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15 Burning Questions every Six Sigma Professional would ask in 2023

Do you know learning never stops? If you are working as a Six Sigma Aspirants many questions will bump into your head, you may be looking for the perfect boat to sail.

You may be a beginner but your knowledge bucket list never gets full.

Welcome! you have chosen the right path.

This article will try to enhance your knowledge by throwing burning questions that Six Sigma Professional would ask.

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Six Sigma Professional Questions

Q1: What is Six Sigma?

Six Sigma is a statistical term that represents the variances within a process. The term originated from statistical modeling of the Manufacturing processes. It is based on assumption that the process doesn’t produce more than 3.4 defects per million opportunities.

The topic is now adopted by various companies as well as Six Sigma Professional to provide quality products or services to their clients consistently. It is categorized into various levels which states the benefits and give a framework for quality management.

Six Sigma mainly follows some principles:

Six Sigma Principles
  • Consistent in the work for profitable approach
  • Data Accuracy
  • Problem solving process
  • Variation to be eliminated for better process
  • Customer satisfaction should be always present

Q2: Can you give me a Real-World example of Six Sigma?

It is very essential to know before choosing any path that in how much extent it has benefitted the customers. So, we need to look out for some high profile Real-World examples of Six Sigma:

  • Motorola – One of the first companies to use Six Sigma, it implemented many trails to streamline quality products and services. 
  • Wipro – Wipro has been directing the best, ensuring that 91% of projects are completed in time as compared to the industry average of 55%.
  • Microsoft – Being the leading company in technology, Professional gave the value mapping tools which attracted and fulfilled the demands of the customer.

Q3: Why is Six Sigma so successful?

In today’s world, it is very essential to adopt the imminent change. Management’s task in an employer is to layout systems.

Layout Systems will act as selecting the best seeds for generating the best fruits for your Organization. Systems that create and supply prices to clients and shareholders. With the mastermind, there is innovation in technology and the system is endless. Competitors innovate and try to entice clients. Innovations redefine the manner services and products attain clients. Customer needs alternate at lightning pace. What reasons satisfaction these days turns into a primary tomorrow. Every one company recognizes is “the alternate imperative”. Organizations have the rights to choose either of the alternatives.

Lean and Six sigma embody alternate.

As a philosophy, it propagates non-stop development in each first-class and timeliness. Management has to pop out with progressive strategies for product and provider offerings. Operational development turns into behavior as opposed to a hard and fast of initiatives. Lean Six Sigma employs a shape and set of strategies by the Professional. These act as a base to operate for the Managers and they can reshape their organizations. With the quality-oriented approach Six Sigma will generate errorless and the best quality product which every client prefers.

Q4:What is Six Sigma Certification?

Six Sigma certification divide into six levels:

  1. White Belt- It is the basic level of certification that will gear up with the basic concepts for an Organization. White Belt will support the Organization to adopt the change in management and contribute to the local team problem-solving process. It is very necessary to take part even it is little.
  2. Yellow Belt- Yellow Belt will build the foundation knowledge. It will give the methodologies which will help the Organization in solving the how aspects related queries. They will serve as a team member in advanced-level projects.
  3. Green Belt- It comprises of 11 separate sessions. Individuals will be eligible to perform analytical tools. A Green belt is generally a project time manager who will emphasize Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve & Control.
  4. Black Belt- They can be quoted as experts who have a thorough knowledge of all aspects of Six Sigma principles.
  5. Master Black Belt- This is the highest level in Six sigma achievement. The two-week program ends here with the highest achievement. The Master Black Belt can be the coach for the middle levels.
  6. Champion-Champions are the sponsor or the Project owner. They provide a roadmap to the Business to achieve Six Sigma.

 Q5:How does it benefit the Organization?

The application of all Six Sigma has been divided into various pieces benefiting various users of a business.

Six Sigma has been the ladder for the high growth of the Organization. The benefit to the Organization:

  • Customer Satisfaction- Customer is termed as the kingpin of any Organization. Customer Satisfaction will enhance the prospectus of Business. By using the methodologies, Quality and processed products will bring customer satisfaction.
  • Profitability Index – It helps in increasing profitability by reducing waste. Customer Loyalty and references will help in lifting the revenues.
  • Directions & Business goals – Constantly checking towards the quality and proper process will provide a brief approach towards the Business Goals.

