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French Courses in Delhi | 25+ Best Colleges & Institutes

French Courses in Delhi

Hello there! Let’s discover why French courses in Delhi can be one of the amazing experiences for you! Delhi, the capital city of India is a vibrant city which has many interesting attributes. It is known as the heart and soul of Indian civilization. Delhi has been the focal point of the country for many centuries. The amusing diversity of cultures, delectable foods, excellent connectivity of the metro- famously known as ‘Delhi’s lifeline’, amazing opportunities in education, etc. draws a huge number of people to this city. All these reasons and many others that you are yet to discover make getting a French Language Course in Delhi very interesting.

Why learn French in Delhi?

Delhi is India’s prominent education hub. It offers many opportunities in varied fields. Language courses/degrees is one among them. Being one of the major languages of international communication, French is very popular and you can find many colleges and institutes offering the best French Courses in Delhi. As predicted by an article in Forbes Magazine, March 2014 edition, French could be the language of the future. French language courses are generally sought by those who want to pursue higher education/build a career abroad, travellers, teachers or those who want to explore the beautiful world of French literature or delectable French cuisine.

French courses in Delhi can be studied through multiple platforms like online trainer-led live classes, watching and learning from recordings by trainers or attending colleges as day scholars. The choices in modes of learning are varied, so are the institutes and universities offering French courses in Delhi.

List of institutes and colleges offering French courses in Delhi

1. Henry HarvinHenry Harvin logo

Henry Harvin Academy provides one of the best French courses in Delhi. With the best of trainers, it helps you to gain proficiency in conversational French. The academy also trains you to read and write the French text. Henry Harvin’s French course gives you training through instructor-led live interactive classroom sessions. You can also access the recordings of online classes which is equally interesting and very useful when you are not able to attend live sessions. 

By opting for this course you get many benefits such as internship assistance, placement support, boot camps and 1 year Gold membership. These are rewarding factors to attain the best learning of the language and Henry Harvin offers you nothing short of that. The course is divided into different levels such as beginners, upper beginners, intermediate, upper intermediate, advanced, and proficiency levels. To get certified in this course, fee range is from 8,999 INR to 14,999 INR for each level depending on the one you choose. 

Other cities where Henry Harvin provides this course are Agra, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Vishakapatnam, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune etc. 

Other language courses offered by Henry Harvin:


2. Alliance françaiseAlliance Francaise logo

Another good institute to learn French Courses in Delhi is Alliance française. It is an international organization which aims to promote the French language around the world. Its primary goal is to teach French as a second language. Delhi, with its fascinating blend of historical monuments and modern high-tech industry which draws a diverse population towards it is the best place to implement French teaching. Learning in such an institute will give you extensive exposure to the language and the cultures of the land where it’s spoken.

 Alliance française gives both online and offline courses for students, professionals and kids. These extended teaching platforms help you in learning French at your convenience. You might be interested in learning a new language to get access to the beautiful literature it offers or you might need it for travel or business purpose. One can also be a student who is interested in learning French after school hours because French is the language of the future. The academy provides its students with textbooks and easy methods to learn the language. There are different levels and sub-levels in the course as mentioned in the previous academy. The fee range is from 12,000 INR to 15,000 INR for each sub-level. 

3. ILSC (International Language Services Conference)ILSC logo

ILSC is one of the best language schools to learn French courses in Delhi. The institute strives toward gaining a balance between conversational French and grammar. There is a combination of teaching resources such as textbooks, computers, magazines, and videos with groundwork such as role plays and group/pair work that makes classes fun and the learning process easy. Apart from teaching the language, the school also trains its students to understand the cultural values and customs of the country whose language they have chosen to study. This is of utmost priority when you choose to travel, work or get higher education in French-speaking countries. Learning the essence of the language is equally important as learning the language. Knowing the cultures and values of the land gives you an upper hand in everything. AT ILSC, a  variety of classroom activities are planned to make learning fun and interactive. The course fee is between 8,000 INR – 10,000 INR depending on the level you choose.

4. School of Frenchschool of french logo

School of French is yet another popular school to learn French courses in Delhi. With its highly skilled teachers and technologically superior infrastructure, it offers the finest of training to learn French. This training will help you achieve your goals, be it getting a job abroad or higher studies in Francophone countries. School of French offers teaching in classrooms, home tuitions, corporate training, and online classes. All the mediums of teaching are equally effective in terms of learning. Their limited batch size and engaging classes are one of a kind. 

5. Cosmolinguacosmolingua logo

Cosmolingua is one of the good institutes to get certified in French Courses in Delhi. Its learner-centric approach makes it popular among students and professionals alike. The benefits you reap from Cosmolingua will include affordable fees, custom made classes, friendly atmosphere, and skilled trainers. The fees for the course duration of 3-4 months is in the range of 10,000 INR to 15,000 INR. If you want to learn the language of the future at minimal cost, this is the institute for you.

