Top 10 Content Writing Courses for Beginners in Noida with Job Description: 2023 (Don’t Ignore)

Would you like to pursue a career as a content writer? Do you plan to enrol in a content writing course in Noida? Do you have trouble finding institutes in Noida that teach the best content writing course? 

Let me then provide you with a quick solution. This article will definitely provide you with the answer you seek. Without any second opinion, I can say that Henry Harvin is one of the best content writing courses provider in Noida

Today’s digital-savvy world leads to a growing demand for content writers. Even if you are a business owner who needs sales copy for your website, or if you’ve always dreamt of becoming a writer, you may still be wondering what exactly is a content writer? 

Who is a Content Writer?

Writers who specialize in producing relevant, compelling content for websites are called content writers. For any website to speak to its target audience, it needs highly informative, concise, and well-written content. Writing content for a website’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will typically contain keywords geared towards boosting SEO.

When internet users search for certain services and products, they may enter specific words and phrases that are related to business. Search engines like Google and Bing are most likely to find content written by writers who target these terms.

As a result of content marketing’s rapid growth in recent years, content writers are in high demand. CMI reports that 78% of the increase in success for content marketers over the past year is due to better quality content. More than half of marketers are now outsourcing their content.

The simplest definition of content is that it is information. Web-based content can be found in a variety of formats, including:

  • Blogging
  • Pages on a website
  • The latest social media posts
  • You can find video and audio content on YouTube and SoundCloud
  • The white papers
  • Releases of press releases
  • The use of email marketing

An accomplished content writer can write for various online media, and a good content writer will have the skills to do so. To produce high-quality content, a writer must have a profound understanding of the purpose of a specific type of content.

Readers are only likely to spend eight seconds reading content, so they must be engaged quickly.

Customers, prospects, stakeholders, employees, or investors may be the target audience for the content. Well-written content that is researched and creatively written is useless if it doesn’t target the target audience.

What is the best way to start as a content writer?

It can feel daunting to become a content writer from scratch.

Developing your writing career will take a lot of time and effort, but you can succeed as a content writer.

Let’s look at it in more detail.

  1. Find the best institute in Noida that offers professional content writing courses

Taking a professional content writing course is the best way to learn content writing. You will not only learn the basics of content writing but also receive assignments on content writing in real-time.

Content writing courses provide in-depth knowledge of content writing. You will also learn about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), content analysis, and an efficient writing process that will make your write-up more appealing and engaging.

Let’s get to the main point now. 

You should start by enrolling in a good institute that offers internship and placement opportunities such as Henry Harvin. Throughout this article, I will talk about the top 10 content writing courses in Noida. 

1. Henry Harvin Writing Academy

 Henry Harvin is a credible training institute offering courses on content writing in Noida

About Henry Harvin

 The Henry Harvin® career development organization focuses on delivering value. They also provide content services in addition to training, skills development, assessment, and higher education. They are building Henry Harvin®, a world-class educational institution that follows in the footsteps of Mr. Henry Dunster’s vision from 400 years ago.

A name associated with preparation and undeniable level preparation is Henry Harvin. A variety of reasons make Henry Harvin’s content writing course the best choice in Noida for those seeking content writing courses. Each part of the preparation is facilitated by senior industry experts with the emphasis on driving the performance of each individual involved with Henry Harvin to the limit. Students from Henry Harvin Institute are benefiting from the content writing courses in Noida that they offer. 

In today’s world, education by Henry Harvin improves, remodels, and creates unimaginable limits. Henry Harvin Education draws on fitness-driven planning memoranda and engages space experts to shape the motivation for an alternative gathering from industry and the academic world.

Key Perspectives of  content writing course in Henry Harvin

Fact 1:   No. 1 course in content writing

Henry Harvin’s Certified Digital Content Writer (CDCW) certification is ranked No. 1 in the industry by Training360.

Fact 2: 100% hands-on training in content writing

By participating in assignments, case studies, and real-life projects, students can practice their writing skills by using the goal-centric, action-oriented instructional method known as GCAO (Goal-Centric, Action-Oriented).

