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Top 12 German Language Courses in Chandigarh

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German Language courses

Let’s talk about the Top 12 German Language courses in  Chandigarh

About Germany

Germany is a member of the European Union, it also has beautiful landscapes ranging from forests, rivers, mountain ranges, and north sea beaches

Germany is the largest economy in the European Union and is the largest manufacturer of cars.

The first printed book was in German. German is the most widely used 3rd language across the World German is also the language most natives speak in Europe.

The official language of Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg, and Liechtenstein is German 

Universities are free for all in Germany, even for non-Germans. Germans are also world leaders in the engineering field, German and English are similar like – haus -house,

Buch – book, 

It opens new opportunities, to world-class higher education. 


Chandigarh is considered a city beautiful,. It is also the capital of Haryana and Punjab, it has a cosmopolitan culture and is an education hub.

 It is known for its quality education, and it’s a first planned city with lots of greenery and has many tourist places. It is in the foothills of the Shivalik hills.  

The foreign language institutes in Chandigarh are the pioneers in the field.

In this blog, I have included the top 12 German language institutes  

The faculty is highly experienced and can talk and converse in German fluently and are familiar with the art, culture, literature, cinema, etc of Germany
Now let us see the top 12 german language courses . High demand for German translators, interpreters, and trainers and so is the demand for German language course in Chandigarh

1. Henry Harvin (German Language Course in Chandigarh)

Awarded as the best corporate training platform, Henry Harvin is also a well-known institution for its innovative teaching methods and strategies, they provide German language courses to help you enhance your skills  

The Henry Harvin German course in Chandigarh helps you master all levels of the German language from: beginner, intermediate, and advanced based on the German language examination like DSH, the test deFand the Geothe institute examination. 

The faculty are the industry experts therefore the course has been designed to understand contents, topics, and speech or lexis. With this, you will also be introduced to grammatical concepts to improve or enhance your skills in the language. 

Salient Features of German Language course with Henry Harwin 

  • Henry Harvin provides 9 in 1 benefits like projects, internship, certification, boot camps, E-learning modules, gold membership, hackathons, and 100% placements along with online training. 
  • They provide mobile app access to all their Elearning portals. 
  • A major focus is on learning while doing hands-on training, 
  • 1-year gold membership access to E modules, videos, class recordings, projects, and CPDSPE studies of Henry Harvin.







      56 Hours

  INR 12500/- 


      56 Hours             

  INR 12500/


      66 Hours           

  INR 15500/-            


      66 Hours          

  INR 15500/-   


      66 Hours

  INR 17500/- 


      66 Hours

  INR 17500/- 

Faculty at Henry Harvin    

The faculty at Herny Harvin consists of industry veterans with 15+ years of work experience.

Have been invited for 100+ keynote classes for a German language course, and lectures as many as 350 + and furthermore empaneled as domain experts. 

Therefore 1000+ students have cleared German language exams under their guidance 


Recognitions of Henry Harvin  

Winner of top corporate training award

Affiliated with the American Association of EFL, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, MSME, UKcert, and so on 

Career Benefits  

  1. Exposer to global jobs
  2. Can work as a freelance or get a high salary after completion of the German language course in Chandigarh.
  3. Improve your CV.
  4. Upgrade your profile with a course completion certificate.
  5. Better job security.
  6. Work as translators for an Indian Government organization, MNCs and NGOs 

   2. Goethe – Zentrum Chandigarh


  •  The Goethe Institute is a nonprofit global organization established in Germany, founded by the German Government
  •  This institute is named after a famous German philologist titled Indologist Maxmuller. It has 159 institutes worldwide in name of Max Miller Bhavans
  • The Goethe Institute has a vast library with German journals, books, literature, and regular activities. and practice sessions.
  • The Indo -German language and cultural society was established in 2004.



Course          duration          fee

A1                 8 weeks          29700/-


A2                 12 weeks        29700/-

B1                 12 weeks        29700/-


B2                  14 weeks        29700/-


C1                  14 weeks       29700/-




Highly trained faculty with regular updates with online seminars

Virtual conference GETVICO

Virtual conference IMPULSE for trainers



  • In the reading room, you will find an updated selection of 
  • German-language books 
  • German magazines like stern, 
  • Reference works and dictionaries
  • German specialist journals.
  • CD of music and literature

3. Top German Coaching (German Language Course in Chandigarh)


It was founded in 2001, and students from the age of 3 years to 75 years old join in, The students also consist of doctors, senior managers holding top posts in MNCs and engineers.


