Top 10 Best Content Writing Courses / Classes in Bangalore with Jobs & Salary: 2023

Content Writing Courses in Bangalore nowadays have appeared as one of the most prominent job roles in recent times. There are a lot of writers who want to make his/her career as professional writers and the global market has unlocked openings that have never appeared to be so impressive and encouraging. 

Content writing is an enormous term in itself. Writing does not mean just assembling elegant words, it needs to have a motive and should impel your audience to take certain actions.

Hence, if you want to begin your career as a content writer then you must go through this porter to know about the Top 10 Content Writing Courses in Bangalore. A content writing course is very necessary for one who wants to become a content writer. Without taking much time come and let’s continue to scroll the page and choose your platform for a content writing course and step into the World Of Writing.

First of all, we’ll understand what is Content Writing Course is;

What Do You Mean By Content Writing Training?

Content is knowledge available in numerous aspects such as print, digital, videos, advertisements, infographics, pamphlets, podcasts, etc. Every written or uttered word is content.

Therefore, the technique of creativity, writing, editing, and proofing content for digital media or print media includes content writing.

However, we deplete content at a startling rate. We are regularly devouring content, seamlessly, from one tool to another throughout the day. Hence, The growth in smartphone practice across the world, the brisk digitization, and the abundance of options available are all impacting customer content consumption. The craze is only growing in modern times.

Besides, with growth in content consumption, we notice a lot of unrelated content and fuzz. Though, the keyword for content writing is to dwell within the context and provide content with significance. 

Therefore, moving on to the top 10 institutes of content writing in Bangalore.

1. Henry Harvin – Content Writing Courses in Bangalore

Henry Harvin Education is amongst the top Certified Digital Content Writing Courses in Bangalore. Henry Harvin is rated no.1 in the business via Bestcoursenews.com. Hence, Henry Harvin entrusts you with an apparent notion about content writing which can assist you to analyze different writing niches. 

The benefits which you obtain by opting for a content writing course are:

  • Website making and personal blog making
  • Graphic skills
  • Language skills
  • Advanced Research Skills
  • Article writing, blog writing, newsletter, SEO (search engine optimisation) etc.

Henry Harvin assists writers to improve their writing abilities and becoming skilled writers. The instructors give you an excellent format of content writing course, they provide extensive content writing training to scrutinize the impact of content writing. 

An online Content Writing Courses in Bangalore from Henry Harvin provides you with an understanding outlet at your own stride.

Therefore, Henry Harvin provides 1-year gold membership and 24/7 lifetime assistance. The content writing program involves recorded sessions, guaranteed internships, weekly job support, brush-up sessions, and much more.

The institute has several courses such as Digital Marketing Certification Program, Certified GST Course, TEFL Course, Certified Six Sigma Green Belt Course, SAP FICO Course, and many more courses that are offered by Henry Harvin Education.

  About the content writing course:

  • Duration of the course- there will be a lecture of 32 hours
  • Syllabus- the program is specified as a variety of topics from the dominant content writing category
  • Trainer- senior industry experts having knowledge in content writing takes assortments for the learners. Thus, these practitioners are also empowered as section experts with Henry® Harvin Education
  • Employment support- get 100% support on placement, internships, freelance proposals

However, once enrolled at Henry Harvin Education, you have the facility to heed various batches with varied tutors. This means you can access unlimited times on the learning portal.

Mobile App permits to LMS E-Learning portal. You can access the complete Learning Management System (LMS) on the go by just signing in with your ID and password

2. CourseraContent Writing Certification in Bangalore

Northwestern University is a private teaching university. University empowers innovative teaching and has a cooperative environment that gives you comfortable learning. Campuses are in Evanston and Chicago, Qatar, Illinois, and Doha.  In this institution, you will learn from the best-recognized industry and experts on how to create content for your social media platforms and add value to your content so that the people you want to reach will surely give importance to.


A Coursera is a sequence of programs that helps to ace your ability. To get enrolled, select one of the courses you would like to start with. And when you subscribe to a course of your preference then you automatically get the subscription. You can track your course registrations by visiting your dashboard. When you are over with your course and complete the projects you will get the certificates that you can use for your professional format.

Five courses in this specialization

Course 1  content strategy for professionals: connecting audiences Course 2 Content strategy for professionals: preventing the content Course 3 Content strategy for professionals: promoting your content reach.

Course 4 Content strategy for professionals: securing your content effect.

Course 5 Content strategy for professionals: capstone scheme

3. Copywriting  Secrets: Become a Content Writing Expert 

Copywriting secrets is a platform where you can become an expert writer, you just need a desire to learn. Therefore, you will be instructed by professional’s writers.

What all you will learn

  • Attract massive paying clients with your copywriting 
  • Able to write copy, confidently for social media ads and more
  • For any copywriting, can choose the most powerful word

     The course includes:

  • 7 downloadable help
  • Full lifetime access
  • Can access on mobile
  • 1-hour on-demand video
  • 4 articles
  • Tasks
  • Certificate of completion 

4. Creative Writing Certification Course

This content writing course motivates you to learn content writing in three parts, i.e., long structure content, short story and diary. It will help you to get familiar with the process required to formulate a convincing story with a new style. This course covers aspects of three major writing genres: narrative essay, biography, and short story.

