10 Best Content Writing Courses with Certification in India: 2023 (Exposed)


Content Writing Courses in India: The content writing industry has emerged to be one of the very most emerging industries of all time. The industry has grown so rapidly that no one would have imagined it ten years ago. As the internet revolution hit India, millions of people learned about content writing for the first time. 

What does content writing mean to you?

Content writing is the process of creating, writing, editing, and proofreading content for digital or print media. You can find content in various formats, such as print, digital, videos, advertisements, infographics, brochures, podcasts, etc. There is content in every written or spoken word.

Why is Content Writing Important?

Content writing was earlier thought to be a job you could pursue if you had a flair for writing or were good with words. With today’s digitized world and ever-increasing competition, it’s just not true. Content writers should meet a variety of criteria, including:

  • Master a variety of writing styles.
  • To understand the value of integrating SEO, HTML, and WordPress into content writing, you need to know some basics of each.
  • Social media basics.
  • To create appropriate content, you need to understand the buyer persona.

What are the Steps to becoming a Content Writer?

Learning anything from anywhere at any time is possible with these courses. These resources can be used to learn the basics and at least get a basic understanding of what content creation entails. They are not very interactive and specialized, so this is a drawback. They can’t learn and respond immediately.

In contrast, numerous training institutes offer the best content writing courses in India. The program has a well-defined and structured course curriculum that guides you step-by-step through the process. They offer certifications and internships with placement assistance as well.

You can only become a good content writer by attending the content writing course from a reputable institute. An institute’s hands-on training is a launchpad. You will gain the kind of practical knowledge that gives your content writing career an immediate boost.

This blog is based on a factual best content writing course in India and their reviews 

1. Henry Harvin Writing Academy: Content Writing Course in India

As far as content writing training is concerned, Henry Harvin is one of the best content writing courses in India. For many years it has been providing  best content writing courses in India and has been able to train students and professionals.

In addition to having multiple training centres and classrooms across major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad, this institute operate in an online and offline format.



Henry Harvin students get to learn about the different forms of content writing. It is possible to write content in many forms, depending on which genre one chooses, and Henry Harvin offers training in all forms of content writing.


The CDCW (Certified Digital Content Writer) certification is awarded to students who successfully complete the course. As a matter of knowledge, the certification granted to students by Henry Harvin is with UK Cert and the American Association of ESL.

Henry Harvin ranked No.1 in the industry with Trainings360, along with the Content Writing Association of India, which is registered under the same entity name. The course is affiliated with the Content Writing Association of India.

Having earned a certificate from a renowned institute that has been around for years, the students will be better prepared to pursue careers in content writing.

  • 1-year Membership to Content Writing Academy

Upon completion of the Henry Harvin content writing course, students are provided with a 1-year free membership to the content writing academy for benefits like access to e-learning.

In addition to this, 12 monthly brush-up sessions worth INR 6000 are provided to the students for free and after 1 year, they will have to pay for these sessions.

  • Tools

At Henry Harvin, students are provided with the resources they need for their projects and assignments. Grammarly, HubSpot, Google Keyword Planner, Ginger, SpyFu, Hemingway, Google Analytics, etc. are some of the tools available.


Henry Harvin’s trainers hold years of experience as professionals and are seasoned industry experts. The panel of trainers includes professional Authors and content writers who have worked for well-known companies.

It is the trainers who can provide the best advice and guidance regarding content writing. Several thousand students have been taught how to write professional content by these trainers.

  • Alumni Status

Most of the trainees who completed the course at Henry Harvin are now working professionals and some have landed jobs at well-known and popular companies like Airtel, BSNL, DENSO, Gillette, etc.

Therefore, the alumni status appears quite good, and the testimonials also suggest that they were quite pleased with the course and knowledge they received.


The content writing course syllabus includes 8 modules, which cover subjects such as Internet Skills and Content Strategy. As opposed to those provided in books, these modules provide a deep understanding of grammar on digital platforms, spellings, sentence structure, presentation skills, use of commas, etc.

