Top 10 Data Science Courses in Chennai

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Data Science Courses in Chennai: In data science, a data scientist is a specialist who gathers, examines, and interprets enormously vast amounts of information. The function of a data scientist is completely distinct from other typical technical roles, such as those of a mathematician, scientist, statistician, or computer specialist. Advanced analytics tools, such as machine learning and predictive modeling, must be used for this job.

Data Science
Data Science

Here is the list of the top 10 Data Science courses in Chennai

1. Henry Harvin: Data Science Courses in Chennai

When offering a Data Science course in Chennai, Henry Harvin placed first in this category. Data Science is a broad topic that uses mathematical algorithms and scientific inference to extract significant insights from a large amount of structured and unstructured data, and Henry Harvin provides courses in this area. These methods are implemented using computer programs, which are typically executed on extraordinary hardware because of the amount of processing required. Data science is a mixture of computer science, statistical mathematics, machine learning, data analysis, and visualization.

Features for Data Science

  • Team up with the pioneer in training and education.
  • Get Henry Harvin Brand to support your credentials.
  • Trusted by 160+ Corporates and 60+ Colleges
  • 100% Practical Data Science Training
  • Job Support + Alumni Status
  • 100% Money-back Guarantee*

Syllabus for Data Science

  • Introduction to Data Science
  • Introduction to Python Exploratory
  • Getting and Cleaning Data
  • Exploratory Data Analysis, Research, and Statistical Inference
  • Regression Models and Practical Machine Learning
  • Complimentary Module 1: Soft Skills Development
  • Complimentary Module 2: Resume Writing

Projects Covered

  • HR: Analyze the Attrition rate of Employees
  • Sales: Predicting Department wise Sales
  • Marketing: Website Trend Analysis
  • Financial Analysis: Stock Market Prediction

Duration: 32 hrs + 50 hrs E-Learning Access


  • Self-paced is ₹ 13,500/-
  • Instructor-led is ₹ 15,000/-

Phone: +91-9891953953

Mail: [email protected]

2. HTop Solutions: Data Science Courses in Chennai

With HTop Solutions, it offers interactive classroom and online training while providing individuals with a variety of pathways into welcoming blended courses. Htop Solutions have spent thousands of hours creating exceptional, informative, and most importantly, simple-to-grasp tutorials that equip students with top-notch abilities. Real-world projects, assignments, demos, and case studies are all a part of the Chennai Data Sciencee with Python course.


  • Hands-on Training
  • Lab Support
  • Affordable Fees
  • Lifetime Access
  • 24×7 Support
  • Money Back
  • Project Feedback

Syllabus for Data Science

  • Data Science Overview
  • Git & GitHub
  • Data Analytics Overview
  • Introduction to SQL and Databases
  • Statistical Analysis and Business Applications
  • Python: Environment Setup and Essentials
  • Data Manipulation with Python
  • Machine Learning with Python
  • Data Visualization in Python using Matplotlib

Duration: 2-3 months

Fee: NA

Phone: +91-8489907812/+91-8489907817

Mail: [email protected]

3. 360DigiTMG: Data Science Courses in Chennai

360DigiTMG, which was founded in 2013, serves as a link between academic institutions and industry standards for students. Each certification program’s curriculum has been painstakingly created in accordance with current business trends. 360DigiTMG made a huge global impact by establishing its primary headquarters in India (Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Chennai). They also have offices in Malaysia, the United States, East Asia, Australia, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and the Middle East.


  • Government of India approval and NASSCOM certification.
  • 184 Hours
  • 2 Live Projects
  • Receive Certificate from Technology Leader – IBM
  • Job Placement Assistance
  • Enroll and avail of Government of India (GOI) Incentives after successfully clearing the mandatory Future Skills Prime Assessment


  • Project Management Methodology
  • Statistical Data Business Intelligence
  • Plots & Inferential Statistics
  • Data Mining – Linear Regression, OLS
  • Logistic Regression
  • Text Mining and Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Kernel Method – SVM
  • Data-Driven Algorithms


IT engineers, managers of data and analytics, business analysts, data engineers, banking and finance analysts, supply chain experts, HR managers, and graduates in math, science, and commerce.

