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Top 10 Six Sigma Certification in Texas: 2023 [Updated]

Top10 Six Sigma Certification in Texas

What is Six Sigma Certification?

Lean Six Sigma is a proven methodology for process improvement. It consists of tools from two different methodologies. First Lean and second Six Sigma. Toyota developed Lean which contains various tools tailored to reduce waste in processes. Motorola developed the data-driven process of Six Sigma. To reduce variation in the process and enhance the manufacturing process.

All that you need is to find a good institute that offers Six Sigma Green Belt certification in Texas and become a certified Six Sigma green belt, Black Belt or Master black belt. This confirms your commitment to quality. it helps in setting measurable goals and milestones. within the organizations budget, which brings a positive impact for the organization.

The Six Sigma White belt or Yellow belt course introduces you to the basic concepts of six sigma. Six Sigma Green belt Certification course trains to improve productivity and focus on tools and methodology.

Six Sigma black belt certification and the Master Black belt are more of leadership at the higher corporate level.

After successful completion of the training, you have to clear the said examination conducted by the Institute for the accredited Six Sigma certificate.

The best way to earn more and thrive for a remarkable career you need to get a Six Sigma certification course.

It is widely versatile across any industry.

Get enrolled Now! Here are the Top 10 Six Sigma certifications in Texas

1.Henry Harvin 

Why Henry Harvin?

Henry Harvin is the specialist, Business Standard and The Tribune has ranked Henry Harvin as NO.1

It is aligned to IASSC BoK ( book of knowledge). This Six Sigma Certification Course cultivates statistical inference-based decision making and data-driven problem-solving skills.

It caters to the best in class Six Sigma practitioners to corporate clients like Google, Amazon, JPMorgan and more.

Getting a Six Sigma certification course from Henry Harvin gives better Job security and extraordinary growth opportunities.    

It focuses on 100% Practical training combining lean and DMAIC Methodology to impart key skills.

It has classroom and Live Online options available for training.

Takeaway :

It covers 9 things in 1 course

  •  28hours of Live online interactive classroom sessions.
  • Hands-on project in DMAIC phases, Lean and six sigma.
  • They arrange internship assistance to the best performer to gain practical experience
  • 100%placement assistance for 1-year post successful completion. 
  • E-learning access with abundant tools and techniques. 
  • Regular boot camps spread over 12 months.
  • Free access to the #AskHenry hackathon and competitions. 
  • You get 1yr Gold membership of Henry Harvin Quality management Academy for Six Sigma green belt course. 
  • You get access to 5+Soft Skills courses to enhance employability

Certified six Sigma courses enable you to join the elite group of professionals with expertise in managing complex projects 

Six Sigma Green belt Certification

CSSE-GB course curriculum covers the tools of Lean and DMAIC methodology.

It provides a systematic approach to combine waste elimination and variation reduction toolset of Six Sigma comprising Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve Control. Learn to make customer-centric actions at every stage. You come to know the science of high-quality products and services.

You acquire complimentary Soft skill development and Resume writing training as an add-on

  • Post successful completion of training and undergoing live projects you have to clear the assessment . Henry Harvin rewards you with global credentials of Certified Six Sigma executive green belt CSSE-GB certification.

Six Sigma black belt certification

CSSE_BB course is the most elite certification which is ideal for professionals seeking promotions to mid-management and management profiles.

  • It enables you to gain absolute mastery in data-driven problem-solving skills along with advanced tools in lean and Six sigma.
  • You could get access to 35 PDU’s(Professional development units) that are necessary to maintain PMP certification
  • (Project management professional).
  • This certification enables you to do Root cause analysis and solve complex business challenges using 20+management tools.
  • CSSE-BB quantifies influential leadership roles and stakeholders in your organization’s decision-making process. The black belts are best in class six sigma practitioners.
  • International recruiters too seek them.
  • Their analytical abilities develop way too much over other peers
  • Post successful completion of training and undergoing live projects you have to clear the assessment the it rewards you with global credentials of Certified Six Sigma executive Black belt CSSE-BB certification.

