Top 20 Content Writing Courses Online: 2023 (Don’t Ignore)

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Content writing is all about winning people by your words. It’s a process of planning, enhancing, and enhancing your content in this virtual world. Content writing is a very vast topic; you will come to know once you start learning.

Every other day some or the other thing you will learn from the content. Content writing is a learning process where you get updates and changes into things every single day.

Content writing is more fun and joyful. It comprises the following:

  1.  blog post
  2.  articles, 
  3. Scripts
  4.  Films
  5. white papers
  6.  Journals
  7. Video description
  8. Web page copy
  9. Landing pages
  10. Email newsletter

The above were a few of the top areas, but there are many more. It’s a never-ending working area. As this is the growing digital world, everyone has moved their offline platform into an online world.

There are various courses, workshops, and webinars available to you every day. Everyone has started making their hobbies into their passion and career growth.

Summing up the content, we will say it as it is primary data, into which we add emotions and information to make it look more presentable.

“Writing is all about the art of creating and playing with words and presenting it to the world.”

So, let’s know about content writing. Even content writing has various courses available on the internet. Let us know about various content writing courses available on the internet. All you need to choose is the best option and start with your enrollment. 

1. Henry Harvin Writing Academy

Henry Harvin, Certified Digital Content Writer (CDWC), has 1st ranking in the business. It provides you with complete training in content writing. It is the best option that helps you learn and explore yourself in content writing. 

Things which are taught in the course:-

  • Learn to write more than 30 types of content 
  • One to one guidance is provided
  • Daily assessment and regular feedback
  • It helps to develop your communication and presentation skills
  • Learn how to research topics
  • Building and developing website
  • Guidance of graphic, presentation, book writing, Newsletter, etc

The above highlights are the central core area where professionals teach you. There are many sub-factors. It has an overall ranking of 4.7 out of 5, so you can easily understand the level of professionals guiding you with content writing.

It’s more of learning, exploring, and researching rather than byhearting

It helps you with the gold membership and lifetime access to the course, along with video and presentation. You will learn the diversity of content, and at the same time, you can start acquiring clients. 

If you are looking for learning content writing from scratch to advance, then you should purchase the course of henry Harvin and education

2. Naukri

Naukri is an online job searching platform, but it also has its content writing course available online and certification. The platform is known as Naukri learning. 

There are a lot of sub-courses of content writing available.

Key highlights :

  • Free course (only pay for certification)
  • 10 hours of the complete course
  • For beginners and advanced level content writers
  • Complete guide 
  • Conducting content audit
  • Identifying microcopy

This course increases your chances of getting your desired job quickly as it directly strengthens your Naukri profile.

It helps you with the gold membership and lifetime access to the course, along with video and presentation. You will learn the diversity of content, and at the same time, you can start acquiring clients. 

If you are looking for learning content writing from scratch to advance, then you should purchase the course of henry Harvin and education

3. ECT ( Education and Career Times)

ECT is a government-recognized content writing course in India as a startup. They have various courses along with content writing. They have their centers at Noida and Delhi and operate all over India in online education and learning.

The course includes:-

  • Duration of 3 months
  • It has eight assignments with four live projects
  • A complete 32 hours of live or offline training and 50 hours of learning videos
  • It also has certification of quizzes and test
  • It has 100% assurance of placement support
  • It also has an internship opportunity
  • Insights on building your ebooks
  • Complete guide of earn and learn from writing

ECT also has their youtube channel wherein they upload helpful content writing videos.


IIEDM is awarded as the Best Digital Marketing Institute in Mumbai, with various SEO, Content writing, Technical courses, and many others. 

They are focusing on Content Writing. IIEDM helps you in giving mentorship by Industrial experts. 

IIEDM helps you in giving the best content strategies and techniques which you can implement in your career. The faculty helps you in excelling with your writing.

The course includes:-

  • It helps you in understanding the art of writing
  • How to write in the digital medium
  • Various types of writing
  • Importance of Editing, Proofreading
  • Preparation for interview and Freelancing

IIEDM helps in giving you proper assistance on and after the course. 

5. Udemy

Udemy is the complete package of various sub-courses. It helps give you a brief understanding of your skills, and various courses help brush up your skills. In content writing, there are various courses such as 

Blog writing, Copywriting, Writing, Website content, business writing, Content Marketing, Blog, Content creation, etc.

 Even in content writing courses, various sub-courses guide you in every fundamental study of the domain. 