On completion of the content writing course, learners learn the following skills and knowledge.

  • The candidates will know how to make a WordPress site as well as how to use plugins.
  • The candidate should be familiar with types of content, distribution channels, and publications.
  • Writing persuasively and converting leads to sales will be among the skills candidates will learn.
  • By creating buyer personas and identifying the target audience, candidates can write content that appeals to them.


Students have responded well to the survey so far. According to reviews and testimonials from students, they are very pleased with what they learned from the course. They owe their careers to the trainers and recommend this course to other aspiring writers. 

Review examples of Henry Harvin’s content writing courses can be found below. 

You can review Henry Harvin content writing courses by clicking here 

For youtube, video reviews click here 

2. Udemy: Content Writing Course in India

Because Udemy offers multi-subject courses on a single platform, it is gaining popularity at a rapid pace. From wherever you are, you can learn whatever you want, whenever you want.

Learn from experts around the world with Udemy’s wide range of courses. Videos, assignments, and downloads are included in the classes. There is also a certificate of completion included in the course.


Reviewers and students agree that Udemy is a platform that connects global learners to the best instructors around the globe and transforms lives. As well as paid courses, it offers free courses. It is easy to use, and it has a friendly user interface. 

3. Coursera: Content Writing Course in India

Another online learning platform, Coursera is multilingual and multi-subject. They offer a huge selection of skills that you can learn. Learn from the best tutors online and take the first steps toward a well-paying career.

There are filters for languages, levels (beginning, intermediate, and advanced), skills, and partner universities.


Reviews and testimonials show that there are nearly 102 different courses under the heading of writing content. Explore them and decide which suits you best. Each class is self-paced but includes hands-on activities that master the practical skills. 

4. Online Idea Lab: Content Writing Course in India

 An Indian company, Online Idea Lab operates across the United States, Canada, and India. In addition to their wide range of specialized training options, they offer short courses in python, content development, and Amazon Web Services. 

Under content creation, they offer online courses and classroom training. You can choose a weekend or weekday batch. Among the courses offered are foundations, advanced, technical, copywriting, creative, and instructional design.


The placement team at Online Idea Lab is said to provide placement assistance to all students, based on student testimonials and reviews. Students are provided with a variety of assignments and activities to promote their creativity throughout the course. The ratio of students to teachers is low, which allows for interactive sessions. 

5. IIEDM: Content Writing Course in India

 The Indian Institute of E-commerce & Digital Marketing, or IIEDM, has centers in Mumbai. They offer a certification course for content writing as well.

IIEDM’s Advance Certification Course in Content Writing includes storytelling (Its importance, tone of voice, and basic grammar rules), understanding the reader (psychology of writing and how to apply it), writing for the digital medium (copywriting, technical, and creative writing) and different types of writing (for websites, blogs, social media, banners/ads, etc.). 


Student reviews and testimonials indicate that it’s a “bunch of sharp minds” here. The courses are limited in number, with flexible batch times.  

6. Digital Academy 360

Among other things, the Content Writing Certification Program covers content writing, WordPress site design, and soft skills. The trainers are industry experts. Batches can be completed on weekdays or weekends

This Content Writing Certification Program features 16+ modules, 54 hours of classroom training, two certifications, 10+ tools, various assignments, and revision classes, internships, and the certifications are from both Digital Academy 360 and HubSpot. 


The course, in the opinion of students, provides hands-on experience in various forms and types of content. Besides gaining knowledge of the language, it improves your research skills. 

7. Inventateq

Inventateq is a software training company that also offers training and placement in other areas, including content writing. As well as students, working professionals will benefit from the training in various fields. In addition to Bengaluru, they have branches in Chennai. 


Depending on student reviews and testimonials, there is a classroom and an online training option. They provide 30-35 hours of training classes. Weekday and weekend batches are flexible. 

8. ECT

ECT, or Education and Career Times, is a startup recognized by the Indian Government. Their curriculum includes digital marketing, content writing, interpersonal communication, and personality development. 

