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Content writing is considered one of the highest-paying online jobs. The importance of content writing has seen upward growth for a few years. This is due to the digitization of the global world. As many small to big businesses and entrepreneurs are turning towards digitization of their businesses owing to the pandemic, content writing courses have seen great scope in the training-related field. So, today’s article will be the informational guide towards the top 15 content writing courses in Delhi.

Content writing courses help the future aspirant with the working methodology of the content writing field. As the main focus is on developing content that will make a particular website popular and rankable. Having said that, content is not only limited to websites or the internet but content creation and writing are widely used in various industries such as television, films, magazines, books, e-books, user manuals, advertisements, etc.

The above-mentioned variety of work sector highly demands a well-knowledge content writer. For this purpose content writing courses are designed in such a way that will teach you the fundamentals and rules of writing along with various forms of writing. They also give brief knowledge about the fundamentals of the English language and grammar. So, this article will be the complete guide that will enlighten you with the top 15 content writing courses in Delhi. Also, it will tell you about the content writing and its scope.

Top 15 Content Writing Courses in Delhi

After detailed research, we have curated a dedicated list of the best content writing courses in Delhi. 

1: Henry Harvin: Content Writing Courses in Delhi

The list of best content writing courses offered in Delhi will not start without mentioning Henry Harvin. They are among the top-ranked institutes that offer content writing courses in Delhi. 

About Henry Harvin 

Henry Harvin is known for the various training-based and skill development courses that are conducted across Delhi. They offer a variety of courses that are designed to upskill the development and knowledge of a particular domain.

Henry Harvin has many feathers in his cap. They have been awarded as the best training institute for corporate training by Training 360. Also, they are ranked among the top 5 educational startups in India. Their courses are also exclusive and are ranked by India Today and BestCourseNews.com

They also offer several other courses like the TEFL course, Digital Marketing course, Lean six sigma green belt certification, GST course, SAP FICO course, HR payroll course, etc.

With so many courses in a different domain, Henry Harvin Education focuses to add value to the portfolio of both students and working professionals. They also focused on increasing the searchability of the job market for both aspired and seasoned professionals by increasing their skill development for their specific domain.

About Content Writing Course

Henry Harvin Education got the privilege of having the oldest content writing course in the south Asiatic region. It has been also ranked among the top 5 skill development courses that are offered in Delhi in the year 2021 by India Today. 

They have an exclusive 9 in 1 course structure that offers training, projects, internship, boot camps, certification, placements, e-learning, hackathons, and gold membership for a year. The course consists of eight modules focused on teaching languages skills, internet skills, business and marketing writing skills, content writing strategy, technical and research writing skills, skills required in creative and academic writing, and also covers how to get international and online projects.

Along with these eight modules, Henry Harvin also offers two complimentary soft skills modules that will further equip its students with enhanced skill sets. In all, the content writing course offered by Henry Harvin will teach you 50 + tools for writing till you finish the course. 

The trainers at the Henry Harvin content writing course are industry experts and have more than 10 years of experience. They have updated knowledge of current trends in the writing industry. They focus on having a practical approach while teaching and hence give a close overview of the writing industry.

In total 32 hours of the live instructor-led online course will teach you more than 30 content types. The course also offers various case studies, live projects, unlimited access to various batches throughout the year, exclusive access to their Moodle app for learning management systems, and 100% job placement assistance. 

The course fees for a self-paced content writing course are Rs 13500 and for the instructor-led course, the fees are Rs 15000 including one-year gold membership.

2. Skill Upgrader: Content Writing Courses in Delhi

Skill Upgrader is one of the institutes that offer content writing courses in Delhi. They have an award-winning course structure that helps aspiring writers pursue content writing careers in the right way.

The course structure consists of 15 modules that cover all important aspects and help in starting the content writing journey. Along with tools of the English language, the course also covers the marketing and internet aspects of content writing and content marketing. 

So, in all with the duration of 4 weeks, the content writing course offered by Skill Upgrader will not only teach you how to put the words into writing, marketing, and publishing aspects of content writing and publishing. The course fees of the content writing course by Skill Upgrader is Rs 6999 plus 18% GST. After completion of the course, they will also guide their students with portfolio building and freelancing job opportunities.

3. IIDE: Content Writing Courses in Delhi

They are one of the best content writing institutes in Delhi. Indian Institute of Digital Education offers content writing as a module of content marketing course. They also offer online copywriter courses separately.

The course structure includes a basic to advanced level of knowledge in content writing with more focus on the content marketing part. The training is delivered through self-paced mode followed by live sessions. These arrangements can be completed in six hours. The extra sessions are held to clarify the doubts. You can also avail yourself of Book a Mentor facility. The trainers are knowledgeable and industry experts. 

4. ECT: Content Writing Courses in Delhi

Education and Career Times offers one of the best content writing courses in Delhi. They are the only content writing institute that has government recognition. 

The duration of the live sessions held by ECT is thirty-two hours that covers language skills and tools and skills required in content writing. The three months course will have live sessions, practical sessions, along with seven assignments, five live projects, and quizzes. The institute will also provide the completion certification. 

The classes are live and interactive with personalized attention by well-trained mentors. They also provide lifetime support, internship opportunities, and placement assistance. The course is worth Rs 15000.

5. Online Idea Lab: Content Writing Courses in Delhi

In recent times, the job market highly demands content writers. Identifying this huge demand, Online Idea Lab offers a content writing course. The course structure includes all the necessary study materials required to become a successful content writer.

Along with the basic tools and language skills, the institute also focuses on teaching content analyzing, digital marketing, and building a freelance portfolio. Their instructor-led classroom sessions help their students to build strong fundamentals in their writing journey. You can also customize the sessions according to the requirements.