This course is designed for beginners as well as for popular novelists. By opting for this course you will develop a stronger ability to not only improve your writing but can find inspiration in the works you are already examining. Even the writing community offers 30% off membership to the learners who complete their assignments.

This course is planned so that anybody with innovative content writing gets a clear concept of writing.  As you finish the course, you will be able to write creative content. When you complete the course you will receive a certificate that you can share with upcoming employers and your professional network.

5. Content Is King: Writing Killer Content For Web and Marketing 

In this Content Writing Certification in Bangalore, you will get a basic understanding of everything about web content creation which will boost you to become a skilled blogger. This online course is offered by Udemy.

By the end of the course, you will have the option to write SEO-friendly blogs, promotional copies, and more.

You will also learn how to write content for a Kindle eBook, content for a website, content for a  blog, and can edit your content to make it sparkle. Apart from content writing, you will likewise understand the different parts of computerized showcasing which will assist you in bringing traffic to your site.

6. Creative Writing by Margaret Atwood 

One of the best courses for aspiring writers was provided by Margaret Atwood. You will be taught the basics of writing and will be taught by industry specialists. 

After you complete this content writing course, you’ll be confident to write appalling content by pushing your creative mind into it. 

The writer’s department offers you:

  • Home-study creative writing course by skilled trainers 
  • Personal suggestion by the tutors 
  • Online access on the phone to study at your own pace and printed course material
  • Advice on how to sell your writing in several markets

7. Transmedia  Storytelling

This Content Writing Course in Bangalore will help you to develop a method for telling your own story. You will learn how to shape your suggestions into well-structured stories, You’ll be able to connect different audiences in your stories.

In a world where people are bombarded with an increasing percentage of brand content, establishing good content is not sufficient to be seen in a multi-device world. Content should be skillful. This platform is best for writers who want to create their own stories because great stories are factual, evoke feelings, and are interesting.

The objective of Transmedia Storytelling is to engage users in the world it makes. The Content Writing Courses in Bangalore give you a different, precise and industry-relevant learning opportunity. You will have a permit to learn activities that will prepare you with the methods you need to start creating your ideas. The Transmedia creation operates in several areas such as narrative; knowledge; audience; media/platforms; business models and performance.

Syllabus for the course:

  • Using creative technologies 
  • Understanding a transmedia audience
  • The Transmedia user understanding
  • What is Transmedia Storytelling


Online Idea Lab is a next-gen organization with operations across Bangalore, the USA, and Canada. They have an extensive line-up of specialized training that includes digital marketing, Amazon web services, content creation, python, and some short courses. 

Under content creation, they have online and classroom courses and boot camps. You may opt for weekend batches or weekday batches. The courses include foundation, advanced, technical, copywriting, creative, and instructional design.

The Foundation Content Writing Course has three main modules:

  • Content research
  • Content writing
  • Content promotion.

The sub-modules include:

  • Digital marketing fundamentals.
  • Basic competitive analysis.
  • Reading and analyzing content.
  • Fundamentals of visual content.
  • Common grammatical errors.
  • Content writing and ethics.
  • Content writing tools.
  • Proofreading and editing.
  • Writing viral content.
  • Freelancing as a content writer.

Content Writing Courses in Bangalore fees vary for online and classroom courses. Classroom courses are an option for those residing in cities where the institute has its centers, and for the rest, the online course is the ideal option.

The institute provides a substantial amount of practical experience. It has lifetime professional support for its students with an active alumni network. You will get to learn how to use several free and paid tools such as Canva, Grammarly, Hemingway, Feedly, Google trends, etc.

Online Idea Lab has a placement team that provides placement assistance to all students. During the course, they provide various assignments and activities to bring out the creativity of the students. 

They have a low student-to-teacher ratio to enable interactive sessions. The course modules are regularly updated. For the classroom experience, the institute has an excellent infrastructure to provide its students with the best learning experience.

You can visit their website and take a demo or meet the trainer before you make a decision.

9. One India Training Academy

One India Training Academy is devoted to providing high-quality Content Writing Courses in Bangalore technology education to the graduates. Their objective is to teach the abilities needed to regulate in today’s fast-paced, fast-changing industry. 

They began with a tiny squad and with a commitment to their job, they have formulated into a vast corporation that gives various courses in IT. They are dwelling on the most experienced educators devoted to nurturing their students. 

Their educators are oriented with an in-depth awareness of the subjects and are also worthy to assist their students. 

They concur that only the promising educators can supervise the students towards success, through which they also work as motivators in establishing a beneficial approach to work and life.

One India Training Academy is suited with all the overdue techniques and technology operated in today‘s manufacturing, the proficiency of which is necessary to generate the greatest creative accomplishment. 

