Top 10 Best Digital Marketing Courses in India with Placement: 2023


 Best Digital Marketing Courses in India with Placement: If you are looking forward to a booming career, then digital marketing is the right choice. This involves different online platforms or channels you use to advertise your products and create marketing content. In this, you can use your online strategies like website, email marketing, social media marketing, SEO, and content marketing that reaches people through various mediums like mobile phones, laptops, and other forms of gadgets.

  Nowadays people normally use digital platforms rather than physically visiting shops. The use of digital platforms is increasing in everyday life especially in this pandemic situation. Digital marketing is marketing done by the user through the internet.

This means that there are several endless possibilities for brands. Your website, Branded assets, Video content, Images, Written content, online products or tools, Reviews, Social media pages, and many more are digital marketing assets.

Digital Marketing Strategies are Pay-per-click, paid search advertising, search engine optimization, paid social media advertising, and content marketing.

Let me help you with top picks of the top ten digital marketing courses in institutes of India:


Top 10 Best Digital Marketing Courses in India with Placement

1. Henry Harvin – Best Digital Marketing Courses in India

        Henry Harvin, which focuses on value creation, is a leading development organization. They are in the business of content services, skill development, and higher education. Henry Harvin holds the honor of being the best out of 5 fastest-growing Edutech institutions in India by higher education Digest’s survey.

     The vision is to reshape the growth of individuals and institutions, global organizations services through excellent training and services through benchmarked content, resources, etc

      As a process of building the highest levels of operational efficiencies to give more customer value, Henry Harvin continuously innovates products and processes.   

Why Henry Harvin?

It is an institution offering various digital marketing courses. It has a network of 18000+successful alumni worldwide. The CADM training program helps to grab your opportunity to accelerate your career and financial status up to your desire. Aspirants are looking forward to upgrading their skills by 32 hours of live classroom sessions. They possess one of the best learning management(OLS) in the industry.

We can earn 7 certifications from one course. It has more than 3,00000 and 2000 trained *1100obatches in 25* batches.

It has received ISO 299902010 Certified recognition from UKAF, UK cert, American Association of EFL, MSME, and project management institutions. They have various academies like the content academy, law academy, TEFL academy, human resources, etc. They have trusted partners like Gillette, Airtel , Bsnl, hero, etc

Henry Harvin also appeared on news channels like BW, Business world, Your story, Hindustan times, etc

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Course:

The mode of classes is 32 hours of live training and 1 year of boot camp sessions.

Trainers are 10+years of experienced mentors.

Through 1-year membership, they include e-learning access through recorded videos, games, studies as well as brush-up studies for one 1year.

They have guaranteed internships with Henry Harvin and weekly 10+job opportunities are offered. Live projects are done with industry projects.

Digital Marketing Curriculum:

The modules are lined up as getting started with digital marketing, effective web page designing, search engine marketing, SEO, linked in marketing, youtube marketing.

The complementary modules are soft skill development and resume writing.

The course fee is only rs11250.

There are many facilities to undergo a project, implementations, internship assistance, and certification.

As Henry Harvin is a globally certified institution, there are many other courses you can get linked to the Henry Harvin family.

2. Digital marketing institute:

       Internet Leads Training(ILT) is one of the best institutes of digital marketing courses in India. The digital marketing courses by ILT offer effective and practical digital marketing training in major cities in Cochin, Calicut, and Trivandrum.

        The demand courses are SEO, Google Ads, Facebook, Linked in ads, and Email marketing. They have an exclusive job site. They have 100/practical training which helps the students to make their future bright through digital marketing courses. Digital marketing trainees of this institution are kept in good companies with attractive salary packages.

         The ILT the first institute in Kochi provides a digital marketing course to give a Learning Management System to students in addition to that they have a dedicated job site exclusively for digital marketers.

        The courses provided are in different delivery modes, like

Off-line training, Online training, corporate training, and private SEO training.

    The courses offered are1 day of digital marketing training and the fee for this is rs 2000 and private /one-to-one SEO training.

and the fee is $1500.

3. Learning catalyst – Best Digital Marketing Institute in India

          Learning Catalyst is one of the top ten digital courses in India. This was established in 2009. The main motive of this institute is to enhance digital marketing training for aspiring students, working professionals, and entrepreneurs in both online and offline methods.

