Content Writing Basics: Top 10 Content Writing Course Reviews in Pune: 2023 (Leaked)

Online marketing campaigns are driven by great content that is engaging and well-written. In addition to connecting with potential customers, it converts them into loyal ones.

Brands and businesses that want their online presence to be optimized must have appealing content on their websites for readers to be enticed.

One of the top priorities for digital marketers is creating quality content.

Businesses, brands, and marketers both large and small hire skilled content writers to write content on their websites, blogs, directories, marketing campaigns, and other platforms.

Do you secretly aspire to become an author, penning your thoughts to yourself? Are you from Pune, a city rich in culture, art, music, theater, and everything creative and academic? I have good news for you. Content writers are in great demand in Pune, so writing is a good career choice if you are a writer. Here are the top 10 content writing courses in Pune that will help you begin your writing career.

For content writers, the job market is ripe with opportunities. Does the question of how to distinguish your content from the rest arise in your mind?

At the time of writing this article, Internet Live Stats showed that:

  • The total number of internet users around the world is 4,541,214,99
  • There are more than 1,766,096280 websites, and
  • Three million and two hundred and twenty-nine blog posts have been published.

In your opinion, what does content writing mean?

The process of creating, writing, editing, and proofreading digital or print content is called content writing. Content is available in different formats, such as print, digital, videos, advertisements, infographics, brochures, podcasts, etc. Words have content, whether they are written or spoken.

What is the importance of content writing?

Previously, content writing was thought of as a career option for writers with a flair for words. The digitized world of today, with its ever-increasing competition, makes this statement untrue. The following criteria should be met by content writers:

  • Learn to write in different styles.
  • Understanding the basics of SEO, HTML, and WordPress before integrating them into your content writing is essential.
  • The basics of social media.
  • Understanding the buyer persona is essential for creating appropriate content.

Can you create unique content in an age of information overload and massive daily additions? How do you create engaging, yet informative content? Yes, that is very much possible.

 The following tips will help you write unique content:

 Learn some easy, actionable tips to create a unique voice and personality in your writing.

Using a conversational tone is the number one tip.

 Despite being simple, this tip is often overlooked when writing content. We have learned about the differences in our speaking and writing styles, but that doesn’t apply in the present situation.

The use of long words, complex sentences, impeccable grammar, and a broad vocabulary. Content writing is not determined by these factors. The natural flow of the content is achieved by the use of simple, no-fuss language with simple words. Engaging content takes on a conversational tone. 

Content marketers should create buyer personas (target audience) as a second technique.

 Any product/service/reader that you intend to write for must be understood in-depth by the target audience. The following information about buyer personas will help you:

  • You have an understanding of your reader/buyer.
  • Do they belong to a certain age group?
  • In what way are they seeking information/services?

As a result of the above information, the writing part is straightforward. With a compelling voice, your writing will automatically be more relevant and fluent.

 Content that is both compelling and persuasive:

 Content must be compelling and persuasive in order to be effective. Engaging content even includes storytelling. Rankings are likely to increase for content that is emotional. Again, buyer personas are crucial to creating compelling content. As soon as one has a user persona, persuading the buyer becomes obvious.

 According to Aristotle, the three modes of persuasion are ethos, pathos, and logos. Ethos is the process of convincing the audience you are credible. By appealing to emotions, Pathos persuades his audience. As a way of persuading audiences, logos use logic. You will be amazed at the magic that can happen when you use these three methods of persuasion when you write.

 The format and grammar of the sentence:

If your grammatical and formatting conventions are not in order, your ad content will be useless. An article won’t be read in its entirety by most readers. The attention span of most internet users is also very short and minimal. To make it read-worthy, make sure your content can be scanned.

 Simple sentences, short paragraphs, eye-catching headlines, and subheadings. Using these tips for content formatting will break up the monotony.

 Here are some more tips:

  • Making sure the content is free of grammatical errors.
  • Passive voice should not be used.
  • Words and phrases that need to be highlighted.

The above attributes contribute to the reader’s enjoyment and ease of reading.

 This is just a sample of some tips beginners should keep in mind when they get started.

 Next, let’s look at the top 10 content writing courses in Pune. 

 In order to become a content writer, what are the steps?

With the online courses, you can learn anything from anywhere at any time. Learn how to create content using these resources and at least gain a basic understanding of what it involves. This is a drawback because they are not very interactive and specialized. They cannot learn and respond immediately.

