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Top German language Training Institutes in India 2023 with Fees and Scope

German. Hand drawn doodles and lettering. Der, die, das, er, sie, es, ich, haben, zeiten, sein, zukunft, hallo, verben, du. Translation: the, he, she, it, me, have, times, be, future, hello, verb, you

A lot of people choose to learn German by enrolling in German Language course in India. German is one of the major languages of the world. It is the most spoken native language within European Union. It is the third most taught language after English and French in continental Europe, the United States and other parts of the world. German-speaking countries have the larger chunk to build the biggest economy in Europe 

India is one of their growing markets where they seek German language translators, interpreters and many more, German experts. With Knowledge of the German language, you have infinite scope for exploring various job opportunities.To get admissions to one of the best universities in Germany you need to learn the German language.

 Your determination pays off to pick up the new language and what matters most is where you are taking up German language courses in India. 

 With everything getting digital these days German language classes in India

are available, Online, offline, Video lessons or multimedia apps. The new language learning should be fun and easy for you. You have to choose a course that suits your need and making the choice becomes difficult. So let’s simplify it.

Joining German language courses in India is the best way to learn. Enjoy your language learning journey.

 Here are the Top 10 German language course in India!

German Language course

1. Henry Harvin (German Language Course in India)

 Henry Harvin develops, enhances and promotes select skill sets that are essential to change times. The language skill set is imparted through action-oriented learning solutions that are carefully designed by subject matter experts with immense industry experience. Empanelled domain experts have unique goal centric pedagogy and provide language learning skills.

This enables the academy to empower aspiring language professionals to reach their full professional potential.                              
German language course in India is designed to comprehend topics and vocabulary of words, you will learn grammatical concepts to increase your expertise in the German language course in India. Henry Harvin will assist you in genuinely speaking German
and Ace the important German-language Exams such as DSH, the TestDaf and the Goethe Institut examinations.

There are 6 levels of German language courses A1-C2.






C2-Proficiency level 

Why Henry Harvin?


Training: Live Online Interactive classroom sessions 





56 Hours



56 Hours



66 Hours



66 Hours



66 Hours



66 Hours


Trainers at Henry Harvin are the most renowned industry experts with 15+years of working experience who are recognised by numerous organizations as well they have delivered 350+ lectures and are domain experts. Trainers have assisted 1000+ candidates to ace German Language certification exams.

Key Features

  • 9 in 1 course which has Training, projects, Certification,100%placement, E-learning access, Regular Bootcamps, Free access to Hackathons plus Gold membership for 1 year
  • Integrieter Lehrplan  the curriculum is designed in accordance with the requirement of CEFR that helps candidates to ace the Important German language exams like DSH, TestDaF, Goethe-Institut
  • Get 100%Practical Training on the German language,
  • Focus on learning and doing real-world assignments and practical projects 
  • Mobile App Access to Moodle E-learning portal, you can access the (LMS) Learning Management System on your phone at your fingertip.
  • 24/7 Lifetime support and access.

Learning benefits

  •  You can initiate a conversation about the present, future and past events in the German language proficiently 
  • Explain habitual action and talk about the memories
  • Describe feelings and express wishes comfortably
  • Word building
  • Express opinions and argue with people.
  • Make Hypothesis, express doubts and probability.
  • A lot of focus is given to spoken language as students migrating to Germany  have to crack interviews and be able to speak to locals 

Career Benefits 

  • Exposure to millions of jobs globally.
  • Be highly paid as a Freelancer or as a full time professional. 
  • Improve your CV and Linkedin profile.
  • Improve your employment chances in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and EU countries.
  • Get hired as Translator for an Indian Govt. Organizations, MNCs, NGOs
  • Job security with exceptional growth opportunities.

Earn your certification post completion of the program and appear exam and increase your worth in Industry.

Contact: [email protected] | +91 9891953953

2. Thrive Edge Learning

  • Thrive Edge Learning solutions foundation is based on the principles of perception and utilization of knowledge which is basic to the language learning process
  • They adopt different ways to become a  fluent German speaker.
  • Taking coaching from a German tutor in the classroom at a german language course in India is one of the easiest and best ways, they also have Online interactive classes.
  • Thrive edge has a team of highly professional German Language tutors holding very good subject expertise. They believe in the best teachers and the best technology goes hand in hand with the language learning journey. Trainers mainly focus on building German Vocabulary and help you with the pronunciation of German words and phrases
  • They acquaint the candidates with basic German formalities that are necessary. 
  • After the German language course is completed they provide the certificates.
  • Learn from home Online weekdays batches 
  • Learning is simplified with Technology aided teaching, study material and notes.

