Top 20 New Technology Trends of 2023

Introduction: Humans are the ones who will not satisfied with anything and they keep discovering, inventing, and re-inventing new things. One such invention is where technology comes in which provides many advantages as well as disadvantages. Before 20 years, it is difficult to see a long-distance relative. But now we...

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Top 50 HR Interview Questions and Answers in 2023

HR Interview Questions and Answers in 2022: The most common thing that can make everyone anxious is an exam and an interview. When we are applying for a job, not only our knowledge and experience will be seen, but also, the companies will assess us as an individual. Not only...

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CPA Salary in India & USA: Average to Highest (2023)

Introduction: The need for accountants is crucial in every business, whether a small business or a large organization. Accounting is one field that students are getting attracted to it to a large extent. The main reason for this is that this field pays well and has many job opportunities. You...

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Power BI

Top 50 Power BI Interview Questions and Answers in 2023

Power BI Interview Questions and Answers: Power BI is a growing field today and has become a leader in the business industry. Learning Power BI also opens up a lot of job opportunities for many people making it a promising career. Developed by Microsoft it is used by many categories...

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What Is ACCA? Everything You Nedd to Know

Introduction: Are you a student looking for a course with a better job opportunity or just an employee who wants to enhance their skills? Whatever you want to do ACCA can be a great choice if you are ready to do a little hard work and ready for a career...

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