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Vigne Vishal

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

 The training was very good and the host took the concepts to next level with live examples. Overall it was a very neat and disciplined class and knowledge transfer.

kridha s

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I am learning Spanish level 1 which is almost completed. classes are well planned. Our trainer is very been very helpful and polite. She tries to make learning easy by making the class more interactive. The classes have been very productive. Will definitely recommend it to any beginner who wishes to learn Spanish.

Prasanna Tammisetty

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I am glad that I selected Henry Harvin for learning the Spanish Language. The trainer is very flexible & patient with our doubts and curiosity. Initially, I felt Spanish will be very tough for me to learn but our teacher made it very easy to grasp. As of now, I don’t have any doubts regarding the topics taught. I strongly recommend joining henry harvin if you want smooth learning. Thank you for your support and guidance.

Rakesh Singh

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

The Spanish class experience with Henry Harvin is really fun and I am able to speak and communicate with my peers using Spanish. I recommend everyone to try i

Mayank Sharma

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Classes are very interactive. The content of the course is very good and I had an amazing learning experience. teachers are very good, humble, and professional. teachers clear all your queries. I had the best learning experience.

Prathibha Sri

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I have been learning Spanish using Henry Harvin for the past four months. I completed my A1 Level and am almost at the end of my A2 Level. I have found it to be a very good course for learning languages. The trainers are great and their teaching methods are easy to follow. The lessons are succinct and tailor-made to get an understanding of the language with ease. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to learn new languages.

Rupanjana Paul

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Technical writing is a profoundly important ability. It is pivotal for anybody working in a tech-related business, for architects and researchers conveying their insight, and for individuals searching for fulfilling, regular employment as essayists.All in all, what is engaged with technical writing, and how might you turn into a technical writer? Technical writing isn’t just about understanding specialized data and recording it in an archive. Technical writing takes significant level data and cycles it into absorbable substance for a particular crowd.  

Kamini rajotia

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I have enrolled in the PG program in TEFL at Henry Harvin. Nirmala Ma’am is a very knowledgeable trainer, she puts her heart into delivering her lessons. She appreciates and encourages all her students. Every session of hers is a value addition. She developed my interest in the subject more than ever before. She goes out of her way to update her students with all the relevant and authentic learning materials. I would recommend her to those who are looking forward to English Language Teaching/ Learning. I would extend my thanks to my Relationship Manager- Mr. Nitish for helping me in every possible way and making this learning process effective.

Nitin Chauhan

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I joined German A1 classes about 2 months back. A well-designed curriculum and our instructor Shalini Singh takes a lot of effort in making us understand the concepts. Overall a good experience.

Rajnikar B

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

The PMP course content is comprehensive and the course instructor Partha Mukherjee is really amazing. He is extraordinarily detail-oriented, and sound at the process and I’m impressed by his mastery of the subject. Overall great learning experience !!

What is Technical Writing? 

Technical writing is extensively characterized by the Society of Technical Communication as “any written correspondence that exhibits at least one of these characteristics”:

1) Conveying specialized or concentrated themes, like PC applications, operations, or ecological guidelines. 

2) Conveying by utilizing innovation, for example, site pages, help documents, or web-based media destinations. 

3) Giving guidelines about how to accomplish something, paying little mind to how specialized the errand is or regardless of whether innovation is utilized to make or circulate that correspondence.” 

This composing style covers any kind of text that plans to clarify the point-by-point data. Technical writer imparts such information that the peruser can utilize for a planned reason of correspondence that shows at least one of the accompanying characteristics: 

1) Imparting about specialized or concentrated themes, like PC applications, operations, or ecological guidelines. 

2) Conveying by utilizing innovation, for example, site pages, help documents, or online media locales. 

Giving directions about how to accomplish something, paying little heed to how specialized the assignment is or regardless of whether innovation is utilized to make or circulate that correspondence.” 

