Top 12 PMP Certification Courses in Mumbai

Project Management Professional or PMP specialist often refers to a professional who has the ability to manage people, processes, and businesses effectively. In other words, a professional who manages a project from start to end. Nevertheless, a PMP professional gets better job opportunities and salary.  Moreover, PMP certification training gets often searched on various web engines. Since the certification comes after fulfilling the criteria, let us look at various PMP certification courses in Mumbai. 

1. Henry Harvin Management Academy

Provide quality education to every learner. With this intention in mind, the institute rolled out the PMP certification course in Mumbai. In the hope that many students get to benefit from various professional courses, pocket-friendly course fees charged. Not only does it cover PMBOK Guide but it also aligns with the latest Examination Content Outline. 

Key Features of PMP certification course in Mumbai in a nutshell

  • In view of excellence, the PMP certification course curriculum meets PMBOK guidelines and curated to meet industry-set standards.
  • 35+ PDUs and 32 Credits for Business Analytics Course because of the need for students to excel in their careers. 
  • 36 hours of intensive training which in the long run helps students gather all the nuances and challenges they face as future project managers.
  • Boot camps and Hackathons bring out altogether a new spark among students. Not to mention the knowledge and confidence gained from these events.
  • 1-year Gold membership that not only gives access to e-learning but also brings sessions on resume writing and interview assistance. 
  • For the purpose of better understanding, each PMP certification course in Mumbai comes with a Business Analytics Course. Owing to this, students have an advantage over other peers.

Trainers at Henry Harvin Management Academy – The backbone

  • To begin with, each trainer has global certification in PMP. 
  • Due to this, each trainer undergoes a rigorous selection and training routine before getting started teaching.
  • In fact, trainers have around a decade of experience.
  • To enumerate trainers’ dedication, around 900 plus students already cleared PMP certification with flying colors.

Why chose Henry Harvin for PMP certification courses in Mumbai?

  • Live projects help gain in-depth knowledge on the topics. As a result, students become confident in learning and facing future industry challenges. 
  • Goal-Centric & Action-Oriented pedagogy ensures flexibility of learning and ease of learning. To put it differently, students learn at ease and thus knowledge gained stays with them for a long time. 
  • Brainstorming sessions, group activities, hands-on experience over tools both statistical and non-statistical and reverse presentations keep learners engaged. By all means, we can say that the students will be on their toes throughout the course. 
  • 16 real-world examples to enumerate actual project management challenges and best practices currently followed in the industry.

Henry Harvin setup offers various other professional courses that aid a professional to upgrade their skills. One can check out the courses namely in Data Science, Business Analytics, SAP, Medical coding, and content writing. 

2. Knowledge Hut

With certification designed to meet global standards, learning with Knowledge Hut, in fact, becomes a preferred choice among students.

Key Features of PMP certification course in Mumbai in a nutshell

  • Trained around 2.5 professionals. As a matter of fact, 250 workshops held every month around the globe.
  • 35 hours of training coupled with 24 PDUs. 
  • In the same way, 5 stimulation exams and 5 mock tests with more than 2200 questions to attempt and solve.
  • Targeted 30-day and 60- day planned design courses. 
  • Additionally, a 180 days grand pass which provides access to unlimited access.

3. ProThoughts

A Premier ATP of Project Management Institute that not only makes students industry ready but also helps them clear PMP certification. The PMP certification course in Mumbai has 3 learning options namely Classroom, online, and corporate training sessions.

Key Features of PMP certification course in Mumbai in a nutshell

  • 35 hours of training coupled with a unique game-based methodology.
  • Crossword solving for fun. Not to mention the rapid-fire rounds that make the sessions interesting.
  • An in-house instructor who helps at all stages of learning. Furthermore, the course material aligns itself with the latest trends and tools. 

4. Edureka

As a premier institute, the PMP certification course in Mumbai not only covers project management topics but also helps in the implementation of these skills in real-time scenarios. 

Key Features of PMP certification course in Mumbai in a nutshell

  • Conversely, Weekend and weekday batches each timed for 3.5 and 2 hours respectively.
  • Post course completion and PMP exam clearing, a certificate given which not only has national but international recognition.
  • Moreover, placements with Indian and foreign multinationals.
  • Along with a 24 x 7 helpline, knowledge sharing forums to know and understand the challenges of PMP and how peers address it.  
  • Additionally, mock tests to clear exams with flying colors.

5. Simplilearn

The PMP certification courses in Mumbai become a great choice since relevant topics like emerging practices, new trends, and core competency get understood. 

Key Features of PMP certification course in Mumbai in a nutshell

  • Unique 100 percent money-back facility for all students.
  • Not to mention the 8 tests which comprise 180 questions. These aid in clearing the PMP certification exam on the first attempt.
  • Moreover, 35 hours in duration
  • Access to digital material along with the case study material
  • Additionally, corporate training options available.