It is a one-stop-shop for all your courses. You get trained by experts, wherein each sub-course provides you with a certificate. The course will guide you with powerful strategies to enhance your skills and work upon them.

It is pocket-friendly with in-depth knowledge and assessment and tests after each session, making you aware of the training implementation. 

6. Skills Upgrader

An institute wherein you get consulting and counseling at the same time to excel in your growth and enhance your future career. Skills upgrader helps to meet your professional goal. It helps to give you the best learning along with better outcomes.

It is an award-winning institute that develops every student as per the growing industry. It helps to give you training in various subdomains of content writing. 

The course comprises of:-

  • 15 modules
  • More than 20 tools of content improving 
  • Live Training 
  • Internship opportunity nd helps in freelancing career

The course helps you in a complete assessment of your course with a proper understanding of every area.

7. Coursera

Coursera has a bundle of courses in just one platform. It helps in training an individual in each domain of writing and makes them specialized in their skill.

The courses are too flexible and affordable. Even if you don’t have any knowledge and want to learn it from scratch, a Coursera content writing course will help you build your career. 

It is divided into introductory, intermediate, and advanced level courses with several sub-courses available. So, it is beneficial for all levels of education.

Courses which Coursera have in their platform:-

  • Good with the word (Writing and editing)
  • The Strategy of Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Content Strategy for Professionals
  • Using WordPress to create blogs for your business
  • Writing in the science
  • How to write a resume 

Each course comes with a certification course and with the proper guidance of professionals.

8. IIDE (Indian Institute of Digital Education)

IIDE is an Indian School of Digital Education. It was launched back in the year 2016. They majorly focus on giving online education to every other individual.

They conduct live and online classes with all of the top colleges of Mumbai. The online content writing course of IIDE helps you give a complete understanding of content writing concepts and various other sub-areas of content writing.

It helps you in assisting with content creation along with content marketing. You will also come to know how to publish and promote your content virtually.

It will help you in setting up your base with:-

  1. Breaking of AIDA Funnel
  2. To define your Brand
  3. Understanding of Target Audience
  4. Resting content
  5. Publishing content

The course has 6+ hours of live sessions and training. The course will provide you with LMS (Learning Management System) video lectures for 30 days.

You will be assigned practical tests and assignments, which you should submit on time. Once the course is completed, you will be awarded an industry-recognized certificate. IIDE is an Indian School of Digital Education. It was launched back in the year 2016.

They majorly focus on giving online education to every other individual. They conduct live and online classes with all of the top colleges of Mumbai. 

The online content writing course of IIDE helps you give a complete understanding of content writing concepts and various other sub-areas into content writing.

It helps you in assisting with content creation along with content marketing. You will also come to know how to publish and promote your content virtually.

It will help you in setting up your base with:-

  1. Breaking of AIDA Funnel
  2. To define your Brand
  3. Understanding of Target Audience
  4. Resting content
  5. Publishing content

The course has 6+ hours of live sessions and training. The course will provide you with LMS (Learning Management System) video lectures for 30 days.

You will be assigned practical tests and assignments, which you should submit on time. Once the course is completed, you will be awarded an industry-recognized certificate.

9. Skill Share

Skillshare is a format of learning with videos. It is best for those who can quickly grasp it with video learning.

It is a free online creative writing course that helps you in building your creative writing skills. It is beneficial for both beginners and experts who are keen to learn new content writing techniques. 

Key features of the course:-

  • It has several content writing courses included in it.
  • There are few courses on specific subjects to make your level strong.
  • The courses are free for the first month. Later it starts with their minimal charges which help you give high-quality education.
  • There are more than thousands of students who have already enrolled for the course.
  • It has an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5

It is best for beginners who want to gain knowledge and start their careers in the field.

10. Inventateq

Inventateq is an institute of software training and placement cell, wherein content writing is one of the significant parts. The primary goal behind the course is to make every student more professional and become employable.

It has centers across all the areas of Bangalore and even in Chennai.

The details of the content writing course are as follows:-

  • 30 – 35 hours of training
  • Offline and Online training
  • Training periods are flexible and available on weekends and weekdays. You can choose at your convenience. 
  • Helps in giving hands-on experience.
  • The modules cover – the brief idea of content writing, types of content writing, content writing with SEO, blogging, Strategies of publishing Ebook, copywriting, email writing, and career growth opportunities. 