This composing style covers any sort of text that intends to clarify nitty gritty data. A technical writer conveys such that presents specialized data so the peruser can utilize that data for a proposed reason.The technical writing course gives professional openings in different methodologies from web content composition to imaginative substance composing, from scriptwriting to outsourcing. The field is very courageous to investigate and encounter for intrigued people. There is no severe principle for picking the ideal sort of content, to seek after a vocation in. One can find into seeking after a line of work in the content procedure, content altering, or content promoting once they acquire a specific involvement with the separate field of composing. 

The foundations offering technical writing courses are expanding hugely because of the expanding interest for technical writers on the lookout. Accordingly, we have to think of a blog that gives you complete data about the positive and negative parts of one such establishment which is a pioneer in conveying on the web and disconnected substance composing course. This blog depends on authentic Henry Harvin reviews and Henry Harvin technical writing course reviews. 

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About Henry Harvin:

Henry Harvin Education is one of the main pioneers in scholastics and online confirmation courses. As indicated by the Henry Harvin reviews, the establishment officially began its first expert instructional class in Quite a while in the year 2017. The establishment has obtained acknowledgement from UKAF, UK Cert, American Association of EFL, MSME, and Project Management Institute (PMI). 

Henry Harvin reviews propose that the Henry Harvin Education runs more than 50 preparing programs in different schools, for example, Analytical courses, Finance courses, Writing courses, Law courses, Management courses, Digital promoting courses, and so on. More than four years of study, Henry Harvin has figured out how to prepare more than 3,00,000 lakhs understudies in different areas of instruction. According to the Henry Harvin reviews, they have more than 150 corporate accomplices like Avon Cosmetics, Abbott Pharma, NTPC, HostBooks, 4Closure, EY, SAB Miller, A-Paul Instruments, Eaton Corporation, and more. 

Henry Harvin has more than 60 school accomplices like IIM Ahmedabad and IIT Bombay, IIM Visakhapatnam, IIM Indore, IIM Kashipur, IIM Shillong, IIM Trichy, IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi, IIT Guwahati, IIT BHU, FMS Delhi, NIT Trichy, BITS Pilani, BITS Goa, IMT-G, PDPU, Fore School, VIT, XIMB, Mangalmay Institute Greater Noida, IMI Delhi and some more. Henry Harvin goes about as an extension between the college graduated up-and-comers and the business required abilities and information. Hence, it helps the experts in overcoming any barrier and developing themselves with the ability and information needed by the enterprises. 

Henry Harvin has figured out how to command the notice of top media houses for the quality training given by them. As per the Henry Harvin reviews, the name of a couple of media houses and distribution who have perceived the example of overcoming adversity of Henry Harvin is India today, News world India, Hindustan Times, The Pioneer, Statesman, Financial Express, and so on 

According to the Henry Harvin audits, Henry Harvin has been attributed with various honors to its record. To give some examples, renowned honors are the Top Corporate Training Award, Game-Based Learning Company of the Year, and 40 under 40 Business World Awards. 

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About The Event 

Henry Harvin Education presents 24 hours Online Based Training and Certification seminars on Technical Writing, Creating Professional Content for authors, advertisers, and specialists. Gain Proficiency in making 30+ substance types and become a Certified Technical Research Writer (CTRW proficient). This course is intended to supply understudies the information and abilities to arrange an exhaustive exploration proposition, lead a writing audit, compose specialized substance, plan tests/overviews to gain information, examine the information utilizing standard subjective and quantitative methods, and utilization of factual bundles, composing theory, reports, and examination papers 

Positive aspects of Technical Writing Course 

  • ​Duration/Mode: According to the technical writing course review, Henry Harvin is providing 24hrs Training, 24hrs Live Online Brushup Sessions with 50hrs E-Learning Access 
  • Coach: Henry Harvin’s technical writing course reviews state that they are providing Seasoned industry specialists with 10+years experience as trainers 
  • Graduated class Status: As per the Henry Harvin technical writing course reviews, students will get a Henry Harvin Alumni status and organization with 18000+distinguished graduated classes around the world. 
  • Participation: Henry Harvin technical writing course reviews suggest that students will get 1-Year Membership of Henry Harvin Content Academy and profit from the accompanying advantages: 
  • E-Learning Access: Henry Harvin reviews states that they Included Recorded Videos, Games, Projects, Case Studies 
  • Brushup Sessions: Henry Harvin reviews suggest that students will get 12 Monthly Brushup Sessions for 1-Year 
  • Temporary job: Henry Harvin reviews clearly states that they are providing guaranteed Internship with them or accomplice firms 
  • Open positions: As per Henry Harvin reviews they are providing job opportunities consistently 