Six Sigma Master black belt Certification

 Master Black Belt is a well-respected designation with strong leadership qualities. It secures senior management position and you get acknowledged as a lean six sigma Evangelist.

Learn this course through the implementation of  DMAIC and DMADV methodologies projects. the candidate will acquire benefits from the direct involvement with analytical tools. Gain skills to know Human dynamics for Project achievements. 100% placement guarantee.

  • Post successful completion of training and undergoing live projects you have to clear the assessment then rewarded with global credentials of Certified Six Sigma executive Master Black belt CSSE-MBB certification.
  • Post Graduates Program in Lean Six Sigma

    The Post Graduate Program in Lean Six Sigma focuses completely on all areas of Lean Six Sigma.

    It will equip you with the Tools and Techniques of Lean Six Sigma Methodologies.

    participants get extensive knowledge firstly of Methods then Principles, Tools, and Techniques .

    Industry experts designed the curriculum for detailed learning about the Courses and their modules. All the aspects are covered.

    Knowledge Gain

      Acquire knowledge about the basic Terminologies of Lean, Six Sigma Green Belt & 

                    Black Belt 

                ●  Various Phases such as Define , Measure , Analyze and lastly Improve. 


                ●  Develop Skills for Hypothesis Testing

                ●  Gain knowledge about the Design of Experiments

                ●  Learn 5S Methodology: Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize & 


                ●  Acquire skills on Improvement Tools such as OEE, Jidoka, Andon, Poka-Yoke, and moe

                ●  Be Aware of PDCA for control and continuous improvement

                ●  Master the Skills for 7 QC Tools 

                ●  Acquire knowledge for Graphical Representation of Data

                ●  Analyze and Control business problems using Design Thinking Tools such as   

                    Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, and Test

                ●  Know the techniques for App Integration, Recording, and scraping

                ●  Acquire skills on Orchestrator Community Edition and other RPA tools

    Post Completion of the training and Internship, get a Certified as Post Graduate in Lean Six Sigma from Henry Harvin® Quality Management Academy.

    Trainers at Henry Harvin

    Trainers are the most respected industry experts with15+years of working experience and are recognised by numerous organizations over the years for their work.

    They have delivered 350+lectures and are domain experts.

    Contact us at [email protected]

    US: +1 4086207686

    IND:+91 9015266266

    2. Grey Campus

    There are multiple training formats, you can choose between online self-paced training and live online or in-person, each course is designed to achieve your learning objectives.

    For this certification, a green belt or black belt, you will be in a position that will let you process improvement in projects for your organisation. An internationally acclaimed certificate makes you stand out of the crowd

    By carrying out an online self-paced course here you get 1year of learning access to lectures, videos and simulated test  

    You can take up the course by taking up the live or online format of training, with this option you get the convenience of attending classes from home.

    Certification from the GreyCampus LeanSix SIgma course evaluates your readiness to lead a complex improvement project using the training received. They have Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt training and certification, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification, Lean Six Sigma Black belt training and certification and a combo training and certification of Lean Six Sigma Green and Black belt.


    [email protected]

    US +1 518 302 6767


    Six Sigma development Solutions inc is certified as an Accredited Training Organisations with  IASSC.

    The lean six sigma certification course trains you on the thought process and gives you great tools to be used in future which is a great portfolio piece for your future employment.

    They carry out certification and training for lean six sigma green belt, lean six sigma black belt with training options as Live public training, Live virtual training, private onsite training.

    The instructors are extremely knowledgeable with 20+years of practical experience. SSDSI has put together comprehensible tools for their participants.

    You will get belted within 3-4 months. The course provides knowledge of techniques, tools and methods that can be used to help lead projects in organizations. The problem-solving framework is Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, Control.

    The course is full of interactive tools to keep the students engaged. You will learn the root cause analysis tools to help quickly process problems and ROI to your organization. The project-driven approach of SSDI helps the students to complete projects with DMAIC roadmap and under a master blackbelt mentor.

    The time required for the course is 20 hrs of pre-classroom preparation.