Duration: 184 hours

Fee: ₹ 47,200

Phone: +91-9989994319/1800-212-654321

Mail: [email protected]

4. DataMites: Data Science Courses in Chennai

One of the top training companies, DataMites provides affordable, high-quality, and practical training programs. The primary goal of DataMites is to develop individuals capable of zealously overcoming the challenges of the highly competitive analytics industry. Their training programs are skillfully created and updated by professionals with broad experience and industrial backgrounds for the trainees.


  • Self-study videos and books
  • Intensive Live Online Training
  • IABAC certification exams
  • Internship Project Mentoring
  • Client Project Delivery
  • Resume Prep, Job Alert, Interviews


  • Data Science Foundation
  • Python Essentials
  • R Language Essentials
  • Maths & Statistics for Data Science
  • Visualization with Python
  • Machine Learning Associate
  • SQL for Data Science
  • Tableau Associate

Duration: 2 months of classes and 4 months of LIVE Project mentoring


  • ₹ 88,000 (Live Virtual)
  • ₹ 62,000 (Self Learning + Live Mentoring)
  • ₹ 88,000 (In-Person Classroom Training)

Phone: 1800-313-3434

Mail: [email protected]

5. Credo Systemz: Data Science Courses in Chennai

Credo Systemz’s online training program is regarded as one of the greatest places to upgrade your skills from qualified instructors in the convenience of your own home. Candidates from various parts of the world have successfully finished the institute’s training program through online training and have gone on to have successful careers.

Credo Systemz offers data science training in Chennai that improves candidates’ abilities to analyze unprocessed data and glean insightful information for better business decisions.


  • Free demo/consultation with Data Scientist
  • Live practical, project with real-time case studies.
  • 15+ Machine Learning Algorithms, statistics, mathematics, and machine learning Including hands-on sessions and assignments.
  • Deep knowledge to understand Business and analyzing data.
  • Statistics and probability classes last 8 to 10 hours.
  • Certified Trainer with 15+ Years of Data Science Industry Experience.


  • Introduction to Data Science
  • Statistics & Probability
  • Naïve Bayes Theorem
  • Data Sourcing, Exploratory Data Analysis & Readiness
  • Logistic Regression
  • NLP for Machine Learning Featuring
  • Gradient Boosting Machine & Xgboost
  • Deployment of Model to Production
  • Tableau Basics


  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Minimum 3 years of work experience
  • Must have skills in Mathematics, Research, Data Analysis, and Computer Science background.
  • Fundamental understanding of SQL
  • Soft skills like team management, and control over the project.

Fee: NA

Phone: +91 9884412301

Email: [email protected]

6. Simplilearn: Data Science Courses in Chennai

One of the greatest online boot camps in the world for digital skills is Simplilearn. The goal of training is to assist individuals in developing the skills necessary to succeed in the digital economy. Having offices in Bangalore, India, and San Francisco, California, they have assisted over two million individuals and businesses in obtaining training, certifications, and upskilling their staff. For the greatest training, this IBM-sponsored data scientist course includes exclusive IBM hackathons, masterclasses, and Ask me anything sessions.


  • 25+ Data Science Projects and Capstone
  • Simplilearn Job Assist™


  • Data Science with Python
  • Machine Learning
  • Tableau Training
  • Data Science Capstone

Master’s Program Certificate

  • SQL Training
  • Data Science with R Programming
  • Deep Learning with Keras and TensorFlow
  • Industry Master Class – Data Science


IT Professionals/Analytics Managers/Business Analysts/Banking and Finance Professionals/Marketing Managers/Supply Chain Network Managers/Beginners/Graduates in Bachelors or Master’s Degree

Fee: ₹ 54,000

Phone: 1800-212-7688

7. Intellipaat: Data Science Courses in Chennai

Intellipaat combines a special method for coming up with ideas and producing course material. After that, it works with SMEs to provide training. Additionally, it provides students with lifetime access to course materials and lifetime assistance. The online Data Science course offered by Intellipaat in Chennai in collaboration with CCE IIT Madras is a highly regarded program.


