What Are the Major Reasons for Educated Unemployment in India 2023

Major Reasons for Educated Unemployment in India: Educated Unemployment in India is a familiar term that every person comes across. Do you know the meaning of this term? The challenge faced by the students or professionals is not getting the right job in Educated Unemployed.

The thing which needs to be addressed is despite having the relevant degree, people are not getting a job. This statement leaves a shock to every candidate.

Despite going to school and college, students are unemployed. Are you searching the ways how to handle these issues? Many professionals fear going on this path and giving a trial to new work. Before questioning minds with endless questions.

Let us determine the reasons for Educated Unemployment in India.

 Noting the critical five points below:

1. Increase in Population

 According to the research data, the Population of India is 1,405,680,477. India ranks at second position globally. Last year’s data reflects that the urban population consisted of 14.72% of unemployed people in May.

Due to overpopulation, it is found that there is an uneven distribution of everything. Many people are not getting the basic accommodations in the rural areas. The educated one is finding it difficult to get a job. It is tough to find that the demand of every individual is met.

Even the population plays a crucial role in getting a job. The unemployed youth status shows a high rate in India. This impacts the employment status and the economic growth of the country.

Even due to the large population, everyone wants to do the same work, and demand increases. People aren’t ready to use their creative minds and hold risks.

There is a high need to control the population and evenly distribute the employment opportunities.

2. More Educational Institutions but not proper standards

There is one institution in every locality you go to. But the standards/norms don’t meet the prospects of the students. A student getting the chance to go to schools and colleges isn’t getting the proper education.

They are just mugging the concepts and scoring marks. This is not the correct definition of education. Every institution is creating a business inside. Charging excessive fees and providing facilities don’t go to benefit the students.

The Education inside is a big hollow. The teaching methodology is the key for the students. But there is a twist that every student is going through.” Marks” is the only motive for them.

They lack practical knowledge and how to cope with the working environment. Theoretical knowledge becomes pointless when entering into working jobs.

The primary point which needs to be tackled is changing the old Education system pattern. In India, the quality of education needs to be prioritized first. Education should teach the students how to work in the Digital and changing technological environment.

3. Lack of Skills due to Technical Upgradation

Industries are facing a shortage of workforce. So isn’t it sounding strange? People want employment, and enterprises are facing a lack of workforce. What is the reason behind this problem?

Lack of right skills is the reason. If we go into deep, people are applying for the job. But they don’t know the basic concepts. Everything is digitalized now. They are not selected for not having a general knowledge of computer applications.

Many companies are firing employees for not having the technical skills. Even after getting graduated, youth are facing problems in speaking English. They fear while sitting in an interview.

In the Digital and developing world, getting the right skills is very important. After getting an education, people should be able to find the right job. There should be many points that need to be checked such that the candidate gets the right skills and the industry doesn’t face the problem of workforce shortage.

4. Slow Economic Growth

The migration of people is one of the reasons for slow economic growth after the global pandemic hit the country. Many people are looking for work-from-home opportunities.

Even others want to work overseas due to the failure of companies. The Educated one gets the job overseas. There is a massive impact on the growth status of the country. Companies cannot hire the workforce due to slow growth in the country. 

No labour force will be left in our country if the process continues. Educated Unemployment results in poverty and the poor status of the country. Even we should praise the young minds, and they should try to start their startup.

5. Dealing with Family Problems

Women are the ones who face this issue most. Many parts of the country also don’t provide education to women. They don’t follow their rights to education. People stop them in the motive for marriage. They are stuck between education and family responsibilities.

Due to ongoing past trends, women are dropping their job responsibilities. They are insecure about their work due to their family responsibilities. The one who is getting the education is also not doing the job.

After seeing such a scenario, companies are not ready to accept female employees. Significant discussions are going on regarding women’s empowerment. But the questions are unanswerable by many.

There is a need to spread awareness regarding women’s empowerment. Every female should get the right to continue the job. Family pressure shouldn’t be there in the picture. The company needs to treat every gender equally.

6. Lack of Self Awareness

Self Awareness is the foremost task for every candidate. Before starting a job or career, they should understand their passion and skills. People are not sure about their likes and dislikes. Doing the things just for money or family pressure traps them in the end.

According to the research, youths get depressed and attempt suicide. The reason is due to a lack of jobs. Many are just going towards the marketing trends without actually checking whether they are fit or not. This action builds poor self-esteem. Despite having the talent, they are utilizing it in the wrong way.

No matter what is the demand of the field. Candidates should prefer the area which suits them the most. Self-esteem should be the top priority. The management word “Self Awareness” should buzz in the ears of every employee.

7. Not Satisfied with salary

Functional literacy is also a significant problem in Unemployed India. For Example, skilled labor expects more salary from the industry. So this results in demand for low-cost workers. They are working more efficiently. Industry wants to see their profit. There is no optimized use of human resources.

Even it is found that there is the use of old methods. Educated employees are waiting to get a job with a high salary and better field. This results in dissatisfaction among employees, and also, there is a reduction in the economic growth of the country.

The industry needs to look for the monetary demand of the employees. They should motivate every employee and look after their income satisfaction.No matter which field belongs, employees can do research in the new area.”Salary” should be fair enough to boost the employees’ morale.

Effects of Educated Unemployed India

Life Expectancy

According to the research data, there is a five-year reduction in life expectancy. The number of the suicidal case increases day by day due to not getting proper jobs. Youths are not able to face society due to low productivity. This is one of the main effects found in educated unemployed people.

Stress and Hypertension

Nowadays, every people are struggling to get a new job. There are facing stress, hypertension and panic attacks. Youths have mainly faced this problem.

Indulging in the bad habits

Due to high stress, they have started practising bad habits. There is abundance use of alcohol. This impacts their health and gives rise to diseases. Concentration power is getting hamper at a higher rate.

Career Guidance and Unemployment

This is an important topic which needs to be discussed while covering Educated Unemployment in India. Our country is facing issues while getting the proper career counseling. Career Guidance helps in finding out the right skills and interests. People are self-aware of their interests. But the appropriate path to be followed is still blank.

Career guidance and employment are the critical sides dependent on each other. So it is essential to make the roots strong.


Firstly we came across what is Educated Unemployed. Secondly, we look at various reasons for the educated unemployed in India. Thirdly we saw the effects on the people. In short, Educated Unemployed in India is a topic present in the mouth of every people.

The remedy to the problem lies with we human beings only. There should be control in population with the balanced distribution of everything in each sector. Development of industry will help in getting jobs to the people. There should be a proper check of each industry for the overall boost in the economy.

Educated unemployed in India can be eradicated soon with the best awareness program. Above all, a Government initiative program will help remove the problem first.

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