Fact 3: Training is available for over 30 types of content

Develop your writing skills by receiving instruction on topics such as business writing, technical writing, clinical writing, writing for online media, SEO writing, and copywriting.

Fact 4: Membership in the Content Academy for a year

One year of gold membership in the writing academy includes live ventures, internships, regular brush-up sessions, and career assistance

Fact 5: Content writing certification

Accredited Digital Content Writers (CDCW) from Henry Harvin Education are recognized by organizations like the American Association of EFL, UK Cert, UKAF, Content Writing Association of India, MSME, and the Indian government.

Fact 6: Tools for writing content

Henry Harvin’s resources give pupils the toolkits they need to conduct research and write. These tools include Grammarly, Google Keyword Planner, Ginger, SpyFu, Hemingway, and Google Analytics.

Fact 7. Faculties

Henry Harvin’s trainers are industry specialists with years of expertise. The panel’s trainers are from the publishing industry or work for well-known companies.

The finest people to write content are trainers. More than 1,000 students have learned how to write high-quality material as a result of their efforts.

Fact 8. Graduation status of alumni

More than 300000 students are trained. Some of Henry Harvin’s graduates are currently employed by prominent and well-known fortune 500 companies

As far as testimonials indicate, the graduates’ status appears to be good, and they gained a lot of knowledge while completing the course.

Fact 9: Internship Opportunities

As soon as a student has completed a writing course, they should do an internship to improve and apply what they have learned.

Fact 10: Reviews and testimonials

Student responses to the survey have been positive as of yet. Many reviews and testimonials suggest that students were satisfied with the course. Aspiring writers often recommended training to others and they received a lot of assistance from trainers.

Here, you will find reviews of Henry Harvin’s courses.

View the courses offered by Henry Harvin in content writing here

Modules of the course

  • The first module is Language Skills
  • Module 2 is to become familiar with the Internet
  • Module 3 focuses on writing for business and marketing
  • Module 4 will teach you about content strategy
  • In Module 5, students will learn about technical writing and research.
  • The sixth module of the course is Academic Writing.
  • In the 7th module, you will study creative writing.
  • The Module 8 lesson is about getting online jobs and earning money.

2. ECT – Content Writing Courses in Noida

The Government of India recognizes their certificate. You’ll receive an internship opportunity with ECT’s course. Receive individualized attention and feedback on your work.

Key Perspectives of a content writing course in ECT

  • An intensive course lasting 3 months
  • Training or classroom instruction for 32 hours
  • More than 50 hours of eLearning
  • Seven different assignments to choose from
  • Several Live projects
  • 10 quizzes to take part in
  • Certification that is recognized by governments
  • Assistance with 100% placement
  • Work from home jobs
  • You will receive lifetime support


  • Writing content: an introduction
  • Become a better wordsmith
  • Grammar mistakes you should avoid
  • Understand the tools, techniques, and tips for writing
  • Develop writing skills for creative nonfiction
  • Become an expert in storytelling
  • Business writing skills can be learned
  • Acquire an understanding of technical writing
  • Learn how to write specific content
  • Learn how to become a master content marketer
  • Find out how writing skills can be monetized
  • Write a book and publish it

3. Udemy – Content Writing Courses in Noida

Learn how to write compelling content with this Udemy course. you’ll learn how to create content that will captivate your readers. In the course, there are four sections: narratives, words, sentences, and paragraphs. Additionally, learn how to create compelling marketing copy, blog, and professional business writing to captivate your audience.

Key Perspectives of a content writing course in Udemy

  • Each topic is explained in detail, with a well-organized curriculum.
  • Through practical assignments, students apply the techniques they learn.
  • If you are passionate about writing, you do not need prior writing experience.
  • Several hundred downloadable lectures are available.

4. Information Developers Foundation  – Content Writing Courses in Noida

Information Developers Foundation offers one of the top 10 content writing courses in Noida.

A content writer or technical writer can benefit from the Information Developers Foundation. Their courses provide writing professionals with the opportunity to improve their skills in any area of writing.

In the academy, technical writing, content writing, and blogging are all taught. As an information development agency, InfoDev has always been a place where things happen.