Such procedures are initiated to students by their extraordinary professional educators.

Thus, In today’s competitive industry planners and entrepreneurs, with the inducement of their educators and day-to-day operations, students are oriented with the proficiency to specify and produce outcomes while maintaining these patterns in mind.

One India Training Academy utilizes efficient teaching methods along with custom-made modules that communicate every subject in detail. The courses are completely job-oriented and the applicants can select the course of their preference.

10. Indian Institute Of Digital Education (IIDE)

The certification in Content Writing Courses in Bangalore at IIDE enables you to get a chance of being trained by the highly praised experts of the industry. The institute was founded in 2016. They conduct both online and offline classes. The trainers here are experienced, which helps the beginners to gain overall necessities of writing. They aim to upskill learners in and modify their careers by giving them difficult practical activities as a part of their industry-vetted courses organized by experts.

The course includes 70+ hours of a live class, 100% placement support, 40+ hours of videos, one-on-one mentoring sessions, resume and interview training, 8 brand projects. By the end of this online course, you will be able to break down the Google Ad primary certification and receive a certificate of culmination from IIDE.

During your classes, you will be given the assignments to check your ability along with the practical activity. Come and step into a new world of writing and learning.

We hope this chunk of information has helped you in choosing your way to the world of writing. 

Best Content Writing Courses / Classes in Bangalore Jobs

In Bangalore, there are several content writing career prospects, and you can work in a variety of fields after completing the course. You can apply for professions such as content developer, content writer, technical writer, guest blogger, and ghostwriter as a fresh graduate. You can also start your own blog and become a well-known blogger.

Best Content Writing Courses / Classes in Bangalore Salary

If you have 0-2 years of industry or freelancing experience, you can expect an online content writer income of Rs. 4,00,000 to 5,00,000 per year. A content writer with 2 to 5 years of experience can anticipate a good pay of roughly 6 to 8 lakh per year.

Wrapping Up

Here you have the top 10 content writing courses in Bangalore that preface to give you the awareness to grasp the various beliefs of content. 

Therefore, you become a specialist in overseeing intricate subjects. It enables you to become skillful in dealing with various content be it white papers, technical writing, or ebook writing. 

Hence, the syllabus furnishes you with adequate understanding so that you consume the ideas well and execute them in your professional life.

Besides, go through the syllabus of these courses, the fee structure, and the class hours. 

Thus, choose a course that confronts all your norms. Only then will you be eligible to maximize your productivity and become experienced writers.

However, in your journey to become a content writer, it is of enormous help to enroll in a professional course to comprehend the variety of writing, the technicalities, and how content creation helps in the digital forum. 

Once you have an essential awareness, you can even select a subspecialty and distant strengthen that ability. 

The sub-standard specialties could involve being a website content writer, a blogger, a technical writer, SEO writer, editor, ghostwriter, marketing and communication writer, etc.

Distant from sub-specialty portions in content writing, there is also niche content. For someone with a master’s in the medical field, becoming a medical content writer is a nightmare. 

Similarly, for someone sophisticated with substantial travel history, travelogues, or the niche industry of travel and tourism helps best. 

Moreover, there are openings like style, yoga, interiors, education and academics, politics and news, sports, finance, and so on. 

Consequently, the choices are infinite, and the sky’s the boundary for a content writer. Come next to your nightmares and take them step-by-step to become a growing content writer in Bangalore.

Keep Rising, Keep Learning!


Q1. What is the fee of Content Writing Courses in Bangalore?

Ans. The fee of a content writing course in Bangalore varies from INR 6,000 to INR 15,000 relying upon the academy, syllabus and duration offered. Henry Harvin online content writing course with certificates goes for INR 6,355 + Tax.

Q2. Which academy is best for the content writing courses in Bangalore?

According to the list above, Henry Harvin is the best academy for the content writing courses in Bangalore. Why Henry Harvin? Because after the culmination of the course you will not only begin coming up with content suggestions but also start building a holistic content trade technique that fascinates and engages your desired target audience and eventually transforms them into reimbursing clients. 
Moreover, This program gives access to video lectures for one month. Similarly, there is proclaimed Q&A support & help, through which you can privately interact with your coach to figure out all your questions.

Q3. Is content writing a good profession?

Ans. Yes, indeed! If you are enthusiastic about writing and know how to convey ideas in words then this job industry can give you enough money and chances. A content writer can earn from INR 15,000 a month to INR 2,00,000 per month relying on their knowledge and expertise. 

Q4. What is the qualification expected to enroll in a content writing course in Bangalore?

Ans. There is no qualification expected to enroll on a content writing course at a beginner level because it is a skill-based job, you should have an outstanding grip of the English language involving grammar, vocabulary & good writing techniques. Along with it, have an enthusiasm for making your profession in content writing.

Q5. What are the rules of Content Writing?

Ans. The few writing rules of content writing are-
Use adjectives 
Keep it clear and catchy
Don’t judge the initial outline, etc.

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