The environment is relaxed and friendly, the class size is 7 to 8 students, emphasis is on speaking as well as reading, listening, and writing.


100’s of students have gotten their work visas, and study visas on the basis of the German Goeth Certificate.


“Work hard in silence and let your success makes the noise “


Top German Coaching is popular and well known for German language institutions




Top German Coaching Mission is to teach German as a language tool “ and professional skill and not only as a hobby class


And therefore see innumerable clients achieve their goals and 100 % satisfaction.


Why Learn German 


Germany is the most developed country and offers vast job opportunities in the field of medicine, research, various fields of engineering, pharmacy, media, information and technology, and so on 


Many universities offer free education at graduate and postgraduate levels. This is a great advantage for those who are unable to attain education abroad.



20 years of experience in the field of teaching German, use the fun-filled success-oriented method of teaching.

4. The Language Office




The language office came into being in 2016, It is teaching students and also making a bridge between the two cultures and opens doors to a world full of new opportunities 

They have a unique method of teaching, they provide you wth handmade personalized notes. The staff is well trained from the Goethe Institute and well qualified and experienced  

The language office also offers error-free translations. 

Their goal is to provide the best German learning experience and therefore create an environment of learning  

Their aim is to promote Indo – German cultural exchange, to assist students with Indo – German scholarships to students who want to go to Germany for further studies. And last but not least they want to promote the German language in schools, colleges, and institutions.

Why the Language office

Highly trained and qualified teachers from Goethe Institute

Therefore pdated study material in accordance with Goethe Institute of India.

Stammtisch – discussions on various topics in the German language

Various fun activities to learn the German Language

German Haus WhatsApp group, to encourage communication in the German language 

Assistance with DAAD scholarships.

5. Yes Germany (German Language Course in Chandigarh)



An increasing number of people are choosing to learn German in Chandigarh. It is also becoming the second most learned foreign language.German is widely spoken in Europe. It is also a language of technology, creativity, and industry. 

Yes Germany’s German language course provides students with German-language information and skills with the right usage of written and verbal German Accents and styles. 

Who Should do this Course With Yes Germany 

Language students 

Trainers and tutors

People who want to explore new languages.

Students who wish to study in Germany.

Professionals to upgrade their resumes and apply for a German company. 


Practice dialogues with batchmates, and special sessions for doubt clearing.

The class environment is relaxed and pleasant.

The curriculum is carefully created to conclude modules from beginners to advanced levels

6. Rise Global Academy  



At Rise Global Academy CEFR standard of training in the German Language is followed.

 Students are prepared to read, write, speak, listen and learn grammar. The course not only prepares students for exams but also prepares them to teach others.


Exam preparation is just a part of this rigorous training program.


Since 2015 when the institute came into being 2000 and more students have passed from this institute Average teaching experience of the teachers is 8 years. First-class of each session is a free demo class.


 Learning the German language can create ample opportunities for freelance as well as professionals 


All six levels are taught at the Rising Global Academy. A flexible and affordable fee structure is followed. Pronunciation is a difficult part of any language, and special attention is taken to correct pronunciation of German words with practical examples.

7. CIDM (German Language Course in Chandigarh)



  Learn German from the best. If you are a language aficionado, want to enhance your skills, or want to try your hand on a career as a translator or German teacher.

After English, this is the most spoken language in the world. 

 You should do a German language course to increase your professional skills. 

 German is a complicated language and should be done under a competent faculty. At CIDM German language course in Chandigarh are designed to enhance your resume and personal and professional skills. German is also a language that changes itself to express sentiments. 

Why CIDM German Language Course    

 Learning a language depends on the teaching method, revision, and practice of   the course content In CIDM it is believed that learning should be fun and this is why the mode of teaching I not only blackboard and chalk but the mode of  instruction is movie, novella, and short stories to induce the interest of students and keep it alive they adopt

Blended teaching instructions to enhance learning among students.

 The course structure has speaking, listening, writing, and reading of the phrases, words, 

Sentences etc. Research tasks and regional culture make for an integral aspect of the German language course in Chandigarh



Faculty members are from diverse backgrounds and are bilingual with a collective experience of teaching for more than 20 years

8. The British Institute of Language & Overseas  Education




 India’s top-ranked education institute with a focus on your global career. Their courses have a stimulating strategy to empower you, keeping in mind the current revolution in communication.