There are numerous training institutes that offer the best content writing courses in Pune. Throughout the program, you will be guided step-by-step through a well-structured and well-defined course curriculum. The company offers internships and certifications with placement assistance as well.

Attending a content writing course from a reputable institute will help you become a good content writer. Training provided by an institute serves as a launchpad. Your content writing career will receive an immediate boost as you gain practical knowledge.

This blog is based on the top 10 content writing courses in Pune 

1 . Henry Harvin

The Henry Harvin content writing course is among the best content writing courses in India. Since many years ago, we have been instructing students and professionals on content writing and training courses.

The institute is based in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad as well as operating online and offline in major cities.



As a Henry Harvin student, you will learn about multiple forms of content writing. The form of content one chooses to write can differ depending on which genre one chooses to pursue, and Henry Harvin provides training in both types of writing.


CDCW (Certified Digital Content Writer) certifications are given to students who successfully complete the course. As a matter of fact, the certification given by Henry Harvin is with the British Council and the American Association of English as a Second Language.

The Content Writing Association of India, a registered entity under Henry Harvin’s name, is the industry leader with Trainings360. The course is accredited by the Content Writing Association of India.

They will be prepared for careers in content writing with a certificate from a reputable institute that has been around for many years.

  • Membership to Content Writing Academy for a year

As a result of the content writing course, students receive a free 1-year membership to the Henry Harvin content writing academy to benefit from e-learning.

The class also includes 12 monthly brush-ups worth INR 6000 free of charge; after the first year, students will have to pay for these sessions.

  • Tools

Henry Harvin provides students with the resources they need for their projects and assignments. Grammarly, HubSpot, Google Keyword Planner, Ginger, SpyFu, Hemingway, and Google Analytics can be found among the tools.

  • Instructors

Trainers at Henry Harvin hold years of professional experience and are seasoned industry experts. Authors and content writers who have worked for well-known companies comprise the panel of trainers.

As far as content writing is concerned, it is best to consult the trainers. By these trainers, more than a thousand students have learned how to create quality content.

  • Status of alumni

Henry Harvin has produced many professionals, some of which are working at well-known and popular companies like Airtel, BSNL, DENSO, and Gillette.

As a result, alumni status appears to be quite good, and testimonials also indicate their satisfaction with the course and the knowledge they gained.

  • Curriculum for the course

This content writing course has eight modules that cover topics such as Internet Skills and Content Strategy. The modules provided by this program go beyond traditional textbooks for a deeper understanding of grammar on digital platforms, spellings, sentence structure, presentation skills, etc.

These skills and knowledge are acquired by learners who have completed the content writing course.

  • Candidates will have knowledge of how to make a WordPress site and how to use plugins.
  • Content types, distribution channels, and publications should be familiar with the candidate.
  • Among the skills candidates will acquire are writing persuasively and converting leads into sales.
  • Candidates can write appealing content by building buyer personas and identifying the target audience.


The survey has been well received so far by students. The course has received high ratings from students who are pleased with what they have learned. This course helped launch their careers and they recommend it to other aspiring writers.

Following are sample reviews of Henry Harvin’s content writing courses.

Review Henry Harvin’s content writing courses by clicking here

Video reviews on YouTube can be found here

2 . Online Idea Lab

The Online Idea Lab provides training and services. Besides India and the U.S., it has offices in Canada as well. There are six offices in India. It is one of the best content writing institutes in Pune offering content writing courses. 

As well as training, the Online Idea Lab provides Amazon web services, content creation, website/app development, and digital marketing services. This institute focuses on transforming individuals and businesses to be more digitally savvy. The training they offer is empowering and transformational at the same time.  

Course highlights in content writing:

  • Providing content research, creating content, and marketing content are the three main topics of this course.
  • In addition to digital marketing fundamentals, they cover competitor analysis, reading and analyzing content, commonly occurring grammar errors, etc.
  • Content writing tools, proofreading, and utilizing viral content are all covered.
  • Among the topics discussed will be freelancing for content writers.
  • Practical experience is a substantial part of the course curriculum.


LEADS Academy or Learning and Development Solutions Academy offers content writing courses in Pune. It was founded in 2006 by professionals with experience in management, the content industry, and human resources. Through the academy, individuals can learn and develop their own writing skills. In addition, LEADS provides online learning and development services to organizations and institutes.

Content writing is part of the LEADS academy’s platform. Online activities and course materials will be provided to help candidates learn. On the online portal, learners can learn, discuss, complete tasks, and submit assignments.