11. Digital Academy 360

The Digital Academy has various courses included in it. Wherein content writing is one of them. The content writing certification program consists of various forms of content writing, website building with WordPress, website designing, and soft skill learning. 

Industry experts provide the training. It has flexible timing and batches on weekends and weekdays.

The content writing certification program includes:-

  • More than 16 modules with 54 hours of training divided across the duration
  • It comes with two certification
  • Information of more than 10+ tools
  • Live writing assignments
  • 5+ case studies along with revision
  • Internship opportunity
  • Certification from Digital Academy 360 and Hubspot
  • Placement opportunities

The course helps in giving hands-on experience with various types of content. It improves your research ability and helps to gain command over the language.

It has more than 15 centers all over India. The fees are affordable. You can visit their website to get in-depth information about the course.

12. Online idea lab

Online Idea labs are an advancement of today’s generation which will brush up your skills as per the growing generation. The organization is spread across India, the USA, and Canada.

They have extensive courses available in the area of digital marketing. They have forces of content creation, python development as well as technical courses available to them.

In content creation, they have Offline and online. It helps in giving one-to-one assistance to every individual. 

The content writing course consists of foundation learning, advanced learning, technical, copywriting, creative writing, and instructional design.

The foundation courses have three significant modules such as- content research, content writing, content promotion.

The sub-modules include knowledge of:-

  • Fundamentals of Digital marketing
  • Competitive analysis
  • Analysis and reading of content
  • Visual content
  • Grammatical errors
  • Ethics of content writing
  • Proofreading
  • Editing
  • Viral content
  • Freelancing content writing

The course fee varies according to offline and online training. It helps in giving more practical training. 

You will be well versed with free and paid tools such as Canva, Grammarly, Hemingway, Quiltbot, Google trend, Turin, Feedly, Etc.

The online lab has an in-house placement team which helps in giving placement opportunities after the completion of the course.

You can also have their demo lectures to know how the learning system is held.

13. Future Learn

Future Learn is a platform wherein you can learn various types of courses such as Leadership skills courses, technical courses, Mental health skill courses, and many others. In short, here you will get trained into various chapters of career and life as well.

Every single chapter of the book is made into a course at Future learn. It gives complete guidance on each of the topics. It also has a content writing course as Content Marketing Strategy with Advertising week. 

The course includes:-

  • Duration of 2 weeks – Weekly 3 hours
  • Building your content strategy
  • Learn the rules of Strategic content creation 
  • Analyzing innovative content
  • Exceed with your content marketing goal
  • Knowledge of content marketing
  • Planning of content strategy
  • Certification course

Future Learn also has a trial of 7 days you can try and choose for the paid courses later. It will come to know the knowledge and information given in the course. It seems worthwhile; then, you can opt for paid courses as well.

14. Linkedin Learning

Linkedin is one of the most used platforms to build your professional career and if you are a startup or a job finder. Linkedin will help to reach your goal by building connections and involving people of the same field in your professionalism. 

Linkedin learning has various courses wherein content writing has been one of them. It comes with a trial pack of a month. The courses come along with certification as soon as you complete the training.

It also has courses on SEO learning which helps to give you more detailed learning of content writing. 

The videos are divided into various parts you can watch according to your pace. 

You can have a trial for the first month and later purchase the course of your choice.

15. Spiti Infotech

Spiti Infotech offers you a content writing course. It operates from Pune. Their institutes provide you with practical training with assistance from superiors. The expertise brushes up every individual who will help them to work beyond their skills. 

The course comes with a basic to advanced level of training in various digital marketing courses such as SEO, SEM, Content creation, PPC Advertising, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc.

There is a complete guide of content creation and marketing courses for all content writer beginners.

The course is highlighted as:-

  • It includes assessments, tests, and quizzes.
  • It covers different types of writing such as web content, article writing, creative writing, technical writing, copywriting, product description, etc.
  • Planning of content marketing
  • Promotion skills 

These are the various types of learning available at Spiti infotech.

16. Mind stairs

Mindi Stairs offer you one of the best diploma courses in content writing. It comes with full-time, part-time, or online training you can decide according to your preference. 

Here the course explains to you about:-

  • Basics of content writing
  • Importance of effective writing
  • Web writing
  • Types of content writing
  • How to judge and find a target audience
  • How to create documents

They work upon the ratio of 80:20, wherein 80% focuses on practical assessment and 20% theoretical. As per the review, the course also helps in counseling and conducting webinars.