 Course fees 12500/- starting from basic level 

Contact: [email protected] |+91 8237396740

3. PREPSTROM (German Language Course in India)

  • Prepstorm is one of the top German language courses centre. Prepstrom trainers dedicate most importantly their time and energy suitable for the learners. Trainers here render value for money, they are well qualified in the subject and have vast experience in the field 
  • Training is done in such a way that the basics are reinforced and the fundamentals are reinstated. Prepstrom is a  result-oriented training centre with a 95% success rate in Goethe Exams. 
  • The course is designed to mimic one on one german language lessons, they are short and to the point lessons 
  • They prepare you well for the  German test like the Goethe exam.
  • The course is designed in seven modules each with a particular theme.
  • They have lessons that are helpful for vocabulary, examples, sentences, real-life dialogues and grammar presented in easy to understanding way.
  • At the end of each lesson, you have to do Ubung, a sort of exercise to test the skills right away.
  • You have to complete assignments that will provide feedback for things you should keep eye on.
  • Learn to speak German with confidence and comfort 

Learn to  master all grammar rules efficiently  and ultimately prepare for Goethe Exam 

Course fees INR15000/-

Contact: [email protected] |+91-81055999729

4.The language Hub (German Language Course in India)

  • The language Hub at Mumbai offers you the best foreign language classes.
  • This German language course in India focuses on all aspects of the German language covering oral, aural and reading writing skills, they encourage students in classroom activity watching short stories, debates and conversations.
  • The Trainers have many years of experience in Language teaching, translating, interpreting, and editing across the language, cultural, and corporate fields. They are now taking online classes. Trainers are passionate, patient and friendly,
  • This centre has 1:1 sessions available on weekdays and weekends both, special focus is given on speaking German as students migrating need to talk there in the day to day life.
  • They prepare from basic A1 to C2 level for Exams conducted by Goethe.
  • They make sure that students learn grammar and vocab thoroughly and write passages as well

Course fees: INR 9000.

Contact: [email protected] |+91-9167371392

5.Qbix Academia (German Language Course in India)

  • Qbix Academia’s aim is to educate people with the German Language as a language should not be the barrier anymore during students migration. They provide flexible and affordable training at A1 to B1 levels. Weekly tests and interactive sessions are important.
  • They prepare the candidates for Goethe Examinations. They highlight everyday conversational skills.
  • By doing this German language course in India at A1 level you would be able to construct sentences, able to understand German accent and announcements 
  • A2 level -you will be able to introduce and converse on general topics like weekend vacations etc
  • B1level -You will be able to speak with proper fluency, able to think like German and even translate textual phrases

Faculties are very well experienced 

Course Fees are INR 9000

Contact :[email protected] | 020-26050110

6. German Haus

  • German Haus conducts the German language course in India, It is established with a belief that foreign language is a bridge that connects two different cultures and open the doors to opportunities.
  • They have unique teaching methods, all trainers are certified by Goethe institute/MaxMuller Bhavan and are highly qualified. Trainers have made special notes which are the study material for candidates  after years of hard work,
  • They provide the best german learning environment.
  • Special intensive batches are there to boost up the learning speed.
  • Stammtisch- discussion on different current topics in the German language. This language office is the first in Punjab to carry out stammtisch
  • German Haus provide free study visa consultancy for study in Germany, saving 1lakh to 8lakh too. They carry out extra Doubt sessions and story classes to enrich vocabulary and grammar. They publish a German e-newspaper to encourage german reading

Contact: [email protected] | 08872093070

7. Indian Institute of Foreign Languages (German Language Course in India)

  • IIFLS  provides foreign language courses on various levels in Banglore. They provide extensive training on learning the German language at ease.
  • Students get hands-on experience in writing, reading, listening and speaking skills
  • They have technology-based learning that gives the insight to get an edge over others.
  • They have Online, Offline classes.
  • The training program helps the students to prepare for the German exam conducted by Goethe Institut.
  • They provide training from beginners to advance levels, training program is tailor-made and customized with respect to exam patterns followed by Goethe Institute.IIFLS offers the best tutors for online and offline classes. The classes are accompanied by authentic study material, live examples, audios, videos, discussions, case studies, group studies practice tests and interactive study tasks.
  • They provide training for basic level(A1-A2), intermediate level(B1-B2), advanced level (C1-C2)
  • Trainers here are highly experienced. The batches they take are 4-5 students, as a result, each of the students will get a chance to speak, each student is attended by the trainer.

Course fees INR13800

Contact: [email protected] || 9066038847


  • ITESKUL  (read as IT School) believes that Knowledge and Language have the same core values. They offer a dynamic education environment to encourage students to participate in language learning actively. They provide a quality classroom and online interactive sessions to carry out the training for the German language course.
  • There is a combination of expert faculty, expert advisers and a focused environment which makes them a leading German language training institute.
  • This institute has 20+years of teaching the German language. This German language course in India has innovative ways of teaching with examples, case studies, impromptu sessions, situational conversations to strengthen your German Language learning in India.
  • The training includes the use of flashcards, podcasts to strengthen your German language skills and memorise it in your brain through audio, visuals. They have an incredible success rate of 95% at the Goethe MMB Exam. 
  • ITESKUL offers you the  German language course with timings and flexibility that suits your Schedule, there are weekday batches and Weekend batches as well For beginners to C1 level.

