Top 10 IFRS Courses in India: 2023 ( Don’t Ignore)

IFRS – International Financial Reporting Standards came into existence when the Financial world felt the need to have a common accounting language. IFRS came into existence in the EU with the purpose of also making business affairs transparent. It is been accepted and brought into practice by more than 100 countries globally. 

The Scope of IFRS Reporting in India

The demand for IFRS prompted Indian companies to follow suit and adopt Ind-AS, It is a step closer to converging with IFRS. IFRS and Ind AS joined hands in 2014. India transitioned from GAAP to Ind AS  in phases in order to converge with IFRS. This has brought India at  Par with the world.

Future of IFRS in India

The evolution of IFRS  created another learning stream for accounting and finance professionals to improve their career prospects. Undoubtedly it has become inevitable for finance & accounting professionals to upskill themselves in these International Financial Reporting Standards.

The IFRS, issued by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) has set a benchmark in the accounting world. India with the implementation of IND-AS and IFRS has created a huge market for IFRS professionals. Thus it has become necessary for every  Finance professional to have knowledge of IFRS. It goes without saying, companies in India prefer to hire candidates with experience and knowledge in IFRS. Such professionals are in huge demand in India. The demand is higher because there is less supply. There is a huge shortage of   IFRS professionals in India.

In order to fill this gap, various institutes offer IFRS courses in India to train aspiring candidates. It gets hard to choose. Enlisted below are TOP10 IFRS courses in India.

1. Henry Harvin Finance Academy . 

Henry Harvin is a 400-year-old prestigious EdTech Institute based out of the US and India. It is ranked amongst the top 500 Edtech Companies. It is known for its unique and Quality Education. Henry Harvin is considered an Online University with various Academic streams like

Analytics Academy

Management Academy

Finance Academy

Accounts Academy

ERP Academy

HR Academy

Writing Academy 

Language academy

There are around 200 plus courses offered by Henry Harvin. As Per Higher Education Digest Henry Harvin is a “One-stop solution for successful upskilling and career development”

Course Details

Henry Harvin has very carefully designed the IFRS Training Course by incorporating the Curriculum of the ACCA- Diploma. The IFRS course also prepares students for the exams. This course also highlights the important differences between IND-AS and IFRS in each module.

Trainers at Henry Harvin are industry experts with vast domain knowledge and experience.

Henry Harvin Diploma is ideal for

  • CA, CS, ICMA, and other finance professionals
  • Semi-qualified Finance professional, CA, CS
  • Accountants and Finance Managers
  • MBA in Finance Professionals
  • Professionals in Private entities and M&A

Contact No. +91 9015266266

Course Duration: 60-Hours Online Training

Course Fee: INR 17500/-

Other Henry Harvin Courses:

Business Accounting and Taxation

Business Analytics Course


HR Payroll Course

GST Course

Data Science course

2. Zell

Zell is  India’s leading training center. It transforms careers by making skill up-gradation effective, affordable & accessible for everyone. They deliver high-quality education combining classroom theory with practicals.

Course Details

Zell offers a Diploma in IFRS by ACCA which is among the TOP 10 IFRS courses.. India adopting Ind-AS and IFRS has changed a lot for CA’s and Finance professionals. They must have knowledge of IFRS to make their mark in the Financial world.

After developing your knowledge and understanding of International Financial Reporting Standards you also learn to implement them.

You should be able to apply relevant financial reporting standards to key elements of financial reports. You will be able to prepare group and single entity financial statements 

Zell has rigorous placement training and corporate tie-ups which helps in placement after completion of the course.

They have minimum eligibility criteria for the program

It requires Candidates to have 2 two years of relevant accounting experience 

Address:   Suman House, Morvi Cross Ln, Charni Road, Chowpatty, station (West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400007

Phone: 090049 35888

Course Duration  : 3 Months

Course Fee: INR 24500/- plusTaxes

3. IMS Proschool 

IMS offers IFRS courses in many parts of India thus making it No 3rd in our list of Top 10 IFRS courses. It has its branches in  Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Delhi, Thane, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Kochi, Gurgaon.

Course Details

IMS Proschool in collaboration with NSE academy offers an IFRS course. The industry-relevant curriculum is designed after extensive research. It also provides  Online virtual classes with exam certification from NSE Academy Limited. 

The faculty comprises industry experts with vast knowledge and Experience.

The main aim of the IFRS Certificate Program is to create an understanding of International Financial Reporting Standards. It is the fundamental step for success in the contemporary global business world. All aspects of the training program are taught with practical examples. • 

On completion of this certificate program, candidates should be able to apply relevant financial reporting standards to key elements of financial reports and Prepare group financial statements.

