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Is Henry Harvin TEFL/TESOL Certification Course Legit? (Exposed)

Absolutely Yes !!

If you want a TEFL/TESOL Course that follows the best business practices, offers a good deal, whose certification is recognised by online and international employers and Government and Visa agencies, then look no further. Henry Harvin’s TEFL/TESOL course offers you all this and more.

Let us first understand what is TEFL/TESOL and what does a certification in this mean.

There’s no better pleasure than going around territories and exploring the beauty of the globe. But doesn’t that cost too much? Of course, it does, just a TEFL Certification

Does that mean having a TEFL Certification increases your opportunities of going places and exploring everything that is around you? Yes, it does. TEFL i.e. Teaching English as First / Foreign Language is one of the most admired programs since ages but has recently caught mass attention. 

Teaching has always been that job where you are forced to have the same routine daily but definitely not anymore. The field of Teaching has opened numerous doors and conversations on the Teaching Standards and myths associated with it. Teaching can be excitingly fun. Teaching can take you to places you have never been. Teaching has opened doors to exploration, learning and excitement. The program of TEFL has enabled the field of teaching to look exciting and adventurous just like any other sector. 

Having a TEFL done opens several rooms of enlightenment and exploration to you as an individual. From learning effective classroom management tactics to exploring the fun of lesson plans you simply have it all. Just like your visa allows you to travel the globe, so is the TEFL certification. The global market is currently witnessing a lot of shifts in almost all the fields that contribute to economic and social change. Thus, the education sector has equally gone through several transformations and new and advanced technologies are being introduced. 

TEFL is your way to better learning, better teaching, and better exploring. It’s considered as one of the most necessary elements of teaching for teachers or aspirants who want to begin a career in teaching. The methodologies and terminologies introduced throughout the program will challenge your thought process and allow you to come with better and strong teaching ideas. 

There are tons of institutions offering TEFL courses but are they worthy? And if they are, how do I know which could be my best fit? Questions like these are always the hardest to deal with. Having options has surged our struggle even more. But don’t worry we have your back. 

Often aspirants opt for the wrong institutions and end up having poor opportunities. But we don’t want you to be one of them. Therefore after careful research and survey, I have brought you one of the finest institutions that impressed me personally while looking for TEFL courses. That is none other than your very own Henry Harvin Education. 

I read several Henry Harvin TEFL reviews and studied their website in detail too and thus concluded that this is your best spot as a learner to begin your career as a TEFL professional. 

What makes this institution best? Why is it the most talked about one? What are the elements associated with the TEFL program? Let us find out answers to all such questions briefly. So without any further ado let us just shoot at the topic. Are you ready to explore? 

What is TEFL?

Teaching English as a Foreign Language ( TEFL ) is a certification that makes you eligible to teach English as a subject to countries where English is not the native language.

When you certify as a TEFL trainer you eventually tend to know every tiny detail related to classroom management, lesson plans and effective activities that can make learning fun and exciting.

TEFL is a globally accepted certification that allows you to travel to different territories and teach as a corporate trainer or as a teacher to any normal school. TEFL is supposed to be one of the most crucial learnings that a teacher or an aspirant aspiring to be a teacher goes through.

It introduces you to numerous effective ways to deal with your students and understand them better. As a teacher, TEFL is your professional guide to being an effective and reliable teacher. Teaching is not just walking into a classroom and opening up a conversation, it has to do a lot with engagements, feedback, activities and many more.

TEFL simply introduces you to these factors and thus shapes you towards being an effective teacher.

There are several other certifications just like TEFL which learners pursue according to their needs. These programs are English Teaching programs too and offer quite similar benefits as TEFL.

  1. TESOL – Teaching English to the Speakers of Other Languages. 
  1. TESL – Teaching English as a Second Language. 
  1. ELT – English Language Training 
  2. ESL – English as a Second Language

Benefits associated with TEFL Certification:- 

TEFL isn’t just any random course. It comes with a wide variety of benefits that are hardly known to you and me. It has never been explored before because teaching is not considered to be an exciting job role. But maybe you just start thinking otherwise after knowing it’s to die for benefits. 

So let us find out what benefits are associated with having a TEFL Certification. 

