Top Courses after 12th Commerce in 2023

Are you looking for top courses after 12th commerce? Many people think of commerce stream from a business perspective. But the scope is more than that. So, there are various options available.

Whenever you go through the options, you get confused. Similarly, you get suggestions from your seniors. Meanwhile, your interest lies in the priority.

So check out the blog and know more about the courses. Some of the top courses after 12th commerce in 2022 are B.Com, B.B.A, etc.

Listing the top courses after 12th Commerce

Instead of doing the popular courses. Choose the course which is part of your dream. So check out the below list for the top courses:

Bachelor of Commerce(B.Com)

It is the most popular course you have come across. After you qualify for your 12th, you can apply for undergraduate programs like B.Com.The total duration of the B.Com course is three years. Many top colleges are providing the course with great competition. With attention to the eligibility, candidates need to check the criteria as per the college. Thus you need to apply to the college, and your 12th grade also counts.

There are distance graduation programs also available. If you want, you can take these courses. And start pursuing professional courses like CA.

You can get various career opportunities like:

  • Accountant
  • Banking
  • Taxation
  • Business Management

Bachelor of Business Administration(B.B.A)

B.B.A course mainly focusses on managerial and entrepreneurial skills to the students. The duration is the same as another graduate course. These are the baby step for entering into the MBA field. Any candidate who has passed 12th may apply for the course. The management course helps in learning the marketing field and the global trends. Thus there are types of BBA courses available.

Similarly, the candidate may also apply for the integrated course(BBA-MBA). The total duration of this integrated management course is five years.

If you want to make your career in the management field, step into this option.

Bachelor’s in Accounting and Finance(BAF)

Are you looking for a course in the accounting field?BAF is also an undergraduate course that has specializations like accounting, financial institutions, etc. The eligibility criteria are while same as other graduate courses. Similarly, the duration remains the same.

You will come across these subjects:

  • Business Law
  • Auditing
  • Taxation
  • Financial Accounting
  • Cost Accounting

There are many other subjects available as per the course. If you have a stronghold in finance, you can apply for this course.

Chartered Accountancy(CA)

CA is one of the prestigious courses in the professional sector. Many learners are interested in accounting and taxation as well. You may want to step into a professional journey after the 12th. So CA is one of the right steps for you. The course is categorized in three levels:

  •  If a student joins through a direct route(after graduation), the term is 3 years. They need to do articleship first.
  • The period changes to 4.5 years for the learner who has passed class 12th.They can apply with their graduate programs.
  • ICAI is the regulatory body that conducts the exams and provides the course. 

Thus, the student should pass all the levels to get recognition. Without a delay, you can take the coaching. Start preparing for the course.

Fashion Design course

Fashion Designing marks an interesting course in the education sector. If you have an interest in the fashion market, then you can explore these design courses. Many institutes are teaching undergraduate as well as diploma courses. Generally, the minimum duration is four months. If the candidate opts for the full-time course it changes to 4 years. The duration depends upon your type of course selection.

The candidate needs to appear for the entrance exam for this course(NIFT). Everyone is eager make a career in this fashion field. Student should know the skills. The designer should follow the trends. Lots of fields are available in this design course. Some of the fashion fields are:

  • Textile and apparel design
  • Jewelry
  • Accessories
  • Personal Styling
  • Luxury brand management

Interior Design

This is one of the best courses for the students. Having creativity and knowledge of lifestyles adds a bonus for pursuing the course. The duration varies from the institute. The course comprises of:

  • Training for complex housing projects, public areas, etc.
  • Providing structures and visual representations to the clients.
  • Analyzing the concept and presenting accurate data.
  • Using graphical software for designing projects.

The students who have passed 12th can apply for the course. There are many diploma programs for this course as well.

Integrated course(BA+ LLB)

Law is an important subject in history. Nowadays, students are more curious in knowing the provisions of the law. Even commerce students can take this course. This course combines the Bachelor of Arts as well as LLB degree. The duration of this integrated BA LLB course is five years.