InfoDev was founded in 2009 by Rahul Karn so that writers, mentors, and students could be successful

Key Perspectives of a content writing course in Information developers Foundation 

  • The IDF offers a Master’s degree in Content Writing 
  • During the 32-hour course, there are four lectures.
  • Students in master classes learn from the experts about the steps and tools to create great content based on customer personas.
  • Content strategy, CMS development, creating simple article templates, and the different types of content are all topics covered in the Masters in the Content Writing course.
  • Additionally, the course covers SEO guidelines and email newsletters.
  • Among the freelance skills, you will gain an understanding of organic and paid traffic channels.

This is what students will learn according to the syllabus:

  • A lifecycle-based approach to developing content.
  • Technology and tools are necessary to create content.
  • Create great content by mastering it.

5. Digital Edge Institute-  Content Writing Courses in Noida

A digital marketing institute such as Digital Edge Institute offers training in content marketing as well. Over 5000 people have been trained since 2013. Students can improve their skills through their unique strategic development programs. Student services and training at Digital Edge Institute are of the highest standard. In addition to digital marketing courses, Digital Edge Institute offers programming courses. The institute provides one of the most comprehensive content writing courses in Noida. Writing skills and content strategy are both taught in the content marketing course.

Key Perspectives of content writing course in Digital Edge Institute:

  • During the two-month content marketing training program, you will attend 20+ hours of training.
  • Trainers at the institute are highly qualified and experienced.
  • As well as offering excellent learning environments, live project training, and placement assistance, this course also provides personality development and mock interviewing.
  • It has an advanced curriculum

6. Iquor Solutions  – Content Writing Courses in Noida

As a digital agency, Iquor Solutions offers business-to-business as well as consumer-to-consumer solutions. A comprehensive platform for web design, application management, database management, networking solutions, SEO/SMO services, and technical assistance.

There are expanding customer bases for Iquor in the USA, Canada, and India. The company aims to deliver futuristic solutions and to become one of the leading organizations.

In addition to a host of web-related services, Iquor also provides graphic design, web development, digital marketing, and content writing services. Additionally, it offers courses in web designing, graphic design, digital marketing, content writing, and open source training. 

Key Perspectives of content writing course in Iquor Solutions

  • The training is intended for aspiring writers and covers aspects of article, technical and real estate writing, politics, news, and proofreading & editing.

7. Digital Payout– Content Writing Courses in Noida

Digital Payout, a leading digital marketing training institute, is a trademark of Career Darshan Education Pvt Ltd. Since 2008, students have been trained there. By providing courses that are innovative and interesting, the institute believes it will impart knowledge to students. 

Corporate and classroom training is offered by the institute. Google-certified faculty members with deep industry experience make up the faculty members. To provide quality training, they take only a few students per batch. 

In addition to digital marketing courses, Digital Payout offers PPC, social media marketing, and video marketing courses. The company offers a content marketing course as well. 

Digital Payout offers content writing courses too since it has been in digital marketing training for such a long time. 

Key Perspectives of content writing course in Digital Payout:

  • Content Marketing is all about creating and distributing original and relevant content.
  • Content marketing is a course offered by Digital Payout.
  • To become a great content writer/marketer, the institute focuses on building writing skills, taking advice from experts, and developing technical skills.
  • Research skills are also improved and creativity is encouraged.
  • Learn more about course content, duration, fee, etc. with a demo class provided by Digital Payout.

8. Training Class– Content Writing Courses in Noida

We provide businesses with digital solutions through Training Class. It offers job-oriented professional certification training courses and corporate training. They train people to become better thinkers rather than simply candidates with certificates.

Since 2005, Training Class has provided IT and non-IT courses. Students learn not only new skills but also how to crack interviews and land jobs in their desired fields. 

Their courses span digital marketing, analytics, non-IT, IT, MIS, SAP, and graphic design. 

Content writing courses at Training Class in Noida are among the best in Delhi NCR.

 Key Perspectives of content writing course in Training Class:

  • At Training Class, content writing lessons are a mix of practical and theoretical learning.
  • Candidates learn how to write content from expert trainers.
  • Students are prepared for real-time situations through live project training.
  • The institute awards a certificate upon course completion and provides freelancing guidance to students.
  • Interview assistance and placement assistance are also provided by the institute.