  • High-quality Content
  • Training Pedagogy
  • 24/7 Support
  • Job Assistance


  • 50+ sessions for 7 months
  • 218 Hrs Self-paced Videos
  • 200 Hrs Project & Exercises
  • Learn from IIT Madras Faculty


  • Data Analysis With MS-Excel
  • Data Wrangling with SQL
  • Python With Data Science
  • Deploying Machine Learning With Cloud
  • Deep Learning Using Tensor Flow
  • Data Visualization with Power BI
  • Business Case Studies
  • Data Science Capstone Project

Fee: ₹ 85,044

Phone: +91-7022374614/US: 1-800-216-8930

Mail: [email protected]

8. Great Learning: Data Science Courses in Chennai

Great Learning, a top global provider of ed-tech for higher education and the professional sector, is a member of the BYJU’S group. Offering programs in the technology, data, and business sectors that are relevant to the industry in the mixed, classroom, and entirely online formats. These programs have been created in association with prestigious universities such as Stanford Executive Education, MIT Professional Education, The University of Texas at Austin, NUS, IIT Madras, IIT Bombay, and others.


  • Comprehensive curriculum and hands-on learning
  • Industry-oriented Capstone Project
  • Aptitude skill training and development
  • Resume building and mock interview sessions
  • Placement drives with India’s leading companies


  • Introduction to programming using Python
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Statistical Methods for Decision Making
  • SQL Programming


Final-semester, candidates and recent graduates with 0–3 years of work experience. Candidates must possess an aggregate of 60% or above in Xth, XIIth, and Bachelors.

Duration: 5 months

Fee: ₹  3,50,000

Phone: 044-66999300

Mail: [email protected]

9. Acte: Data Science Courses in Chennai

The appropriate quality of service is established by Acte Chennai and Acte Bangalore. Appropriate remedial measures are being taken when they are legitimately required by the trainees. The competent expert is used to deliver the training for the appropriate project. Acte includes a direct duty for the trainees, and it will administer various questionnaires to learn more about the trainees’ strengths and limitations. Their system will then assign the trainees in light of these findings.


  • Online Training
  • Customized Training
  • 3 Projects 
  • 25+ Practical Assignments
  • Lifetime Course Material Access


  • Introduction to Data Science with R
  • Data Exploration, Manipulation, & Visualization
  • Machine Learning
  • Logistic Regression
  • Decision Trees & Random Forest
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • Support Vector Machine
  • Case Study

Duration: 40+ Hrs

Fee: NA

Phone: +91 8376 802 119

Mail: [email protected]

10. ExcelR: Data Science Courses in Chennai

The most thorough data science education available is offered by ExcelR in Bangalore. Covering all aspects of the Data Science lifecycle, including Data Collection, Data Extraction, Data Cleaning, Model Building, and Solution Deployment. The premier data science training facility in Bangalore, ExcelR provides services ranging from training to job placement. In numerous major corporations, such as Panasonic, Accenture, Infosys, IBM, etc., as part of the training program with over 400+ participants.


  • 60+ Case Studies & Assignments
  • 18+ Industry Relevant Projects
  • Tied-up with 150+ Companies
  • 100% Placement Assistance


  • Data Science Project Lifecycle
  • Using R and Python, an introduction to statistics
  • Logistic Regression
  • Data Mining Unsupervised Clustering
  • Recommender System
  • Model Validation Methods
  • Regularization Techniques
  • Natural Language Processing


  • CLASSROOM: ₹ 78,999

Phone: +91 9632156744


A data scientist needs a lot of data to develop hypotheses, reach conclusions, and evaluate market and customer trends. Data collection and analysis are fundamental tasks that involve employing a range of analytics and reporting tools to find patterns, trends, and connections in data sets.

Data scientists generally collaborate in teams in the corporate world to sort through data that may be used to forecast customer behaviors and find new sources of revenue. In many businesses, data scientists are also in charge of establishing standards for data collection, the use of analytical tools, and data interpretation.

As businesses try to extract meaningful information from big data, the enormous amounts of structured, and unstructured data that a major corporation or IoT produces and collects, the demand for data science skills has grown substantially over time.


What are data science fundamentals?

Data science is a multidisciplinary field that focuses on identifying patterns and other insights in big, raw, or structured data collections in order to extract useful information. The field primarily looks for solutions to uncharted and unanticipated problems.

What three purposes does data science serve?

Search Engines
Transportation (Driverless Cars)

What technical skills does a data scientist need?

Machine Learning.
Deep Learning.
Data Visualization.

In what language is data science conducted?

The most often utilized programming language for data science right now is Python.

What is data science’s primary goal?

Data science is used to look for trends. Knowing patterns helps you comprehend the world. Every development process, from a mechanic fixing a car to a scientist making a scientific discovery, starts with the finding of a pattern.

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