    40 hrs of a live virtual classroom course. 20 hours of post classroom.Lean Six Sigma certification 

    Contact :

     Six Sigma Development Solutions, Inc

    Dallas, Texas


    [email protected]

    4. Aveta Business Institute Six Sigma online 

    Aveta Business Institute launched Six Sigma online to address process improvement courses.

    It is an online training program.

    It offers effective and flexible certification options as per the needs of busy professionals.

    They provide customized industry-specific training programs.

    Six Sigma Yellow and White belt, Green belt, Six Sigma Black Belt, Six Sigma Master Black Belt within these programs. you receive video content with the final certificate tailored to your specific field.

    It focuses on process improvement, and your ability to be a leader in the execution of six sigma projects, team dynamics, problem-solving skills and application of statistical methods for process improvement.  The black belt program will include white belt, yellow belt, Green belt and black belt certification.

    Contact : Visit site

    Aveta business institute-Six Sigma online 

    United States of America 1-800-399-3052

    5.UTSA PaCE

    UTSA  Professional and Continuing Education is an institution in rise. They carry out fast-paced theory and practice-based courses for certification and training.

    Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt, LeanSix Sigma Green Belt, Six Sigma Black Belt Six. The course consists of 5days lecture-based coverage of topics in Lean Six Sigma and two days of individual hands-on, onsite project formulation and guidance resulting in significant operational savings.

    The course comprises basics tools methodology statistics, DMAIC processes and tools, lean transformation and planning, carry out the project, project mentoring, guidance and evaluation. The total course time is 8-14 weeks. 

    Call +1 210 458 2411 for live online training 

    [email protected]


    TMAC’s Lean Six Sigma Program caters to combine the waste elimination method by Lean with the variation reduction tool set of Six Sigma.

    The DMAIC process provides project management.

    which helps in solution to be sustainable 

    Students learn through special online classes with Live instructors, Real-time instruction with a faster time frame.

    Students learn through a combination of lectures.

    Student project presentations, case studies and simulations. The instructor emphasizes the application of six sigma tools and methods.

    TMAC’s LSSBB is a rigorous course with basic and advanced problem-solving methods  

    Contact : +1 956-665-7011

     Email [email protected] is renowned for its lean six Sigma training and certificate. Candidates will get a hands-on approach and skills they adapt to the real-world to complete projects in Six Sigma.

    Training formats available are classroom training, Onsite training, virtual classroom training, Online training and blended training, they customize any program that fits your needs.

    • They conduct training for the Six Sigma white belt for one day.
    • Six Sigma Yellow belt is two days of training.Jumpstart training is the first week of the Six Sigma Green belt.
    • Six Sigma Green belt Training is for 2weeks with a month in between each week.
    • Six Sigma Black belt training  2 weeks training with a month in between each week 
    • It could be combined with Green belt training for four weeks.
    • All training is conducted by a Master Black Belt with real-world experience 
    • Master Black belt training two weeks of training. It provides the highest level Six Sigma Certification.
    • is proud to be the provider of PMI and IACET

    This distinction allows the organisation to provide students with project certification after successfully completing one of the training and required exams.


    +1 877-497-4462

    [email protected]

    8. Certstaffix

    Cerstaffix  Training believe in the benefits of lifelong learning for individuals and organisations

    Training could be instructor-led online.

    onsite training,self-paced e-learning is also available.

    Some benefits of lifelong learning are improved professional skills, increased productivity

    Six Sigma approach is not limited to the manufacturing process,.It can be used in IT by project managers to improve services that reduce system downtime.

    All classes are delivered by experienced and certified trainers 

    They offer world-class training for several version including Lean Six Sigma, Six Sigma yellow Belt, Six Sigma Green Belt, Six Sigma Black Belt.

    All training classes are task-based and focus on real-world scenarios.

    The cost depends on the level of the colour belt you are opting for. candidates are trained for a certification exam which is conducted by the third-party credentialing organisations.