6. Oracle International Language Instituteoracle logo

Oracle International Language Institute is one of the good institutes to take French Courses in Delhi. The institute also offers IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE training along with foreign language courses. With small batches and regular assessments of students, the institute assures one’s learning outcome turns out to be effective. It offers vocational and professional courses in order to equip you with all the resources needed to command the language with ease. 

7. World Languages Centreworld languages centre logo

World Languages Centre (WLC) is a hub for learning foreign languages, especially French. It is one of the best places to offer French Courses in Delhi. WLC has professional trainers and technologically advanced educational aids placed in a friendly atmosphere. This makes learning fun. The centre not just focuses on vocabulary building for its students but also exposes them to the natural accent of French. Understanding a language and its essence in the land where it’s spoken gives you the real picture of the language. Overall, the centre gives you the confidence to implement all the training obtained in the real world. The average fee for the beginner level at WLC is 12,000 INR.

8. JNU Centre of French and Francophone Studies (CFFS)CFFS logo

One of the reputed colleges to study French courses in Delhi is CFFS. Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) in Delhi is the first one in the country to create a Centre of French and Francophone Studies. With its reputation as one of the oldest universities in the capital city of India, JNU takes pride in creating a centre for foreign studies. It is an important academic centre which brings together international studies. The teachings and research in this centre are carried out on Francophone countries i.e, French-speaking countries. It aims to become a research and documentation centre accessed by institutions and individuals alike. The centre offers B.A., M.A., M.Phil., and Ph.D in French after clearing respective entrance exams. 

9. French Courses at Delhi UniversityDU logo

Delhi University (DU) or the University of Delhi is one of the oldest and most esteemed universities in the city. It is a century-old university which has given quality education to many in the country. It offers students with two types of French Courses in Delhi. You can sign up for these courses at the university level or get a part-time certification or diploma courses in various colleges or institutes affiliated with DU. Getting a university degree is always considered valuable. It will have a detailed curriculum that will help you achieve the goal you had set while choosing the course. In the table below you will find various DU colleges and the different French courses in Delhi that each one of them offers.

Table 1 – Colleges in DU and the courses they offer

Sl. No.

Name of the college

Courses offered


Hindu College

Certificate in French B.A. Honours in FrenchM.A. in French studies


Daulat Ram College

Certificate in French

Advanced diploma in French


Ramjas CollegeCertificate in French


Miranda House

Certificate in French


Hansraj College

Certificate in French
Diploma in French
Advanced Diploma in French


Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Khalsa College

Certificate in French


Satyavati College

Diploma in French

Certificate in French


Keshav Mahavidyalaya Certificate course in French language

Kalindi College 

Certificate in French


Jesus and Mary College

Certificate in French


Vivekananda College

B.A. in French


Delhi college of Arts and Commerce

Online Diploma in French


Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce

Certificate in French


Shyam Lal College

Diploma in French language


Faculty of Arts- Dept. of Germanic and Romance Studies

B.A. Honours in French
M.A. in French 
M.Phil in French


College of Vocational Studies

Certificate in French

Diploma in French


Acharya Narendra Dev College

Certificate in French

Diploma in French


Kamla Nehru College Certificate in French

Diploma in French

Advanced Diploma in French


Bharti College

Certificate in French

Diploma in FrenchAdvanced diploma in French

29. Jamia Millia IslamiaJamia Millia logo

The Centre for European and Latin American Studies (CELAS) at Jamia Millia Islamia University has one of the finest French Courses in Delhi. This is one of the oldest and well-reputed universities located in the capital city. Getting to learn French from well-trained professors and educators is the added advantage you get from learning in universities like Jamia Millia Islamia. The university has imparted education to many students hailing from different parts of the country. The CELAS centre gives you an opportunity to get B.A. Honours in French as a full-time course, advanced diploma in French as a part-time course, diploma and certification as part-time courses. Course fees charged by the university is around 45,000 INR.

30. YMCA institute for career studiesYMCA logo

YMCA institute for career studies is one of the popular institutes that offers French Courses in Delhi. It offers a one-year diploma in French which costs around 45,000 INR. The course is designed in accordance with the requirement of the industry. It provides you with all the real-world knowledge to succeed in your chosen field. Apart from focusing on conversational French, the institute also gives a special focus on culture and literature and its interpretation. Learning in this institute makes you self-reliant in terms of spoken and written French.

