Top 10 SAP FICO Courses in Chennai: 2023 (Don’t Ignore)

The trend of SAP FICO courses are rolling all over the internet right now. But what essentially do we need to learn SAP FICO? What will be the benefit of learning SAP FICO courses or training? Let us first understand some important points about SAP FICO. 

SAP stands for System Applications and Products in data processing. Earlier, SAP was heavily used in ERP services. But now it is being used in many industries. SAP is one of the largest producers of software that manage business processes, developing solutions to business problems. These solutions will eventually facilitate effective data processing and data flow within the organizations. 

SAP is majorly being used in ERP services that helps in managing business processes. Working through SAP helps to connect all parts/sections of a business thus making the business work smoothly. SAP FICO is an integral component of SAP ERP central component that helps in organizing financial transactions of an organization. FICO in SAP FICO stands for SAP FI (Financing) and SAP CO (Controlling). With the application of SAP FICO, one can keep data related to all financial transactions for a particular organization that will help in analyzing solutions for various business developments. With this information, we are now going to list about top 10 SAP FICO courses in Chennai. 

Top 10 SAP FICO Courses in Chennai

1 Henry Harvin ERP Academy

We can not start our listicles without mentioning the SAP FICO course offered by Henry Harvin Education.  Henry Harvin Education is an established training platform and known as the pioneer in offering various skill development courses and training to freshly graduated and working professionals. The institute is ranked among the top 5 ed-tech startups in India by India Today. 

Henry Harvin ERP academy is a dedicated academy for SAP-related courses. All the SAP courses offered at Henry Harvin institute will train you well enough to start your career as an SAP consultant. 

About SAP FICO Course

The Henry Harvin SAP FICO course is ranked amongst the top 3 courses and is recognized by the government of India. It teaches you all the aspects and components that are required to be mastered in SAP ERP software operations with a dedicated focus on SAP FICO S/4 HANA software. 

This course provides the students with SAP FI (Financing) and SAP CO (Controlling) components that give specific information about financial management and control. They are well-equipped with highly advanced tool labs that familiarize you with SAP software. 

Course Highlights

  • Live instructor-led interactive class training.
  • A practical approach and learning for SAP FI and SAP CO are provided through various projects.
  • Guaranteed internship opportunity for a better understanding of SAP FICO tools.
  • Certification of completion SAP FICO H/4 HANA course with globally accepted accreditation
  • 100% job placement assistance is provided after completion of the course.
  • Exclusive access to a learning management system that contains study material, recorded videos, quizzes, etc.
  • Direct access to attend monthly boot camps for a year.
  • Also, a chance to get one-year golden membership.
  • Learn from highly experienced trainers that are industry experts and have domain expertise. 

Fees for SAP FICO H/4 HANA Course

Two types of training are available for SAP FICO H/4 HANA Course;

  • Self-paced course: Pre-recorded videos with lifetime support and access that can be upgraded later is available for Rs 26550.
  • Live instructor-led training: Live classroom training with one-year gold membership, flexible schedules, recording of all the classes is available for Rs 29500. 

Various modules covered in the SAP FICO H/4 HANA course include an introduction to ERP, SAP FI Financial Accounting basic, SAP FI General Ledger Accounting, SAP FI Accounts Payable, and SAP FI Accounts Receivable.  Along with the SAP FICO H/4 HANA course, Henry Harvin also offered various other courses in SAP ERP. they are as follows;

2 Udemy

In past years, the need for skill development training and courses after graduation has gradually increased. Many people are now keen to learn additional skill development courses. The preferred choice for learning is an online course. Udemy is an online training platform that offers such courses at affordable fees. Along with many other courses, Udemy offers various courses in SAP FICO. 

All the courses follow the standard pattern of Udemy that includes nearly 30 hours of course training, pre-recorded and downloaded resources, full-time access, access on mobile and TV, and course completion certification. Udemy offers these courses with various fee structures that range between Rs 1200 to Rs 8000.


3 Victoria University, Ahmedabad

Victoria University is one of the institutes that get listed for offering the top 10 SAP FICO courses in Chennai. They offer masters in business(enterprise resource planning system).  

This master program includes SAP FICO as one of the components that are to learn. Victoria University Ahmedabad also offers one of the most comprehensive ERP and business analytics programs in the world and the first one of its kind course in Australia. 

After completion of the course, you will get well-equipped as per industry standards and will also get fast-track job offers.


4 Atos India

Atos India is a well-known name that offers SAP FICO courses in Chennai. They are also known to be committed to providing immense knowledge in the SAP industry for over 20 years now. 

Atos India takes the liberty of being the first SAP training institute in Chennai. Having said that, the oldest training institute believes in constantly evolving to include the latest trends in the SAP industry. With their training, you will get exposed to the huge job market in the SAP industry as they have many tie-ups. Their skill and personality development program will enable the students to get high-paying jobs with better placement opportunities. 

Atos India has its training centers in all metro cities of India like Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, Bangalore. Along with personal training, they also offer corporate training for SAP FICO courses.