Their innovation, research methodology and training teams are constantly working towards a vibrant student with essential skills. Your dream will come true if you have the persistence to pursue them.


At TBIL a methodical approach is taken starting from the basic understanding of vocabulary, reading, and writing. Listening and speaking, a comprehensive approach to the curriculum, and essential memory training makes it possible for students to learn easily and aspire to higher

9. AIFLC (German Language Course in Chandigarh)




AIFLC is a one-stop destination for all your language learning and translations needs. They come with more than a decade of rich experience and have a vibrant team of experienced language experts to support your work.


AIFLC is a certified academy from the University Grenoble Alps, Embassy of India.

The language hub is a counseling organization. The instructors use technologies such as zoom.


Telecommuters in remote locations and people who travel frequently can benefit from a coordinated online class.

10. Wings To Germany

   German teaching is their true passion, they as a syndicate of experts, have come together to deliver the finest quality of services in the instruction of the German language. They ensure holistic development in the instruction of German for all-purpose academic or professional. 

They have the best faculty equipment and resources for the said enterprise. 

Awarded as the best German teacher in India by Angela Market, and chancellor of Germany. Pioneer in conducting workshops for German language teachers, and conducted seminars for teachers of some top German language institutes . 

Has done various translation and interpreter projects in India and Germany. Carrying 10+ years of hands-on experience including schools, Chitkara University, Goethe Zentrum  

The German language is not just about grammar and vocabulary. The communication-oriented interactive method of teaching. It is very difficult to unlearn something correctly, learn the right language at the most affordable price 

Levels of German proficiency 

1.A1 – self-presentation, understanding, and corresponding, improve your ability to respond the simple questions 


  1. A2 – Recognition, and communication of ordinary situations involving a person. Now capable of discussions in cafes or shopping or traveling.


3.B1 – Thorough understanding of language, ability to instruct.


  1. B2 – Reading and comprehending abstract writing and articles, develop the ability to confidently converse


  1. C1 – improve your ability to read complicated literature, and ability to communicate quickly and clearly on multiple topics. 


  1. C2- Your command of the C2 level enables you to communicate and see extremely complex German.


Why Learn the German Language


  • The most commonly spoken language in the world 
  • It provides job opportunities worldwide.
  • There is good career scope for German in India too.
  • You have options to study or work in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.
  • The world of literature, music, and art.
  • Strong German presence on the internet 
  • Job opportunities from a tourist guides to teachers. Jobs in embassy, hotels, aviation, and, media, etc
  • Germany is home to a large number of global brands, Siemens, Adidas, Volkswagen, and Lufthansa to name a few, knowing German can add an edge to your resume



Professional German translators, interpreters, proofreaders, content writers, and trainers are always in demand. They have great opportunities to oversee organizations and industry investigating in India, and the coaching industry is booming.


Many MNCs like Amazon, BMW, Siemens, Volkswagen, HP, Audi, Oracle, GEetc are looking to employ German language experts for outsourcing and offshore work. 

If you are a start-up or an innovator the German language enhances your scope. According to a study, Berlin is the city for innovators and creators. A startup is created every 20 seconds in this city of innovators and if you are looking to make a difference,

Learning the German language could come in handy. 

Knowing German is essential if you are heading to Germany for training or learning, German will help you better understand the course and education plan and communicate with the instructor.

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Q no. 1 – Is it difficult to learn German?

Ans. German is not actually hard to learn as most people think. Since English and German stem from the same Language family, you might actually be surprised at the things you pick up without trying.

Q no 2 – how much does a german instructor or translator make on average?

Ans. INR 3.5 lakh per annum, with the possibility of a raise to 7 lakh.

Q no. 3 – Is it beneficial to learn German?

Ans. Definitely, learning German is worthwhile as it helps you in advancing your career, as a student, your study abroad dreams, or starting a new career as an instructor or translator. Many big companies with a global presence prefer professionals with lingual talent.

Q no . 4 – How long will it take you to learn the fundamentals of German in India?

Ans. In most cases 3 to 6 months.

Q no. 5 – What are some international tests that can be used to pass the German language course in Chandigarh?

Ans. CEFR levels, it includes the DSH, test DOT, and Goethe institute test.


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