  1. The validity of the certification never expires. Thus, you finally own a certificate that is never going to expire. Such a relief feeling of starting anytime and anywhere, isn’t it? 
  1. The certification being globally accepted and acclaimed helps you gain a professional level recognition that boosts your career like no other. 
  1. As a TEFL trainer, you get opportunities to explore different sectors and not just limit yourself to schools. You can opt for corporate sectors, start your own tutorials and many more. 
  1. The pay range for TEFL professionals is quite attractive as compared to the normal professionals in the teaching industry. 
  1. Trains you to understand classroom dynamics effectively and help you achieve better outcomes. 
  1. Travelling. This is one of the most sought reasons to pursue your TEFL Certification other than your passion. Being certified as a TEFL trainer allows you to have global access to several territories and earn your living on your own. Exploring & Earning crucial benefits of having a TEFL done. 

TEFL Certification Online Course in the USA

Now that you know quite enough to analyse if TEFL is your forte or not it is time that we finally discuss which institution will be more beneficial for the program if enrolled. And the simple answer to the question is Henry Harvin Education. There are several Henry Harvin TEFL Reviews that clearly mentions how important or beneficial enrolling at Henry Harvin Education for your TEFL course is. 

Now what makes this TEFL review different from others is the detailed mentions of the program. Henry Harvin Education has always managed to attract learners’ attention. But how do they do it? Buy their excellent services and job opportunities. 

Let us check and understand what special services Henry Harvin Education adds to the learners opting for a TEFL program here. 

Before we get into the actual insights of the program let us shortly glimpse at their strengths. The program of TEFL offered here is ranked as the No.1 TEFL Certification Course in the USA. During the tenure of your program, you are assured to 100% train for interviews and allow you guaranteed interviews. You also get special AAEFL Certification. Don’t you already feel convinced about enrolling here? Let us continue to find more in order to make you feel more comfortable and confident in making a choice of enrollment here. 

Whenever we enrol for any particular program all we wonder is what are the benefits that we as a learner would be availing? How is this particular program going to shape my career path? These questions can only be tackled by knowing the program in brief. Every program has a brief description of how it can prove to be beneficial for you as an individual. So let us see what the TEFL Certification Online in the USA has to offer. 

  1. Having enrolled for the program can help you clear your TEFL certification exam with flying colours. 
  1. You will be made one to one with every tiny detail of the terminologies associated with TEFL learning. 
  1. Having your classroom management and activities associated with it understood helps you feel confident and content in managing your classrooms. 
  1. Opportunity to learn and implement some of the most effective ways of classroom teaching. 
  1. The program also enlightens you with various aspects of the learner’s psychology that boosts better bonding and learning between the trainer and the learner. 
  1. Learn to evaluate your candidates not just academically but adhering to other factors too. 
  1. Ability and understanding towards developing an effective and engaging lesson plan. 
  1. Getting access to distinctive platforms and availing impressive salary packages. 
  1. Opens several career options to explore as per your choice and desire. 
  1. Opportunity to develop and refine your personality to the best version of yourself. 

The above-mentioned points are few benefits that Henry Harvin Education will help you achieve throughout the tenure of your program. 

Moving ahead with the duration of the program, it is designed into 120 hours of online teaching. It will be Instructor-Led Classes wherein the instructors will guide you at every single stage and will also keep a close watch on your progress scale. 

The entire course is formulated into 14 modules and 2 extra modules that actions after completing the 14th module i.e. after completing your learning. These 2 extra modules will majorly work on preparing and enhancing your soft skills. It will also train and guide you with effective fundamentals of Resume Writing. Thus, this package feels like a complete pre-planned guide to become a successful TEFL trainer. 

The trainers attending you are highly experienced and learned professionals of the industry. Every trainer that you will encounter at Henry Harvin during your course tenure will necessarily hold a minimum of 10 years of relative experience. So you can be assured about being trained and moulded in the right and responsible hands. 

Also, when you are enrolling for the program you will be receiving 1-year membership of Henry Harvin and can avail numerous benefits. A few of them are mentioned below. 

  1. Access to E-learning services. These services will basically compile Recorded videos, Games, Projects, Case Studies and many more. 
  1. The second assured thing that compiles in the membership is the interview guaranteed assistance. 
  1. Another opportunity that the membership with the institution brings to you is the internship guarantee with Henry Harvin or its partner firms. Thus, this assistance makes it one of the best platforms to opt for. 
  1. You will also be receiving numerous job opportunities on your mail on a regular basis. This will keep you updated with the latest buzz and requirements of the market. 

