the website as per your demand
  • You will receive the Certificate of completion

Course name

Learn the German Language: Complete German Course-Beginners

Course layout

German Beginner to Intermediate Course:

  • German-speaking
  • Pronunciation
  • Writing
  • Rules
  • Communication skills
  • Vocabulary

Course Period

Udemy provides choices of videos, and duration depends upon the course you select. This German language course’s online duration consists of 17hours of on-demand video.

Course Fee

Fees vary from time to time, depending upon the offers. The German language course cost is INR 525. 

Candidates can access the free videos available on the website.

Other courses offered

Various other courses are trending on Udemy:

  • Data Science
  • Software Development Tools
  • Business-related course
  • Digital Marketing

Tips choosing the right German course 

From the above lists, you came across many German language courses online. Choose the course considering the below points:

  • Time- If you have enough time, go for live online sessions.
  • Reason to learn – If you want to learn as a career goal, take online classes. You can refer to the video lessons for other reasons.
  • Budget – Some courses provide it for free. Do you want to invest it or not? Check it out first.
  • Mode of learning – Do you want to read on mobile or laptop? Have a look at these preferences.


With so many pieces of information above, you can give a kickstart to your German language courses online. The German language courses online will help you in the proper communications.

Various points keep on the list. Starting from the reasons of learning German, benefits and how to learn in an efficient manner.

You will get ample German language courses. Select the one which suits your niche. Learning levels should not be compromised in any way.

Never miss a chance to take the best opportunity waiting on your way. Hope this article will open a new path for you.

viel Glück(Best of Luck)

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the examination for the German Language?

There are various levels of German Language courses online. So the most widely 
recognized exams are the DSH, the TestDaf, and the Goeth Institut exams.

Can I get any job if I know the German language?

You will get career opportunities if you have 
proficiency in the language. Careers are:
Customer service representative
Tour guide
Immigration Specialist

Which level should I know if I work in Germany?

If you have German level B1/B2 then you can work in Germany. You will get the 
certificates issued by the GLS.

 Is learning German easy?

For a beginner, it may sound difficult. But it is the easiest language. You need proper guidance from the correct place.

Which certificate is regarded as best for the German Language?

Test DSH Certificate is the top certificate accepted by German higher education 

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