9. Digitalkul – Content Writing Courses in Noida

Online marketing company Digitalkul has been operating since 2010. Located in Noida, DigitalKul offers training and marketing services for the digital marketing industry. Kay Dee is part of a group of organizations that have many different businesses.

As well as training, DigitalKul also provides consultancy services. DigitalKul’s training programs are designed to improve employment through skill development.

In addition to Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, SEO, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and Content Marketing, DigitalKul offers courses in online selling as well. 

To make the certification worthwhile, DigitalKul understands how important it is to provide training about the latest trends and latest projects.

Each participant is given individual attention at DigitalKul by training in micro-batches. Among the top institutes in Noida, DigitalKul is also listed when it comes to content writing courses. 

Key Perspectives of content writing course in DigitalKul:

  • DigitalKul’s content marketing course lasts one month.
  • The training lasts 30 hours in total. Sessions may take place during the week or at the weekend. As with the online and offline platforms, the learning can be done either way.
  • This course has 11 modules.
  • The course curriculum includes the following:
  • The basics of English for content marketing.
  • Creating a draft.
  • Correct your writing.
  • The difference between content marketing and other forms of marketing. Content types.
  • It is important to use headings in your content.
  • Content marketing action points.
  • Tips for writing content.
  • Content writing mistakes and assumptions.
  • Developing and implementing content strategies.
  • Assignments to practice.
  • The placement assistance offered by DigitalKul is 100%.

10. NestSoft- Content Writing Course in Noida

Nestsoft is one of the leading training institutes in Noida. Students learn how to create content that is valuable in a million ways and how to become content writers in the future. Your career will be enhanced as a result. There is a lot of opportunity for content writers around the world today since most industries are centred on marketing.

Key Perspectives of content writing course in NestSoft 

  • Experience of more than 18 years in Noida
  • More than 35,000 students and professionals have been trained so far
  • Timing is flexible
  • Placement assistance of 100%
  • Project Training Live
  • Expert guidance from trainers
  • Wi-Fi access in the lab.
  • You can customize the syllabus and duration of the course according to your needs
  • The Certificate of Completion will be provided

Course Curriculum

  1. On their website, there is no mention of course duration. The program is probably customized to your needs. It was the only reason I could think of. 

2. Six modules make up their curriculum:

Ok………. SO far I have discussed the top 10 content writing courses in Noida. Getting into the best content writing institute is the first step. Now I am guiding you to other important steps that you have to follow to become a successful content writer.

2. You should write. Create your own.

It’s no secret that to succeed as a writer, you need to possess a great eye for words.

It is best to keep writing until you get there.

3. Write your professional biography

One of the first steps to getting started is creating a professional profile. There are a few things your profile needs to include:

An elevator pitch about yourself

An image of high quality

Credit-building strategies

Adding a personal touch

In the next step, you’ll need to put together a portfolio. Write some great samples for your portfolio, because most clients want to see writing samples before they hire a writer.

4. Develop your writing portfolio

Without having any writing experience, there are many ways to start creating your portfolio. Here are a few examples (starting with the easiest and ending with the hardest but most rewarding):

1. Medium

Create an account on Medium to write articles under your name. It is free to create an account, so anyone can start publishing content with their byline. As a well-known and professional-looking website, Medium has a lot to offer.

2. Content Platform

Creating a portfolio on a content platform is another option that will require a little more effort, but is more effective. Content platforms make it easy for writers to connect with companies that need content, so it’s a good place to start building a portfolio and finding clients.

3. Books/publications

Finally, one of the best and most challenging ways to build your portfolio is to publish articles in reputable publications in your niche. For business, Forbes – for tech, TechCrunch. To do so, you’ll need to write some original, high-quality articles that you submit to the editors. It takes more time and effort, but when done right your portfolio can really gain some credibility.

5. Choose a niche

Finding a niche (or several niches) is another important element of becoming a freelance writer.