Course highlights in content writing:

  • The course begins with an orientation.
  • Modules like “essentials of writing” remove the mental block that you need to have talent in order to be a writer.
  • Introducing the different types of writing, formatting guidelines, referencing styles, and plagiarism is discussed in the before you write module.
  • The writing and grammar aspects of Write Right are addressed.
  • After you write, you should proofread, edit, communicate with a graphic designer, and rewrite.

4. Online Creative Writing Courses Bundle – Skillshare

Skillshare offers content writing courses in Pune. Users who want to learn online through videos can access thousands of courses on Skillshare.

This is an online creative writing course that helps you learn how to write good content. Beginning writers looking for new learning techniques as well as experienced writers can both benefit from this workshop.

Course highlights in content writing:

  • It includes a variety of courses that will teach you creative writing fundamentals, how to craft compelling openings, and a lot more.
  • The basics can be strengthened by specific courses that cover certain subjects in-depth.
  • The first month is free, and the monthly fee is very low, so the education is high-quality at an affordable price.
  • The course has already been enrolled by thousands of students.

5. Coursera Creative Writing Certification – Wesleyan

Coursera offers content writing courses in Pune. You will learn how to write a short story, a memoir, and long-form content during this course.

It helps you learn the techniques necessary to create a unique style and fresh characters. You don’t need any experience as a creative content writer to understand its concepts.

By the end of the course, you will know how to write error-free professional content.

Course highlights in content writing:

  • There are four parts to the entire course, which can be studied in any order.
  • The course will help you improve in plot, style, and description, among other skills.
  • In order to pass the course, you will have to write an 8-15 page essay or story without any grammar errors and plagiarism.
  • The course covers all aspects of creative content writing in detail, and there are no prerequisites to enroll.

6. Udemy : The Four Levels of Writing Mastery

 Udemy offers content writing courses in Pune. This online course from Udemy will help you develop your writing skills to get noticed.

In this course, you’ll learn powerful strategies and techniques for writing captivating content.

In addition, there are four sections of the course, narrative, words, sentences, and paragraphs.

You will also gain skills in creating marketing and business content, as well as blogging and professional business writing.

Course highlights in content writing:

  • The curriculum is well-organized, with each topic presented in detail.
  • The course provides practical assignments to demonstrate the techniques covered.
  • You don’t need any experience to take this course, but a passion for writing is a must.
  • More than fifty downloadable lectures.

7. IIEDM’s  content writing courses in India

Located in Pune, the Indian Institute of E-Commerce and Digital Marketing by TBS is a top digital marketing institute. Essentially, it focuses on digital marketing training and education. The best professors at this institute are industry professionals. It is an honor to teach with such gifted individuals.

In addition to exploring the futuristic aspects of marketing, the institute pays attention to the changing dynamics of digital marketing. Centers of IIEDM are located in Dadar, Vashi, Malad, and Bangkok.

As well as providing digital marketing training, the institute offers some certification courses, including content writing. Also included are certifications for social media marketing, search engine marketing, Google analytics, and search engine optimization. With content writing/marketing being a vital aspect of digital marketing, this is an excellent certification course.

Course highlights in content writing

  • There is an Advanced Certification Course in Content Writing offered by IIEDM.
  • Writing for digital platforms is both an art and a science, as you’ll learn in this course.
  • The syllabus incorporates essentials such as basic grammar rules, tone of voice, and storytelling.
  • Writing psychology is explored, as well as how to apply psychology to writing.
  • Students are taught to write for digital platforms at the institute.
  • This course also explores different types of writing on a digital platform, such as copywriting, blogging, writing for social media, reviews, banners, etc.


IIDE  offers content writing courses in Pune. Since 2016, IIDE has been a premier school for digital marketing. With more than 20k students trained in just four years, IIDE has achieved some impressive milestones.

 There are four IIDE branches in Pune: Mulund, Churchgate, Andheri, and Navi Mumbai. Learning takes place in a fun environment at the institute.

 Short-term certifications, online courses, specialty certificates, and postgraduate courses are all offered by the institute. Corporate programs are also undertaken by them. Blog posts, case studies, and presentations are among the many resources on the IIDE website.

Student proficiency is developed through a skill-specific course, applied experience in real-life projects, and post-application evaluation. This holistic approach is offered by IIDE.

 Digital marketing, coding, and designing are the domains included in the short-term courses. Under digital marketing, there is a short-term content strategy course.