Contact: [email protected] | 91-73062202201

9.YES GERMANY (German Language Course in India)

  • YES Germany provides a German language course. It becomes the ultimate stop for candidates who aspire to pursue higher education, who want to migrate to Germany to learn the German Language.
  • At Yes Germany the expert team of teachers instructs and motivate candidates for German language learning. There are classes both Online and Offline modes. 
  • They have A1- B2 German language learning levels. They are committed to world-class education to stay competitive in tomorrow’s world. 
  • The classes are properly designed lessons that guarantee appropriate grammar and lexical
  • Yes Germany provides 14+years of expertise in producing positive results with expert trainers and study material provided by them. There is Yes Germany mobile app that assists you anywhere at your convenience anytime. They make you listen to online radio and translate it, they make you practice well to appear for Goethe Exams. By taking training at Yes Germany you can understand the common  German language required for  day to day life’s basic necessity, Introduce yourself to others and share personal information 

Trainers guide you, make you practice and remove all your flaws and draw you on perfect track what you need to know. 

Contact: [email protected] |+91 8070606070

10. Language Pantheon (German Language Course in India)

  •  If you are planning to attend a German language course in Delhi, Language Pantheon is the best institute. This institute offers both Beginners and Advanced level batches.
  • The trainers at Language Pantheon are highly experienced and qualified.
  • The Institute has Online and offline modes of training for all levels A1-C2.
  • Hard copy and soft copy of study material as well are available when you take admission. They teach four modules for example reading, writing, listening, and speaking.
  • Trainers use all tools and techniques to facilitate the best language learning. each module is practised separately and systematically. Institute provides doubt sessions and extra speaking classes in each level without additional fees.

Contact: For Offline  [email protected]|  9711636904| for online [email protected] | 7827091511

Levels of German Language course

About the levels of German language courses required

 A1 and A2 are the beginners level where you learn basic conversational skills.

B1 level where you can express your thoughts in German. With B1 level you can work as a German language expert in a reputed MNC or an IT organization.

After B2 level you can be a German language trainer for A1 level.

C1advanced level, your use and understanding of the German language becomes more intuitive. You engage in more complex conversations enjoying native level media.

C2 At this level you produce and understand highly complex German, even accents would be the same as native-level fluency. 


The German language is the gateway to a world-class higher education. This language is mandatory for the students seeking higher studies in Germany or planning to migrate to Germany.

Germany provides low-cost education most importantly as compared to the USA, UK, Australia and Canada. The public Universities offer Zero tuition fees and two years of post-study visas. This allows you to work for two years and you can apply for PR (permanent residence).

By Doing German language courses in India you can choose different career options in Germany

  • Companies from around the world are seeking German speakers, German powerhouses like BMW, Volkswagen, Siemens, Adidas, Audi and Lufthansa are all established around the world. Knowing German you can stand out amongst all and grab the job opportunity  
  • Work as a teacher.
  • Work as a language translator 
  • You can opt for a job in MNC as a language expert 
  • Work in the Foreign embassy for translatory jobs or data entry.
  • Work in Airline and tourism industry as a tour guide and explain the places and native culture. 
  • You can work as a german language freelancer in that way you can work with multiple German and Indian companies 
  • Being a German language expert a stable career and lucrative income is assured.
  • Consequently you can read Literature, philosophy, music, art, science, engineering and medicine in their original words that is German.

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Q1.How many levels of German Language are required for Applications in Germany?

All the universities have different level requirements but at least B1 level so that it would yield you good options and would help you during your stay.

Q2.What is the scope of learning the German language?

Learning the German language would open doors to a plethora of Universities and immense Job opportunities.

Q3.Do you need any previous knowledge to learn German language?

No, absolutely not, previous knowledge is not required to learn the German Language. They teach you from basics.

Q4.Is German language courses in India are becoming prominent?

India is one of the growing markets for European countries where the German language is spoken, knowledge of the German language definitely opens great career opportunities. And also people from India opt for higher education in Germany which is cost-effective. To avail of these openings, German language courses in India are becoming prominent.

Q5.What is Goethe  Exam?

The exams of the Goethe-Institut are available to anyone interested, regardless of the exam candidate’s citizenship. They are designed to demonstrate knowledge of German as a second language or as a foreign language.  
The Goethe-Zertifikats A1 through C2 correspond to the ‘Common European Framework of References for Languages (GER)


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