    +1888-330-6890 ext714

    9.University Of Houston 

    The University of Houston’s college of technology Lean Six Sigma program is designed to assist organizations to establish quality improvement initiatives. They train the candidates to identify and eliminate problems that prevent them achieve strategic goals.

    The Lean Six Sigma uses the DMAIC approach. What sets it apart from other institutes is the depth of curriculum. Their program provides participants with highly qualified instructors to train in the areas they are masters at. One of the best parts of their program is they encourage each participant to complete Six Sigma project within their organization along with training.

    This helps in the application of knowledge learned at the training.

    successfully applying Lean Six Sigma in future improvement projects.

    Courses Offered for training are Six Sigma Yellow Belt, Six Sigma Green Belt, Six Sigma Black Belt. 

    Training Format is Online, self-paced 80hrs of  online instruction provided through learning management system 

    Hybrid training format is more than 40 hours.

    Face to face 80 hr 8hr /day for 1 week ,3-week break and then 8hr /day for 1 week 

    Onsite at your location format is also available for a group of 20 participants.


    [email protected].

    +1 713-743-9091

    10.iCERT Global

    iCERT Global is the growing education brand as Accredited training organization( ATO) and  Accredited Examination Centre (AEC).

    It imparts knowledge in the customized course best suited for the participants from diverse business interests and different backgrounds.

    It conducts Instructor-led Classroom training as well as Live online training sessions .

    Key features of the training for Combo Lean Six Sigma Green belt and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt programs are 

    4 days instructor-led training,

    classroom and Live online sessions, weekdays and weekend sessions, exams for  LSSGB and LSSBB are included, complimentary learning for 3 months,2 full-length simulation Exams, real-life case studies and examples make the training program perfect for problem-solving 

    Contact +1 713-287-1355

                   +1 713-287-1053

    Email [email protected]



    Now the bright future to join the top management is waiting for you, select the best Six Sigma 

    Green Belt Certification in Texas and have an incredible future ahead.

    Six Sigma Certification courses are good for earning higher Salaries

    It gives career enhancement.

    Six Sigma certification gives Job security.

    Six Sigma Green belt certification in Texas helps your organization in eliminating process errors and paves your leadership opportunities.

    Six Sigma certification is needed in cost reduction to improve quality and solve problems in processes and minimise defects thereby earning profits for the organization.

    Six Sigma certification courses are designed for

    • Process operators
    • Production person
    • Supervisors 
    • Managers
    • Business Leaders 
    • Quality Control
    • Quality assurance
    • Large/medium/Small Scale industry 
    • Entrepreneurs

    It helps change in an organizational culture

    It reduces defects, waste and streamlines the processes.

    To gain business profit and process efficiency, understanding of lean six sigma tools and techniques is very important

    Six Sigma certified professionals are assets for the organisation. In the manufacturing industry several other industries like Finance, IT, Healthcare industry as well.

    Ultimately the six Sigma certification courses satisfy the end consumer by satisfying the customer needs and building strong customer relations

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    Q1.How does SIx Sigma training work?

    Six Sigma is a proven worldwide approach for process improvement that consists of two methodologies lean and Six Sigma, the combined tools and analysis and statistics have helped companies save a lot of money by reducing waste and defects.

    Q2.In the training format, it is written as 24/7 what does it mean?

    The training institute offers support 24/7 through email, chat and calls.

    Q3.Which is the best Six Sigma certification course in Texas?

    Henry Harvin proves to be the best institute to provide Six Sigma certification inTexas. The result-oriented training and trainers are world-class seasoned industry experts with specializations in Lean and Six Sigma. Six Sigma certification is Approved by ASQ.

    Q4.What is a green belt certificate in Six Sigma?

    A lean six sigma green belt improves productivity by focusing on tools and methodologies, Six Sigma green belt professionals are supposed to implement and manage productivity improvement.

    Q5.How long is the six sigma certification course?

    Six Sigma certification for Green belt and Black belt are for 28- 40 hours. if there is a project involved in the training it could get longer for a few weeks. After you clear the exam you get the accredited certification for the same 

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