31. Jawaharlal Nehru Academy of languages

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan founded the Jawaharlal Nehru Academy of languages in Delhi. It is one of the oldest institutes and was formed a few years after the independence of India. It is one of the reputed academies that offer French Courses in Delhi. Getting trained in one such well-established institute is truly enriching in terms of knowledge and career opportunities. It has a 3-year advanced diploma in French which is divided into 6 semesters. Students will be awarded certificates after the 2nd semester, diplomas after the 4th semester, and advanced diplomas after the 6th semester. The fee applicable is 13,500 INR per semester. 

32. Women’s Training Institute – YWCAYWCA logo

The women’s training institute in Delhi has always aimed at empowering women through various training in order to make them self-reliant. Teaching a foreign language makes it expands its achievements in terms of women empowerment. Teaching involves comprehensive contextual and practice learning for the students. Various workshops, assignments, field studies, presentations, group discussions and seminars train you with all the necessary skills. On-the-job training is also a part of the curriculum which helps you further in your career hunt. The course it offers is a diploma in French language and the fee is 48,000 INR.

33. Institute for Career Growth

This is yet another fine institute offering French Courses in Delhi. The Institute for Career Growth, with its state-of-the-art infrastructure and commitment to excellence, drives its students to be highly competitive at the international level. Apart from foreign languages, it provides various diplomas and certificates in many streams. For the French language, the institute offers a certificate course and a diploma course which will cost 20,000 INR and 41,000 INR respectively. 


Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), famously known as the people’s university is also one of the institutes where you can get French Courses in Delhi. This university was founded to increase the literacy rate of the country by adopting the Open and Distance Learning (ODL) mode. It has made a significant mark in the areas of higher education, community education and professional development. It has strong networks with public institutions and private enterprises alike. With the launch of EduSat – a satellite dedicated only to education, about a decade ago, the university has entered a new era of technology-enabled education in India. IGNOU offers a certificate and Ph.D in French through distance learning. The Certificate course is for beginners while Ph.D is a specialization in French and Francophone studies.


French is the most popular foreign language to learn in the world. The benefits you gain from learning this language or getting a degree in French are innumerable. The economic potential that the French language offers is huge. One of the main reasons people choose to learn French is because of the boost it gives in career opportunities. Other reasons may be a fascination towards its culture, literature, and places, or a keenness toward this exotic language; French being an easy language to learn. 

French Courses in Delhi have seen a boom in recent years because of the potential it possesses. It is the most sought-after foreign language course. The various courses that the capital city of India has to offer will empower you in many ways to procure the job of your dreams. So, after everything that is said in this article, if you want to ask ‘Should I learn French?’. The answer will definitely be ‘yes’. In life, always set a goal, and list down the tasks that you have to accomplish in order to achieve it. Strive towards excellence and be the best version of yourself.


Q.1. I am pursuing B.A. Honours in English and very much interested in learning French. Can I do it parallelly or get Honours degree and then learn French?

You can learn the language parallelly or after your Honours degree, it’s entirely up to you. Both have similar advantages. Honours in English introduces you to a new world of classic English literature and its studies. Hence learning French parallelly might help you open up a doorway to another fascinating world of French literature. Knowledge of both kinds of literature will increase your career options. You can choose from a variety of job opportunities with the added knowledge of French.

Q.2. I am a working mother who is keen on learning French as it might help in my career growth. But I will not be able to attend classes offline or online. What do you suggest?

There are quite a few options in this scenario to help wonderful moms like you! Many institutes like Henry Harvin provide recordings of the live, instructor-led classes for those who cannot attend live sessions. You can opt for such courses. For your convenience, the link is provided earlier in this article. There are other alternatives such as attending weekend classes in some of the institutes mentioned above or having a personal tutor at your convenience or choosing corporate training as part of your professional training.

Q.3. How long will it take for me to be proficient in French?

It depends on variables like the course you have chosen, the level you have opted for, your learning ability etc. While there are many levels and sub-levels in the journey of learning French, you can start at the beginner level course and reach advanced levels to get proficiency in French. There’s an added advantage if you have a platform where you can practically implement the language taught, like having a friend or a boss who can converse with you in French. On average, it’s safe to say that one can get French proficiency in 15 to 24 months provided there is good effort personally as well.

Q.4. Why should I learn French while I am very good at English which is useful in most countries?

One amazing reason to learn French is that it’s the second most useful language for businesses worldwide. Other reasons include travel enhancing features, access to the beautiful world of French arts and literature, a language that is a bridge to other European languages, and immigration to France, Canada and other Francophone countries. French majors is also one of the top ten majors which will give a lot of scope for employment and higher earnings.

Q.5. What are the career options after French Honours?

There are a number of interesting career opportunities after French Honours. You can choose to work in any MNC, BPO, IT or call centers. You can also get jobs at Foreign Embassies. There are options to be a translator, interpreter, teacher, lecturer or corporate trainer. The French language is highly useful in the travel, tourism and hospitality industry. Set your goal and work towards achieving it to have a safe and stable profession.

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