6.  StarAgile

More than 3 lakh students enrolled and learned under the PMP certification courses in Mumbai.  Weekend and weekday batches ensure students learn at ease at their pace.

Key Features of PMP certification course in Mumbai in a nutshell

  • 35 hours of intensive virtual training. Additional, 35 PDUs. 
  • Not to mention trainers who have global certification. 
  • Moreover, a 100 percent money-back policy adopted. 
  • Positive reviews across all social media channels.
  • Moreover, new batches start every week.

7. Coursera

Project Management Principles and Practices Specialization course titled program

Key Features of PMP certification course in Mumbai in a nutshell

  • 6-month duration source with 1 hour a week. 
  • Not to mention that no prior experience requires as compared to other courses.
  • Moreover, a flexible schedule for learning ease.
  • Shareable certificate from Coursera.

8. Go Skills

PMP certification courses in Mumbai come to suit your need packages. From basics to Boot camps to teams, everyone has a course they can look up to in contrast to other institutes. 

Key Features of PMP certification course in Mumbai in a nutshell

  • Nevertheless learning at go with the mobile app. 
  • 14 engaging lessons learn regardless of the time constraint. 
  • Not only personal instructors but also updated material on the latest PMBOK guide.
  • Unlimited tests, quizzes, and much much more. 

9. ExcelR

Around 18 thousand plus students enrolled or cleared PMP certification courses in Mumbai. 

Key Features of PMP certification course in Mumbai in a nutshell

  • More than 3000 questions to help clear the exam on the first attempt.
  • Support not only with self-paced videos but with support on what’s app groups.
  • Free project management templates coupled with 35 PDUs. 
  • On the contrary to other institutes one year Jumbo Pass. thus unlimited learning. 

10. Project Management Institute Mumbai Chapter

The Mumbai chapter of PMI

Key Features of PMP certification course in Mumbai in a nutshell

  • 4 days full time classroom or online training sessions. 
  • Not to mention the 35 hours of Mandatory Training for PMP certification. 
  • Nevertheless stringent criteria for the course. 4 years degree or 3 years experience
  • Check the website for fees and early bird discounts.

11. Skill Logic

Over a decade of experience in PMP certification in Mumbai and pan India. Offers courses and corporate training to suit the requirement prevalent at that time.

Key Features of PMP certification course in Mumbai in a nutshell

  • Not only classroom but online sessions available. 10-day 2 hours format for the online format. While classroom format for 4 days full time. 
  • Unlimited classroom revision. Then again 5 stimulation tests to check the readiness for the exam. 
  • Also, a dedicated team that offers end-to-end support to students. 
  • Industry-experienced trainers who get practical knowledge on board. Thus aiding the entire learning experience. 

12. Techcanvass

Established with an aim to offer structured, goal-oriented, yet practical courses to professionals. The institute offers PMP certification in Mumbai along with other professional courses.

Key Features of PMP certification course in Mumbai in a nutshell

  • Not only the PMI approved syllabus but also led by experienced trainers, who have global certification. 
  • 2000 plus questions for certification exam preparation. 
  • Also, money back and placement options available. 
  • Attend as many as batches till PMP exams clearance. 


A PMP certification has global recognition. However, the new skills learned not only to increase the weightage of the resume but also open a great opportunity door for the professional. The new skills nevertheless also attract a good salary the aim of every learner. As per statistics around 87.7 million PMP jobs by 2027. Looking at the numbers, a PMP certification under the belt will do wonders for a career. So get set go and enroll in a PMP certification course in Mumbai now. 


Q 1. Kindly mention the PMP certification examination fees.

PMP certification for PMI members – ₹23,459. However, for non-members the certification fee – ₹42,863. Reexamination fees defer too for members – ₹15,929, while non-members – ₹28,961.

Q 2. I heard the PMP certification exams have tough results. How many times can a person attempt?

In one calendar year, a professional /student appears not more than 3 times. Hence plan your schedule accordingly and work to clear it in the first attempt.

Q 3. In the PMP certification course, which project topics become relevant?

Risk Assessment,  Schedule and Cost Management, Plan Quality Management, and Scope Management. However, many times Risk assessment and Procurement Management projects become relevant.

Q 4. Can you explain PMP certification format in detail?

The duration of the examination – 3 hours and 50 minutes. However, 2 breaks of 10 minutes each. Total 180 questions in a paper. Additionally, the question belong to many categories like MCQs, multiple responses, hot spot, and limited fill-in-the-blank questions.

Q 5. Kindly share about the domain of the PMP certification exam?

The paper comprises of 3 domain. Namely, people, process, and business. Each domain carries a different weightage like people 42 percent. Process 50 percent and alternatively business 8 percent.


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