The faculty members are supportive, which helps in one-to-one assistance to every student.

17. Thoughtful mind web service

Thoughtful mind is also a service provider, but they have a course of content writing. Wherein they train every individual with essential to advanced content writing courses.

Thoughtful minds help give you complete online training with a duration of 45 mins every day and daily assessment. 

The course includes:-

  • Understanding and types of content writing
  • Keyword Research
  • Article writing 
  • How to increase the speed of your content
  • Avoid plagiarism
  • How to write SEO friendly content
  • Introduction to various free and paid tools
  • The career of a content writer

The above things of included in the program under the guidance of experts

18. Fast info class

Fast info class provides you with professional content writing learning. It has a live training experience. The course is best for enhancing skills, improving their strategies, becoming a future book publisher, etc. 

The course helps to give you five live projects. The duration of the course is three months, and they are divided into three days per week. It has 100% assurity in providing you with placement assistance. 

19.  Digital Freedom

Digital freedom is a complete kit for your content writing course. It helps to provide you with various types of courses in content writing. 

The course comprises 25 modules starting from basic understanding and principles to getting job opportunities. Digital freedom helps to provide lifetime access to their courses.

The courses are divided into 1-10 modules and 1-25 modules. You can choose the best option and opt for the course. They have trained over 25000 students over the past 11 years and are still training.

You can have a consultation call before enrolling in the program. They will help you in the brief understanding of the course. 

20. Hubspot

Hubspot provides you with a free certification course on content writing. The course comprises overall 52 videos, which cover 12 lessons and 11 quizzes. 

The course majorly focuses on giving you a brief understanding of marketing your content rather than of learning content. It will help you to attract clients and build your social presence. 

It will also give you tips and tricks in creating content and how to manage your workflow system. You will be given a brief understanding of how to write content that will sell your words. 

They will make you understand repurposing and remarketing of various crucial aspects of making content strategy. The instructors will make you learn and understand every aspect of learning.

The course includes:-

  • Frameworking of content generation
  • Learn storytelling skills
  • Creation of new content ideas 
  • Understanding long-term and short-term business goals.
  • Techniques of video creation and video marketing
  • Promotion of your content on various social channels.
  • Analysis of your data 
  • Marketing campaigns

The course has an overall rating of 4.4 out of 6, which is fantastic. 


These are the best 20 content writing courses online. Every content writing course comes with unique strategies, which they have experienced from their past knowledge and experience.

Choose the best option for you and start your career as a content writer.

Also Check: https://thewebgross.com/content-writing-courses-online/


Q1. What scope do I have as a content writer?

Ans. Content writers are an integral part of every business. Every business needs to have content to reach their customers and to write that content they require content writers. Not everyone is a good content writer.

They have special skills to put words on paper in such a way that the readers are attracted to them. This brings in more business to the clients. To rank on the top businesses need good content writers. You can be an excellent content writer by enrolling in content writing courses.

Q2. What can I write as a content writer?

Ans. A content writer can write a variety of blog posts, articles, film scripts, white papers, journals, video descriptions, web page copies, landing pages, and email newsletters. Everything you search on google brings results.

These results are content written by different content writers. The world is now digital, and everyone has moved their offline platform into an online world. You can create anything and everything as a content writer.

Q3. Which is the best content writing course in India?

Ans. You will find many institutes that offer content writing courses. Henry Harvin writing academy provides the best content writing course. The course has been trusted by both new and professional content writers.

The course is a 9-in-1 course that offers training, access to LMS, internship support, and placement support. The instructor-led online live training provides the best interactive training on content. The LMS access provides flexibility to go through your course materials.

Q4. Can I get a content writing certification online?

Ans. Yes. You can become a certified digital content writer online. You can learn content writing from the comfort of your home. Access to course material is provided on the learning management system.

It is preferred by participants to get their certification online.
The pandemic has provided a lot of time at our disposal due to work from home. This has opened doors to try new career opportunities and learn new skills online. Content writing is one of the skills.

Q5. What skills should I learn as a content writer?

Ans. A good content writer has many skills. You need to be good at your English language. Listening, writing, and speaking skills need to be the best. You need to have a good vocabulary.

You need to have good creativity if you are a content writer. You should also need to be able to work under deadlines as a content writer. A good course will teach you all these skills. Check for the curriculum that a content writing course online offers you.  

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