The certificate given out after completion of the course is a Joint certificate by NSE Academy, NSDC, and IMS Proschool

IMS Proschool provides 3 modes of learning

Classroom:  3-month training program on IFRS available on weekends. Fee INR 32,000/-

Online:   “Live & Interactive” sessions(55 hrs)   Fee INR 25,000/-

SelfStudy : 1 Year access of LMS. Fee INR 25,000/-

4. Grant Thornton Bharat

Great Thornton Bharat has over 15 branches across the country. Great Thornton has set up Learning & Development Academy. This academy offers an upskilling service in India, providing result-oriented training programs to professionals and students. 

Course Details

Grant Thornton has designed an IFRS course covering the syllabus of ACCA in the shape of DipIFRS.  

The training program is framed on ACCA guidelines.  A diploma in IFRS is a globally recognized qualification.

Along with preparing for the IFRS exam, they also cover the differences in  Indian Accounting Standards (Ind AS) and Indian Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (IGAAP). By studying these differences it gets easier for Accountants to report as per the location and smoothly manage Ind AS implementation in India. Sharing their practical insights helps you to understand and learn complex concepts.

After successful completion of this program, participants should be able to prepare financial reports as per requirements under Ind AS and IFRS. Along with that, they should be able to understand complex financial reporting standards like financial instruments, consolidation, share-based payments, etc.

Contact : Mob: +91 989 139 5363

Couse Duration: 95 hours of learning  plus 20 hours of recorded videos

Course Fee: Rs 24,500/-

5. Contetra 

Contetra is a new-age consulting startup committed to training. Training with Contetra  helps you grow by capitalizing  finance and  innovative strategies 

Course Details

Contetra offers a Diploma in IFRS by ACCA. Contetra ensures that you learn IFRS practically and academically to ensure better IFRS implementation and support. A diploma at Contetra makes you industry-ready. You can be the Leader in Your Finance Team for Audit Closure, Strategic Advisory, Compliances, O Value Creation (for clients & company), & Revenue Generation

Highlights of Contetra Diploma program

  • 60 Hours of Interactive Live session
  • Practical Insights from veterans
  • Role Play and Case study based discussions
  • CBE mode mock exams
  • IFRS Interview Prep
  • Comprehensive Physical notes & questions bank

Address: Corporate Park,Swastik Disa,  LBS Road, Ghatkopar West, Mumbai 400086

Contact : [email protected],

Call at : +91 8291862829

Course Fee: INR 15000/-

Course Duration: 10 Weekends

6. PwC

PwC Academy is a learning and education service wing of PwC India. This academy has an added advantage due to its global network of companies which provide the backbone for training practices. Trained faculty makes learning more effective and practical.

PwC Academy boasts of training finance professionals to achieve reliability and excellence.

Course Details

The course is designed by incorporating core finance topics supported with modern-day technology The curriculum is designed by subject matters experts across PwC’s global network. These experts have vast experience in accounting and financial reporting.

PwC Academy’s program is designed who wish to acquire skills in reporting under IFRS and become certified ACCA professionals. 

PwC training program for finance and accounting professionals comes with added features. :

  • ACCA DipIFR Certificate which is globally accepted
  • You get an in-depth understanding of the principles and rules of IFRS
  • You develop skills to prepare financial statements under IFRS.
  • Form  independent professional judgment on the practical application of IFRS
  • Understand differences between IFRS and Ind AS 

PwC provides following 

  • Comprehensive study material
  • Comprehensive question bank with solutions
  • Access to the session recordings
  • Mock tests
  • Interactive sessions with the instructor
  • Exam Registration support

Please see www. pwc.com for further info

7. Udemy

Udemy platform provides an ideal and simple way of upskilling. Whether it is an individual or an organization, Udemy offers fresh courses on emerging topics that keep you ahead of the curve. l. 

IFRS is a must to know if you plan to expand your business to foreign shores, or you represent companies who work with dealers abroad  IFRS is essential to maintain your transactional records. Udemy has a customizable course for you as per your needs like.

Course Details

  • IFRS ( Conceptual)
  • IFRS- A complete Course on IFRS
  • IFRS 9- Basics To experts
  • Accounting 101
  • IFRS 17
  • IFRS 19

The IFRS course develops your skills to understand and apply accounting standards.  On completion of any of these courses, you will have a broader and in-depth understanding of accounting and Financial Reporting. You will be equipped to face the challenges you may face within the world of finance.

What you’ll learn

  • IFRS standards backed by practical examples.
  • Understand how the consolidation of financial statements works with the application of IFRS.
  • New revenue standard s
  • How to prepare financial statements of entities, groups and how to analyze and interpret those financial statements. 

Course Duration: 67 hours on-demand video.

8. EY learning Solutions

EY Learning Solution has a solution for everyone who wants to upskill themselves. Be it a working professional, newbie, or student.