It is especially difficult early on because you want to accept any job you are offered. As fast as possible, I encourage you to find a niche (or niches) you’re fascinated with and that you are knowledgeable about:

You will enjoy writing about

Know more than average about

Establishing your expertise will help you attract clients and charge more for your services.

6. Job Search for Writers

Having decided to start your own freelance writing business, you’re ready to get started. The only problem is, you’re not sure where to start looking for work…

If you are looking for a job, you can start from the following places:

Using social media

Sites where you can find jobs

Websites for freelance writers

7. Get your first client

Approaching a client can be nerve-wracking, but exciting as well.

Writing templates must be able to adapt to writers’ changing needs.

Here is an example of a system:

1. Research the potential client first. Get a feel for their business by visiting their website and reading a blog post or two.

2. Prepare a proposal. Ask questions and show some personality since this is your first step to building a relationship with the client.

3. Prepare for questions in advance. Provide answers to a client’s questions or concerns.

4. Make sure you follow up. Keep following up if you do not hear back immediately. There’s a good chance that an email will get missed or forgotten since most marketers and website owners are busy.

The following is an example…

Hello (Client Name),

(The project) was proposed to you last week and I wanted to check if you were interested.

I encourage you to contact me when you’re free to discuss the project further or to ask any questions you may have.

(Your Name)

Now that you’ve landed your first client, you’re going to have your hands full. It is important to keep your clients happy while landing new ones, and not go crazy 😉

Maintaining your writing skills is also important. If you are seeking freelance writing tools and resources, I would recommend Freelance Writing Stack.

All the best!!!

Content Writing Courses for Beginners in Noida with Job Description

A content writer’s job is to develop print and electronic content for businesses that give information or highlight their products or services. Content writers frequently research the material they need to produce each article or product information in order to create content that accurately matches company ideals.

Wrapping Up

There are many institutes in Noida that offer content writing certifications, but Henry Harvin is committed to looking after its students and working for them as well as with them. Henry Harvin and its students have an ongoing relationship. A comprehensive curriculum, well-supervised training, and fantastic trainers keep Henry Harvin’s courses of such high quality. Content writing courses are successful due to their global accreditations and internships as well as their hard work. Taking the Content writing course at Henry Harvin is a great experience. In the content writing field, it accelerates your career.  The course offered here is a complete package as compared to courses offered by other institutes

If you are interested in a content writing course, I would recommend Henry Harvin. It is a complete course that is well worth taking because all the benefits are discussed. Although, having the right expectations of a content writing course is important, as I stated, the course can be very helpful for some and of no use to others. Before selecting which institution to attend, think about your commitment to following up on your dreams and striving for them.

Also Check: https://www.italics.in/blog/top-10-popular-content-writing-courses-in-india/


Q1. What should I study for content writing?

Ans. The most popular degrees are literature, journalism and mass communication, while you may need to get a master’s degree in a specialized field (for example, life sciences, physics, engineering, psychology, etc.). You can check Content Writing Course in Noida to find the variety of courses you can have.

Q2. What does a content writer do?

Ans. Content writers produce engaging written pieces for digital and print media for marketing agencies and in-house advertising departments. Content Writers can write on a wide range of topics, which their clients can then use to promote their services or educate consumers on topics relevant to their brand.

Q3. What is the salary of a content writer in India?

Ans. Online content writers with industry/freelancing experience of 0-2 years can expect to earn a salary between 3.5 lakhs per annum and 4.0 lakhs per annum. An experienced content writer can earn around 5 to 8 lakh/annum based on their experience between 2-5 years.

Q4. Is there a future in content writing?

Ans. Businesses now understand the importance of good content, which is why content writers are so in demand. As far as Newspapers and Magazines are concerned, content writing in India has many opportunities. Journalists enjoy this area of Content Writing most, but as a writer, you can also write for newspapers and magazines. You can check Content Writing Course in Noida to find the right institute for you!

Q5. What does the future of content writing look like?

Ans. The article about the Content Writing Course in Noida can provide you with the content writing advantages. Within the corporate world, content writers will find plenty of opportunities. Writers can earn up to 30000 rupees per month as business writers, technical writers, copywriters, etc. Some graduates of top colleges earn up to one lakh rupees per month.

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