After completion of the course, you will get the certification, alumni status, assistance in building a resume, and a freelance portfolio. They also assist with job placements.

6. Inventateq

Inventateq institute is one of the best content writing institutes in Bangalore, India. Their content writing course will cover the detailed syllabus that is required to start the content writing.

The 30 to 35 hours of classroom sessions are designed to cover the tools and skills required in the process of content writing. Their primary focus is on the basics of language skills and tools involved. After completion of the course, you will know exactly what to write to create the bang-on-writing copy.

The institute also provides practical-oriented training with trainers that have more than five years of experience. They also help in the preparation of interviews and job placement assistance.

7. Thoughtful Minds

Thoughtful Minds platform had started online content writing services in 2006. Their service mainly focuses on giving academic writing.

To be able to do so they conduct various online content writing courses through Skype and Google Hangouts. The duration of this course is forty-five days with 45 min of sessions scheduled from Monday to Saturday. You can choose from various batch timings. To aid in the knowledge, they will give you some assignments to solve with the practical approach. The course is charged for Rs. 5000

8. Udemy

Udemy is a great online platform that offers several online courses in different industries. They offer a variety of courses in one subject like several content writing courses.

If you are just a beginner and don’t want to invest so much money in learning a new skill like content writing, then Udemy will be the best option for you. They offer self-paced videos from different creators. Some of them can be chosen for online guidance from the trainer of the course you chose and can get you valid certifications. The content writing courses start from Rs 455 onwards.

9. Coursera

Coursera is another online training platform that offers online courses from various industries. It is a great choice for those who want to start their content writing journey.

The Coursera working methodology is different from other online platforms. Firstly, you can choose from the self-paced recorded videos from a particular mentor. If the course intrigued you then you can choose for an online degree further. 

10. Harappa

Harappa is an online training platform that offers content writing courses in Delhi. For an amateur content writer, the Harappa institution will be a great choice.

The course structure covers all the basic modules that are required to start with content writing. With their online training, you will learn to write your thoughts in an easy, sharp, and concise manner. The course is conducted through a self-paced online mode. After enrolling you will get 12 months of access to their learning system, study material, live support, and series of self-paced videos. After completion, the certificate will be issued.

11. Mind Stairs

Mind Stairs is one of the popular and best content writing institutes situated in Kolkata. The institutes train in many industries including content writing.

They offer various courses in the content writing industry. After completion of the course, one is able to write various content forms effortlessly.

12. Skillshare

Skillshare is one of the online platforms that offer a variety of content writing courses in Delhi. The various experienced individuals share and teach their content writing journey.

Once signed in on their official website, you can choose from several content writing courses according to your interest. The training is usually shared in self-paced recorded videos. But you can choose for a mentor’s guidance by paying extra money.

13. Content Knockout

Content Knockout is an online platform that offers content writing courses along with various other courses. These three courses typically teach the various content forms

The course structure covers all basic to advanced insights about the content writing industry. The course is worth Rs 899. You can learn as per convenience and grab the certification.

14. Digital Academy 360

Digital Academy 360 is one of the best content writing institutes in Delhi. They have developed the content writing course to clear all the hurdles in your content writing journey and will assist you with 100% job placement.

The course structure includes the basic fundamentals of English language and grammar, the writing process, editing and proofreading, and various forms of content writing. The duration of the Digital Academy 360 is of two months and classes are held in both online and offline teaching mode, conducted by industry experts with more than 10 years of experience.

15. Newcent Training Academy

Newcent Training Academy had understood the demand in the content writing industry and created their content writing and creative writing courses. 

As content writing is not limited to any age group or any particular industry, the content writing course at Newcent Training Academy offers three types of content writing courses; Distance Training, Classroom Training, and Direct certifications.

Each type has its own perks. According to your convenience, you can choose the best-suited course. After completion of the course, you will be able to strategize and write beautiful pieces of content.

Content Writing Courses in Delhi with Skills

Adaptability to new topics, creating fresh content, outstanding research skills, unique content, good knowledge of search engine optimization, knowledge of social media, and the ability to produce projects on time are the talents required to become a successful content writer.


Content writing is a powerful tool in the digital world. To learn the art of content writing, many institutes are now offering content writing courses. These courses play the role of a complete guide to start the journey as a content writer.

Content writing has many forms like website content writing, copywriting, creative writing, social media writing, email copy, business, and academic writing, etc. so, if you are willing to take the plunge and start a career in content writing, then the best content writing institutes are offering content writing courses in Delhi.


 Q.1 Does a content writing course in Delhi have prospects?

Ans. The future of content writing is predicted to be incredibly good. The need is required to continue increasing as everything gets more and more digitized. The possibilities of getting jobs in content writing careers are very safe and tremendous.

Q2. How do I fascinate readers to read my blog?

Ans. If you carefully organize your blog by enhancing suitable keywords in your niche, your sheets will grab in more web traffic. The more sheets you write, the more the audience will be reached.

Q3. As an experienced content writer, what am I required to write?

Ans. As an experienced content writer one is required to write blogs, technological articles, conferences, news, investigative statements, travel articles, academic reports, analyses and new product prefaces.

4. How can I point out the target audience?

Ans. Knowing and understanding what the target audience expects is very essential for all content writers. The easiest way to do this is by discussing with analysts and studying their data. It is also a good idea to take the opinions from the sales team or just interact with the clients instantly.

5. Do I require certification to be a content writer?

Ans. You need a conventional certification to become a content writer. You should have an instinct for writing, a good grip of the language, and have the ability to enlist your readers to trust your work. You are also required to assure that you’re well-informed of the subject you prefer to write on. Nonetheless, doing a content writing certification course enables you to learn the methods of the business and unlocks many new openings in this career.

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