Q6: How does it benefit the customers?

You are the customer maybe not of your Organization but for any other Business units like you visit any Shopping malls or go to the Food court or purchase any electrical appliances. So your eyes will surely catch the products which will give the best quality products with the best price.

It brings benefits to all customers by its different levels bringing tremendous tools and techniques on such products and services. This removes the obscurity in the minds of customers. Professionals always train the candidates such that no customer is turned unnoticed.

Q7: What is the work experience needed in Certification?

Six Sigma Certification counts your eligibility depending upon the levels you belong to.

  • Yellow belt-Since the Yellow belt is the first step, so it doesn’t require any Work experience.
  • Green belt- Green Belt is the second level where every candidate should have at least 3 years of full-time work experience in their field of expertise.
  • Black belt – In the Six Sigma Black Belt, Candidates need not enclose a Green Belt certification. But it is mandatory to complete one or two projects and have at least 3 years of full-time work experience in their field of expertise. 
  • Master Six Sigma Black Belt – Candidates should possess a Six Sigma Black Belt certification and they should also have 5 years of work experience in the role of Six Sigma Black Belt or Masters Black Belt. They should have completed 10 Six Sigma Black Belt projects.

Q8: What is the Demand for Six Sigma in India?

Every Company needs an employee who has good skills and can enhance the Organization. Six Sigma is the most demanding skill as every company wants to embrace the change. Top MNC’s and other companies are hiring candidates who are having the Six Sigma certifications.

Six Sigma Professional wants that the employees should have prior knowledge such that the production process and Quality management can be easily done.

Q9: What is the difference between Lean and Six Sigma?

Lean focuses on identifying and eliminating waste whereas Six Sigma focus on improving performance based on customer requirements. Six Sigma consists of various approaches towards increasing the customer requirements by the quality products.

Lean Six Sigma is the combination where Lean accelerates Six Sigma by solving problems and efficiently improving processes.

Lean + Six Sigma

Q10: How to get the Six Sigma Certification?

There is no recognized body for Six Sigma Certification. So many institutions or organizations are providing the course. Six Sigma professionals are also guiding the best path. You need to select any of the best institutes of your choice.

There are protocols which you need to follow like they conduct exams and you need to have work experience. After completing the course and attending the test you will get the certification.

You can make your resume more strong by adding the certification under the heading training. You can use the acronym for representing each belt as”BB”, “GB”, “YB”, “WB”, “MBB”.

Q11: What is the Duration Of the Six Sigma Course?

Six Sigma is divided into different levels. So the duration of each subject will change depending upon the levels:

  •  Green Belt Online Certification course takes 10 weeks to complete, 
  •  Lean Principles course takes 8 weeks to complete, and
  •  Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course takes 16 weeks to complete. 
  • The duration of the Six Sigma Green Belt Refresher course must be completed within a 6-month window.

Q12: Can you interpret the future look for Six Sigma?

Six Sigma has provided the root to many Organizations.

It has many effective tools and techniques that could deliver plenty to the desk for maximum companies in the market. It’s a disgrace that it’s now no longer being applied extra actively on the moment, however as a way to likely alternate in due time as human beings begin to realize the crucial implications. What will occur till then though, and the way will Six Sigma appearance withinside the future? 

Huge Dependence on Modern Technology – We’re already seeing a few brilliant packages for current technological improvements withinside the discipline of Six Sigma, however, that is probably simply the tip of the iceberg. . It’s now feasible to capture, examine, and combine records at tons quicker prices than before.

At an equal time, a bigger quantity of techniques may be observed, and with extra accuracy. This all results in a discount in human error, and consequently substantially much less waste generated all through the entire process. 

More Data to Work – With As an outcome of the above, we can additionally have got the right of entry to tons of extra records to paintings within optimizing our techniques. This is one of the crucial elements in making sure that your optimizations are successful, however now and again it’s now no longer feasible to acquire all of the records which you want to your own.

In the future, the linked nature of the sector will suggest that we’ll have a smooth get right of entry to all styles of records applicable to the paintings of various companies. People are already constructing massive databases that serve exclusive industries, and this fashion will probably hold at an elevated rate. 