ECT offers a three-month content writing course that includes 32 hours of classroom/live training and 50 hours of e-learning and videos, includes 8 assignments and 4 live projects, comes with tests, quizzes, and comes with two certifications, and places you with 100% placement assistance.  


Reviewers and students generally agree that the course focuses on how to earn money as a writer, how to establish a career in content marketing, and the basics of digital and content marketing. You can also learn how to publish a book from them.  

9. Skillsare

 The Skillshare learning community allows for the exploration of your creativity. People come together on this platform to be inspired, learn, and take the next steps on their creative or professional journey.

There are five parts to the masterclass. In part one, we discuss home page content. In part two, we explore the content of the About Us page in detail. The third part focuses on writing blog posts. The fourth part is about business and e-commerce. Part five discusses offers within the sales copy.


Student reviews indicate that 5,479 students are enrolled in this course. It explains in detail how to develop a strategy that eliminates competition in your content marketing efforts. 

10. Mind Stairs

It offers one of the best content writing courses in India. MindStairs offers an advanced-level Diploma in SEO Content Writing. There are full-time, part-time, or online options for the course timing and batch.

In this course, participants learn the basics of content writing, the importance of writing effective web content, ways to create effective web content, types of content writing, how to start writing, how to judge the target audience, and how to create documents.


According to student reviews and testimonials, free career counseling is available, as well as a webinar. Faculty members are outstanding, and they provide individual attention to every student. The 80:20 method involves 80% practical learning and 20% theory. 

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Q.1. What are the writing tools I will learn in a content writing course?

Ans. You will learn tools like Grammarly, HubSpot, Google Keyword Planner, Ginger, SpyFu, Hemingway, Google Analytics and some more in a content writing course.

Q.2. Why do I need to have a catchy title for my blog?

Ans. The title is what attracts readers to your blog. Giving a descriptive and catchy title can help readers understand what your blog post is about, and what type of information they can get when they read it.

Q.3. What is the content writing course structure?

Ans. The content writing course aims to teach students different tools and techniques that can be used to create effective content. Content writing course curriculum includes modules, which cover subjects such as Internet Skills, Business & Marketing skills, different forms and styles of writing, Content Strategy and more. It also provides a deep understanding of grammar on digital platforms, spellings, sentence structure, presentation skills, use of commas, etc.

Q.4. What is good online content?

Ans. Online content should contain the most searched words for keywords. These keywords ensure that your content has a better chance at higher rankings on search engine results and helps pull in more readers to your website. Good online content needs to be unique. It must be sourced from proper channels, concise, grammatically correct and formatted properly.

Q.5. How will I make sure that the source is reliable?

Ans. Often it is hard to decide if the sources you are getting information from are credible or not. Check for the author’s background and affiliation, ensure the information from the source is up-to-date and check the reviews and testimonials of the source. This will give you a fair idea of if the source is reliable or not.

Q.6. Will I find a job after doing this course?

Ans. Yes, of course, you will find a good job after doing this course. Most of the students who have done the content writing course work with big companies like Airtel, BSNL, DENSO, Gillette, etc. as Web content writers, Creative content writers, Bloggers, Scriptwriters, Content writers for marketing. You can also be a freelance writer and work independently.

Q.7. What is SEO content writing?

SEO content writing (also known as “writing for SEO”) is the process of planning, creating and optimizing content with the primary goal of ranking in search engines.

Q.8. Why is it important to identify the target audience?

Ans. By identifying the target audience, you as a writer will find it easier to write content that appeals to them.

Q.9. How can I gain experience after doing this course?

Ans. After doing a content writing course, you can apply for internship programs both paid or free. You can also start writing your own blogs on WordPress or similar platforms. This will help you to gain experience in this field.

Q.10. Does content writing have a future?

 Ans. The future of content writing is expected to be remarkably good. The demand is expected to continue rising as everything gets more and more digitized.  The prospects of getting jobs in content writing jobs are very secure and great.








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