EY Virtual Academy has a vast range of courses which include IFRS courses as well. It offers both  IFRS and Ind AS certification courses. Ind AS is developed to enlighten Indian finance professionals. Its aim is to increase their awareness about Ind AS. Apply IFRS methodology to key elements of financial reports.

IFRS covers the syllabus of ACCA’s Diploma in IFRS eLearning.  

EY understands that it is critical for finance professionals to understand the accounting standards in the Ind-AS framework and the related practical application issues. EY’s focus is on comparative analysis of  IFRS and corresponding IND-AS in every module. EY course makes you understand and explain the structure of the framework of IFRS.

Contact : 91 9811638456

Course Duration: 55 hours of Learning Videos

Course Fee: INR 10,000/- plus taxes


Tishadz ranks at No 9 in our list of Top 10 IFRS courses in India. They believe in providing Advanced but Affordable IFRS learning. Tishadz has built a broad online platform for students and other individuals. This E-learning platform serves those who seek education and training for IFRS.  It has been in training for the last 21 years

Highlights of Tishadz Online IFRS program

  • Flexible Learning Management system
  • Structured Course with AI-backed learning system 
  • Regular assessment and mock tests
  • 24×7 Query Resolution System.
  • Portal access for one year

Before enrolling in the course you can enroll yourself for the demo session.

10. Delloite

Have you heard about some free lunches in this world? Deloitte’s series of IFRS training modules are offered free as a public service.

Delloite programs are led by leaders who share world-class experiences with professionals at all levels. The combination of in-classroom and online learning programs offers a wide range of learning opportunities and experiences. It covers covering coaching, informal learning, leadership mentoring, gaming, simulation-based learning, theatre-based learning, and immersive learning.

Deloitte has developed an educational and training resource on IFRS. This content has been used by many corporates and Institutions as the main tool for IFRS education.

Users develop their knowledge and learn to apply the basic principles and concepts of the IFRS and IAS’s. The IFRS e-learning modules are provided free of cost which can be used, without altering the original content. 

Each module provides:

  • Real-life examples to demonstrate the application of the standards
  • Sections to explain the principles and theory
  • Real examples to show aspects of the standards in action
  • Reference materials to support learning


Post-Covid, we realized how important it is to be multiskilled to survive in any organization. IFRS is a high-value skill, one ought to have to face challenges in the Financial world. Accounting professionals are information specialists who collect, process, and report economic information,  which takes place during a specified time period. Accountants are answerable to clients and concerned third parties. Therefore, they need to follow the principles and practices which are universal and recognized. IFRS comes into the picture here. 

Go for it, if you dream to lead a Finance team. Add IFRS credentials to your portfolio and add value to your company and clients. Consequently, witness your growth.

Hope our list of TOP 10 IFRS courses helps you in achieving this. 

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Q1 )How was IFRS formed?

IFRS was formed to set the common financial language which could be understood globally.  That way financial statements can be understood and be comparable around the world. 

Q2) What Is the job Profile of IFRS Certified professionals?

Job Profile of IFRS professional is to closely follow IFRS developments and ensure correct adaptation of IFRS changes.  Develop work plans and control instructions. Drive improvements in the reporting process.
It also includes supporting the Head of Financial Control and being responsible for preparing consolidated financial statements in accordance with IFRS.

Q3) Which sectors employ IFRS-certified Professionals?

Almost all Financial companies have requirements for IFRS professionals. Other than that ITES, software, pharmaceutical, auditing firms, banking industry, the Insurance industry, KPOs, employ IFRS professionals 

Q4) Whats is the use of doing IFRS?

Skilled and experienced IFRS experts can offer consultancy services to companies that migrate to IFRS. Practical knowledge of IFRS will come in handy as more than 100 countries have adopted IFRS or converged to IFRS. IFRS professionals can apply complex and tedious standards with ease. 

Q5) What is ACCA?

A : Association
C : Chartered
C : Certified
A : Accountants
It is the International Association of professional accountants.

Q6) Who should take IFRS Course?

Anyone aspiring to upskill themselves like Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, ICMA, and other finance professionals
Even Semi Qualified CA, CS, ICMA working in the accounting domain can opt for this course.
Finance Managers, Financial Controllers, Accountants
Private Equity and M&A professionals
MBA finance working in the accounting domain

Q7 ) What is GAAP?. How is it different from IFRS?

GAAP means Generally accepted accounting principles. The rules governing financial reporting and accounting differ from country to country. US follows GAAP setup by FASB. 
IFRS is set up by IASB which specifies exactly how accountants must maintain and report their accounts. Since the advent of globalization, IFRS was established in order to have a common accounting language across the countries, so business and accounts can be understood from company to company and country to country.


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