Of course, it’s crucial to make certain that we also can do something beneficial with all these records, rather than simply piling up one huge mess that no one can navigate. But with the assist of current analytical tools, this will likely end up pretty smooth or even conceivable through human beings with much less enjoyment than might typically be required.

Q13: What did you learn from the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt?

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt teaches the participants by giving the introduction of tools and methods. They are an active participant who is climbing the steps of different Six Sigma levels. By enrolling in the course six Sigma Professionals can easily tackle the problems and identify the best solution.

Career opportunities by Job Title:

Lean Six Sigma Green belt has provided abandoned knowledge but how to implement it? Where to use this skill.

  • Quality Engineer- Quality Engineers can prescribe a certain set of standards that will meet the customer’s demand. Day to day along with long-term perspective needs to be checked. Green Belt gives a base to the quality manager for providing the best quality products to their customers.
  • Operational Excellence Manager- Reporting to senior leadership, operational excellence managers paintings with crew contributors in any respect tiers to manipulate an organization’s Lean Six Sigma initiatives. Operational excellence managers are instrumental withinside the fulfillment of development projects.
  • Industrial Engineer- They assess production rates, productions flow which will help the employees in the efficient use and make the production operate successfully.
  • Mechanical Engineer – Mechanical Engineer focuses on new products and tools. 
  • Project Manager Project managers are answerable for main and prioritizing tasks of diverse length and complexity. Project managers use Six Sigma information to optimize the strategies and sources used to finish tasks.

Q14: What is the significance of the Lean Six Sigma black belt?

Lean Six Sigma Black belt is the next level after Lean Six Sigma Green belt. The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt direction enables people to spearhead big transformation initiatives all with the aid of using themselves. It additionally permits people to mentor, guide, and educate group individuals closer to strategic organizational performance and growth.

The program equips the professional to capture the D-M-A-I-C model and demonstrate the team leadership, team dynamics and assign team member roles and responsibilities.

The holders can be regarded as experts as they are heading towards the efficiency and profitability stage of Six Sigma.

It doesn’t depend on the uplifting of the Organization but also it will make an impact on the Professional life of employees.

Q15:What is the difference between the Six Sigma black belt and Six Sigma Master Black belts?

Six Sigma Master black belts are at the highest level where the professionals can act as a mentor also guiding the lower levels to handle complex business processes, and implementing specialized programs . They are also responsible for managing all the lower levels in Six Sigma.

Mentor will answer all the tough questions and share their knowledge to clear out the doubts which are going into the heads of other levels. Master black belts are the ones who have faced all the levels and can frame the proper tools and techniques which will help both the organizations and employees.

Six Sigma black belt is the lower level that will explain the principles and philosophies. Their efforts and using consistency towards the programs can change them into a champion.


Above burning, questions would have surely increased the curiosity levels to go to a more depth understanding of Six Sigma. Consistent approach needs to be followed, as the topic is never ending.

You can use this powerful technique in your Organizations too. If you are lacking knowledge without taking any moments, start learning. With the team-spirit start discussing with your friends, colleagues about Six Sigma.

You can draw a better conclusion also as the success of your organization and your profession is in your hands.

Last but not the least, never step back towards the learning process!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1: How difficult is Six Sigma?

Six Sigma is divided into various levels. So Six Sigma Black Belt is difficult as it is tough to pass the examination. But if you are sincere, disciplined, experienced, and have sound preparation you can easily pass the examination.

2:Are there any training institutes available that provide online courses for Six Sigma?

Yes, there are many Institutes that want to save the time of professionals so they provide the online platform for Learning Six Sigma. They provide the various courses which can allow the candidates to select depending upon their requirements.

3:Does Six Sigma applies to the manufacturing sector only?

Six Sigma applies to all Organizations. Every organization wants customer satisfaction, so they focus on providing a customer-driven approach by the analytical tools which is more technical.

4:How to start this course?

If you are completely a beginner then you need to start from the first level- Green Belt. You can get help from your Six Sigma friend or you can refer to any institutes that will guide you the whole path.

5:Do I need a degree for Six Sigma?

No, you don’t need any prior degree before enrolling in the course.

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