 Course highlights in content writing

  • IIDE’s content writing course is called a Content Strategy Course.
  • Students will learn the skills of generating, curating, and strategizing content for their social media channels.
  • Students learn to create a content plan during the course, along with skills like content bucketing. Create content that is relevant, engaging, and shareable.
  • This course provides students the skill set they need to write creatively and copywrite effectively.
  • Intensive assignments provide practical skills to ensure learning progress.

9. Universal SEO Training and Consultancy

The Universal SEO Training and Consultancy offers content writing courses in Pune. While they primarily help businesses achieve their digital growth goals, they also train aspirants in various facets of digital marketing.

 Established in 2007, the institute has over ten years of experience in graphic design, web design, and digital marketing. There is an impressive client list at the institute, which speaks volumes about their abilities. SEO Content Writing is all about creating content for online media.

 It provides students with a comprehensive course that combines content and SEO strategies. Students have the opportunity to learn from industry experts as part of this weekend course.

 Course highlights in content writing

  • There are six weeks of SEO Content Writing class, and two weeks of project work.
  • Each module consists of twelve lessons. It provides an introduction to SEO, complete keyword research, and competition research before diving into writing.
  • Writing styles, the importance of mediums, and case studies are covered in this module.
  • This module focuses on creating an effective content strategy, plagiarism, keyword stuffing, techniques for better rankings, and case studies.
  • The SEO module covers both on-page and off-page optimization. Assigning clients in real time is also a part of this module.
  • This course covers SEO content writing, blogging, content marketing, and all about emails, newsletters, eBooks, press releases, and social media.


 SpotiInfotech offers content writing courses in Pune. Their institute is committed to providing practical, hands-on training with a team of professional faculty members. The development of each student at SpitiInfotech goes beyond practical skills.

Courses at SpitiInfotech include basic and advanced digital marketing courses, SEO, SEM, and social media marketing. Also on the list are courses on PPC advertising, Google analytics, and Facebook marketing. There is a Content Creation and Marketing course for content writing.

 Course highlights in content writing

  • The course includes quizzes, theory, practice, and assessments.
  • The course covers the different types of writing, such as web content, technical writing, creative, copywriting, and product descriptions.
  • In this module, the content marketing strategy is introduced and planned.
  • Content marketing and promotion are also covered as part of the course.
  • This course teaches content creation and promotion skills. In it, the reader learns how the mechanics of a content marketing machine work.

Content Writing Basics

Catchy headlines, quality material that sticks to the purpose, ensuring your target audience gets the information they need, and a perfect conclusion at the end are the fundamentals of content creation. If necessary, include some frequently asked questions.

Final Words

That concludes my list of the ten most relevant and informative content writing courses and certifications in 2021. In order to become a prolific content writer, you must enroll in the courses listed above. Now that you know what content writing courses are available and what they can offer, check out the content writing jobs in Pune. Who knows, you might be writing Henry Harvin’s next blog. I have concluded our list of top content writing courses in Pune. Become a good content writer in Pune by taking an advanced content writing course and learning the skills you need.

Also Check: https://thewebgross.com/content-writing-courses-online/


Q1. Are writers required to attend college?

An undergraduate degree is typically required for a full-time job as a writer. Many employers prefer candidates who have a degree in English, journalism, or communications since writing skills are essential in this occupation. More details about the Content Writing Course in Pune can be found in our article. 

Q2. What does content writing entail?

Ans. Content writing refers to the creation, writing, editing, and proofreading of digital or print content. Content is available in a variety of formats, such as print, digital, videos, advertisements, infographics, brochures, podcasts, etc. Any words that are spoken or written have content.

Q3. What does a Content Writer need at the beginning?

Ans. Become familiar with different writing styles.
You should learn the basics of SEO, HTML, and WordPress before incorporating them into your content.
An introduction to social media.
It is essential to understand the buyer persona before creating content.

Q4. What is the best course for content writing?

Ans. There are very few content writing courses in India that are as good as Henry Harvin’s. They have offered courses for content creation and training for students and professionals for many years. In addition to operating online and offline across major cities, the institute is based in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad. You can check out our article on Content Writing Course in Pune for more details. 

Q5. Is it possible to make good money as a freelance writer?

Ans. Writing is a wonderful hobby, but it can be a challenging profession to earn a living. To make a living from writing, you must also be exceptionally good at it. Learn more about Content Writing Course in Pune by checking out our article. If you enjoy writing, are committed to earning money online through writing and wish to make it your career, there is a middle ground. When you are able to consistently produce quality work, freelancing is a great way to earn money and even become a full-time job.

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