These are a few benefits associated with the membership of Henry Harvin. There are a lot more than you think when you actually enrol here. 

Learners who graduated from Henry Harvin Education are serving at prestigious firms like Qkids, VIPKID, SKYBELL, My Tutor Lab and many more.

So what are you waiting for? You could be the next one capturing other beautiful firms. Are you ready to enrol? 

Other Courses:- 

There are other TEFL courses offered at Henry Harvin Education. Here’s your list:- 

  1. TEFL Course in India 
  1. Post Graduate Program in TEFL 

Key Points:- 

Every institution has certain key points that help them achieve and keep up with excellence. So does Henry Harvin Education. You find several reviews related to Henry Harvin TEFL course that is probably because people are somewhere trusting in the quality they are bringing to the table. 

There are so many Henry Harvin TEFL course reviews that make a list on Google and each review is a strong mention of why TEFL should be pursued from Henry Harvin Education. 

Out of the total research that I had about Henry Harvin Education brought me to a conclusion that key points offered here prime attraction. So let us take a moment and analyse those key points to understand the contribution of Henry Harvin Education towards introducing the TEFL Certification Online Course in the USA. 

  1. The certifications that you receive at Henry Harvin Education is globally acclaimed and therefore it helps you mark greater impact as compared to your other co-partners. 
  1. Trainers are one strong aspect that you simply cannot avoid sharing your attention to. The trainers assisting you here are finely experienced and well versed in their respective industries. 
  1. Henry Harvin Education shares a gigantic global platform. It has managed to partner with some of the most leading firms of the globe. Thus getting trained under Henry Harvin precisely increases your chances of accessing global and prestigious opportunities. 
  1. The curriculum is another wonderful addition to your TEFL program here. It is finely dotted with the latest updates and compiles of a very comprehensive structure that effectively refines the learning process. 

Job Roles Associated With TEFL:- 

Having a TEFL certification does not only make you eligible to be a globally accepted trainer but also opens doors to numerous other fields. Wonder what could be those fields? Continue to scroll down and find yourself.

Note:- The below-mentioned job roles are specifically for the professionals who have a better hold and command of the English language. 

  1. Magazine Journalist
  2. Newspaper Journalist
  3. Private Tutor 
  4. Proofreader 
  5. Writer 
  6. Editor 
  7. Academic Librarian 
  8. Education Consultant
  9. Marketing Executive
  10. Media Researcher

So don’t wait too long. Start Today, Explore Today. 


Henry Harvin Education has successfully managed to spread its arms to various territories to help learners have access to quality learning and exploring. A few of the locations you can find your favourite Henry Harvin Education are listed below:- 

  1. Delhi 
  2. Mumbai 
  3. Pune 
  4. Banglore
  5. Ahmedabad
  6. Noida 
  7. Gurgaon 
  8. Kolkata and many more. 

Ready to enrol? 

What makes Henry Harvin Education better? 

There are millions of institutions offering TEFL courses and TEFL Reviews but enrolling for all those million institutions after getting inspired from those reviews is logically not possible. Thus, we have to make a choice, an effective choice actually. 

And when such is the case I consider and trust no other than Henry Harvin Education. Before actually writing this I read a lot of Henry Harvin TEFL course reviews and it kind of impressed me and therefore I felt the need of introducing it to more and more people. 

Henry Harvin Education has always stood apart from the crowd. It more focuses on what you as a learner are seeking. That is where it has all the attention. Having gone through their website and especially the TEFL Certification Online Course in the USA I simply felt this is the perfect ground for preparation that any learner out there is looking for. 

Well organised curriculum, excellent trainers, affordable rates and immensely trustful opportunities. What more would you even ask for? 

Henry Harvin has received some prestigious mentions as the most celebrated platform from the most successful firms. Therefore there stands no chance in the shift of quality being served here. 

The introduction of membership is what has been grabbing equal attention as well. The benefits associated with the membership program is what shapes the learning experience of the learners here. 

Even though the pandemic hit really hard and almost every sector was left affected, still Henry Harvin managed to keep up the pace and provide quality over quantity. 

The learners who graduated from the institutions are doing extremely well and are excelling beyond imagination at their workplace. This is all due to the guidance and supervision provided by the team here. 

Hence for me I definitely feel choosing Henry Harvin Education for my TEFL program would surely prove to be one of the greatest assets. 