Top 10 Learning Benefits of Technical Writing Course 

Henry Harvin’s reviews give us a clear idea about the learning benefits 

  • Further, develop your specialized composing abilities
  • Know about the morals in logical correspondence
  • Capacity to plan extensive examination recommendations
  • Investigate and distinguish various sorts of writing audit
  • Successfully impart the specialized subtleties to a non-specialized crowd
  • Capacity to compose a theory and exploration papers for diaries
  • Smooth out your creative cycle to accomplish a superior paper in less time
  • Expert English articulations that accomplished essayists use to compose plainly and succinctly
  • Realize what to write in all aspects of each part of a Research paper
  • Utilize free programming to make ideal references in a flash.

Takeaways of your Investment as per Henry Harvin reviews: 

  • 24-Hours Live Virtual Training 
  • CTRW Certification 
  • 1-Yr Membership of Henry Harvin Content Academy 
  • Month to month Brushup Sessions 
  • Study Material 
  • Admittance to the Learning Management System (LMS) 
  • Recorded Videos of the Session 
  • 100% Placement, Internship, and Project Support only entitled to CTRW Professionals
  • Extra Supplements are given to viably convey projects 
  • Sign of CTRW close to your name. For Ex: Karan Singh (CTRW) 

Technical Writing Course Curriculum 

  • Module 1: Introduction to Technical Writing
  • Module 2: Documentation Process
  • Module 3: Technical Writing Proces 
  • Module 4: Grammar and Editing 
  • Module 5: Technical Writing Software Tools 
  • Module 6: Components of a Technical Document 
  • Module 7: Technical Writing Techniques 
  • Module 8: Creating Templates for Technical Documents 
  • Module 9: Formats of Technical Documents 
  • Module 10: Advanced Technical Writing tools 
  • Complimentary Module 1: Soft Skills Development 
  • Complimentary Module 2: Resume Writing

Tools Covered

According to the Henry Harvin Technical writing course reviews, the following tools are covered under the curriculum

Authoring Tools

○ MS word

○ Notepad++

○ Google Docs

Screen Capture tools

○ Snipping tool

○ Techsmith Snagit

○ FireShot

○ Greenshot

○ Lightshot

Image Editing Tools

○ Paint

○ Adobe Photoshop

○ Snagit

Spell Check Tools

○ Grammarly

○ Languagetool.org

Technical Writing Software Tools

○ Microsoft Word

○ Macromedia RoboHelp

○ Adobe FrameMaker

○ Snag IT

○ Ms. Vision

○ PowerPoint

○ Photoshop

○ Overview of DITA Tool

○ Overview of API Documentation

○ Overview of XML 

Timetable, Fees, and Location 

Days: Weekends ( Saturday/Sunday )

Timings: 10am – 6pm 

Adaptability: Flexible Timings, Flexible Schedule 

Pay Fee: Rs.12500/ – (Includes all expenses: preparing, confirmation, participation, e-learning access, work support, brushup meetings, and assessments) 

Keep going Date: Seat accessibility on a

India’s Only CW Institute Offering 100% Internship and Placement Support 

Only Offered by Henry Harvin Education 

Interface with Counselors of Henry Harvin Education For More Information! 

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Positive Reviews about Henry Harvin Technical Writing Course

As indicated by Henry Harvin’s technical writing course reviews, the graduated class shows a positive reaction towards a large portion of the significant parts of the course like the coaches, preparing techniques, modules covered, temporary jobs, and substantially more. 