            The digital marketing course by Learning Catalyst offers

web marketing

 web designing, 

SEO, Google Analytics, Inbound Marketing, SEM, Content Marketing, mobile app development

 This platform also provides mentorship and internship programs in digital marketing courses. 

Learning Catalyst also conducts a weekend session for businessmen working professionally in their Mumbai branch which is appreciable.

LC has its branches in Mumbai, Vashi, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, and Hyderabad. Any aspiring student or entrepreneur can opt for online or offline training. 

4. Manipal Pro Learn – Best Digital Marketing Courses in India

               This Bangalore-based institute serves as one of the top ten digital marketing courses that were founded in 2013. This institute is a part of Manipal Global education services which is 60 years old.

             This institute is famous for the educational and skill training for corporate workers and students. Google India accredits the Digital marketing program of Manipal and has jointly designed this program. 

              The Digital marketing course of Manipal helps an individual learn about Search engine optimization, Social media marketing, affiliate marketing, mobile marketing, and some other certifications. 

             Manipal Pro Learn has its branches in Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Pune. This institute charges INR 32000 for this digital marketing course in a three-month course. Any aspiring candidate can take either online or offline. 

5. DigiGrad – Best Digital Marketing Institute in India

 DigiGrad is a startup of Social Beat that aims to provide digital marketing training to aspiring candidates. Here, the training is given through live interactive classes. Collaborating, learning, and growing with top aspirants and digital marketing courses. This platform provides the Certificate Program in Digital marketing available for marketers, entrepreneurs, and freshers. It also offers special programs that include SEO, Social media, Digital marketing courses.

6. DSIM – Best Digital Marketing Courses in India

      DSIM in Jaipur, the pink city, is considered one of the top ten digital marketing courses in India. This has also become a major IT hub in the country and especially for digital marketing courses.

      As digital marketing skills are in great demand and don’t think it will change soon. You should be sure to make sense of all that noise and gain best practices to find your feet here. For this, you should do a master’s diploma in an institute that is one of the top ten digital marketing courses in India.

     In this course, we learn digital marketing, advanced modules, affiliate marketing master class, and specialization modules.

The course fee is Rs 72000 and free 14 certifications from Google, Facebook, HubSpot, and job placements across India.

 7. Greatlearning. in – Best Digital Marketing Institute in India

      This is a post-graduate program in a digital marketing course in India. course duration for 6 months. It is consistently ranked among the top 10 B-schools of the country by outlook, business world, and more.

       The advisory council is composed of 40+management gurus including Dr. Ratan N Tata and Mrs. Indra k Nooyi. Eminent 100+ faculty from Kellog, Stanford, Harvard, Yale, and many leading business organizations.

      By joining, you build a career in Digital Marketing with a solid foundation in core marketing and digital tools like google

Adwords, Facebook ads, google analytics, and more. You can

Earn a digital marketing certificate from one of the top 10 B-schools in India. The tools taught are (SEO),(SEM), social media marketing, affiliate marketing, email marketing, and more. This is a very good digital marketing course from Great Lakes Executive learning.

Added benefits are attending resume-building workshops, career mentorship, and access to curated jobs.


        NIIT equips student entrepreneurs with digital marketing skills. It turns graduates into job-ready skilled professionals. NIIT is one of the top ten digital marketing courses in India.

      The course is for 20 weeks. Get placement assurance for jobs with a minimum Rs 3LPA.

You can achieve mastery with our expert hands-on learning pedagogy.

Program curriculum:

The first course is a website design and search engine optimization. the second is marketing on various social media platforms. The third is paid marketing in the Google ecosystem. The fourth-course issue of e-commerce channels effectively. The fifth one is the capstone project.

The program fee is 70000rs

9. Classdemy.com – Best Digital Marketing Courses in India

      Classdemy is one of the top ten digital marketing courses in India. It is on a mission to empower everyone to reach their

dreams and become independent professionals. It teaches us the skill that will be of value, today and tomorrow.

     Classdemy has helped more than 100 students to find their career calling. It helped them to make them a sought-after candidate rather than a looking for a good job. So classdemy helps the digital world of the future, to shape up.