5 .The Institute of Cost Accountants of India (ICAI)

The SAP FICO offered by The Institute of Cost Accountants of India (ICAI) is considered among the top 10 SAP FICO courses in Chennai. ICAI called their course a Power User course.  

The course structure at ICAI is designed in such a way that it will help students to close the gap between the basic and practical approaches of SAP-related studies. The 100 hours of detailed approach teaches its students about the fundamentals of various components of SAP FICO modules. They also provide exclusive access to the LMS systems that help the learning process.  

ICAI is also conducting 100 hours of doubt clearing sessions. The students also get to be part of the SAP learning hub. After completion of the course, certification and job placement assistance are provided.  All these perks are available from Rs 15000 to Rs 20000. 


Aptron is one of the oldest institutes in Noida, India that offer SAP FICO courses. The course offered by Aptron is carefully designed as per trends of IT-related industry. The curriculum includes all study material that will cover each aspect that is required to operate SAP FICO tools effortlessly. Trainers also have more than five years’ experience and can train all the facts about the current trends. 

Aptron also offers a stay in a hostel facility if you choose to pursue a course with them. For working professionals, the institute holds weekend batches and special doubt clearing sessions.

7. Tech Vidhya

Tech Vidhya Institute offers one of the best and oldest SAP FICO courses in Chennai. They have designed the course keeping all updates and trends in SAP FICO. 

The 90 hours of training gives you knowledge about the working methodology of SAP FICO. After the completion, of the course, there is certification, live projects, and job placement. They have over 2400 + trainees that have reached placement experience.

8. iClass Training Network

iClass Training Network offers SAP FICO courses that is one of the top 10 SAP FICO courses in Chennai 

The course is designed to deliver a real-time and practical placement approach. They claim to get you a high-paying job in MNC, after finishing their course which will equip you with basic to advanced knowledge. 

With lab facilities, study materials, and a practical approach to a mindfully designed curriculum, you will have a better understanding of SAP FICO components along with other SAP ERP systems. The trainers with their knowledge and domain expertise will teach you the correct approach that will help to make proper decisions in real-time.


9. Gangboard

Gangboard is one of the online platforms that offer SAP FICO courses that are considered in the top 10 SAP FICO courses in Chennai. The teachings and working patterns of SAP FICO systems from basic to advanced level are well taught in their well-structured curriculum.


The course is conducted for 30 hours with additional 15 hours for assignment submission. Along with the comprehensive course structure, they will also give access to an exclusive LMS, well-researched study material, video recording, and one on one training.


10. Besant Technologies

Besant Technologies is a known institute that offers SAP FICO courses in Chennai. Besant Technologies has many centers across the country.


The course is well-structured and comprehensively planned to deliver minute details about the SAP FICO systems. They offer their course for 30 hours that spread over a month. During the course carefully designed study material will enlighten you with a deep understanding of the working methodology of SAP modules.  

The trainers at Besant Technologies are highly experienced and are domain experts. The course is available for Rs 23000 and after completion of the course, a certification is given by the institute.


The above-mentioned listicles hold information about the top 10 SAP FICO courses in Chennai. For further detailed information, you can always visit their respective websites. Further in this article, we will learn about the other points related to SAP FICO. 

Who can Pursue SAP FICO Courses?

With no particular requirements and suitable for candidates that belong to the finance industry or only have interest, the SAP FICO course can be pursued by;

  • Job aspirants who are interested in the SAP FICO domain
  • Executives in Finance.
  • Existing employees in the finance department.
  • Working professionals who want to enhance their skills set and build a stronger resume.
  • Aspirants that are looking to switch their careers. 

Anyone with SAP FICO certification has stronger chances of getting a high salary package with a good professional position at any national or multinational company. 

Why do You need to Learn SAP FICO?

Any organization is a collection of various departments that are interdependent and contributes to the growth of that organization. The main objective of any company is to produce any service or product that is sellable. So, the sales of these products/services will generate the revenue that eventually will be used in paying various bills and salaries. 

Imagine a situation where a company fails to keep track of all its finances and transactions. For avoiding such instances, one should keep the inflow and outflow of the finances smoothly. SAP FICO will help to regulate all finances and transaction-related records or data for an organization and company.  

To explain it simply, SAP Fi will collect all the data related to finances and transactions. On the other hand, SAP CO is used for internal analysis like cost calculation and profit analysis. Together they control all the data-related financial aspects. 


SAP ERP is an important function in all businesses. SAP FICO is a component of SAP ERP systems. The whole SAP system helps a business to collect all company-related data and use that data for the growth and success of the company. 

SAP FICO courses teach us exactly this system and will help us to start a career in the SAP industry effortlessly. SAP FICO courses particularly teach us the financial components and help us implement solutions that are generated using the SAP system.



Q.1 What is SAP FICO?

Ans:  SAP System is known as System Applications and Products in Data Processing. SAP FI is an SAP system in Financial accounting and SAP CO IS an SAP system in Controlling.

Q.2 Are SAP and ERP the same?

Ans:  No, they are not the same. ERP is the latest technology that is being implemented in businesses and SAP is a system-based application that is being used for its unique benefits.


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