The course is planned so that it addresses every one of the issues of the students. The students are worked with the utilization of essential devices and methodologies so they can begin their profession with full certainty and information. The course educational program, certifiable undertakings, and temporary position openings assist the students with getting involved involvement with proficient substance composing. 

The graduated class is welcomed well and with warmth even after fulfillment of the course. At the fruition of the course, the students are worked with a temporary job office and position help. They are likewise prepared in getting outsourcing projects from worldwide customers. Alongside this, the students are given the learning board framework to look over their abilities even after finishing the instructional class. 

As indicated by the Henry Harvin technical writing course reviews, the course is given 100% useful in preparing for different substance types, abilities to foster their site/blog, and making different infographics and visuals. These abilities assist the students with getting on the web projects from public and global customers and starting their earnings. The sign of CDCW close to your name is a declaration of your capacity to make and market convincing substances in different advanced stages.

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As indicated by the Henry Harvin technical writing course reviews, the graduated class shows an acceptable reaction towards every one of the parts of the course. However, a couple has revealed dis-fulfillment towards the help group and position ensure. The positive audits are more contrasted with negative ones. 

A portion of the Henry Harvin reviews/Henry Harvin technical course reviews are shown beneath. 

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Henry Harvin’s surveys recommend that they offer in excess of 50 courses in different spaces internationally. The courses offered by Henry Harvin are perceived by worldwide organizations, for example, Accenture, Philips, SAP, HP, Adobe, McAfee, and so forth 

A couple of courses offered by Henry Harvin are Analytics (Data Science, R Programming, Python), Finance (GST course, Income Tax expert course, Accounting, and Taxation course), Writing (Content composition, Technical composition, Creative composition, Medical composition), Law, Management (PMP-Project Management course, Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt), Digital Marketing, TEFL, Coding and TEEN 

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According to the Henry Harvin technical writing course reviews, beneath are a portion of the critical variables of the CDCW course that makes the course stand apart from the rest of the online courses offered by different foundations. 

32 hours of broad substance composing preparing 

Worldwide perceived CTRW Certification 

1-year Gold Membership of Henry Harvin Writing Academy 

Month-to-month Boot Camp meetings 

The exceptional and thorough investigation material 

Admittance to the cutting-edge Learning Management System (LMS) 

Recorded recordings of the relative multitude of meetings 

100% position and temporary job help and task support solely reserved for CTW Professionals 

High tea/lunch if there should arise an occurrence of homeroom preparing 

Sign of CTW close to your name. For eg., Swati Tyagi (CTW) 


According to the Henry Harvin reviews, the Certified technical writing course is intended to teach the key exploration, composing, and advertising abilities in competitors from one side of the planet to the other. The technical Writing course offered by Henry Harvin is a truly outstanding, real, and famous online course in India. There is something you should know about Technical Writing before you decide if it’s the right course for you. In addition, you will be responsible for design representations, structure, and models of document presentations, which require a lot of creativity and a lot of thinking on your part.

If you feel that it is a career that you would like to explore, then check out Henry Harvin’s Technical Writing courses.

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  • The Henry Harvin Technical Writing Course is highly recommended. It covers all the important aspects of technical writing and the instructors are knowledgeable and engaging. A great investment for anyone looking to improve their technical writing skills.

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  • The Henry Harvin technical writing course has been a game changer for me. Not only did I improve my writing skills, but I also gained a deeper understanding of the technical writing process. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to enhance their career in technical writing.

  • Excellent course! The instructor was knowledgeable and the course materials were comprehensive. Highly recommend.

  • The course instructor, Mr. Koushal Tiwari, is an industry expert and an excellent teacher. He teaches writing techniques and emphasizes the importance of research, SEO, and content marketing.

  • I have been a technical writer for a few years now, but I wanted to expand my skills. I signed up for the Henry Harvin Technical Writing Course and I was impressed with the level of detail and information provided. The course was very well structured and the instructors were knowledgeable and helpful. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone looking to enhance their technical writing skills.

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