Points to consider while choosing your TEFL program:- 

There are certain points that you as a learner need to necessarily adhere to before confirming your enrollment for any TEFL program. Look for the points mentioned below specifically to ensure to have made a wise selection. 

  1. Thorough yourself with the modules and other associated information related to the program and analyse if it meets your ideal needs or not. 
  1. Look for the opportunities that the program has to offer after the successful completion of the program. Understanding this aspect of the program is very crucial for a beginner who is just about to begin his/her/they career. 
  1. Ensure that the trainers assisting you here hold relevant and impressive experience regarding their field. Having experienced trainers always enhances your learning experience. 
  1. Check if the institution offering the program is a legitimate institution or not. Also, look for the credibilities of the certifications provided. If it sounds helpful to you then go ahead. 
  1. Last but not least, compare the prices of the program with different platforms and choose the one that does enough justice to the price being asked. 

Final Words:- 

If you hold a passion for teaching and travelling to different corners of the world then always ensure to have fuelled it from a worthy spot. As earlier mentioned there are numerous platforms offering TEFL courses but they all surely wouldn’t mark that of an impact as Henry Harvin Education does. And above-mentioned points are living proof of that. 

When figuring out an institution for a particular program, finding a platform you can trust and rely on can be tedious. But I am sure you no longer will have to tackle that as the best institution dealing with training TEFL learners is already served to you. So decision making gets a little easier, I guess. 

I hope this piece of information helped you find answers to your questions effectively. If in case you still have any doubt or questions on the above-discussed subject then please feel free to voice it using the comment section below. We will get back to you at the earliest possible with the best knowledge available on the same

Thank you. 

Happy Reading! Happy Teaching/Travelling! 


1.  Is a TEFL certificate valid for a certain amount of time?

Ans. TEFL certificates do not expire and are good for life. It is however recommended to use your TEFL certificate within 2 years of completing the course because it may raise queries during the interview process as to why you haven’t utilized it.

2. What will I learn in a TEFL course?

Ans. The TEFL course will teach you how to create well-structured lessons and activities, how to guide students and help them learn the various types of lessons you would be required to teach like vocabulary building, grammar, reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

3. Will I be taught the skill to manage a large class?

Ans. Yes, you will learn in this course how to formulate new and appropriate strategies, create study materials and activities for a class. You will also be provided with practical techniques on how to handle a classroom full of students effectively.

4.  Is there an age limit to teach abroad?

Ans. In general, there are no age restrictions on who can teach English in another country. Many institutes, in fact, proactively recruit experienced TEFL teachers with some life experience to add to the classroom. The only point to note is that working visas in certain countries have age restrictions. So you’ll have to do a little homework and you’ll be able to land a good job for yourself.

5. What are the requirements for enrolling in TEFL?

Ans. You must meet the following requirements in order to enroll yourself in a TEFL course:

  •  You should understand the fundamental concepts of language teaching.
  • You should speak English fluently and can read and comprehend anything written in the English language.
  •  You must have a good and thorough knowledge of the English language.
Shaun Williams
the authorShaun Williams
Shaun Wlliams is an academician with teaching experience of over a decade. He is also a visiting faculty at many renowned universities in Chicago. He writes for various review portals including Reviews Reporter.


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  • I did the online TEFL and was very impressed with the course, content and tutor feedback. The tutors were experienced, knowledgeable and passionate about what they were delivering. Communication with Henry Harvin TEFL and with the weekly tutors was very quick and helpful. Feedback on the assignments was useful and helped me know what I needed to work on or study more.

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  • The TEFL course I took from Henry Harvin gave me the tools I required to maneuver my partner to a replacement faucet. Henry Harvin helped Maine sharpen my skills and altered jobs for the sake of upper education, reading, exercise, video lectures, and discussion forums. The course is actually wonderful. It’s helped me loads to develop my skills and information and that I have learned that English may also be educated playfully. The expertise I had with Henry Harvin was unbelievable, and that I learned several things, and teaching my peers helped me to regulate. I even have learned loads, that no online course can give.

  • It is a genuine institute that provides online courses for various skills. I could relate. I was there in the same position a year back, going through hundreds of TEFL courses. It can be easily daunting. None of us wants to get stuck with a useless course after paying a huge sum. I chose Henry Harvin’s because it was really cheap and short, so I didn’t have much to lose. And turns out it is a decent course. The trainers are not some amateur, recent graduates who are reading from scripts (which happens in some other courses I researched about.) They are certified trainers who have years of experience.

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