There are 12+certifications to boost your career. They offer a wide range of digital marketing courses.

10. Emarket edu – Best Digital Marketing Courses in India

      Among the top ten digital marketing courses in India, market edu is my last pick. This is an institute in Bangalore, which offers various digital marketing courses. This course covers areas of SEO, PPC, Google Adwords, Social media marketing, and Google analytics.

     Mr.RanjanJena is the founder and CEO.

He created a vision for this digital marketing institution to experience the best of theoretical and practical knowledge in digital marketing courses.

Including SEO, Pay per click,

GoogleAdwords,etc.They help, understand, practice, and remember. This top ten digital marketing course in India provides a wise allotment of all topic sessions.

Wrapping Up:

       By taking this digital marketing course, we can become specialists in this. some companies hire a single digital consultant. It all depends on one and the companies size and budget. After learning these we can get the jobs such as

Digital creative career, SEO specialists, SEM/PPC Marketing specialist, Content marketing, Social media maker, Analytics, Email Marketing, and Mobile marketing.

Advantages of Digital Marketing:

 It has various advantages over traditional marketing. The main advantage is, of course, its ability to reach a wide targeted market, at a minimal cost.

1. Brand development:

 Your business should be about voice, name, the product you want to introduce, and the message to come across your desired market. You can bring your customers closer

By building your brand through direct campaigns and personalized content, you can be closer to your customers.

2. Personalization:

It allows you to personalize your campaign, unlike TV and print advertising. By Digital Marketing we can create a feeling of directly talking to the customers and addressing their personal needs.

It gives wider reach,accessibility,greater engagement,lower cost,measurable results,etc

Disadvantages of Digital Marketing:

High competition, dependability on technology, Time consuming, security and privacy issues

   As digital marketing is a component of marketing to promote products and services, it is based on digital technologies such as mobile phones, computers, and other media platforms.

Traditional marketing exists in print ads, on phones, or physical marketing, whereas digital marketing can occur electronically and online.

    Cost-effectiveness is one of the biggest benefits of online marketing. Big businesses have money to allocate for TV ads, radio spots, and more but for small businesses, it is hard to compete.

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Q1. Do all the digital marketing institutes in India provide certification?

Yes, normally all institutions give away certifications but that alone is not enough for getting a job. For that, people need to pass Google Analytics and ads courses also.

Q2. What are the qualifications to attend the digital marketing courses in India?

The person needs to be a graduate or a diploma holder with not less than or equal to50%in 10th,12th or diploma.

Q3. Why do most digital marketing startups fail?

Several startups because of the main reason are the failure to execute marketing. Owing to a startup at a high cost is tough. If you can maintain the costs of marketing down by making use of the best digital opportunities, we can strengthen the visibility of our brand.

Q4. Which is a good tool for digital marketing in India?

There are global standards in digital marketing, which use cutting-edge technology. This gives your brand reach and visibility among online competitors. By different studies and reports, it is confirmed that Online marketing is the best tool to reach a target audience.

Q5. Are there any limitations to digital marketing?

The first limitation is that digital marketing is useful for special products, meaning only consumer goods can be propagated through digital channels. The second limitation is that industrial goods and pharmaceutical products can not be marketed through digital channels.

Q6. What are the common benefits of social media marketing for my company?

Whether your business is getting benefits from it or not, the way consumers communicate with businesses or businesses with consumers has changed in social media. The way you are accessible to your customers and respective clients through social media is an important means of developing relationships with them and helping them in their sales.

Q7. How should companies measure their success in digital marketing?

Success is measured using the same aspects that you use for any other marketing activity. That is by counting the number of fans or followers you can understand your social media reach. But the real success is how many people it drives to your site and how many of them become customers.

Q8. How should we use Facebook for marketing?

A billion people worldwide use Facebook as it is a worldwide accepted social media platform. It helps to connect and interact with your audience, and to share your content in a way that your fans will also be able to share it.

Q9. Is youtube an important part of marketing?

Videos are more important in this digital marketing world. This gets over 4 billion views a day. Prompt your brand’s image or make a how-to video for the customers.


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