Learners will need to give the entrance exams for the course.CLAT, LSAT, LET are the entrance tests. Similarly, they can take the coaching and prepare for the test. The career opportunities for this course:

  • Litigation Attorney
  • Corporate Counsellor
  • Legal Advisor
  • Judge

Company Secretary(CS)

It is also a professional course that handles the legal aspects of a firm. The course consists of three levels. Students need to pass the 12th exam before appearing for the foundation exam. After graduation, students need not appear for the foundation exam.The duration of the course as per institute is three years. There is one regulatory body for this course.The duty of the company secretary is generally expert advice in the corporate field.

Bachelor of Finance Market(BFM)

This course specifically focuses on providing a career in financial management. The duration of the course is the same as other undergraduate degrees(3 years). After enrolling in the course, the student will learn about:

  • Corporate Finance
  • Equity Markets
  • Global Capital Markets
  • Financial Systems
  • Financial Risk Management

Even the students can get jobs opportunities in the various finance sector. They can get the role as:

  • Investment Banker
  • Advisor
  • Financial Consultant
  • Financial Manager
  • Stock Broker

Cost Management Accounting(CMA)

This is another professional course that students can enroll in. Student can build their career in the cost management field. The minimum duration of the CMA Course is 36months. There are three levels in the course. They divide into the foundation, intermediate, and final. June and December are the exam cycle months. Candidates need to register before 31st January for the June term examination. If they want to appear for the December term, they need to register before 31st July. There are twenty papers including all the levels. They should clear all the levels and get the recognition degree.

Journalism and Mass Communication

Do you want to choose any creativity course? Are you interested in becoming a TV anchor? This course mainly provides the different components of media. There are different types of courses that focus on mass communication. Some of them are:

  • B.A in Journalism
  • Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication
  • B.A in film making and mass communication
  • Bachelor of mass media

Bachelor’s degree course consists of three years. Whereas the diploma course duration varies. There are many top colleges providing the course with certain criteria.

Suggestions to choose the most suitable course after 12th

This is the critical phase of every student’s life. They may have appeared or going to appear boards. But they might be anxious thinking about the coming journey. As day by day rules are changing. Now students need to appear on the Common Entrance Test for admissions. Thousands of suggestions will brainwash the mind. Guess what? Think which one is the best as per your interest? So cool down your mind and check out some tips for choosing a career:

Options for Courses
  • Prefer your area of interest while choosing a course

It may be likely that you have more additional interest in the art field. You have the key in your hand. So pick that area and give a kickstart.

  • Record down the options and mark the priority

You will be bringing so many choices in your mind. Note down the name of every course. Do ABC analysis and find the results.

  • Selecting the most suitable one

It is essential to study the pros and cons of every course. Diplomas, certifications, and regular courses are available. Make sure that you are choosing regular or distance courses.

  • Future goals

This may be the first step but the end results also. You should check that the course will satisfy you in the future. Will it get you financial strength?

While you consider all the stages efficiently you will get the solution. So these suggestions will support you in driving in the correct direction.


From the above blog, you got information about so many courses. Some of the courses may not be new to you. Apart from the top courses, there are other courses like Content Writing, Tally, Digital marketing courses. This course can enhance your skills and raise side income.

Despite looking at the course, it is equally important to select the college. Obviously, prepare best for the common entrance test and give the exam.

Hope this blog provides a little information and fills your bucket list.

Good wishes for a bright career.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any entrance test by Central Universities?

As per UGC, every Central Universities will require mandatory to conduct the Common Entrance Test for the undergraduate programs. The application form will be released in the first week of April 2022 as per the data.

Is it mandatory to have maths in class 12th for undergraduate admissions?

No, it’s not mandatory to have maths. Some colleges take maths as a preference in the grade point. But the majority of the colleges don’t demand maths in their criteria

Can I pursue two courses simultaneously?

According to UGC, students can do two degrees at the same time. But one course should be in regular and the other in distance mode

What are the job opportunities after 12th commerce?

After completing your 12th, you can pursue graduation. You will get many opportunities like Accountant, manager, consultant, auditor, etc.

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